Friday, December 04, 2015

Into Every Life

The Beavis and Butthead managers of the office are departing. The brains of the duo is leaving for the private sector. It will take her employer about a month to realize she is incompetent. She has the Machiaveli bit down pat but as she ages it will be harder to disarm her critics with beauty.

Her witless toady is off on a detail for years and I wouldn't expect her back ever. Her support system will not be with her. She was faced with entering a hornets nest of her adversaries and jumped. I pointed out that her power was on the wane. I was to be traded and engineered an escape which the crony endorsed. Who needs a relentless foe in their midst. My boss killed the move and had another team member sent out. He made his case and defeated the crony on her turf.

I want to point out that unlike her I went into the lions den and survived. The problem was as a skilled survivor every two bit punk wants a name. The very top bosses know I am inclined to walk away quietly. Much of my day is spent
On the front lines and teaching.

The top bosses and lower bosses are fans. The local attorneys also went to bat for me as well. The problem was I don't tolerate incompetence and cronyism. I also stand by fallen peers. The crony thought she could take me out but I out witted her multiple times. In the end when she was walking into the vipers den our interests coincided. I do not need her scalp on my wall. I would rather someone else. Do the job. My supervisor outsmarted both of us and I tip my hat. He reminds me every day why I chose to hang my hat on his team. Besides where else can I get away with singing Jeremiah was a Bullfrog and Angel is the Centerfold. Harmless musical memories between interviews.


Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, Guyana is the world leader in suicide rate by an enormous margin.

What gives?

beakerkin said...

Small sample size likely or Ingrained socialism