Thursday, December 24, 2015

Is Beckham gay

The NFL opened the door to some odd criticisms when it banned a certain stupid N word. That word has no place in a decent conversation. However, I am opposed to it being singled out among all slurs as solely above all other slurs. My point is that the NFL either had to ban all slurs or leave it alone.

I don't care if Odell is gay. We go through this every time an athlete has a stupid hairdo. Mike Piazza dies his hair
Blonde and the gay talk starts. Odell isn't doing himself any favors with the hairstyles that look worse than Dennis Rodmans.

Speculation about who is gay is not confined to bad hairstyles. There was a time when Troy Aikman was rumored to be gay. From his malaprop one can likely speculate on the number of concussions and it is a high number.

Beckham has been targeted for over the top abuse and he finally snapped. The league should look at all the games and
See a consistent pattern ignored by the NFL. Given the variety of cheap shots it is a miracle this didn't happen sooner.

The Panthers are a low class bunch and Beckham should have company sitting on the bench.

PS The idiot former owner of the Clippers dropped his lawsuit against the idiot Stiviano. Sorry but there is a word about a woman who exchanges sex for high priced gifts. Sorry but even in that line of work there is a code of honor.
I don't like Magic Johnson ever since he got a coach fired. I never bought the convenient smiles or the publicity notes.

On a holiday note, the economy is bad and sometimes there are food issues. I bought five cucumbers for the rabbit and the daughter claimed them. I bought chicken livers and eggs for Mr Maltese and the Mrs said no. Sometimes I use the same color bags as the leftovers for fresh meat so I can cook it later. The Mrs figured that trick out long ago. It is odd that there is plenty of food but not everyone eats everything. Somewhere the daughter figured out Turkey meatballs sauce and shredded mozzerella work. In fact Mr Maltese figured that one as well.

I tried unfamiliar produce but that doesn't work either. The Honeydew was gone before I sat down. Apparently Wax beans wasn't to difficult either. There are still items I am guaranteed to get because nobody else touches it. Only I eat Kielbasa. The Cheekie Kid likes a slice and oddly garlic mashed potatoes.


Ducky's here said...

Maybe a better question, "Is Beckham obnoxious" .

Guy's a clown on a team going nowhere.

Loved it when Malcolm Butler stripped him because Beckham the Clown was more concerned about starting his end zone dance than securing the catch.
Total jerk.

beakerkin said...

Let's see 13 touchdowns. He gets it done.