Tuesday, December 01, 2015

A bombing campaign will never defeat ISIS

Obama is a stupid pothead whose ignorance at times is monumental. Unfortunately the best he can do is wait for a grown adult or even a more manly Hillary to come up with a real policy. Sending the brain impaired Gomer Kerry accomplishes nothing.

ISIS apparently raises funds Lois Lerner style. They tax and raise fees and function like a more competent version of the IRS. This is because ISIS unlike most terrorist groups and the Obama administration has a sound business plan. They do not provide Obama phones or Obama care for the locals. Perhaps Gomer Kerry in between his endless reminders he served in Vietnam before knifing his fellow vets in the back could assist ISIS in building day care centers.

Unfortunately, the complex finances means nothing short of an invasion is going to diminish ISIS. It has little structures that can be bombed and taking up real estate is the only option to defeat it. It is a far greater danger to Assad and the Alawites who face genocide and the Iranian proxies Hezbollah than anyone else.

Obama won't protect the Kurds or even deal with the double game being played by his Turkish madman friend. In reality
he would have gained leverage has he allowed Putin to spank Turkey. Turkey has been an unreliable ally and should be tossed out of NATO. NATO really has no reason to exist and the US should only defend worthy allies like Poland, the U.K. and Italy. There is irony in the left having a poster child President that is more feckless than France when they need us. Hollande should address his countries past cliche anti Americanism.

No progress can be made while a pothead pretender plays Bill and Ted in the White House.

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beamish said...

I've never seen a bloody bomb crater update a Twitter feed.