Monday, December 21, 2015

Frustration with Obama crating Trump bump

I am not a fan of Trump. He is all bluster and arrogance. He reminds me of Obama with an IQ or at least Obama if he put down the bong.

Obama is the worst President ever. He was media anointed and protected because he fit a dream. Elect a Black President and the nations sins will be expunged. The truth is Obama has more in common with the media elite than the
Guys down the block. Obama was raised by s Marxist White family educated at elite schools while using a racial narrative to self promote.

There is no evidence of any wedding or relationship of Barak Obama Sr. And hippie loser Dunham. There are no photos of such a wedding. There are no witnesses to the event in question. The only proof of such a relationship is the divorce certificate. To this date no record of such a union or witnesses or photos have ever been uncovered.

There were hysterical attempts by Obama to link himself to the Civil Rights era. Sorry but what was likely a one night stand gone awry has no connection to Selma. There is no evidence other than some anecdotes in an immigration file of any relationship between Dunham and Obama Sr. There are no photos of the couple or proof they lived together.

Rather than the spirit of Selma it was likely the aroma of Pot and beat literature that had more to do with the accident called Barak Obama II. This might seem harsh but the Obama facts have never come to the public while allegedly false stories of young Romney gay bashing were everywhere.

Obama has attempted to fuse the story of his fathers scholarship with JFK programs. Obama Sr arrived in the Eisenhower era and the scholarship may or may not be connected to Stalinist clown Paul Robeson. No credible story has ever gone into the financing of Obamas education. In fact he has made a mockery of programs designed for poor families not a pot head reject from Saved by the Bell. In truth the original fashionista was supposed to be Jewish. She was replaced by a black female fashionista. The programs were intended to help poor inner city and rural black youths get a hand up. Instead we get a Preppie from Honolulu who thought class was something to do between bong hits.

Trump is the anti Obama. He understands how to get things done. He is likely to be as imperial as Obama but not incompetent. The Obama legacy can be undone quickly with adult leadership. Let's start talking about Obama and his failed policies. Even the French are calling us weak.


Ducky's here said...

Terrific rant, let's review:

1. Just like your fave. "Struttin' with My Chippie" Giuliani you present some goofy conspiracy theories. Hint: Obama is really a Sith lord trained by Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine).

2. Saved by the Bell is .... wait for it. What would a Beak rant be without antisemitism?

3. Obama's scholarship has something to do with another favorite Beak nemesis, wait for it ... Paul Robeson !!!

Really Beak, this one is filled with so many delightful nuggets that it ranks with your very best.

beakerkin said...

Actually it appears Harry Bellacommie was the supporter. Are you denying Robeson was a Communist.

beakerkin said...

Shouldn't you be in mourning your Commie anti Semitic clod Maduro got trounced. Even higher Ed is going belly up

Always On Watch said...

What do you think of this latest dust-up between Trump and the HillaryBeast?

beakerkin said...

I wish he would go after Obama. I am a Cruz guy. I would have preferred Walker as he makes Ducky Cringe.

Ducky's here said...

Am I denying Robeson was a communist?
No, why would anyone do that?

I'm simply pointing out that linking Robeson and an Obama scholarship is perfect for one of your classic irrational rants.

Are you saying Saved by the Bell was antisemitic?

beakerkin said...


I want more attacks on Obama. Making Hillary defend Obama makes more sense.


Let's see Harry Belacommie vs the Stalinist tool Robeson not much difference.