Friday, September 30, 2011

Ron Paul reminds all of us why he should not be in office

Most of us are celebrating the death of a traitorous American Al Queda operative. This loon took up arms against his own country and has facilitated the deaths of Americans on behalf of a group that seeks the imposition of a caliphate.

Ron Paul reminds us that he is a loon by calling this an assassination. Sorry, but in this case this is not a criminal matter. Al Queda is a transnational movement of loons and imbeciles who want to impose theocracy on the rest of the planet.

This dementia is consistent with Paul's followers evil Abe Lincoln bit. Lincoln is viewed as a hero by most Americans and he was President in the Civil War and did suspend some rights. However, the danger posed by Copperheads was very real as evidenced by the NYC and Baltimore riots.

Paul is unfit for office at any level and should be asked to leave the GOP again. He previously resigned in protest of Reagan's economic policies and feigned some sort of respect for Reagan at the debate.

There is no place in the GOP for Paul and his kook followers. Let them run around like idiotic Larouchites in airports, but out of the GOP.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Under the Weather

I have been away from the site due to health issues. Were we not so busy I would have taken a few weeks off to deal with this. We are very short staffed and even making it in for seven hours is a big help.

The Giants still stink and Victor Cruz had one shinning moment. Before Giant fans get to excited remember Floyd Eddings and Odessa Turner. Jason Pierre Paul is the real deal if he stays healthy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WTF New York Magazine

I want to point out that leftists supporters of Obama can get away with murder. On the cover of it has the picture of the bacl of a Black man's head wearing a yarmulke. The cover has the caption Barak Obama The First Jewish President.

I have pointed to the great difficulties and challenges Americans have in doing political cartoons with Obama as President. Anything borderline can and will be viewed as racist, by many. President's from GW Bush to "Ape" Lincoln have routinely been drawn as apes by their opponents. While this is a vile thing to do, this same act done to Obama would rise to the levels of bigotry found in Der Shturmer.

If Barak Obama was drawn by his opponents wearing an Arab Headress, this would be viewed as being produced by racists. The usual cranks life the Cocktail Party Limosine Liberals Geene of Harry's Place would go on endlessly about stoking hatred by claiming Obama is a Muslim. Given the comments of Pastor Wright, his reputation would improve with many if he were viewed as a Muslim. Apparently, Ron Paul and Pastor Wright appear to have the same speech writer, but don't tell the Paulbots the clown is antisemitic.

The fall of Obama in the Jewish community is also due to his incompetence in handling the economy. Plenty of good people are hurting and this includes people of all races and religions.
Obam has zero credibility on job creation and his latest rant on class warfare should make matters worse.

Obama is the most divisive politician of my lifetime. At work, I was careful to say nothing about Obama. A coworker, did do the "if you don't vote for Obama you are a racist bit". Sorry, but this type of thinking is worse than anything seen previously. The notion that I could have my own views and convictions opposed to Obama and his policies was lost on this mindless drone.

Giants Stink

I watched the football games last night and was amazed that were outplayed and managed a win.
The Giants are about to sign Klinger and Major Burns due to all the injuries. At least the Bengals have their players in prison, not hospitals and they can beat us.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Predicts Riots

The Mayor of NYC, whom I respect but frequently disagree with, has predicted riots due to the jobs situation. I agree with his assessment but the factor isn't jobs, it is the belief that the situation is not going to improve any time soon.

The mayor looks to London and witnessed days of rioting. Most but not all of the rioters fit the traditional stereotype of the poor. There were also a few art majors and social science types, but thus far no known accounting majors.

Riots tend to take place in warmer weather. Thus as the temperature gets colder we in the North are given a respite from rioting. No doubt some clever blogger will find some riot that took place in the dead of winter. However, even the draft riots in NYC were a summer event. There were riots in Baltimore but those riots took place in April which is not cold weather. The civil war riots may or may not have been provoked by Copperheads and may be an unrelated phenomena.

The Boston Tea Party was a political act and does not count as a spontaneous riot. No doubt some white people decided to dress like Dr. Yeagley and the rest is history. There was one in Cincinnati that appears in the 1800 and the Thompkins Square riots but most appear to be a warm weather activity.

For those that hate the winter, at least you have some reason to be thankful.

Remind me when I visit Cincinnati to drink only bottled water. How that city gets on the list so many times is unknown.

FJ is not Socrates

FJ is an incredibly stupid person for even in jest making this joke. Fortunately, enough of the genuine Socrates writings were preserved here on this blog so we can say so with some certainty.
There are some scary signs of similarity. I happened to be visiting Drummaster who is familiar
with the writing style of Socko. As we have not looked for this nut case for a while it is quite easy
to get a misread. There are some clear signs that are eerie. However, we have enough confirmed
samples of his writing as Muster Quark to draw this conclusion.

What is apparent is the Farmer is at times very stupid. He should have immediately apologized for playing mind games with a friend. As for the antisemitic comments and drivel of Joe Conservative what the real sentiment of FJ is remains a mystery. Is the man a Paulbot? Why play a Paulbot complete with Limbaugh, Levin and so forth are sell outs, word games with "concentration camp"and classic dual loyalty charges directed at a Jewish American. Being a Paulbot carries the social stigma of a leper in biblical times. If FJ is not a Paulbot he is incredibly
stupid for carrying on this act and annoying a friend.

In the exchanges FJ reveals some back story that would only be known to long time players at FPM. I posted there under the same name so I am a fixed constant. FJ admits to being Homer who appears out of nowhere in the Soc Wars after a board purge of all known Soc aliases. He claims I nailed him as a Soc clone in a brutal manner which was possible. Then why follow someone who smacked you around into cyberspace.

The truth is that FJ was almost certainly writing under other names before Homer. Who and what those names are remain unknown. So my references to him as a deeply disturbed criminal
are factually incorrect. FJ is the gold standard ( Ron Paul Pun) of stupidity who took a joke way too far and rather than say OK bud jokes on you and leave it there played more games with a friend who he really annoyed.

Only one person knows the true story of the history of myself and the person we call FJ. As my identity is fixed my side is clearly known. I would hate to go through eight years of being a running gag. FJ has assured the others he did not do this and should be given some leeway for
years of friendship as FJ.

I am starting to wonder about a few one hit wonders at FPM that could have been FJ giving me a form of internet wedgie like the FPM loon Murray Rothbard who briefly posted truther stuff.
FJ is not above such relatively harmless antics. This is not a way I behave, but my persona is real.

The matter is dropped for now I only visit three sites AOW, Pagans and Mr B's.
I request the Farmer please refrain from any more chicanery and stop going to sites he does not frequent like the Spitoon. This will blow over but it needs time

Moral of the story is: Do not treat friends like Rubber Chickens if you wish to remain friends

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have been to some very creepy places in the racist right looking into Ron Paul links. What has floored me was the depth and pervasiveness of 9-11 Trutherism on those sites. Whenever, one finds a truther it is almost always some sort of far left loon missing their Fruit Loops.

Then again dimwits and dullards who call themselves American Patriots and Christians and advance these idiotic ideas are out of their minds. I remember having a conversation with one asking them where Christ endorses this idiocy and shaking my head at the responses.

My apology to FJ

Now many of you out there think my reaction to being pranked by FJ was a bit over the top. The antics of Joe Conservative were clearly anti semitic in a manner reminiscent of the Duck. If the Farmer was using a tool to make a point it was not the point he intended. I will not dignify a conversation about Ron Paul's usage of the term "Concentration Camp" and Gaza. Nor will I dignify the comments about being Jewish and Israel as being my focus. As an American Jew who supports Israel it is a core value.

The Farmer and I go way back around eight years to another site. Many of us were there with clear identities, but the Farmer has no such identity. He was clearly there and for whatever reasons followed me here. For either nefarious or comedic reasons he admitted being the most notorious cyber criminal on the planet. Whomever, he was should not erase years of friendship.

Using a sock puppet on a friend is no laughing matter. It is one thing to do this to John Brown who had some funny ones himself. To this day I think he was Anum Muhktar who I interviewed.
This is not a way I treat friends.

What is clear is the Farmer and I go very far back. Exactly who he was only he knows. There were many one hit wonders that likely were done for amusement like a writer who posted 9-11
material under the name of Murray Rothbard. There was Prof Pike who sounds similar to the Duck in many ways except that he was humorless. He has probably been pulling my chain for years without getting caught and most of it was likely harmless.

I will resume my rounds at two sites for now AOW and the Pagan Temple. I ask the Farmer to please stop following me to places off the map that he doesn't visit regularly.

My anger at him will stop when he just comes clean with who he was at FPM. I hate to think I have been a comedic prop in his wacky world for eight years. There are questions I need answered for closure. Until those questions are answered I can not move ahead.


I went to Bad Eagle to check the Ilana Mercer quote of Murray Rothbard. Mercer quotes Rothbard in passing and states directly that she is not an anarcho -liberterian. She joins Richard Poe as the second sane person to have ever quoted the vile Rothbard.

What is interesting is there is actually an add for Ron Paul on the top of Bad Eagle. Has Yeagley joined the Paulists??? He clearly is not an antisemite and is an open vocal supporter of Israel so this
is unusual.

Once again when trying to grapple with understanding Paul one needs to look at Murray Rothbard.
Rothbard proposed alliances with David Duke and given the views of the Dr on race one can wonder .

Friday, September 16, 2011

More Cynicism

Basketball Star Ron Artest has changed his name to Metta World Peace because Metta Mucil was copyrighted.

Dreadful....... Groan..........

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Murray Rothbard

I want to thank Michael Ezra of Harry's Place. When trying to grapple with the wacky world of Ron Paul one must look to the philosophy and writtings of Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard.

Michael Ezra cut and pastes a vile tract where Rothbard infers that Parents have a right to sell their children and that children have a right to run away. Writings like this are part and parcel of the morally obtuse world of Murray Rothbard.

Doing Fine

There are some of you who have contacted me off line and have inquired about my well being. I am doing quite well.

All of us have things we can deal with and things we refuse to go near. I do not like sock puppets or the psycho lunatics with disturbed personalities that play mind games and ruin the integrity of sites with spam like boring cut and paste statements.

I would sooner trade barbs with the Duck who has a code of honor ( and dreadful ideas) than a manipulative nut job with multiple personalities. I have been arguing with the Duck since 2003 and have never had to censor a comment. He is entertaining and a real person.

I like real genuine people. It doesn't matter if we agree or not give me your best shot I dish it out and we can laugh later. I do not play nor will dignify a response to a sock puppet. Ultimately, it ruins the integrity of a site and in some cases ruin the experience for others.

Front Page Forum had many wonderful people who I enjoyed and are too numerous to name.
Unfortunately, there was a seriously disturbed person with no life that committed a series of disgusting comments with sock puppets that ruined the site for everyone.

I decided to walk away from boards that knowingly permit this type of sophistry. I walked away from this person eight years ago. Incredibly, this person decided to follow me here under another name. I am walking away again and hopefully this time this person will respect my wishes and take his multi personality act elsewhere.

Ultimately all of us need to make ownership decisions about our blogs. The truth is the underhanded antics of FJ were an insult to his friends who did not know who Joe Conservative was and had never condoned anti semitism at their sites. The blog owner in question did not know FJ was also Joe Conservative. This is not a way I treat my friends or will tolerate them being treated at my site. Most of the time we know the air headed creations of the imbecile FJ, but this one flew under the radar of many including myself. A decent person apologizes when caught manipulating people , but this is FJ mental defective cum laude. The comments of FJ as Joe Conservative were as anti semitic as anything uttered by the Duck. Unlike some I do not give those on the imagined right a free pass on anything.

If you allow this sort of sophistry on your blogs you run the risk of needless blog wars. There are times that real nasty spats are necessary. This was an underhanded manipulation of a friendly blogger for no other purpose than the deranged entertainment of a very disturbed individual.
Many of you feel sorry for FJ. However, read in between the lines when he says he will not be blamed for stuff he didn't, do but he has done plenty. Whatever, happened next he started the series of events that unfolded.

All of you need to ask yourselves if having a person behave in this manner is something you want on your blogs. I was done with this type of sophistry at FPM and will not tolerate it here. Those
of you who wish a middle route could ask the Farmer to use one persona at your site, but don't expect him to honor your wishes. I was very clear when I left FPM that I was coming here to get away from this person. He certainly did not respect my wishes to be left alone. I ask FJ who reads this site to refrain from following me to whatever new places I hang my hat. It is very simple to avoid me as I use one name.

Those of you who wish to drop in and discuss whatever are always welcome here as friends. We don't have to agree, just be yourselves.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not grasping this one

When one talks about a concept or an idea most people grasp the familiar. Thus when pondering the paradox of Ron Paul and the more traditional Liberterians the more I read about Murray Rothbard the more the idiocy and vile views of Ron Paul seem to be the source.

Some basics about libertarianism are illustrated in the classic example of lining up 20 people and asking them to jump. As twenty people have different abilities we would get a natural and expected variation. If we force equality everything must go to the lowest common denominator. Forced equality naturally provides lower overall results and is not optimal.

From a libertarian as well as common sense perspective everyone should have the same opportunity to jump to the best of their ability.

When reading about Murray Rothbards racism this bears zero resemblance to familiar libertarians one is apt to encounter at a Tea Party event, unless they are a Paulbot cultist like FJ. When Rothbard writes of a "parasitic underclass" this harkens is familiar to the term untamenschen. History has shown that what we dehumanize we can kill quickly. Rothbard spoke about an alliance with David Duke types that seems to be the basis of Stormfront ads for Ron Paul.

It seems to fully grasp the odd Ron Paul one needs to examine Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard. Some of the Paulbot antics does resemble a classic cult. One can show overwhelming evidence of the antisemitism of Ron Paul to a follower and get word games with the term
"concentration camp". Does a reasonnable person think Paul was trying to invoke the Boer War in connection with Gaza or the Israel as Nazi theme.

New Focus

I have been stalked by a cyber criminal since my days at FPM forum. I came here because I decided to get away from this criminal and his pathological obsessions.

Most of us play by a set of rules. We write with one name and we are accountable for what we say for better or worse. When one person sets up multiple personas it ruins board integrity. We don't know who said what and it leads to all sort of games and criminality.

At FPM FJ was known as the cyber criminal Socrates. Like Socrates he has multiple personalities and waxes off into philosophical BS that is all cut and paste crap. Socrates had a sick obsession with a poster named Donal. He was hated and despised by all who knew him. Among his classics were "Jews into the Ovens", "jokes about Blacks as slaves", sick descriptions of molestation of children and sexual harassment of female posters.

Fast foward eight years later, I find Joe Conservative making anti semitic comments here. FJ admits one of his aliases is Homer and is still crying about Donal years later. I do not know where this person Donal is or care. I do know that this lunatic with multiple personality disorders has followed me here.

I do not want an apology from FJ.I do not want anything to do with that obsessed escapee from a mental health ward. Now many of you have stated that I should continue doing business as normal and ignore FJ. I have decided to leave this group entirely and find new places to hang my hat.

Let FJ and his sybil act pollute your blogs and start fights someplace else. I am done dealing with him and the blogosphere is big enough that I will make plenty of new friends. I came here to avoid this nut and he followed me here. The Farmer has to do this because he has a series of
warped obsessions. He has no life and needs the attention. Who among us has the time to maintain ten aliases. Sorry, but I got a life to lead

I will not be commenting on your sites indefinitely. I have zero interest in posting on sites that allow one lunatic to spam a board and instigate fights with multiple personalities. Your blogs
your rules and I am okay with this. My blog my rules and we do not want FJ here.

I want to point to the Communist blog Renegade Eye that recently closed. The Farmer flooded that board with about six or seven personalities. The place became a bore and Ren closed up shop. Ultimately, this is what will happen to your blogs if this behavior goes unchecked.

Obama there are limits to Jewish Support

The voters of my district have spoken. There are limits to Jewish support of democrats. In a heavily Jewish district the anger at Obama is clear and evident in a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one.

Jewish voters believed the campaign promises of Obama. However, we should not be surprised at the actions of a person who sat in Pastor Wright's Church for two decades, is close friends with Rashid khalidid and Bill Ayers and has idiotic obsessions with colonialism that are relics of Marxism from the 1960's.

A close look at what this mindset has produced is on full display in Guyana. Two Marxists parties
basically based upon race made the place a hell hole where almost the entire population wants to emigrate. Crime is through the roof, corruption is open and the norm. The problem was that in their rush to build a post colonial country they signed onto disastrous economic policies that left the country a shambles. There does not appear to have been any effort to build a functional economy in Guyana.

Despite the President's recent publicity tour on jobs he has zero interest in moderating policies that have stalled the economy. Companies are hoarding cash since Obamacare and layoffs are worse. I spoke with lawyers who can't find work. I spoke with businessmen are hurting badly.
The Obamacare fiasco sucked the wind out of any hope of recovery.

In truth three sectors are dragging the economy down. The costs of medical care and education are out of control. Bloated school budgets and court mandates are driving property taxes through the roof. Higher education costs are bloated by featherbedding and idiotic focus on worthless publications and research that produces nothing of worth. The housing bubble has not burst and we are apt to see a few down years.

If Obama was this out of touch in his first four years who knows what he will do as a lame duck.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The People Have Spoken

Ron Paul was booed by the audience at the debate for his answers that come from the Code Pink playbook. The paulbots are an entryist faction of lunatics who belong in mental health treatment
and are more a cult than coherent.

Paul does not belong in the Republican Party and his followers should be encouraged to head for the door and join Code Pink where Communists belong.

Now many of us think of Liberterians as fiscally cheap guys for smaller government. They are not Conservatives in any description. There is an obnoxious subgroup that is identical in substance and lunacy to Commies. The anarcho Capatalists were racialist and obstructionists in the Cold War. The main proponent of this madness was Murray Rothbard. Rothbards inane writings are so idiotic they should be used in GITMO as punishment. Rothbard, internet loon Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul are joined in a policy of idiocy that makes a mockery of Republican values.

Many of you underestimate Mr. B. I am familiar with Anarchocapitalists from their work with Code Pink commies in so called Peace Protests. However, even I was floored when Mr B informed me of a glowing eulogy of war criminal mendicant Che Guevara by Rothbard. When Mr. B states Joe Conservative is soft on Communism he is not quite as far off as you presume.
The multi personality one is sounding more like Ducky than a genuine Conservative lately. I may not be a conservative but I know a real one when I see one.

For the record, the shcitzoid does cry a tad too much. He wants to cry over being called a Commie but calls his opponents Stalanist for wanting to expel the entryist Paulbots from the GOP. Moreover, the comments of the sock puppet are consistent with a Paulbot. The question for Paulbots is why they are part of a group that includes Nazis, Truthers and Commies. The answer is that all of the above are linked by pathological antisemitism that the Schitzoid has shown here multiple times.

The latest rant of the schitzo is the term "Concentration camp" as said by Ron Paul is not anti semitic. Paul clearly did knowingly make a Jew as Nazi comparison when describing Gaza as a Concentration camp. The multi personality loon then behaves in Truther fashion by concocting
a litany of excuses why this comment is not antisemitic. Nobody with an IQ believes Paul was invoking images of the Boer War.

The people have spoken and have booed the GOP imposter Ron Paul. Paul and his freak show belong in Code Pink jamborees and not anywhere near GOP functions.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A bit much from Planet Paul

There isl a certified loon on the web that posts under hundreds of names. There is an old saying about walking like a Duck.

The mendicant clown Farmer John sees a great conspiracy to defame Ron Paul. The conspiracy is by Jews who have dual loyalty issues. Anyone who criticizes Ron Paul and his wacky freak show followers are part of the conspiracy.

Ben Stein= Jew who writes in the American Spectator add a few delusions about big money owners not named Soros from the Code Pink playbook.

Mark Levin= Neocon Jew. Just happens to be a very well known Reaganite and is saluted by Tea Party figure Bachman as in inspiration. Levin is no conservative because he is a tool of AIPAC.

Rush Limbaugh = fake conservative tool of the Jews

Hugh Hewitt= See above

Glenn Beck= See above. Paul's supporters raise money on Guy Fawkes day. Lets see are they going to follow this up with Timothy McVeigh or Bill Ayers day.

David Horrowitz Jew tool of AIPAC former Communist. Very critical of Lew Rockwell whose positions are indistinguishable from leftist anti americanism.

Stormfront Those ads for Ron Paul on a racist Nazi sight were put there to make him look absurd.

Alex Jones: The support of the Truthers is just incedental. It just so happens that Paul's idiotic worldview rationalizing the terrorism of 9-11 to bases in Saudi Arabia and paranoid anti semitic
delusions about Israel are common ground.

The Weekly Standard That is a Jew run publication in the service of AIPAC

Now the latest bit of chicanery is the claim that calling Gaza a concentration camp is not anti semitic. While concentration camps were not exclusively associated with Jews it is clearly the image Paul invoked with his words " concentration camp" . When such idiocy is typically uttered by the Duck we clearly know it as anti-semitic. When Ron Paul makes the Jew as Nazi rant he is engaging in rather blaze uninspired anti-semitism.

Of course you can watch the video Jerimiah Rupaul on the site Absolutely Non Paul and compare the rants of Ron Paul and Pastor Wright. Watch the reactions of Rudy Guliani and Mark Levin.
Levin points out the identical rhetoric of Paul and Pastor Wright. Note the mention of the close associations of the Paul Campaign and Code Pink.

Also note Levin states "I have been to Tea Party rallies and most of the leaders think Paul is a kook". This is what many of you have said on other sites.

On Free Republic "Border Fence will be used to keep us in". This quote by Paul is pure Looney Tunes. Is Paul trying to audition for the role of Marvin the Martian?

If you want to dig further there is a Ron Paul criticizing Regan who he now suddenly respects and mutters incoherently about Lybian conspiracies. Wait what type of Conservative bashes Regan and blathers against Contra Aid. You can read the full bit at Hot Air Ron Paul Quits the Republican Party on 9-16 by Jazz Shaw. Must be Hot Air is owned by a member of the anti Paulist conspiracy.

You can go back to 6/15/2007 The Conservative Case against Ron Paul by John Hawkins on Town Hall. Hawkins how did someone with that last name get in on the conspiracy to make Ron Paul look comedic

You can look at the You Tube Ron Paul is a Crackpot. He is anti Cuban embargo, he is favor of the Iranian's getting the atomic bomb. Rick Santorum owns Paul. Paul goes into the blow back theory that the US put the Shah in 1953. This is a far left point almost held by zero mainstream
pundits. Mark Levin dissects the Paul lies. Levin points to the lunacy of long time Paul supporters Lew Rockwell, truthers and Murray Rothbard. Ron Paul on Iran is all over the place.
This is followed by Limbuagh and Beck picking Paul apart. Beck "When it comes to the Middle East Paul is DEAD wrong".

For Fun you can watch Ron Paul vs Lincoln on You Tube or the hysterical talking to Ron Paul Supporters on You Tube.

Band of Patriots August 2, 2011 Mathew Monos (Its conservatism stupid) Or why I won't support Ron Paul. More references to the insane news letter and apparently Paul was endorsed by Code Pink. I did see the same references on Fox News. Code Pink Commies for Paul.

Last but not least is Tablet Magazine Ron Paul's Ugly Past Marcy Tracy May 13 2011. Paul denied writing the material that bears his name and is believed by some to be authored by former Chief of Staff and certified Loon Lew Rockwell. The Mossad blew up the WTC in 93 was a
Paul newsletter classic. He was in effect a truther before 9-11. The racist material is there and Paul is responsible for the repeated bigotry in his news letters. The toxic views were not isolated instances.

There is a link to an article in Who wrote Ron Paul's News letters 01/16/2008
Julian Sanchez and David Weigel. Lew Rockwell and the cult of Murray Rothbard appear to be the responsible parties. Rockwell denies the charges and Paul has been evasive as to who wrote these racist, homophobic and anti semitic tracts.

Ultimately the person most responsible for making Paul look like a blathering moron is Ron Paul.

As for the the Tea Party. Though Paul may claim he is the founder of the Tea Party movement
he says many stupid things. The person who ultimately created the Tea Party movement is Barak Obama and his goofy politics. So to Rita and Z and the others that said I was a tad too tough on the Tea Party you have a point. It would still be better to ask him to leave the GOP as he did once before and spend time with his pal Russell Means who is as conservative as Paul and
dealing with Cancer.

The good news is that Ron Paul is going to disappear soon. He is not running for congress and unless you count Tea party events that he fouls with his presence he will live out his days as a non entity.

The rhetoric of FJ and his band of sock puppets is really a bit much. On his site he gives an apology for what... boorishness, stupidity your guess. Of course none of this happens if FJ plays by the same rules the rest of us do use one name and state your point. When asked a simple question FJ refuses to respond. How many sock puppets do you have? He states he was a legendary troll Socrates and now backs away claiming he was the long forgotten Homer who eight years ago was smacked around by yours truly. Who remembers this eight year old nonesense. I must have did a pretty good job as FJ or whatever still recalls it.

What you witnessed here was naked Paulism

I want to point out that my opposition to the Insane Paul Posse revealed stuff that confused many of you. I am for a Republican Party that stands for something. Our party is the party of Reagan, not Truthers, Racists and Jooo obsessed freaks.

I want to point out that accusing a Jewish Federal Officer of dual loyalty is the normal Paulist mode. The fact that I object to Paul and his idiotic comments on the middle east in the mind of a Paulista loon. Those who object to Paul's rants calling Gaza a concentration camp and Israel defending itself are AIPAC subversives. Obviously, Mr B, AOW, Z and the numerous non Jews who support Israel are dupes of the Jews.

This sounds exactly like the rants of our communist Duck. This loon calls himself Conservative but sounds like the Duck. When the Duck rants about Likudnicks and Kahanist this is identical to the Paulist view of Jews as subversive.

I will direct those who view Paul as anything other than a nut to read the Jeff Lord article and response to a Paulist critique of the article in the American Spectator. You will witness the rant about the owners of the Spectator. This Paulist rant seems identical to rants found on This is part of the conspiratorial mindset.

When dealing with Ron Paul remember he ran for the Liberterian nomination against the icon of the far left Russell Means. Whatever, means is he is clearly not a Conservative and we can get into circular arguments if AIM is a communist front group. This is not a dedicated mainstream member of the GOP.

You heard some angry rhetoric about Limbaugh, Levin, Hanitty and so forth not being real conservatives on planet Paul. Sorry, but even Bachman typically credits Levin as an inspiration.
What we read from Joe Conservative is a Paulist rant that is typical of the deceptive practices of the Paul brand of lunacy.

Those of you who think my take on Paul are exagerated encouraged to read the Lord Article in the spectator.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lets do this slowly

Number one. Ron Paul is a national disgrace and his presence in the GOP is disturbing. His prominence in the Tea Party is a debatable point. His son likely has the larger role. He is not the sum of the Tea Party. His acceptance in both the Tea Party and the GOP is an abomination to the principle we hold sacred.

Number Two Political Parties should be open to anyone and the voters should decide.
No in reality the Paul brigade has welcome entryist elements that make a mockery of the GOP principles. I signed on to the party of Reagan was the father of the big tent and welcomed folks into the light. The notion of my party allowing Paul's band of Truthers, White power nuts and anti semites makes a mockery of all things Republican.

Number Three what you witnessed from Joe Conservative was typical Paulist anti semitism. Questioning the patriotism and loyalty of a federal Officer merely because they are a Jew is old school anti semitism.

Scooby Doobie Dooooo

Never mess with Mr B. In the end it was silly of me to not notice Joe Conservative was Socko. I usually recognize the hallmarks of Socko. However, I had long forgotten about the man with no life. He was obsessed with an odd female poster named Donal. She was his white whale and his poor writting such as creating people who speak in Chenglish and fake academics that specialize in gasses.

Some time had passed and the evil one was forgotten.

It makes sense because both like to pass long philosophical gass. In the end he never got close to his White Whale. She was beyond his reach and is in parts unknown.

At times he was both charming and useful. To waste all these hours and create all of these puppets shows the man really has no life. I will be doing important work on Mon. The rest of you will be leading normal well balanced lives full of life and love and he will be lost.

I never did find out who wrote the disturbing vivid desciptions of abusing his kids. Did he write them or did one of his foes write that. It was some of the sickest stuff I ever read.

In the end one can not fool the Heavy Metal and Beer drinking Mr B

All that left is for the Farmer to say

And I would have gotten away with it if not for you meddling kids.

Pass the beer and turn up the heavy metal

Never doubt Mr B

There are those of you that are rather perplexed by the exchanges in recent posts

1) Sonia is as always herself and poignant. It is true that Paul has less chance of getting elected
than Lindsay Lohan.

What she doesn't grasp is that I signed on to the party of Reagan. I did not sign on to be a member of a party of freaks and losers. My party stands for something and Truthers, KKK goons and Nazis belong in the other party.

2) The Pagan He knows Ron Paul is a freak going nowhere. He is a minor part of the Tea Party movement.

3) Farmer John The farmer is no Paul fan. He just is not a fan of cleaning the party outhouses.
How he proposes to get the garbage out is unknown.

4) Joe Conservative You get a hint of the real animus of Joe Conservative when he mentions AIPAC. Now all of you can grasp that Mr. B is dead on. Lets see a Jewish Federal Officer who objects to Paul's rants about Gaza as a concentration camp, idiocy about Israel defending itself fron Lefty and Terrorist loons on the Turkish Love Boats is a schill for AIPAC. My objection as a 9-11 survivor to the Paul Truther brigade is AIPAC. My objection to Stormfronters and Holocaust deniers in the Paul brigade is AIPAC.

Mr. B is clearly not Jewish so in the warped mind of Joe Conservative what does that make him
a Christian Zionist or Neocon.

Many of us remember Mr B vs a Nazi sympahizer Rightminded. Some of us were sceptical but
Mr B was proven correct.

Never bet against Mr B

Some of you Republicans are hypocrites

Most of us are shocked by a President who is clearly friends with some unsavory types Ayers, Pastor Wright and Rashid Khalidi. These are disturbing connections that call for criticism. These
connections provide a clue as to the political exteemism we would later endure.

Flash forward to our GOP primaries and Tea Party events. We do have a candidate endorsed by Nazis, Truthers and Holocaust Denniers. I have my own experience in dealing with this type of mess. One of my friends, Dr Yeagley, clearly went into the racist camp. I made my own positions well known. My criticisms were so severe he referred to his critics as the Beakerkin group. This group is so secret even its leader did not know of its existence.

Ron Paul is a disgrace to the GOP and his continued presence at Tea Party events has given the group a black eye. Many of us point to communist leadership of peace protests but have no issue with Paul and his band of Truthers, Nazis and racists at Tea Party functions. We cringe and get angry when looney tune members of the Black caucus call the group racist. Has the Tea Party asked Ron Paul and his band of lunatics to leave.

The Pagan Temple is correct that he is not as central to the Tea Party as his imbecile followers
think. However, if the Tea Party wants to claim it is about returning to traditional values then a loon who is supported by Truthers, Nazis and is an anti semite does not belong.

Ron Paul has been making the GOP look absurd for decades and needs to be shown the door. Do not cry about Code Pink members at the other convention when the GOP has permitted the Paulites to participate. Demand that the GOP show Ron Paul the door and make it clear that you are holding them accountable for the Rep from the psych ward.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not a post I wanted to write What Does my GOP Stand For

My party is the party of of Reagan. We stand for a nation of shared ideal. We respect the wisdom of the founding fathers and property rights. We do not tolerate KKK goons and 9-11 truthers. We grasp that not everyone agrees on every subject. However, there are some things beyond the pale such as blame America first ala Ron Paul.

This is not about liberterianism. This is about the kooky and creepy Ron Paul who fouls are party with his band of Truthers and Stormfronters.

The Pagan is correct that the Pauls are on the fringes of the Tea Party. In fact Ron Paul fouls anything he goes near.

The Farmer points out that once me and Mr. B chase the Paulites out the tent will be empty. I would sooner sit at the big table that stands for something that I can be proud of than to sit at a meaningless gathering of fools.

What sort of Republican values does Ron Paul and his freak show followers bring?

As most have pointed out he has no chance because Republicans see the man and his followers as freaks and losers.

Good Lord Ten Years

I always promise that this year will be the last I write of that day and my very tiny role as a witness to the evil and the greatness around me. Ten years ago my city was attacked by a crazed band of looms acting in the name of Islam. This does not mean nor infer that every Muslim is guilt of this crime against humanity. It does mean that they must either object to this type of depravity with no word games and no rationalizations. In the case of Stephen Schwartz and the CIP he has done so without reservation, word games and with heart felt patriotism. Ultimately, this type of activity ended up hurting the name and cause of Islam more than an army of Pam Gellers ever could.

I am an ordinary man, those that know me personally may state otherwise. On that day I found myself once again in history's crosshairs. I never was in any danger and even now my role as a first responder is limited to my building. The job of everyone else is to get out of the way of the brave professionals who put their lives in danger to rescue others.

I want to spend a moment to the mostly leftist conspiracy nuts. There was a large section of the tristate area.In any large assembly you can find some morons and loons looking to cash in on an
event. The Jersey girls were not there and their husbands whose faces I can vividly and hauntingly recall would be mortified at their abuse of the day. Their husbands were men of duty
and understood that each day of their career. They do not own 9-11. 9-11 belongs to the entire
nation as it was clearly an attack aimed at the USA by a religiously inspired fanatic.

Now I know many fine religious people. Most of them go about working with the poor and the needy as their calling. I can recite an amazing exchange as typical of the left's arrogance and amazing stupidity. There is a real moron apologist for Hugo Chavez Graeme that claimed "He hates missionaries because they tell people how to think". He went on to expound upon the sanitary habits of Indians that he never met. We are privileged to know Junglemom who dedicated her life to providing education and medical treatment to those communities. Junglemom does so because Christs calling is to serve those in need. So she served those communities until Hugo kicked her out and herded her flock onto a collective. To the sons of Marx who rail against Christians and real Jews ( Not you Rabbi Snaglepuss Lerner) talking about your betters out of ignorance is a habit. These people of God serve the poor out of a divine calling
and have done so with no fanfare. If you were to ask Junglemom or any of the fine people of faith about their service you would get a modest doing my job. The just doing my job bit is familiar as I say this to thankful families every day. The first responders would also say just doing my job.
The brave members of our military say just doing our job.

The problem with Commies and Jihadis is the ends justify the means mentality. If you are a commie and you believe in your heart that you can create utopia and that any crime against humanity is justified to bring forth a new Eden you will do the unthinkable. Thus commies fail to recognize that Osama is much closer to them than the folks at the 700 Club. If you talk to any true follower of Christ ( not liberation theology imposters ask the Pope) about slaughtering civilians deliberately and maliciously you will get an earful.

In truth many of us fail the ends justify the means in life. Many of us see it at work in an era of white collar criminals, naked careerism, publicity whores and faculty lounges that look like the Old Bolshevik club. Yes it would be great to ship a communist jerk like Ducky to Gitmo without a trial. However, in doing so I would be trampling on our American traditions I revere. In essence my sending the Duck to Gitmo would be adopting the beliefs and tactics of Osama and Che that I abhor. As Americans ( Marxists and Jihadis) we are people of due process, rights and laws. However, when Marxists are found to have broken laws they should be offered punishment to the fullest extent of the law unless they agree to denaturalization and self deportation.

It is too early to know and evaluate what we did in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan it is hard to rationalize any other course of action. The Taliban did shelter criminals who acted in the name of their faith. One would have to go to the Soviet butchery to make this mess even worse.
FYI commies our man was Ahmed Shah Massoud who was killed on 9-10. Your man was good old communist Gulbadin Heckmatyar who is still a member of the Taliban.

A planet without Saddam is a better place. Iraq is better off now than with a Communist puppet
armed with MIG and T series tanks butcher. Saddam did have some French Planes and a nuclear reactor thanks to the efforts of the leftist Chirac. The preposterous claim that Chirac and the Russians were principled given their history of arming the butcher and feigning mock outrage. In twenty years we can evaluate what type of Iraq we created.

In the future we should be weary of prophets of gloom who cling to the present. The grumblings
of what type of results has jihadism brought are being asked by many Muslims. What type of Muslim will generation three yield is unknown. My guess is they will be assimilated into a mindless secular fog.

I remember joking after 9-11 that we could ultimately do more damage to jihad and communism with a pen or the internet than with armies. Someday Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea will fall. When they do fall like in the Arab Spring the flow of information via the internet will be the key factor. Are some of guilty in not recognizing the new order of things perhaps. Maybe these last two wars will be a harbinger of smaller wars to come fought with drones and information.

Ten years ago today our world changed. We must adapt to the new changes while being faithful
to our founding fathers wisdom.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ron Paul

If Ron Paul wins the GOP nod I would give up my registration in the Republican Party. While I respect the right of people to disagree on subject Paul and his looney tune band of followers are beyond what I can deal with.

Whenever you find a lefty 9-11 truther agreeing with a Republican it is either the kooky Paul or Pat Buchanan.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Obama Brings out the Worst in Everyone

I am starting to think of Obama as the sum of all idiocy from those who support him and from those who oppose him.

I want to deal with the position of Presidency. The job entails a certain modicum of abuse. Abe Lincoln was portrayed as Ape Lincoln and G W Bush was portrayed as a chimp regularly. If anyone did similar things to Obama they would be branded as a racist.

I grasp that as a Black American a certain type of satire is off limits. Yet to spare him the type of abuse that every other President took is another form of racism. Still I cringe over the low brow racial criticism of him by Dr Yeagley. Obama and his policies are rife enough for satire and good posts. The racial critiques of Obama by Yeagley speaks more to a lack of talent and mental hang ups of the writer than the facts.

I cringe at a recent political cartoon of Obama in a wife beater T shirt and carrying roses. This cartoon speaks to a certain stereotype of Black men. Yet if we portrayed him as an out of touch elitist then it would be the Uppity Black man bit. If we drew him as a platypus it would be considered offensive because he is the product of a mixed race union.

In essence drawing Mohammed probably is easier than drawing a cartoon of Obama.

Obama's supporters are not much better. A critic of Richard Nixon was reminded that Nixon did save Israel and was viewed as a friend by Israeli leaders. The membership of Obama in an anti semitic church for two decades and having close friends like Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi should
have told us what we needed to know. Today's Israeli leaders do not view Obama as fondly as Nixon.

While Obama does not personally act as an arsonist his allies like Biden and Union loons do act as arsonists.

Obama has the unique ability to bring out the worst in everyone and needs to go.

Another barrier crossed by Chasidic Jews

The NY Post has a fun story about a delightful small group of Chasidic Bikers called the Rebee's Riders. We have seen a Chasidic Rapper sell plenty of records.

Now for the final things we have yet to see.

A Chasidic Stand Up Comedian. There probably is one or two but I haven't run across them.
A Rabbi class in Dungeons and Dragons. If you can have Priests slaying evil. Why not a Rabbi that creates Golems.
A Chasidic Heavy Metal Band. I can just imagine song lyrics about annoying house guests or finding parking spaces.

It really shouldn't be surprising to see anyone do anything in the current day. A Chasidic NASCAR driver isn't likely but you never know.....

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Obama the symbol

Obama was elected as a symbol. We were told by the Bolshevik media that he would unite us, he didn't. The same people said he would deliver change. He delivered change by merely making everything worse.

In the election there was plenty of focus on those who would not vote for Obama because of his race. There were even more people who voted for him merely because he was Black and promised a post racial America.

The truth is that Obama is a symbol, just not in the manner he intended. Obama is a symbol of an out of control arrogant cliche elitist. He thinks by merely repeating slogans and by force of will things will get better.

We will never get to a post racial America at least from the left. Social engineering creates more hostility and adds more tension where it is applied. The truth is a rising economy helps all of us Blacks more so. Unemployment in the Black community is dramatically higher then amongst other communities.

I look at the candidates from the GOP and am not impressed. Perry, seems the best of a mediocre lot.

It will get much worse before it gets better.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Lit and Society and our readers

I am going to take a break from the political wars to discuss somethings that never get discussed at all. We are going to discuss books and society. This will be a different sort of post than the predictable types. Part of me is hoping the Editrix drops in and hits me with a Thunderbolt or two.

1) What books do you remember as assigned school work reading that you remember vividly and fondly?

Lord of the Flies, 1984, Animal Farm, The Hairy Ape of Mice and Men.

2) Are there any classics that you wished was assigned, but did not get in a classroom setting

Moby Dick, Last of the Mohicans and the Tempest

3) Can a book be too long

Yes, I gave up on Les Mis after an eighty page rambling description of the convent.

4) Should certain books be removed from the curriculum because they are considered by some to be offensive?

No, I actually learned the Canterbury Tales and some Shakespeare in a Yeshiva setting. The notion of a complete education without those works would have been incomplete. The bigotry was more or less a product of its era.

5) Should certain books be restructured or edited to take out offensive passages.

No, but taking out the quips about Jews in Shakespeare except in the Merchants of Venice would not alter the substance. I prefer to leave the books unaltered and leave it to the readers.

6) Should the emphasis in education be geared towards a more enjoyable experience for the reader?

I think the love of a good book is something that is lost by lit snobs. The reading of certain books is just a chore in college. Perhaps, the reason I enjoyed the Hairy Ape so much was the heated
discussions in class.

Still, I think that educators should be more flexible with their readings. Let the students chose what section they want by listing what books will be assigned rather than standardization. Those that like certain books can seek out an intro class that will offer Eugene O'Neil vs another that will focus on the Greek Classics.

7) Does the movie ever live up to the book?
Not in my experience

8) Has a movie ever inspired you to read the book?
Not yet.

9) What are your thoughts about Broadway plays on Film?

When it is done well it is a way to preserve the masters who created the role like Yul Brenner in
The King and I. Fidler on the Roof was shot with Topol. The film should have had loudmouth political moron Zero Mostell. It would have captured the essence of the play better.

I do know that some of Neil Simon's work did very well on the silver screen. I saw Lost in Yonkers on Broadway and had no desire to see it on film.

10) Do we spend too much time reading news articles and not enough with great books?

I think more of us need to hit the news stand more. I do like googles News feature that allows me to scan the news quickly. I spend far more time with periodicals than great books.

Lets see your responses. The first loon that proposes banning Moby Dick for whaling gets the honorary Mr B Daisy Cutter award for stupidity.


Friday, September 02, 2011

An honest look at Obama

Obama has had his moments such as the elimination of Osama. He has been more aggressive in the use of drone strikes against terrorists.

The questions for all of us are simple

1) Are you better off than you were four years ago?
2) Did the changes he enacted produce hope or hopelessness?
3) When and where has Obama led anyone seriously?
4) Has he met a traditional ally he has not knifed in the back?

In fairness some of the changes are world wide depression related. Yet the reality is do I have more confidence in a Romney, Perry or even Donald Duck to lead us out of this than Obama.

The Beakerkin plan

1) Scrap Obama care and focus on insurance reform
2) Investment tax credits
3) Make universities cosign loans for their students and open their books.
4) Withdraw and close all bases in Europe and scrap NATO. Place troops on the borders and eliminate or phase out asylum with quicker denials and preset deportations. Asylum is rife with fraud.
5) Invest in infrastructure projects.