Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good Lord Ten Years

I always promise that this year will be the last I write of that day and my very tiny role as a witness to the evil and the greatness around me. Ten years ago my city was attacked by a crazed band of looms acting in the name of Islam. This does not mean nor infer that every Muslim is guilt of this crime against humanity. It does mean that they must either object to this type of depravity with no word games and no rationalizations. In the case of Stephen Schwartz and the CIP he has done so without reservation, word games and with heart felt patriotism. Ultimately, this type of activity ended up hurting the name and cause of Islam more than an army of Pam Gellers ever could.

I am an ordinary man, those that know me personally may state otherwise. On that day I found myself once again in history's crosshairs. I never was in any danger and even now my role as a first responder is limited to my building. The job of everyone else is to get out of the way of the brave professionals who put their lives in danger to rescue others.

I want to spend a moment to the mostly leftist conspiracy nuts. There was a large section of the tristate area.In any large assembly you can find some morons and loons looking to cash in on an
event. The Jersey girls were not there and their husbands whose faces I can vividly and hauntingly recall would be mortified at their abuse of the day. Their husbands were men of duty
and understood that each day of their career. They do not own 9-11. 9-11 belongs to the entire
nation as it was clearly an attack aimed at the USA by a religiously inspired fanatic.

Now I know many fine religious people. Most of them go about working with the poor and the needy as their calling. I can recite an amazing exchange as typical of the left's arrogance and amazing stupidity. There is a real moron apologist for Hugo Chavez Graeme that claimed "He hates missionaries because they tell people how to think". He went on to expound upon the sanitary habits of Indians that he never met. We are privileged to know Junglemom who dedicated her life to providing education and medical treatment to those communities. Junglemom does so because Christs calling is to serve those in need. So she served those communities until Hugo kicked her out and herded her flock onto a collective. To the sons of Marx who rail against Christians and real Jews ( Not you Rabbi Snaglepuss Lerner) talking about your betters out of ignorance is a habit. These people of God serve the poor out of a divine calling
and have done so with no fanfare. If you were to ask Junglemom or any of the fine people of faith about their service you would get a modest doing my job. The just doing my job bit is familiar as I say this to thankful families every day. The first responders would also say just doing my job.
The brave members of our military say just doing our job.

The problem with Commies and Jihadis is the ends justify the means mentality. If you are a commie and you believe in your heart that you can create utopia and that any crime against humanity is justified to bring forth a new Eden you will do the unthinkable. Thus commies fail to recognize that Osama is much closer to them than the folks at the 700 Club. If you talk to any true follower of Christ ( not liberation theology imposters ask the Pope) about slaughtering civilians deliberately and maliciously you will get an earful.

In truth many of us fail the ends justify the means in life. Many of us see it at work in an era of white collar criminals, naked careerism, publicity whores and faculty lounges that look like the Old Bolshevik club. Yes it would be great to ship a communist jerk like Ducky to Gitmo without a trial. However, in doing so I would be trampling on our American traditions I revere. In essence my sending the Duck to Gitmo would be adopting the beliefs and tactics of Osama and Che that I abhor. As Americans ( Marxists and Jihadis) we are people of due process, rights and laws. However, when Marxists are found to have broken laws they should be offered punishment to the fullest extent of the law unless they agree to denaturalization and self deportation.

It is too early to know and evaluate what we did in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan it is hard to rationalize any other course of action. The Taliban did shelter criminals who acted in the name of their faith. One would have to go to the Soviet butchery to make this mess even worse.
FYI commies our man was Ahmed Shah Massoud who was killed on 9-10. Your man was good old communist Gulbadin Heckmatyar who is still a member of the Taliban.

A planet without Saddam is a better place. Iraq is better off now than with a Communist puppet
armed with MIG and T series tanks butcher. Saddam did have some French Planes and a nuclear reactor thanks to the efforts of the leftist Chirac. The preposterous claim that Chirac and the Russians were principled given their history of arming the butcher and feigning mock outrage. In twenty years we can evaluate what type of Iraq we created.

In the future we should be weary of prophets of gloom who cling to the present. The grumblings
of what type of results has jihadism brought are being asked by many Muslims. What type of Muslim will generation three yield is unknown. My guess is they will be assimilated into a mindless secular fog.

I remember joking after 9-11 that we could ultimately do more damage to jihad and communism with a pen or the internet than with armies. Someday Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea will fall. When they do fall like in the Arab Spring the flow of information via the internet will be the key factor. Are some of guilty in not recognizing the new order of things perhaps. Maybe these last two wars will be a harbinger of smaller wars to come fought with drones and information.

Ten years ago today our world changed. We must adapt to the new changes while being faithful
to our founding fathers wisdom.


The Pagan Temple said...

The main thing 9/11 taught us in my opinion was not to be blind to the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism, which unfortunately makes us the vast majority of the religion, which is at its core a militant political ideology as much as a spiritual system.

It was a wake up call. You have to wonder if maybe we are really lucky in a perverse kind of way. What if it had not happened, but in the meantime the presence of Islam grew larger and larger within our borders?

Would we recognize the danger? I doubt it.

Z said...

Pagan, good question.
But, are we REALLY recognizing the danger even now? Are we doing enough?
I'm cheered when I hear 2000 feds are working on the latest threat of a car bomb by an Arab (they actually used the word ARAB on FOX this morning when quoting the Feds, so I supposed FOX will be even more maligned on KOS and MOVEON today, but...) ...this man is apparently an American citizen or carrying American papers, anyway.

Beakerkin; is there ANY way we can really know a person's allegiance just because he comes here and says he wants to be peaceful and to please make him a citizen? Of course not. We're SO SO easy prey because of our freedoms; and I believe islamist terrorists have counted on that for many years in the planning. We must adapt to the new changes but, CAN WE, really? CAN WE with political correctness as it is? On the other hand, what choice have we? To put armed guards on every street corner? I hope not

beakerkin said...


We know the Duck's allegiance and it hasn't killed us yet. The Duck can switch a Koran for a manifesto and get a new wardrobe and repeat 90% of his comments. He might find the homophobia quaint but there are bigger fish to fry, namely dead Jews first.

The Pagan Temple said...

Where the Duck is different is he more than likely doesn't want to murder tens or hundreds of thousands of us in one fell swoop. In the case of Islamic immigrants, they chances are they want to do just that. We are under no obligation to allow them in here. And if we do allow them in here, then the ones that insist they be allowed here deserve what they get. Unfortunately, the ones with that authority won't be the ones to suffer for it, all the rest of us will, and WE do not deserve it.

The Pagan Temple said...

Now on top of everything else, Muslims in Spain are going around poisoning people's dogs. Look for that to become a trend in other country's with any kind of raghead population, including here. My God, I wouldn't give a shit if all 1.6 billion of those motherfuckers were wiped out. They're nothing but fucking swine, I'm sorry that's just the facts.

beakerkin said...

Poisoning Dogs good lord that would get my dander up. That calls
for a beat down of epic proportions
if the guilty party is found

sonia said...


My God, I wouldn't give a shit if all 1.6 billion of those motherfuckers were wiped out.

I get it now. You're not a pagan, you are a Cathar.

Cathars believe that the material World was created by the Devil, and the sooner it is destroyed the better.

The Pagan Temple said...

There's some people the world would be better off without. An example of that would be people that go around killing people's beloved pets-innocent animals that have never done anything to anyone-based on the words of some fucked up religion.

Ducky's here said...

The Jersey girls were not there and their husbands whose faces I can vividly and hauntingly recall would be mortified at their abuse of the day.


How the fuck would you know? Another new low from the ignorant Officer Strutter.

beakerkin said...


Unlike you I know about courage and
honor. The firemen knew what they were facing and followed their calling.

Leave it for the far left to abuse a few publicity whores spitting on the memories of their loved ones like that fellow good commie anti semite Cindy Sheehan. She needed meds and treatment and the left handed her a megaphone.

sonia said...


There's some people the world would be better off without.

I guess that identifies you as a wimpy Cathar moderate. A fundamentalist Cathar would claim that the world would be better off without ALL people, animals, plants and rocks...

beakerkin said...


In general I am non violent. However, if I caught someone messing with my dog they might not survive the incedent.