Saturday, September 17, 2011

My apology to FJ

Now many of you out there think my reaction to being pranked by FJ was a bit over the top. The antics of Joe Conservative were clearly anti semitic in a manner reminiscent of the Duck. If the Farmer was using a tool to make a point it was not the point he intended. I will not dignify a conversation about Ron Paul's usage of the term "Concentration Camp" and Gaza. Nor will I dignify the comments about being Jewish and Israel as being my focus. As an American Jew who supports Israel it is a core value.

The Farmer and I go way back around eight years to another site. Many of us were there with clear identities, but the Farmer has no such identity. He was clearly there and for whatever reasons followed me here. For either nefarious or comedic reasons he admitted being the most notorious cyber criminal on the planet. Whomever, he was should not erase years of friendship.

Using a sock puppet on a friend is no laughing matter. It is one thing to do this to John Brown who had some funny ones himself. To this day I think he was Anum Muhktar who I interviewed.
This is not a way I treat friends.

What is clear is the Farmer and I go very far back. Exactly who he was only he knows. There were many one hit wonders that likely were done for amusement like a writer who posted 9-11
material under the name of Murray Rothbard. There was Prof Pike who sounds similar to the Duck in many ways except that he was humorless. He has probably been pulling my chain for years without getting caught and most of it was likely harmless.

I will resume my rounds at two sites for now AOW and the Pagan Temple. I ask the Farmer to please stop following me to places off the map that he doesn't visit regularly.

My anger at him will stop when he just comes clean with who he was at FPM. I hate to think I have been a comedic prop in his wacky world for eight years. There are questions I need answered for closure. Until those questions are answered I can not move ahead.


beamish said...

You're welcome to post at my "blog" too.

As is everyone.

Always On Watch said...

You know that you are always welcome at my blog! I'm glad that I'm on your list of blog rounds.

I do run an open forum -- unless commenters get vile or copy and paste the same comment from comments made at other blogs (Bd).

Farmer and I go back to around 2005. He sometimes comments at my blog and is welcome to do so.

I am not taking any sides in this rift because I don't have time or energy to pursue conflict these days.

beakerkin said...

There is no rift. The Farmer is merely incredibly dumb. The real Socrates apparently was caught. His name Seth Allen of MA.

His list of known aliases does apparently include Homer. Only by looking at known exemplars on this blog was it possible to exclude FJ.

There are some disturbing similarities but there are enough differences to exclude the farmer.

Very Dumb yes criminal no