Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scooby Doobie Dooooo

Never mess with Mr B. In the end it was silly of me to not notice Joe Conservative was Socko. I usually recognize the hallmarks of Socko. However, I had long forgotten about the man with no life. He was obsessed with an odd female poster named Donal. She was his white whale and his poor writting such as creating people who speak in Chenglish and fake academics that specialize in gasses.

Some time had passed and the evil one was forgotten.

It makes sense because both like to pass long philosophical gass. In the end he never got close to his White Whale. She was beyond his reach and is in parts unknown.

At times he was both charming and useful. To waste all these hours and create all of these puppets shows the man really has no life. I will be doing important work on Mon. The rest of you will be leading normal well balanced lives full of life and love and he will be lost.

I never did find out who wrote the disturbing vivid desciptions of abusing his kids. Did he write them or did one of his foes write that. It was some of the sickest stuff I ever read.

In the end one can not fool the Heavy Metal and Beer drinking Mr B

All that left is for the Farmer to say

And I would have gotten away with it if not for you meddling kids.

Pass the beer and turn up the heavy metal


beamish said...

Well, I have no idea who Socko is / was, having never encountered him / her / it.

I think FJ's just having cheap laughs at everyone's expense, as welfare statists are prone to do.

The AIPAC conspiracy theory shit is a little bit too far, especially when there's serious charges of the Tea Party's inherent leftism on the table alongside explicit evidence that Ron Paul is a SAVAK asset.

Z said...

I've never heard of Socko and am 90% sure it can't be Joe, who only writes about Maryland politics at his blog.

Z said...

Also, i saw your posts below and you can believe anything you conjure up, but to say the Tea Party majority is leftwing is nuts, No matter who says it.
We need to GET RID OF OBAMA; that's the goal, not infighting because you're not Righter than my Rightism is.

beamish said...

He starts his day with prayers to Jesus.

He's tougher than a two-dollar steak on crime.

He uses every private sector resource at his disposal to track and capture fugitives from justice.


Dog the Bounty Hunter 2012... coming to a Tea Party rally near you.

beamish said...

We need to GET RID OF OBAMA; that's the goal, not infighting because you're not Righter than my Rightism is.

But Obama gained the White House in 2008 largely because of a fraudulent "you're not Righter than my Rightism" effort directed at John McCain from what turns out to be welfare statist Democrats upset that a candidate might be hawkish against Iran acquiring the means to nuclear terrorism over being hawkish against Mexicans destroying the Social Security Ponzi scheme.

NO ONE the "Tea Party" has offered up for President is conservative, at all, much less more conservative than McCain, which allegedly is supposed to be easy to accomplish.

beamish said...

I'm sorry, but any candidate with a history of supporting the election of any Democrat at any time after 1960 is too measurably likely to order nuclear airstrikes on American citizens for my tastes. They won't even get my "begrudging" support.

Michelle Bachmann was shilling for Jimmy Carter not even 10 years after his fellow DemoKKKrats were violently attacking my family and my property for registering black people to vote.

I'll pass.

Rita said...

Obama didn't get elected because of the righter than right faction. He got elected because there were too many people in this country who bought into someone who knew how to deliver a speech with what they wanted to hear and never listened to what he had said in the past and who he actually was.

When he first appeared on the news, I knew I might disagree with his politics, but I thought he was sincere.

Then Reverend Wright reared his ugly racist head and I wondered. Then O didn't imagine that his "clinging to their guns and religion" comment would never make it to the public and that's when I knew he was the biggest liar of all time.

That was the day I realized I finally determined Hillary Clinton was NOT the last person I wanted in office.

Hearing Paul say it was okay for Iran to have nukes made me wonder if he would likely be more dangerous in office. That's all I needed to know about him. Done, Over, Stick a fork in him.

Paul is not the TEA Party.

Neither are those claiming such hatred and posting on your site.