Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama there are limits to Jewish Support

The voters of my district have spoken. There are limits to Jewish support of democrats. In a heavily Jewish district the anger at Obama is clear and evident in a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one.

Jewish voters believed the campaign promises of Obama. However, we should not be surprised at the actions of a person who sat in Pastor Wright's Church for two decades, is close friends with Rashid khalidid and Bill Ayers and has idiotic obsessions with colonialism that are relics of Marxism from the 1960's.

A close look at what this mindset has produced is on full display in Guyana. Two Marxists parties
basically based upon race made the place a hell hole where almost the entire population wants to emigrate. Crime is through the roof, corruption is open and the norm. The problem was that in their rush to build a post colonial country they signed onto disastrous economic policies that left the country a shambles. There does not appear to have been any effort to build a functional economy in Guyana.

Despite the President's recent publicity tour on jobs he has zero interest in moderating policies that have stalled the economy. Companies are hoarding cash since Obamacare and layoffs are worse. I spoke with lawyers who can't find work. I spoke with businessmen are hurting badly.
The Obamacare fiasco sucked the wind out of any hope of recovery.

In truth three sectors are dragging the economy down. The costs of medical care and education are out of control. Bloated school budgets and court mandates are driving property taxes through the roof. Higher education costs are bloated by featherbedding and idiotic focus on worthless publications and research that produces nothing of worth. The housing bubble has not burst and we are apt to see a few down years.

If Obama was this out of touch in his first four years who knows what he will do as a lame duck.


Alligator said...

Careful there Beak. You're going to get yourself listed on the president's "Attack Watch" website

Ducky's here said...

To the left's credit, we're steamed off about that nonsense also.
Absolutely brilliant.

Rita said...

I never figured out how in the world anyone who was Jewish could support Obama in the first place. He didn't exactly hide his stance on Israel before his election and yet there seemed to me (at least on my TV) Jews that voted for him.

Quite frankly I thought his position on Israel would have already resulted on a full fledged attack by now. I don't believe for a minute Obama would have the US get involved.