Saturday, September 17, 2011


I went to Bad Eagle to check the Ilana Mercer quote of Murray Rothbard. Mercer quotes Rothbard in passing and states directly that she is not an anarcho -liberterian. She joins Richard Poe as the second sane person to have ever quoted the vile Rothbard.

What is interesting is there is actually an add for Ron Paul on the top of Bad Eagle. Has Yeagley joined the Paulists??? He clearly is not an antisemite and is an open vocal supporter of Israel so this
is unusual.

Once again when trying to grapple with understanding Paul one needs to look at Murray Rothbard.
Rothbard proposed alliances with David Duke and given the views of the Dr on race one can wonder .


The Pagan Temple said...

Beak it all depends on what kind of advertising set-up you have. A lot of the time you actually have no control over what kind of ads appear on your site unless you sell advertising directly, and I doubt that's the case here. Who the hell would want to waste good money advertising on the Professor's site. People that buy advertising space usually only do so with sites that get tens of thousands of hits a day, I would almost be willing to bet Yeagley would be doing good to break a thousand on any given day.

This is probably something like Google Ads, where its a two cent per click deal.

beakerkin said...

Paul does have a history of ads in some odd places like Stormfront. As Yeagley has a messenger who monitors
this site we will get a response.

The_Editrix said...

"This is probably something like Google Ads, where its a two cent per click deal."

I'm sure it is. It was too good for words when he got those ads promoting gay and interracial sex. I even made a screenshot.

beakerkin said...


I fell over laughing at that one. You probably are right as I thought I saw Muslim dating sites on the top.

Sometimes I wonder if Yeagley has been doing standup or is a comedic spoof of some sort.

The Pagan Temple said...

Those kind of ads like Google ads go by keywords that appear in your post. So you could have a post where you're putting down Obama left and right and mention his name in the post five or six times, the next thing you know you have an ad asking readers to donate to re-elect President Obama.

If you want adware on your site, look into Amazon. If somebody buys something from them after clicking onto them through your site you get something like two percent of the purchase price. It might be more than that, I'm not sure. You have to have massive amounts of readers to make anything off any of those advertising schemes, and then you're better off selling direct advertising.

Warren said...

I'm not going to worry about Ron Paul. He isn't electable and he won't even get enough votes to be a spoiler.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, his entire campaign is sound and fury signifying nothing...

Anonymous said...

Yo Beakster seem the dr jackboot and his dog are at IT again. Or he needs attention to get money so he now has sued the commies who stopped his dog and pony show a vdare or what ever. Or this his CON scam has played out while his Dog howls at the moon oh well just thought I do a drive by and say SHALOM Naiche