Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Another barrier crossed by Chasidic Jews

The NY Post has a fun story about a delightful small group of Chasidic Bikers called the Rebee's Riders. We have seen a Chasidic Rapper sell plenty of records.

Now for the final things we have yet to see.

A Chasidic Stand Up Comedian. There probably is one or two but I haven't run across them.
A Rabbi class in Dungeons and Dragons. If you can have Priests slaying evil. Why not a Rabbi that creates Golems.
A Chasidic Heavy Metal Band. I can just imagine song lyrics about annoying house guests or finding parking spaces.

It really shouldn't be surprising to see anyone do anything in the current day. A Chasidic NASCAR driver isn't likely but you never know.....


The Pagan Temple said...

As one of the world's few Pagan Zionists, I think a Chasidic heavy metal band would be cool as hell.

sonia said...

A Chasidic NASCAR driver isn't likely but you never know

There are plenty of Hassidic NASCAR drivers just before sunset on Friday evenings as they try to get back home for Sabbat. If they don't drive fast enough, they have to abandon their cars at sunset and walk home...