Monday, September 12, 2011

A bit much from Planet Paul

There isl a certified loon on the web that posts under hundreds of names. There is an old saying about walking like a Duck.

The mendicant clown Farmer John sees a great conspiracy to defame Ron Paul. The conspiracy is by Jews who have dual loyalty issues. Anyone who criticizes Ron Paul and his wacky freak show followers are part of the conspiracy.

Ben Stein= Jew who writes in the American Spectator add a few delusions about big money owners not named Soros from the Code Pink playbook.

Mark Levin= Neocon Jew. Just happens to be a very well known Reaganite and is saluted by Tea Party figure Bachman as in inspiration. Levin is no conservative because he is a tool of AIPAC.

Rush Limbaugh = fake conservative tool of the Jews

Hugh Hewitt= See above

Glenn Beck= See above. Paul's supporters raise money on Guy Fawkes day. Lets see are they going to follow this up with Timothy McVeigh or Bill Ayers day.

David Horrowitz Jew tool of AIPAC former Communist. Very critical of Lew Rockwell whose positions are indistinguishable from leftist anti americanism.

Stormfront Those ads for Ron Paul on a racist Nazi sight were put there to make him look absurd.

Alex Jones: The support of the Truthers is just incedental. It just so happens that Paul's idiotic worldview rationalizing the terrorism of 9-11 to bases in Saudi Arabia and paranoid anti semitic
delusions about Israel are common ground.

The Weekly Standard That is a Jew run publication in the service of AIPAC

Now the latest bit of chicanery is the claim that calling Gaza a concentration camp is not anti semitic. While concentration camps were not exclusively associated with Jews it is clearly the image Paul invoked with his words " concentration camp" . When such idiocy is typically uttered by the Duck we clearly know it as anti-semitic. When Ron Paul makes the Jew as Nazi rant he is engaging in rather blaze uninspired anti-semitism.

Of course you can watch the video Jerimiah Rupaul on the site Absolutely Non Paul and compare the rants of Ron Paul and Pastor Wright. Watch the reactions of Rudy Guliani and Mark Levin.
Levin points out the identical rhetoric of Paul and Pastor Wright. Note the mention of the close associations of the Paul Campaign and Code Pink.

Also note Levin states "I have been to Tea Party rallies and most of the leaders think Paul is a kook". This is what many of you have said on other sites.

On Free Republic "Border Fence will be used to keep us in". This quote by Paul is pure Looney Tunes. Is Paul trying to audition for the role of Marvin the Martian?

If you want to dig further there is a Ron Paul criticizing Regan who he now suddenly respects and mutters incoherently about Lybian conspiracies. Wait what type of Conservative bashes Regan and blathers against Contra Aid. You can read the full bit at Hot Air Ron Paul Quits the Republican Party on 9-16 by Jazz Shaw. Must be Hot Air is owned by a member of the anti Paulist conspiracy.

You can go back to 6/15/2007 The Conservative Case against Ron Paul by John Hawkins on Town Hall. Hawkins how did someone with that last name get in on the conspiracy to make Ron Paul look comedic

You can look at the You Tube Ron Paul is a Crackpot. He is anti Cuban embargo, he is favor of the Iranian's getting the atomic bomb. Rick Santorum owns Paul. Paul goes into the blow back theory that the US put the Shah in 1953. This is a far left point almost held by zero mainstream
pundits. Mark Levin dissects the Paul lies. Levin points to the lunacy of long time Paul supporters Lew Rockwell, truthers and Murray Rothbard. Ron Paul on Iran is all over the place.
This is followed by Limbuagh and Beck picking Paul apart. Beck "When it comes to the Middle East Paul is DEAD wrong".

For Fun you can watch Ron Paul vs Lincoln on You Tube or the hysterical talking to Ron Paul Supporters on You Tube.

Band of Patriots August 2, 2011 Mathew Monos (Its conservatism stupid) Or why I won't support Ron Paul. More references to the insane news letter and apparently Paul was endorsed by Code Pink. I did see the same references on Fox News. Code Pink Commies for Paul.

Last but not least is Tablet Magazine Ron Paul's Ugly Past Marcy Tracy May 13 2011. Paul denied writing the material that bears his name and is believed by some to be authored by former Chief of Staff and certified Loon Lew Rockwell. The Mossad blew up the WTC in 93 was a
Paul newsletter classic. He was in effect a truther before 9-11. The racist material is there and Paul is responsible for the repeated bigotry in his news letters. The toxic views were not isolated instances.

There is a link to an article in Who wrote Ron Paul's News letters 01/16/2008
Julian Sanchez and David Weigel. Lew Rockwell and the cult of Murray Rothbard appear to be the responsible parties. Rockwell denies the charges and Paul has been evasive as to who wrote these racist, homophobic and anti semitic tracts.

Ultimately the person most responsible for making Paul look like a blathering moron is Ron Paul.

As for the the Tea Party. Though Paul may claim he is the founder of the Tea Party movement
he says many stupid things. The person who ultimately created the Tea Party movement is Barak Obama and his goofy politics. So to Rita and Z and the others that said I was a tad too tough on the Tea Party you have a point. It would still be better to ask him to leave the GOP as he did once before and spend time with his pal Russell Means who is as conservative as Paul and
dealing with Cancer.

The good news is that Ron Paul is going to disappear soon. He is not running for congress and unless you count Tea party events that he fouls with his presence he will live out his days as a non entity.

The rhetoric of FJ and his band of sock puppets is really a bit much. On his site he gives an apology for what... boorishness, stupidity your guess. Of course none of this happens if FJ plays by the same rules the rest of us do use one name and state your point. When asked a simple question FJ refuses to respond. How many sock puppets do you have? He states he was a legendary troll Socrates and now backs away claiming he was the long forgotten Homer who eight years ago was smacked around by yours truly. Who remembers this eight year old nonesense. I must have did a pretty good job as FJ or whatever still recalls it.


beamish said...

For Fun you can watch Ron Paul vs Lincoln on You Tube or the hysterical talking to Ron Paul Supporters on You Tube.

This I gotta see.

I anticipate something like...

Paul: You suspended habeas corpus...

Lincoln: Yeah, you should see what Jefferson Davis did to the black people in his yard.

beamish said...

The good news is that Ron Paul is going to disappear soon. He is not running for congress and unless you count Tea party events that he fouls with his presence he will live out his days as a non entity.

Doubtful. He's still got his son Ayn, er Rand in the Senate.

beamish said...

Ever read Murray Rothbard's glowing eulogy of Che Guevara?

beakerkin said...


I didn't believe the last one. What type of liberterian praises Che? This is the type of crowd Ron Paul associates with? His racism seems in line with the news letters Paul knows nothing about.

The Lincoln vs Ron Paul is a Lew Rockwell piece it is funny, just not funny in the way Rockwell intended.

beamish said...

What type of liberterian praises Che?

Rothbard wrote that "His enemy was our enemy."

I'm guessing ol' Murray really freakin' hated private property.

Or maybe he just had it in for critics of Castro.

There's principled, intellectual libertarians, and then there's the counterfeits in the neo-Confederate Lew Rockwell circle jerk.

It's pretty easy to distinguish the two.

Always On Watch said...


We killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis -- and before 9/11? Is that what he's saying?

beakerkin said...


Put me on team Santorum for now. I don't think he wins but at least he is fighting for core values.

I am floored by Newt's reaction to the Paulist garbage. The booos were quite audible even before he goes into Palestinianism.

Ducky's here said...

L'il Ricky Retardo is your guy, Beak?

What core values are you talking about?

I figured the pizza man was your guy?

-FJ said...


The AIPAC Codebreaker has broken the CODE! Woo-Hoo!

-FJ said...

ps- How many times have YOU molested children, beakerkin? Fess up.

Oh that's right, THAT is just a trivial accusation. Kinda like calling someone an "anti-semite."

Grow up, AIPAC Codebreaker. You're no "John Nash". Or are you?


beamish said...

I'm tentatively on the Santorum wagon as well, since Pawlenty dropped out.

But I don't think Santorum will stay in the race past November this year.

It'll be like 2008. I was guns blazing for Duncan Hunter, but had to fail back to McCain....

But, I was guns blazing for McCain in 2000...

beakerkin said...


I like Santorum as he stands for something and has not allowed the Paul fraud to continue.

Ron Paul is a fake Republican and should be tossed out with his freak fest followers.Sorry, but Code Pinkers, Truthers, Nazis and multi personality losers belong in the other party.

Mr B

Yep..But for now he is the best we got.

Ducky's here said...

You have a solid record backing losers Beak.

beakerkin said...

I would rather back a man of principle who stands up to the Paulbots, that include Code Pink Commies rather than a passive establishment type.

You can write in Hugo Chavez.

Rita said...

Glad you're seeing the truth behind Paul and his supposed allegiance to any of the TEA party beliefs.

I was extremely confused as to where you were getting your information about TEA Party hating the Jews and agreeing more with the left.

As to the R candidates, I am sick of the supposed debates. All the media wants to do is let the frontrunners start fights with each other.

I'm sick of listening to the front runners, I want to hear from Cain to figure out if I think he's the best man, but he can't seem to get a word in edgewise with the top candidates swatting at each other and the moderators not giving equal time to all of the candidates.

I wish Cain had the funding to air some time of his own so I know exacty where he stands. What I've heard so far, I like him. I'm sick of career politicians.

And I would just LOVE to hear how the left would spin a conservative black man representing the "racist" TEA Party. Of course we already know what they call Cain and Allen West. Nasty racist names because the racist liberals can't imagine a black man thinking for himself and deciding the right side of the aisle is not the oneskeeping the black communities down.