Friday, September 30, 2011

Ron Paul reminds all of us why he should not be in office

Most of us are celebrating the death of a traitorous American Al Queda operative. This loon took up arms against his own country and has facilitated the deaths of Americans on behalf of a group that seeks the imposition of a caliphate.

Ron Paul reminds us that he is a loon by calling this an assassination. Sorry, but in this case this is not a criminal matter. Al Queda is a transnational movement of loons and imbeciles who want to impose theocracy on the rest of the planet.

This dementia is consistent with Paul's followers evil Abe Lincoln bit. Lincoln is viewed as a hero by most Americans and he was President in the Civil War and did suspend some rights. However, the danger posed by Copperheads was very real as evidenced by the NYC and Baltimore riots.

Paul is unfit for office at any level and should be asked to leave the GOP again. He previously resigned in protest of Reagan's economic policies and feigned some sort of respect for Reagan at the debate.

There is no place in the GOP for Paul and his kook followers. Let them run around like idiotic Larouchites in airports, but out of the GOP.


Ducky's here said...

There is a very reasonable question about due process being violated.

Of course, since you take your cue from Likud, not the Constitution, unlike Paul you care nothing for our foundation of due process.

beakerkin said...


Glad that a person who rationalizes a greasy mendicant mercenary who shot people without trials in Cuba is now concerned about due process. Your kind is well known for class genocide, show trials and midnight train rides to prison camps.

My oath of office is the same one soldiers take to protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. The traitor
in question had taken up arms and facilitated crimes against his nation and deserved his fate. We would be a much better country if Nixon had taken a similar policy against Weathermen.

Thank you of reminding us who Ron Paul's constituency is and it is clearly not Conservatives or any sane sort.

Ducky's here said...

Here's the way it works, Officer Facist.

Due process determines guilt or innocent, not your stinking Islamophobia.

Your obsession with Ron Paul is fascinating. The guy is a minor player who is unlikely to do much in any primary but you have to keep the world safe for your paranoia.

As you were, Officer Strutter.

beakerkin said...


As a person who is untrained in law you should not venture into an area you are ignorant of. Due process is for criminal matters, not treasonous unlawful combatants. Funny, you commies venerate Abe Lincoln and named your treasonous brigade after him but haven't a clue about the historical Lincoln.

Your far left attorneys and some academics hail my dedication to due process. As for your views attorneys who represent the clients
you obsess over pray that their cases come before me.

The same people who say Ron Paul is a minor matter said nothing as Michael Harrington's entryist faction made a mess of what was once a noble party. I will not allow the GOP to become the party of Truthers, Commies and freaks. The Paulistinians can join Code Pinko where there stupidity is the norm.

The Pagan Temple said...


What was this "once noble party" Harrington infiltrated? I thought you told me once he infiltrated the Democrats. Did he do a two-fer.

Ron Paul will not infiltrate the GOP. In the grand scheme of things, he is a gnat.


Get off your god damn high horse. The guy aligned with a movement that has been waging war against his own country and countrymen, and he did so openly and unabashedly, and took a leadership role.

Beak gave you the proper phrase, but I will reiterate it just so it won't be so easy for you to gloss over it.

Al-Awlaki's death was constitutional. The constitution declares that the government has a duty to protect us from-wait for it-


Al-Awlaki's case is significant in that he amounted to both. His death was justified, and inarguably the best thing Obama has ever done to this point, and yes that includes the death of Bin Laden, which he doesn't deserve nearly as much credit for.

Always On Watch said...

Ron Paul really stepped in it on this "issue."

Anonymous said...

Yo Beakster or Naiche whichever, Shalom yours is an asute look into the rantings of a jackboot FOOL. Opps fyi this fool had shady dealings with the mayor of houston since early 1970's. In that seems the MO of these certain types of aka CON-jack in apes(opps fessed I watch the jackboot media buzzards of THAT fair and balanced 'if it bleeds its leads' the lords of gloom and doom based on the lunacy of the us govt. The feedback you have given though questioned by some, to me and again I be a po unedukated INDE(apache, or an enemy to conscam and or dogs), but whoever said life is perfect except for the perfect only in their minds. Or this good post on the KIA of a KERR dog, or one shoots a kerr dog, not try to pet IT Peace Naiche

beakerkin said...

Thanks Naiche or is it me


The Democrats once were a party of noble men like Scoop Jackson, Hubert Humphrey and even Daniel Mornihan.Unfortunately, Harrington and a bunch of socialist appeasers infiltrated. The Democrats went from the party of JFK to John Gomer Kerry.These Democrats seem to serve Hugo Chavez more than their constituents.

The Pagan Temple said...


I'm sorry, but aside from a few bright moments, like Harry Truman's nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and JFK's founding the Navy Seals and calling for us to send a man to the moon, the Democrats are by no means a noble party. They have always been a party of naked power and corruption who have managed to do a few good things here and there to justify their influence. In all fairness the GOP hasn't exactly been orders of magnitude better.

But the last really good President the Democrats had was Grover Cleveland, and hell his term ended 115 years ago.