Saturday, October 01, 2011


I understand the out of control educational and medical costs have left some communities looking for answers but denying kids an education is really not in our countries best interest.

1) If a family has multiple children it may be cheaper for the community to offer a plane ticket back home than pay for health and educational costs. In reality the illegal aliens will just pack up and go to a more user friendly location.

To those that really wish to talk about immigration reform the following is the Beakerkin plan

Practitioner reform

1) Applicants who file without a registered immigration attorney will be charged 50% more in filling fees. While this does seem inhumane it will cut costs in processing fees.

2) All new practitioners of immigration law must take a national certification test. Person A graduates from law school passes the bar and sits for a certification test. The test covers law and ethics. Each attorney is charged $500 a year to maintain this license. The attorney will be subject to continuing education requirements similar to CPA's for re certification. More experienced attorneys can opt to be certified if they were grandfathered prior to certification.

3) Certain Community groups can certify some personel without the fee so long as they accept the continuing educational requirements.

Process Reform

1) The system of endless motions and appeals is ended. Cases going on for twenty years or more is not uncommon. All motions and appeals must be submitted by an attorney. Applicants are limited to two appeals. The applicant may have additional appeals only if they are abroad, unless extreme hardship can be established.

2) Countries with high fraud rates must submit DNA evidence of all biological relationships.

3) Expedited denaturalization for criminals and polygamists. If person X is naturalized and commits a series of crimes he may be denaturalized and deported back to his home country.
The process takes years and should be resolved to a simple system that takes a month or two.

Legal Reform

1) Ending anchor babies and brides.

The conveyance of parental benefits should only be granted if the parent who gave birth to the child in question were here legally. Applicants who derived their benefits via marriage would need to show a marriage that has existed for ten years before conveying benefits. If the couple has children five years from the birth of the first child.

2) Elimination of sibling, married child and adult unmarried child of legal permanent resident classes.

3) Temporary Protective Status may only be granted to any country for three years.

4) Serious penalties for immigration fraud including jail time and elimination of all future benefits including unemployment welfare and social security. If we catch citizen A in a fake marriage the cost will be dire.

This is a start

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