Thursday, October 20, 2011

Free Speech and Civil Service

There are some troubled by the firing of a bigoted substitue teacher in LA. Public service does entail certain responsabilities. This is why I never speak on camera or at public functions and when doing so the material is always mild.
The views of this woman are truly odious. Not surprisingly you can find some support for her on Occupy messageboards if you look. Lefties like the Duck will claim these are people trying to make the Occupy crowd look absurd. This is also false as these odious statements match the sentiments of a hatefilled crowd that I have visited frequently. I have little difficulty finding dimwits talking about Zionist Bankers.
The Paulites at Tea Party events are subdued as these events are focused on domestic policy and specifically taxation. The Paulites are present in smaller numbers and are unhinged in their obsessions at these events where they are just another unhinged group.
The Duck has posted a video of an unhinged veteran screaming at NYPD. The rioters did not obey lawful orders. NYPD was within their rights to proceed and I suspect we may find some
issues with this individual who I has been abusing his service for the limelight. This person is supporting a communist organized anti American movement and is either being a useful idiot or
doing so for nefarious reasons. While I appreciate his former service, his current activities are vile and the person is dead wrong and if I find this person I will state so. Do notice unlike his rant there is no footage of what the rioters did to provoke the police and they have been doing so with regularity. Provoking police officers is bone stupid and common. NYPD has a flake officer as a liason trying to explain how to avoid arrests to this crowd of morons, communists and Jooooo haters.
The term hippie is incorrectly used to describe this group of losers. These are stoners whose wasted lives are best viewed as a comedic punchline.
Cain in 12


The Pagan Temple said...

What they are is a bunch of fucking hipsters. They have about as much in common with the Tea Party as Ronald Reagan has in common with Charles Manson.

Rita said...

I'd say, "Amen" Pagan, but you can translate that to what you believe. ;)

I am so sick of hearing the comparisons and contrasts of these trust fund babies wanting their student loan debt wiped out and the TEA party.

Quite frankly I could not walk past these idiots and keep my mouth shut. I view them as idiotic as I do the Westboro hell-bound psychos.