Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Richard Cohen is an imbecile

Richard Cohen has been under fire before for writing the creation of the State of Israel was a mistake. Thus he himself has been accused of anti semitism albeit not in the category of Noam Chomsky or Finklestein. This dimwit and dullard went to visit the loons in the Occupy Movement and proclaimed them silly but not anti semitic. Obviously Cohen did not interact with people or report signs and rhetoric that endorsed violence. How he whitewashes Communists and anarchists and turns them into some variant of socialist like the IQ impaired Bernie Sanders is beyond comprehension except calling Cohen a hack is an insult to talentless hacks everywhere.

Even if one missed the signs and the rhetoric urging violence a quick look at well reported polls shows 30% of the loons say that violence to achieve their goals is acceptable. How one misses the signs urging violence and misses these major themes is unknown. Unlike Tea Party attendees Occupy participants do not respect nor obey law enforcement officers. They have also stolen public space and went out of their way to provoke people who live and work in the area. Free speech is not to be confused with theft of a public space for weeks, assaulting people with bad odors, creation of serious potential health concerns, provoking the police and disturbing people who wish to go about their lives.

As far as Cohen's white wash his entire article shows he did not speak to the actual participants at length. Had he done so he would have easily found Jewish media cabals, Jews were behind 9-11, Ruppert Murdoch is Jewish, the Fed is controlled, Israel controls congress, Talk radio is Zionist controlled, Ashkenazi Jews are not real Jews they are Khazars and the more common Jews control Wall Street, the fed universities called Jewniversities and the Banks.

Cohen's writtings show he is an imbecile and a rather untalented hack who is more concerned with his neighbors in what Ron Kuby calls White Landia than facts and logic.


Ducky's here said...

Ironic you should mention hacks.

But anyone who disagrees with Beak must be brain impaired, right?

Anyone who has spent any time at an occupy site knows that this is a false issue and just a lot of your self hating nonsense.

It's similar to the killings in Norway when you and some of your human filth friends like Pam Geller described the shootings as righteous. Disgusting

beakerkin said...


I have spent time and have heard the terms zionist media and Jewish banker regularly.

As for your comments about Geller. She never approved of the shooting. She merely pointed out the crass antisemitism in the Norwegian labor party that does have similarities to a Hitler Youth Camp.

Funny, but when a Psuedostinian blows up a Pizeria or a school you talk about root causes. However, when the shoe is on the other foot and someone shoots up a leftist Hitler youth camp you whine. Sorry, the folks at the camp had no problem with political violence so long as the targets were Jewish.
There is poetic justice in the attacks of a deranged madman causing the left to cry about behavior they regularly rationalize .

The Pagan Temple said...

He's probably talking about me, and that's fine, because frankly to tell you the truth those killings in Norway really pissed me the fuck off. There were far too many goddamn survivors. Fuck those Nazi fucking antisemitic Palestinian terrorist supporting cocksuckers, the more of them wiped out on any given day the fucking better I god damn like it. And anybody that has a fucking problem with it are welcome to suck their own shit off my cock.

The Pagan Temple said...

I meant that symbolically, of course.