Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Inevitable

There is a sense that the Occupy foolishness will end violently. The Cold Weather and brutal winds will be on hand next month. There is a serious threat of disease from the toxic combination of poor
sanitation, cold, drug use and people packed closely together. Hopefully the city will not allow open fires but I am disappointed in Mayor Bloomberg.

The time to act has long since passed.


Ducky's here said...

The "time to act"?

Do we send in the brown shirts because the demonstrators offend "Officer" Strutter?

Notice how this pussy wants someone else to go in and crack skulls.

The Pagan Temple said...

Clear these cocksuckers off the street by any means available. If it takes bullets, fine. These motherfuckers are a threat to public health and safety and a drain on resources. Police and other emergency personnel are stretched to the limits in some places. We can't have decent, honest, working and taxpaying, law-abiding citizens of the country put at an inconvenience because of these fucking bums. Why should we put up with citizens being robbed, raped, and murdered because these putrid assholes have to be babysat 24/7 and won't even allow sanitation to clean up after them.

Go after the motherfuckers with guns and bayonets, and by the way, when you're through with them you're welcome to slice and dice that mother's cunt licking, daddy's dick sucking faggot Bloomberg as well.