Saturday, October 22, 2011

More mindless Jooo hatred from the Duck

The Duck expresses rather blase Marxist Joooo hatred by asking when a Jewish American who supports Israel is going to emigrate. The answer is unlike the Duck I am an American National who loves my country and respects our traditions this is my home.

On the other hand the Duck seems to feel that Communism is a great idea. As he desires to live under this foul system he should emigrate and renounce his citizenship. Hugo is a shaken man and needs people like the Duck to hold his hand. Hugo's time is drawing near as cancer will get him before his people can rise up and treat him like his comwad Khadafi. I do not approve of executions without trials, but the irony of a Marxist ranting about social justice getting killed by a mob is poetic justice. Right now Hugo is wondering if it was such a great idea of placing weapons in the hands of civilians. The image of Hugo hiding in a hole similar to his budies Saddam and Khadafi must haunt his sleep. Sooner or later Assad joins the Marxist in a hole club.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Duck to emigrate. For all his talk of Marx, he is happy training aspiring pornographers in MA. Maybe if the Duck had actual work ethic, he could set up his own little film district like Van Nuys CA for his students. He could then create internships and all types of opportunities for his graduates other than working weddings.


Rita said...

Beak: I copied a couple of screen shots last night from the Occupy Cleveland group's livestream. I will email them to you (haven't checked, but I think your profile will allow me to email you).

As several of us have been saying, the underlying theme (well, not EXACTLY UNDERlying) always goes back the hating the Jews or Israel.

Another commenter posted something in German. I copied it to Babelfish and felt like I had been slapped, and I'm not Jewish.

Vile hatred is what is stirring the Occupiers, make no mistake about that.

Z said...

That's the cheapest freakin' shot I can imagine if it's anti Jewish and in German. WHat a PIG who did that.

Beak, I saw such an anti semitic couple of posts at Silverfiddle's that I can't believe it...I knew the commenter has hints of AS'ism but didn't know he's so little ashamed of it. Gad, what are we heading for??