Monday, October 10, 2011

The real poor vs the fakers at Occupy Wall Street

Like their predecessors in the 1960's many of these flake loons think that poverty is a virtue. They are trustfundistas or rebels without a clue. They sit repeating cliches from demented professors
with mounds of debt and useless degrees and wonder why the jobs aren't there.

If you want to talk about greed perhaps you should look at why your college debts are so high in the first place. Professors in higher ed are underworked and grossly over paid. 99% of the research outside of the hard sciences is worthless. The system of tenure, star chamber appointments and featherbedding has sent tuition skyrocketing.

If a student is in debt do not blame the hard working banker. Blame the lazy political activist professor for getting a ridiculous salary for next to no actual work. The hard left politico professors think of themselves as rock stars and spend next to no hours working. A simple look at the actual hours spent by your average banker and Gnome Chimpanzee shows the point. Your average banker is hard at work while the lazy Gnome Chimpanzee is jet setting, promoting incoherent books with sales boosted by academic coercion and traveling from protest to protest.

If you are a sociology or art history major and can't find a job, blame the professors who sold you magic beans so they can bandy Marx in a hot tub on your dime. The only difference between
the mythical Youngblood Priest and the average tenured social science professor is that drug dealers have a better work ethics than Marxist academics.

It is hard to feel sorry for some of the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. Their phones cost more than the genuine poor earn in a month. Repeating cliches droned in by idiotic professors does not make one a rebel, it makes them toadies without a clue.

If the economy is weak it is not due to bankers. The economy is weak due to endless entitlements and taxation strangling the life blood out of the American people. The problem is not Capitalism, it is the solution.


The Pagan Temple said...

Tell that to the "Occupy Philadelphia" crowd, who just recently marched through the streets of Philly with a Soviet flag. These people are beyond hope.

beamish said...

With a Soviet flag? Really? Talk about honest Teabaggers.

Always On Watch said...

Occupy DC overstayed their permit.

Now they've been given a four-month extension.

I am praying for a December blizzard. That will clear them out.

Always On Watch said...

Does a "member" of the TPM really carry a Soviet flag???

Always On Watch said...

If you want to talk about greed perhaps you should look at why your college debts are so high in the first place.

If only the majority of parents with college-age students would do a one-year boycott!

Always On Watch said...

I linked to this essay in my post today.