Monday, October 03, 2011

Sorry to clue you in

There are those on the left who are excited about greasy mendicant airheads protesting in Wall Street. There are large protests all the time and this batch is unhinged and incoherent even by developmentally disabled leftist low standards.

Funny, but if a Tea Party attendee allegedly says the N word it is a hateful gathering. However scores of lefties abusing police is just another day at the office.

Sorry, but this group is too stupid to be anything more than a punch line to a joke or two.

Those of you who live elsewhere and who wish to view this idiocy up close should visit the site of the Urban Infidel. She has many excellent pictures and describes the nasty smell vividly. Now I lived in VT and can describe many bad odors mostly from dairy farms, but this crew is really vile. The Duck can view these pictures and note the presence of the Ron Paul brigade. To those that keep swearing that Paul and his followers are conservative view it and weep. Jeffrey Lord is one of the many who point out the anti semitic mania of the Paulistinians.

I may actually run a blog contest open to readers to pick out what annoying objects I can take with me to my planned Friday excursion. I am going to see if I can go with a large print copy of a Mark Levin book. I can not do this with officially licensed items that show the agency logo. I may take a rubber duck and leave it there. I could read the classics of John Brown and have the attendees claim that John Brown is with COINTELPRO designed to make them look unbalanced.


Always On Watch said...

What Friday excursion?

beamish said...

I wouldn't go anywhere near those Teabaggers for Obama.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry to clue you in, Officer Strutter but the demonstrators are using tactics that are proving successful in Israel.

No reason they can't get results here.

The Pagan Temple said...

I wonder how successful they'd be at fending off real bullets. I wish one of those stinking cocksuckers would step in front of my car while I'm trying to go across a bridge, I'd have me one hell of a colorful hood ornament.

beamish said...

the demonstrators are using tactics that are proving successful in Israel.

The Teabaggers for Obama are going to launch Katyusha rockets at Times Square?