Monday, October 31, 2011

Unfortunately I see Obama winning

I do not see people voting for Romney. We like Herman Cain but under the bright lights in a matchup with Obama the media will dig up dirt. If the matchup is Romney vs Obama it will be a case of people voting against Obama rather than for Romney.


Ducky's here said...

Herman's a perv. Herman's a perv.

beakerkin said...

Lets see. There is zero evidence that Cain did anything wrong. Moreover, anyone familiar with the justice system knows people settle out of court all the time.

Any accusation against Cain or even Clintoon pales against Daniel Ortega who was accused of molesting his step daughter and using helicopters and foreign mercenaries to butcher his Indians while John Kerry and Tip Oneil held him up as a paragon.

Rita said...

I think people are waaaay underestimating just how many people find the more they hear about Cain, the more they support him.

I'm reading more people on blogs turning their support for Cain and hearing more people just randomly mentioning him.

We just returned from our vacation home in Fort Myers. When we were picking up our things from the beach on day, I overheard a group of people. One guy first said he really liked Cain, then they all joined in.

Of course there will be more and worse bumps in the road that this latest fluff. You don't think that the Democrats are going to let Cain get out front without the worst kind of fight do you? Cain is their worst nightmare. Expect more baseless stories, rumors and outright lies about him as he takes the lead. Obama does NOT want to run against him, so it will get nasty.

Right now I would have to hold my nose to vote for the other candidates and I will not vote at all if Paul is nominated.

I'm supporting Cain unless he says something that I find as offensive as Paul or Perry.

And just so we're clear here. I'm happy to debate the issue. There is only one that I will ignore because he is not here to hold an intelligent argument. He gets his jollies from junior high school girl cat fights and I didn't participate in those with I was a girl in junior high.

The Pagan Temple said...

I'll support anybody over Obama, and yes that includes Ron Paul. But my first choice would be Bachmann, with Newt as her running mate. If not that, then Cain is a compelling figure. I don't know about this 999 business, but Cain would still be near the top of the list. Perry would be okay too, if he would only learn to say shit without having a mouthful of it. I guess I will even vote for Romney if I absolutely have to, but I damn sure don't think I'd like it.


Herman's a perv. Herman's a perv.

Don't get excited Ducky, Herman gets all the pizza he can stand, he doesn't need you to bring him donated food and serve him out of a tent. He can make it just fine without your help.

Rita said...

Pagan, You would vote for a candidate that would not just allow Iran nukes, but say they are entitled to building them?

I can't do it. That one line was a deal breaker for me.

Four years ago, I was shocked to find I would rather Hilary be elected over Obama after his "clinging" comment and today I'm shocked to find I would rather Obama be reelected than have Paul in office.

No way Paul can get the nomination and IF that horrible scenario actually happens, I'll stay away from the voting booth and pray for this poor country.

Ducky's here said...

This is brilliant

The Pizza Delivery Man is a product of Jesse Jackson's Project PUSH.

Come on Pagan, you hate this crap.

He's running his campaign as if he were nothing but an affirmative action stiff. Strictly not ready for prime time.

The Pagan Temple said...


I have two core issues that are more important to me than any other issue or combination of issues.

1. 2nd Amendment

2. Judicial philosophy

As long as a candidate is good on those two issues, I can and will overlook anything else.

As long as Paul is good on both of those issues, and I assume he is, then I can overlook his other nuttiness, if I have to. Obama is as bad as they get on those issues, so as long as Paul is acceptable on them, then I guess I would have to to overlook the rest and trust the Republican majority in, hopefully, both Houses of Congress to rein him in and hopefully influence him in the appropriate way.

I'm sorry, I just can't stay home and take the chance of another Ginsburg or Sotomayor.

Rita said...

Ah Pagan. Now I see the difference.

My two top issues are:


Less spending/government.

And before we get some stupid liberal commenter on here saying they are mutually exclusive, they are not.

Every government program, including defense has a ridiculous amount of pork. I'm sick of it.

Since Paul has no problem with Iran, he fails my own personal top two issues.

The Pagan Temple said...


I can see where you think he would be weak on defense, but less spending/government? He would probably be the best of the bunch on that. If anything, I would worry that his cuts would be too abrupt.

Rita said...

Sorry Pagan, I meant Paul fails the first one. That one is non-negotiable in my books. As we both know the second one would likely not be accomplished anytime soon and right now they all make that claim.

I'm hoping and hope that Romney is not the nominee. Unzip his election costume and he is a true-blue Democrat. Ugh.