Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hypocrisy from left

There is a amazing hypocrisy from the left about imagined bigotry at Tea Party events vs genuine seething hatred of Jews and threats of violence from the Occupy Crowd. We heard all types of lectures from the media about hateful Tea Party activists. These media clowns obviously never got further than their couch and bothered to attend both events. Any description or comparison of the Tea Party with the Occupy crowd is an insult to the Tea Party.

There are no mass arrests at Tea Party events. Police might fall asleep from boredom or get bored giving directions to polite participants, but that is it.

I wrote a post that was linked by Free Republic I went looking for loons at the Tea Party but couldn't find any. I specifically went looking for hateful violent people and could not find any racists or anti semites. The Ron Paul brigade must be aware that Tea Party events are not the forum for their idiotic obsessions. They are quite vocal at Occupy Wall Street where the audience is more receptive to this.

What I see when I attend Tea Party events are decent people from many walks of life. I am recognized as Jewish and have never heard a single nasty comment. Most of the comments are people perplexed with reflexive support for far left groups that are at their core anti semitic.

It takes all of two seconds to meet people who hate Jooooos and trade in classical forms of Jooo hatred at Occupy events. In NYC I do have the advantage of knowing many of the key loons by name. The union Square Freakstock of commies and far left radicals has a consistent cast. I am still looking for the one I call Elmer Fudd. He was born in Nazi Germany when not going off on Jews likes to rant about the bombing of Dresden as equivalent to the Holocaust. Actual commies know little about the London Blitz and remain silent at these inane rants. He could have passed away as his buddies claim not to have seen him in years.


Always On Watch said...

There is no comparison between the Tea Partiers and the Occupiers as far as behavior goes.

beakerkin said...

I would like to know how people who never attended either are such experts? The folks at Harry's Place are clueless.

Ducky's here said...

Are you that freaking stupid that you compare an demonstration that's lasted over a month to a bunch of whitebread seniors bussed in to listen to Sarah Palin yap for an hour?

Beak, when are you moving to Israel?

beakerkin said...


Sarah Palin is more credible that Harry Belacommie or Michael Moron.

I am an American Jewish patriot and have no reason to go there. On the other hand you are a treasonous slave to the death cult. Too bad Hugo is unlikely to live long enough to meet justice like the nutty Col.
I do not like mob justice, but in the case of commies there ia a classic poetic irony.

The Pagan Temple said...

Beak, wait until you see the video I'm getting ready to post, providing I can find it again. If you had been there I guarantee you'd have wanted to beat the crap out of the piece of shit.