Sunday, October 09, 2011

The real important stuff

In a prior life I would waste time with the Occupy Wall Street BS. However, I am taking the time out from observing the dregs of humanity to spend time with my daughter on her ninth birthday.In the long term my observations about historical events will have to take a back seat to being a family man. My duty is at home with the kid I adore. She grasps that often I work behind the scenes allowing others to do the work while I am gone. It is my hard work and efforts that make the celebrations bigger. They coincided with Yom Kippur and while I wasn't present my efforts made the day something special.

I do enjoy the little Maltese who is forever scamming trips to the Halal truck two blocks away. He does enjoy the trips outside and defending him from larger dogs is not always easy. I usually am looking far in the distance for the unstable pit bulls.

I will drop in on the misfits of science next week once again for boots on the ground insight. Beakerkin does this so you don't have to endure the stench and stupidity of the Communist clowns. My life has not exactly been mild, but dealing with commies is especially annoying. They are more bigoted than actual rednecks with a fraction of their IQ. If you are still pushing Communism or anarchism as the answer to anything you are an imbecile.

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