Thursday, November 27, 2014

The best gift for the holidays

I got a call from Warren. We are both getting older and hanging in with the lousy Obama economy. Funny how the economy impacts everyone. Obamacare has not made my life better. It certainly hasn't made Warren's or AOW's better. There was a time even lefties championed the working poor and the middle class. The mess is in the homes of many. How many of you have family looking for work for months and making choices with bills or food.

I wish the economy was booming and the lives of regular folk weren't as hard. While Obama gives people who knowingly broke the law a hand up, he gives regular folks the middle finger. While I wonder if family members will ever work, Obama ponders the price of arugula at Whole Foods.

Speaking to old friends is the best holiday gift a man can get.

If I don't make it, it was because the girlfriend swears she can mimic my holiday fare. I am relegated to the couch. The daughter is difficult in that she wants things now but won't help me carry them back. The Maltese is snuggled next to her in bed.

We are going to have the annual whose relatives are the most messed up. I think the Frummies should help me win this year.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stupid Lefties Try To Promote Unrest.

On my way home I passed Union Square. Predictably Commies were chanting "revolution" while protected by the police. I would love to see these spoiled hipster clowns start something and get smacked by the people they claim to speak for.

There was no case. Even if you had a cause looting and burning stores in your locale does not help. I am all in favor of civil protest. This is merely criminal behavior with a political rationale.

Leave it to lefties to pour gas on a fire and then rant about the Tea Party

Monday, November 24, 2014

Comedy in the age of Obama

Obama and his minions are fast to cry racism even when the case is not exactly clear. As a person identified with fried chicken there are plenty of chains. I remember telling Vermonters about bullet proof fried chicken outlets in NYC. There are plenty of them and they are usually called Kennedy
Fried Chicken. Now we can speculate which Kennedy. There was an old story about a supporter naming his store Obama Fried Chicken. Perhaps in Denver there could be real Hash in the hash browns. I am guilty of annoying Bernie Sanders in VT with Fried Chicken jokes. Your biscuits are better than the Chicken. Did you invent extra crispy? The ever clueless Bernie Sanders does not appreciate being confused with Col. Saunders who is more beloved than Bernie will ever be. The beloved Col. is still the face of the franchise years after he died. Who remembers Bernie? There are days the incoherent Sanders probably doesn't remember himself.

There was a whole range of Weiner humor. No doubt Little Anthony Weiner is used to it by now. At least he didn't change his name to Savage. This is why Mark Levin jokes about the Weiner nation and sings the Oscar Meyer theme. It was hysterical listening to him call some clown politician with the name Angus Meathead.

Until further notice Obama can still be portrayed as clueless. Unless he has a spandex suit and cape it goes with having a Y chromosome. A former boss who is gay stated that gays are just as clueless as the rest of us.

I understand the history of racist humor. However, the job of the President comes with some satiric liberties.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Wrong Policy on Ebola

I am critical of TPS as a program that has turned into a scam. Countries are placed on the list and the U.S. Government refuses to end the protection. We have people here for two decades after hurricane Mitch. We still have people here after the earthquake in Haiti.

The problem with TPS is that people have the right to return. In the case of this policy keeping people out of the Ebola zone is an excellent idea. Allowing people to travel to and from these zones to NYC is a dangerous idea. The policy will increase the odds of spreading a dangerous disease.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


The opponents of the Obama policies fail to grasp that the agencies in question are fee based and not part of the congressional budget. Congress might be able to halt the plethora of fee waivers or adjust the fees to absurd levels. Considering that smugglers charge 40K and up a 5k fee may not be unfair. This would be met with disbelief from the usual suspects. Moreover, despite what the papers write people who have problems in immigration fall into two categories criminals and imbeciles who refuse to hire a lawyer. The latter waste resources and spend their times whining to media morons. A famous case in the papers ommited the fact that the couple in question did not have an attorney. Given the fact these were low functioning adults this was a key omission. The officer can only rely on the information conveyed by the parties. Of course the big media types never get around to asking why did you appear without an attorney. The media never goes near the shoddy and illegal work of forms preparers. The media also avoids any discussion of scams  by immigrants commiting fraud. I am in the USA on TPS for ten years but go home annually.asylum fraud only gets discussed in terrorism cases. The notion that people who participate in fraud are victims of shady lawyers is a farce. A person should know she does not work in a Church that doesn't exist.

In the simple media world of immigration, immigrants are always angelic victims of the system. The government is so unreasonable because I didn't get a green card is par for the tone. Nobody asks the angel " do you expect a miracle. Do you cut your own hair with a soup bowl?  Do you fix your own brakes. Did you hire an attorney to prepare your case." T is not the governments job to grant you a benefit.

I also want to talk about criminality. Many of these immigrants are criminal and deserve to be deported. I am referring to multiple DWI and drug arrests. Sorry but you aren't supposed to be here and getting caught with pot is sufficient grounds for a trip home. Why the media portrays pot heads as victims is unknown.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Killing stupidly

There are those on the left who rationalize Arab crimes against those who simply seek to worship in peace. Religious Jews are the least likely to serve in the IDF. No doubt there are some lefties who lose their morals when Jews are involved. They still talk about the KKK bombing Black Churches but ignore crimes like this.

Behead an American and Obama gets outraged. Kill Jews merely praying and Obama spins about Arabs wanting peace.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Complaint Department

My frummie former relatives are upset with the way they are portrayed on these pages. I portray them as hypocritical and obnoxious. The ratings are quite low and the reaction is quite silly.

Our traditions require material sacrifice to sever a relationship. A car is a small price to pay to terminate this relationship. I don't want or need the money as I have plenty of my own. I want to close the book on obnoxious toxic boors.

Our traditions do not allow for conversion. If I did the Pastafarians seem like a good choice. Unfortunately, my belief in the Flying Spaghetti monster doesn't get me freedom from these obnoxious boors.

There was a time not so long ago that the relationship was not toxic. As my former brother became more frum he became an embarrassment. I keep my daughter and that family far away from the frummies as I am ashamed to be related to such boors.

If heaven is filled with frummies, book me a ticket to hell. Their obnoxious pious hypocrisy is nauseating. I would sooner pass eternity with anything other than frummies. Actually, enduring their presence, sloth and cultural stupidity is a bit much.

On Vacation

My vacation comes at a good time. There have been nasty changes at work. We promoted a lazy amoral imbecile way above her abilities. I have asked for a transfer to another unit. I am on a regularly scheduled rotation and do not wish to return. I will accept a move to another office just to be away from that backstabbing boor.

RIP Barron 1979- 2014

This is a nice life for a turtle. He had been ill for the last year or so.Bear in mind that turtles even in the best of conditions can live 70 years or more. I will not be getting another as it is safe to assume that I will not be around  at that time.