Saturday, March 10, 2018

Death of Real Liberalism

There was a time when liberals understood the first amendment. There was a time when civics was taught with Voltaire first. The question isn’t when did I become a conservative, when did the liberals lose their mind. Sorry, but rationalizing every enemy of America and treating our historic allies like crap is stupid.

Lefties cry about Trump, but he is a leader. Democrats like Cory Booker are reduced to camera tears over bs. Really if people are leaving Venezuela in droves what does it say. Is it because the country is peachy. Haitians excel in everything just as soon as they leave the place. Says plenty about Haiti, even as the clueless Booker cries.

The left needs to run a Bill Di Blassio Keith Ellison ticket. Let the party go down in flames

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Blazing her own trail

In a stunning development my daughter got admitted to a high school I did not expect would be interested in her. She did try to go to my former school. Her grades were a tad short and she doesn’t have a passion for the subject matter.
She did get accepted to a similar, but slightly less prestigious school. In my case I like it better because she is out of my shadow. I did everything right to live my dream but external forces beyond my control derailed a well planned life. No regrets for a life filled with twists and turns. It would be ironic if my daughter gets to live my dream. If her dream takes her somewhere else that is fine too.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Time to end birthright citizenship

The United States needs to end this practice. Citizenship should be conferred only to the children of citizenship or legal permanent residents.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Trump is a slut

We kind of got this when we elected him. Those complaining about Clinton comparisons miss many points. The Clinton situation was more about abuse of power than sex. Who cares if the guy sleeps with Porn Stars, Playmates and Actresses. Considering the Matt Lauer situation it is small potatoes. Sadly people in power bed hop. Smarter ones use
Prostitutes who have the decency to remain silent.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

In appreciation of age and wisdom

I want to tell yo how glad I am to age and gain wisdom. When men are young we chase the shiniest gem, but it glitters and yields no warmth. A better man understands that flash is a small part of the picture. I marvel at some of the amazing women around me.

The best woman brings a positive energy with her. Every moment you share with her is a joy. You can trust her to always do the right thing. She literally lights up the room with her grace and she brings out the best in all around her.

She is an attractive woman but her beauty is timeless and flows from within. There are some with more flash, but none with more grace and charm. She is modest and doesn’t stand out at first until you see her Interact with others.

The only bad thing about her is you treasure every moment and never want to die. If you have a mean woman you don’t fear death quite as much as her next tirade.

I am amazed at the propensity of some of my older peers to miss this wisdom. I have two friends at work a tad older than me one just retired. I don’t know how the guy manages to get involved with every head case there. I remind him that these people are unstable but like a moth following a lightbulb he gets involved and is lucky he hasn’t met Lorena Bobbit.

The second one is truely a pathetic fool. Never ever get involved with a woman who is venting about her ex. The sex won’t be good and if it is run. Almost certainly you are involved with a woman with BPD. Now some of you wonder which
Face is the real person when dealing with a borderline lover. It is my belief the sweet person is merely a siren and the abuive manipulative tyrant is real. You will be feeling thger shortly even if it isn’t the extreme BPD issue.

I warned this nut stay away. I got the laugh the heart wants idiocy. Bottom line is this person is ranting about this ignorant fool and me because I stay away. I came out of the hospital and found myself the subject of an investigation. The charges were dismissed and unusually the investigator stated completely baseless. The investigator
wondered why she didn’t ask what was going on. In this case she wrongly assumed something she did not grasp was criminal. In fact it was textbook work. To make matters worse she has applied for supervisor multiple times and fails to grasp making unfounded baseless allegations against a peer doesn’t help a career. Now some of you wonder why this happened. Unlike most I grasped this was a dangerous person. I kept her at arms length and did not fawn over her. One would think this would keep one safe. This person has so much hate that she targets innocent people. Now I am adult enough to grasp attention issues. She is correctly complaining about inappropriate behavior. She picks on the one person who leaves her alone. She asked me about this at an earlier time. I stated that I am an old man and beyond
Such stuff. She persisted and I explained a truth. One is never healed if you are blaming someone else for a busted relationship. I never blame anyone else and accept my part. I don’t replay the relationships or wonder endlessly. I don’t really think much. Even when contacted I prefer just to walk away. Excuse me, I would rather not talk it isn’t my way. I built a new life please respect my privacy.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I am with the Swiss

I think the Swiss idea to make immigrants repay social service before being allowed to gain citizenship is excellent.
It’s time that the free buffet benefits with no responsibility gets ended. I have seen Asylum seekers run back to the country they allegedly fear hundreds of times. Asylum needs to be made rarer and tougher to weed out the scoundrels.

Time to investigate the DOJ and the Obama administration

It’s time to end this Russia farce and investigate the Obama administration for abuses of power. The DOJ, FBI, CIA and IRS need to be scrutinized. The abuses of power exceed anything imagined by Nixon. Career pawns like Lois Lerner
need to do hard time. My bet is none of these Lefties does a G Gordon and starts singing. A burglary is a minor matter compared to using the IRS on foes. Lerner should forfeit her pension and all bonus payments. It should be led by Trey Gowdy.

The media has protected Obama and his race and fairy tale nativity are not protections against weaponized government.
Unlike Benedict Arnold, Lois Lerner never performed a single worthy action in her entire career. Publishers should immediately print her testimony so that her crimes against the American people are common knowledge.

The memos reveal the Fox was in

Sunday, February 04, 2018

The Game is ruined

Thank you race baiting lefties for ruining the Super Bowl. I honestly tried to watch but my anger at the kneelers and the spineless owners has ruined it for me. The game is over for me until they ruin other sports. The athletes should be proud of killing the game.

The NFL owners should have put their foot down. They should have protected their product. Other than Jerry Jones there was no call for sanity. Now that revenues are falling so will salaries. How are the players going to take the jerkoffs kneeling. Everything is quaint until it starts hurting the bottom line.

ESPN has become a no go zone. The sports media has with rare exception has exacerbated this problem. The protesters are not brave the media fawns on the morons who then cry the public doesn’t indulge their disrespect of the symbols that unite the country.

I did like the Dany Devito commercial and the fake crocodile Dundee bit. I turned the game off.