Monday, November 23, 2015

Doing Nothing

This is a strange post where I support Obama. We as Americans are not suited to wars where civilians are cannon fodder. Russia and other nations are held to lower standard. I don't like war in general and it is even worse fighting an enemy with a snuff film mentality.

What has to be done is brutal and beyond our ethos. You beat such a foe by sapping the will of the public. You make support and shelter painful. You make people turn on their neighbors. You level whole neighborhoods. This is quite different from a traditional foe.

ISIS unlike the left is factually correct. As all of the States are colonial constructs the argument for yet another
Arab state is facetious. It always has been a false narrative pretty much a repackaging of old time Jew hatred. It is not fashionable for Ducky to rail about Jews. Thus he turns his maniacal focus on the planets only Jewish state. He does so knowing that Palestine was contrived after Jews into the Sea didn't market well.

Obama is a lame duck and should sit this one out. Let the issue become a campaign issue and let the next President decide.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ruining it for all of Us

France is largely a mess. Sarkozy is probably right in saying that we should just adapt to the new realities. We are in a war and open borders are going to be a casualty. I am somewhat concerned about a facility to de radicalize Some Muslims.

The days we could sit back and wait are behind us. I don't know if we as a nation have the stomach to try Muslims who join ISIS with treason. The courts might be jammed as such trials are lengthy.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The country we should be

Over time we are going to be asking ourselves if we want to make certain changes in our lives. In general we went too
Far with restraint in the Cold War. We allowed terrorists like Ayers and other lefties too much leeway.

A President who thinks Bill Ayers is quaint isnt who we need right now.

1) Are you willing to charge US Citizens who fight or recruit soldiers with treason?

2) Are you willing to have additional scrutiny on foreign communications, commerce and travel. It may be as simple as a few questions. Mr Goldfarb why did you stop in North Korea on your way home. Mr Bond who is paying for all this travel.

3)Are you willing to ask foreigners for additional biometrics upon entry for student visas.

These questions and more are in our future.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Don't blame Islam for the attacks

There are some of us who want to blame Islam for Friday's crimes against humanity. The blame belongs squarely on the political left and their elites in media and academia. Yes we don't want to harass our coworkers. However, the notion that this is a two way street is lost on the left.

Islam is in conflict with every religion it comes into contact with. The left and the elites rationalize this and hysterically blame Jews for having the nerve to establish a Homeland on less than one percent of the total land in the region. Claiming Palestinians are an ethnicity is an insult to actual people like Kurds and African tribes with far better cases for nation status.

Muslims don't settle their own refugees. They dump them on the West or leave them in camps. It is better to exploit Philipinos and others to do actual work. Kuwait did settle Palestinians who sided with Saddam when they were invaded.
Stick your refugees in a non Muslim country and agitate for rights.

No amount of barbaric behavior gets a complaint. Deliberately shoot people in wheel chairs is a reprise of tossing Americans in wheel chairs off an Ocean liner. Leave it to a lefty to make a musical number about a heinous crime against a disabled person.

The problem is not nor has it ever been Islam. It is the rationalization of a political elite that are so wrapped up in self righteousness they don't even blink at the most absurd behaviors.

Only one American should be handed a gun and sent to Syris. Let Gomer Kerry talk with ISIS and if he loses his head, he never used it anyway.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Billion Dollar Flop

Some of you read the story about USCIS spending one billion dollars to move to paperless adjudication and getting one
Form out of 95. Even that story is not the whole picture. The agency is a cross between a comedy and mad magazine. Cronyism is rampant and the sad truth is management is unaccountable for its actions and failures. EEO cases take four years with endless delays and no real attempt to look at evidence.

Workplace bullying was an accepted practice. It was commonplace and there has been zero training on the subject. The odds of seeing an active shooter are slim but there is annual training. The odds of a worker being bullied are far greater and there is zero training.

Will anyone be held accountable for mess and the others

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Athletes and Domestic Violence

I am syarting to wonder if the wisdom of Ray Rices wife was not factually correct. The massive media campaign against
these athletes is likely causing some victims to go underground. There are likely athletes that are being blackmailed
With photos.

The idea is that the players must go into mandatory treatment yesterday after these crimes. The entire mental health aspect of the NFL really needs to be rethought. It isn't just domestic violence but a sport with seriously disturbed individuals. There are those who say it unfairly punishes Blacks who also make up a large number of the players. There is also family structure and other issues involved.

I want to point at the death of a deservedly mediocre player. Sash largely played on special teams and had a suspension for an ADD drug. In his specific case the drug was likely prescribed by a professional for a serious condition. The NFL needs to grasp that if the drugs are part of a therapy to leave well enough alone. Sash died way too soon and addiction to pain killers was cited.

Getting athletes into treatment and compensating victims or healing families should be the goal.

At least one does not have to worry about Tim Tebow on the police blotter. Then again he was always a better person than athlete but we don't give awards for decency and being an all star human being. I asked my Union Rep why he hates Rosey Grier. Serving the spiritual and mental health needs of the troubled largely quietly should be a role model for all. There is something wrong with us when we celebrate flash and crass like Deon Sanders and miss the work
Of Grier.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Immigration Insanity

Globally we have a mess caused by the political classes. World wide migration from the third world has transformed from a honor played by a set of rules to an obligation. Once again Muslim countries refuse to settle their own refugees. Turkey and the Gulf states have pushed their problems into Europe and eventually some will be in the USA. In the USA we are also getting waves of Central and South Americans.

Immigration has never been a right. We need to expedite deportations and close loopholes. There is a whole range of reforms needed by Universities and Trade schools. No more Visas without bonds posted and agreements to return barring
Certain science specialists who are exempt. In other words Science, Business and a handful of language specialists stay and everyone else returns. The familiar scam of my Uncle promised my tuition but married a younger woman ends. Even if such students form relationships that are the basis of a green card their status should be altered. Never attended any classes a 20 year bar on sponsoring relatives. Only one year of school a fifteen year bar.
All trips abroad are subject to five hundred dollar tax.

The idea that new arrivals are entitled to hospitality and social services is absurd. Short of basic medical care and very substandard food. Think basic produce with no animal produce. The notion that the red carpet gets rolled out is folly. Minor criminals get repatriated and microchipped. A simple DWI with no status gets a ticket home and a ten year bar. Citizen tests should be toughened and no fee waivers for anyone except military families.