Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sorry Duck

I am still learning how to use the I phone and accidentally deleted a comment. I have spent the last three months doing work from areas outside NYC. My perspective on the immigration story has changed. Lost in the story about immigration is criminality. Even immigration advocates need to consider tightening this aspect. Removal of green card status for felony level arrests should be mandatory. Pretending that immigrants are largely law abiding is ignoring reality. Three drunk driving arrests should be automatic deportation. Selling drugs should also be deportable. Alien smuggling of any kind should be deportable. These hearing need to be expedited as well. Ultimately, the tax payer pays for this benign neglect of public safety.

Immigration is predicated on good behavior and is not a sacrament.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola follies

I do have sympathy for the dedicated nurses who caught the disease while doing their job. Any attempt to blame them for their illness is wrong. 

Thomas Duncan knew he was sick when he arrived. Most of the misteps were due to inexperience with the disease. Any claim of racism is slander against dedicated professionals including those who are ill from treating Duncan.

Contrary to the claim of his family, there is sufficient reason to believe Duncan knew he was exposed when he arrived in the USA. Unlike the US citizen medical professionals who caught the disease while trying to save lives Duncan had no reason to seek treatment here. Moreover, in the case of the US citizens every step was managed carefully. Duncan is part of a larger problem of illegals and visitors using government services making health care, education and prison care costs soar.

Ebola is an infectious disease and is a public emergency. However Joe Crapola from parts unknown is doing 30 years for misbehavior on the taxpayers dime.

Maybe part of the immigration debate should focus on who pays what.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NY Times still making excuses for treason

In the NYT obituary of David Greenglass the NYT trots out current leftist cliches. The Rosenbergs are portrayed as idealists. In truth they were bug eyed Stalinist lunatics who orphaned their children for the sake of a death cult. The second rationale is the material provided by the Rosenberg spy ring was worthless. That would not excuse treason.

The Rosenbergs chose death for the cause of evil. They were brain impaired death cultist losers who deserved the death penalty.

Marriage rate at all time low

Unless one is going for an immigration benefit fewer people are getting married. The blame is not entirely on the Obama economy, as there are other factors.

My own case is an excellent example of this. I have been dating and supporting a family for almost six years. I have not considered marriage because the financial risks would be prohibitive. Moreover
having experienced what divorce attorneys do first hand I am not going back for round two. Malicious accusations of sexual abuse of children is common ( not my case) and the impact that it has is never discussed. This has happened to at least two coworkers. Actual abuse of children are far more apt with the subsequent romantic interest than the biological father.

Much of the marriage decline belongs squarely on lefties. Liberal divorce laws and vile anti male legal tactics have made marriage prohibitive. Add in absurd Obamacare costs and tax incentives for not marrying and you get the picture.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I love my Maltese dog. He can wake me up multiple times at night and I adore him. Recently i bought some chicken livers from the halal mart. I sauteed them in margarine garlic and placed them on the table while I helped my daughter with her homework. Unfortunately the Maltese ate all of it.
No doubt dogs love liver and luckily it was a small amount. One of these days I will have to find a dog food made with chicken liver.

There is a surf music radio app.

One of these days I will have to get a better grasp on this exotic produce. I have no idea what 3/4 of the stuff I buy is. However, I do like the bora and fake spinach. Much of this produce has narrow growing seasons. Then again, I only learned to eat mulberries when I had a bush. I don't even recall those in jams but I like the taste.

Valid criticism from the Duck

My links are largely expired. I really don't promote this site as blogging is really past its golden age.
The blog reads more like a diary. I do some political commentary at Mikes America. Blogging started to decline about the time Twitter kicked in.

I am not about to join the Exodus to twitter.

Instead we function in old school mode.

As details warrant, I will comment or write about politics. Obama is a bigger failure than his worst critics predicted. I would be happier if I were wrong about Obama and the economy was booming.
Hope and change will happen when he leaves office. He promised hope and change, but delivered

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Daughters Eleventh

Despite hard times, we took the time to celebrate my daughters birthday. The Maltese was at my feet
guarding me as I returned with items for the party. Over time the Pomeranian has become less evil.
He has ceased attempting to bite me,  An encounter with steel toed shoes made it a bad idea. Also the Maltese quickly sprung to my defense each time. Now the Pomeranian is merely bratty wanting some quality time when I return.

The Maltese is quite smart as he knows the small kids do not go where I sleep. Thus my presence allows the Maltese protection. He also knows I walk around at strange hours and take him with me. He also can sense things way ahead of me with his excellent hearing.

The party went well, but I left long before the dreaded slumber party. I went to the basement with the Maltese and a big container of roast lamb. The Pomeranian had to fend for himself under the bed upstairs. Although he is more athletic than the Maltese he is not able to handle a major staircase.

My daughter invited her bratty cousin Deanna. I kind of like that kid who can be annoying at times and has a unique propensity to find all of the food caches. I tended to use metal canisters as they can store quite a bit.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Stupidity In Government

Immigration is not a right. It is a privilege predicated on following a set of rules determined by the American people. After the election President Obama plans amnesty. He wont do it before the election because, he is well aware of the consequences for his party.

Thomas Eric Duncan apparently was an immigrant here on  a fiance visa. He knowingly came to the USA with Ebola and risked spreading the disease here. It is unknown who he transmitted this to.  Nor should we be shocked immigrants would lie about this.

There are those who point to the fact that the USA has a special obligation to Liberia due to its history. This argument would hold for the Philippines as well. While this may account for extra foreign aid and visa slots ebola is not in the mix.

Lefties treat immigration as a sacrament. The imbecile speaker of the NYC council want to end turning over those with arrests for violent crimes to immigration. This is a dangerous move and she should be greeted with all types of verbal abuse for her blatant disregard for public safety and tax payer resources.

Our Poithead Mayor hid behind his Rudy era police commissioner. The commissioner has shown why Rudy wanted him out of office. Let me repeat this, if you are arrested by NYPD do not fight. You can complain later, but the wrongful death belongs squarely upon the fat slob carrying on like a lunatic. He had been arrested multiple times for the same charge and should be well aware he might pay a small fine. His demise was caused by his own actions.

In general Police Officers deserve our full support. The rants that Police Officers are racist are BS rants from rabble rouser jerks like Al Sharpton. Violent crime tends to hit minorities and low income people hardest. The increase in crime immediately after we exchanged an actual leader for a Pothead Progressive is noticeable. Glad the media loves the Pothead's Mayor's sons hairdo, but he can't govern and needs to go. Even little Anthony Weiner could not possibly be this incompetent between
idiotic gaffes on the internet. Has anyone done a serious interview and asked the Poithead Mayor when he stopped lighting up.

Our current messes are examples of why electing Pothead Progressives is a lousy idea.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Curse of the Frummies

The Giants were playing lousy. Bizarre plays like fumbled kickoffs and interception returns happened. As soon as the frummies leave the Giants score 20 unanswered points. We need to keep the frummies away from the football games. Its true that there is no such thing as a curse, but these coincidences just happen everytime they show up.