Friday, January 19, 2018

Big Deal

Are we supposed to be mortified that the President may have had a porn star spank him with a copy of Forbes? Maybe if it was a copy of the Utne Reader. After the Clinton years and the affair de Lois Lerner this is boring. I

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Strange Place

I find myself in a strange place. I live in a house wit seven females and four generations. I also am a particularly loved mentor. I do not pretend to have special knowledge but some of the celebrity bad behavior mirrors that from my time in Fashion.

Now thanks to publicity anyone can be an abuser. There are ample stories of small teachers misbehaving. Sometimes I wonder about shrinks and prison staff that is likely quieted. All of those are abuse of power situations.

For me I am perplexed about this. On my end I wouldn't want something that isn't freely given. Then again the whole point is to share a special moment. If a person is coerced it defeats the purpose.

The subject has come up at work. I tell them in my advanced years I understand that the right gen isn't the flashiest. I notice the grace and decorum as well. I joked that a Peet's husband must be the luckiest man on the planet because she brings joy and happiness wherever she goes.

Sex talk is not something I engage in unless I am joking about the bad behavior of some or joking about plants. This may sound strange but romance jokes are loved. A woman had a fifty letter name. I joked if he serenaded her he would need an oxygen mask. Romantic mishaps are also loved like picking a candle with a food scent and setting the wrong mood are loved.

As much as I learn, I still get baffled. One coworker continues to yell at me. The boss told me we met many times but I dont remember. My memory is reserved for those with grace and drama queens who vex me. With many females not remembering them is a large insult. I guess I am not into shallow bottle blondes.

I don't get the exhibitionism of Charlie Rose. Yes women want to see naked men with AARP cards. Not. The heightened awareness is absurd as I wear shorts under my pants as my legs require medical inspection. I have to close the door less some asshat is offended. As I am in shorts this is dumb.

The part that I feel sad about is how romance is dead. I was talking about parts from my life and was amazed how rare certain behaviors are. A few younger peers stated they never had a romantic candlelight dinner or even a picnic in the park. They were fascinated by tales of serenades and love poetry as unusual. It's sad that we made sex the just another activity like eating out. It was always better when there was a connection on another level. It's sad to see gorgeous 30 somethings who have never experienced romance.

Not all change is for the better. I prefer a conventional home with love and respect. Yet part of me loves the headstrong cheeky granddaughter and mouthy daughter. It isn't perfect but it's my reality and it's an anachronism. I

Still here

Blogging in the age of Trump is a challenge. I don't like Trump, but he gets results and is an effective leader. I don't think our country has ever seen anything like this.

Now some of you are all worked up about shithole countries. Haiti is a messed up place and a paradox. They are great
People who excel in most endeavors with the most inept corrupt governance. Shithole countries is different than shithole people. If the place were peachy they wouldn't be emigrating. Unlike the President I don't see people. The Africans.

That being said Family based immigration is not the way to build a modern economy. I am not a fan of Diversity for its own sake. Green Cards and citizenship were never rights, they were honors bestowed on the deserving who played by a set of rulers. This will upset the Duck but I favor only giving out green cards after passing an American basics class. The class will impart the need to respect others. You leave that old world bigotry behind. We discuss the Holocaust and gulags. Meals will include Pork, but there will be vegan fare. If you can not sit with a man eating Pork you don't belong here. There will be a more intensive class at citizenship. Once again we will stress respect, intellectual freedom and our tradition being a good member of the community. The new rules should allow for immediate revocation of citizenship for membership in terrorist groups, gangs or felony arrests.

Trump is a mix of good and bad.He says stupid things but it is refreshing to have someone who can lead. Much of the hysteria is derangement.

Trump has me in an unusual spot. I am not a Trump fan but he is doing better than I imagined.

The blog isn't closed. I just find it more fun to be by Mike. Uptown Steve is still not worth reading as his racist
paranoid rants with zero logic. You can sum it up. Trump evil, screw the Jooooz and rationlize terror.

Monday, January 15, 2018


President Trump has shown more bipartisanship and genuine leadership in his brief time in office tha President Marijuana re Obama. He does say some annoying things but they have a smidgen of truth. If the countries in question were peachy they wouldn't need TPS. It takes zero effort to find Haitian professionals who excel here. They excel here because Haiti is corrupt and not governed well. Haitians themselves would be the first to tell you about messed
Up governance.

Trump is attempting to reign in the excesses in Immigration. TPS is a temporary measure. All politicians before Trump
Share the blame for kicking the can down the road. Obama bears special guilt for making a mockery of the laws of the USA. The situation with El Salvadoran immigrants and the presence of MS13 is a genuine concern. The TPS countries minus Haiti are responsible for the unaccompanied minor problems. Rather than Obama read the TPS holders the riot act he rewarded them with the illegal DACA act.

Trump has offered a deal. The Democrats intransigence has led to a stalemate. Once again in negotiations one has to give something back. The wall is not a big deal.

Here is what the deal should be

TPS should be restricted to three years. In the future people who form qualifying relationships will have their citizenship delayed three years for every one in TPS.

DACA cases should be given green cards that do not permit citizenship unless the person is in the military or a first responder. They do not get to sponsor the architects of this problem. Any felony arrest or three non felonies cause immediate deportation with all appeals filed abroad.

The DV lottery, married children and sibling cases get cut. Family planning and Female genital mutilation are not the basis for asylum.Asylees should be housed in former military bases until their case is heard. No more waiting in a big city for years cases will be heard at the base with a single appeal.

Lastly family based Immigration other than small children and spouses is not the basis for a modern economy. A skill based system regarding vocation, English proficiency and education needs to replace our current mess.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Good Bye Giants

To the Mara and Tisch family

The Giants have been a part of my life since 1974. I was there with Mike Friede and Floyd Eddings. I have decided to move on and do something else. There is a player on your team who forgets that Freedom of Speech does not infer that you are protected from the consequences of speech.

Oliver Vernon has a right to make his statement. He is protesting police brutality or whatever. These are local matters best discussed with Mayors who are almost always on the left. If his issue is with Trump, whom I didn't vote for he is free to practice whatever free speech he likes after the games.

My response to the protest of Vernon is I have turned the TV off. The anthem is a unifying symbol that unites all of us. I took several oaths before the flag and promised to protect my country and uphold the constitution. My service is not dependent on who sits in the White House as I proudly serve the American people.

We just swore in a new director and every officer stood and recited the pledge your player mocks. It is about commitment to public service. Nobody took a knee or desecrated our unifying ceremony. All types of races and religions were present.

I am used to lousy football as I was there through the lean years. It happens to every franchise. I would be there through the lean years until we rebuild.

I will not return until Oliver Vernon is cut or apologizes to the fans he continues to insult. The NFL is a business and my family thanks you free time. I never imagined a player who could be more annoying than Tiki Barber with the endless fumbles and tears pointing the fingers elsewhere.

The feckless media has not subjected Vernon to anything near the scorn of Tim Tebow. Kneeling to salute God and being a role model for all was considered divisive. It was Tebow who reached out to Aaron Hernandez without acclaim.

Even if these protests end I am not returning until the overpaid pompous Vernon can explain to this public servant why he insults my country and those of us who serve daily. Unlike Tebow who reached out to a dangerous teammate who succumbed to demons you get to talk to a rational person. Do not lecture those of us trained in the Constitution about the First Amendment. If you want to be like Dr King return your paycheck and stop damaging your employers business by insulting the fans

Sunday, August 20, 2017

RIP Don Rickles and Jerry Lewis

Brilliant comedians I met in passing when working in the Catskills. They were nice people off stage or at least that was my experience.

I want to use Gene Zitver of Harry's Place to illustrate the mental rot on the left. Nazis and Confederate apologists
are subject to the same first Amendment rights so long as they are peaceful. Our individual rights are guaranteed so long as the expressions are peaceful.

Zitvers responses to Questions reveals his rather shallow understanding of a complex subject. Left wing events are organized and led by militant communist front groups. He is somehow once again claiming the hyper violent BLM and Antifa are not reflective of the counter protesters. In the wacky world of the Bon Vivant a single person allegedly
taunting Elijah Cummings with the N word at A TEA Party event is somehow worse than the raw unhinged Jew hate and calls to criminality found at OWS or BLM gatherings.

Gene pretends the hate from the left aimed at Jews, Cops and so forth is quaint. Embattled Jews on campus get zero help from Zitver who pretends left wing antisemitism doesn't exist. The little help embattled Jews on campus get is from David Horowitz and Michelle Malkin.

I support the statement of Trump. There is plenty of blame to go around and despite the Obama support BLM is a frequent instigator of violence. ANTIFA is even worse in that respect. Unlike the Bon Vivant Zitver, I do boots on the ground work.

Zitver also rationalized Obamas refusal to say Islamic terror until Trump made him spin a convoluted word salad. He remained silent when the Obama administration described attacks on a Kosher Market in Paris as random violence.

If Zitver thinks BLM and ANTIFA are benign groups he is either senile or a Bon Vivant Cocktail hour shut in. One needs look no further than the shallow hypocrisy of Zitver to grasp how out of touch the big media elite is.

I want to point out I work at a facility where left wing protests are common. There have been idle threats of violence by bug eyed zealots who think making a new Haymarket incedent will jump start a revolution. We have had regular lockdown drills and evacuations. Some workers are contemplating holding the ground. I strongly advised against this as the first responders will have enough to deal with.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

F Politics it is a dead end

The older I get the less political I feel. I still despise thea far left as more mental illness and bigotry than thought. Once you respect private property not much matters.

I would rather spend my days with Cheeky at a playground and with my family. Let hot heads bloviate on subjects they
Know zero about.

I have spent days messed up by Cipro. I am blessed to have wonderful caring friends and family. The end of my story is closer than the beginning. After I am gone many will claim to know things that are false.

For years I was told I wasn't fit to be a parent. Well I found myself exactly in that role and did my best. I never
Saw myself as interesting to children but with my daughter and granddaughter it is apparently incorrect. It starts with giving of yourself and making time. The trip to the playground on bad legs wasn't smart but what a memory.

I want to clear up some minor misunderstandings. Among my best friends is a young Bosnian woman. She is a great friend. I bit off more then I could chew and made a promise. Unfortunately, it was on a day I needed to be hospitalized. I had every intention of getting the job done first. Being Bosnian she knows all about honor. She took the file away and told me go. I told her I made a promise. The attorney said we are in capable hands go. This is the type of friends I have.

Never feel sorry for me.

I am blessed with good people around me. I am not bitter or angry. Different things just mean more to me. The voice of Cheeky calling Granda Pa. She fell asleep to Big Bad John after asking to hear it.

Don't read too much or too little into this. I just find making loving memories with my family more important than politics. It took the temper tantrums of the left to see they are a waste of time.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Roger Waters hypocrite R

Roger Waters is a weapons grade jerk and hypocrite. He likes to lecture the world on morality but comes up short.He made scores of money making music about his friends descent into madness. There is no evidence Waters or anyone else ever reached out to help Syd Barrett or his family. Waters and the rest of Pink Floyd made no efforts to help his family or paid a hospital visit to a peer.

There is no evidence Waters or any person connected to Pink Floyd ever reached out to the Barrett family. Waters wants to lecture the world about the evils of Trump and Israel. It is an established fact, Israel does provide medical care even to the family of Hammas bigwigs. Anyone familiar with Trump can tell you of his generous nature with long term employees.

Waters is a vain self righteous imbecile who latched on to more talented people Barrett and then Gilmour. He ditched
Barrett, because he grew increasingly unstable. Before arm chair psychologists go too far Barrett was never formally
Diagnosed with schizophrenia by professionals well acquainted with the malady. One can also speculate about massive abuse of LSD.

Essentially Waters attempted to fulfill the artistic vision of Barrett on Dark Side of the Moon. Wish you were Here contains tributes to Barrett. The truth was the real Barrett had shown up and was unrecognizable and talking gibberish. Waters was so concerned about Barrett that he never visited or reached out to the Barrett family. He then went on to the baloney that the Wall was about Barrett. It is a self serving myth from an amoral blow hard. He is so consumed with Barrett that he never visited, didn't recognize the man and did not lift a finger to assist his family.

Now after making a career out of exploiting a man he was briefly acquainted with, Waters thinks he is some sort of moral guardian of the universe. His cartoon obsessions are likely more apt to be a sign of mental illness than anything experienced by Barrett. If you cross a KKK idiot with a labotmized social science phd candidate you get Waters. Make no mistake comparing the Holocaust to the ever growing numbers of Palestinians is just idiocy.

His arrogance and his abusive behavior towards the rest of the band are well known. Waters gives spoiled self centered celebrities a bad name. Okay we can write books about celebrities who mistreated their peers and staff. One would have to go far and wide to find a lower human being than Waters.

Now some of you point out I have enjoyed the work of Pink Floyd. This is quite true but it takes a different meaning
after reading about Syd Barrett and the decades of obnoxious self serving bs of Waters. Realistically, Barrett could no longer function. I don't begrudge a song or two. The other Beatles paid tribute to John Lennon. They did not make a career out of trying to rip his style off. There is no comparison of classy persons like George and Paul with Waters.

Don't hold your breath for entertainment reporters to grill Waters about exploitation of Barrett s man he barely knew
And ignored in real life.