Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Failure of the political establishment

The political elites have mostly with rare exception failed us in the immigration crisis that is global. With the rare exception of Syrians these are economic refugees who should be returned unless they have a compelling Asylum claim. Gays and Christians from dangerous spots should be accepted. All the other Ashlee's should be repatriated.

Muslim countries have the means and wealth to settle their own refugees. They refuse to do so because the shrill left is mired in post colonial guilt. These refugees need to return home with expedited removal hearings. The sob stories
Need to stop and some common sense respect for the tax payer and our under employed.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Laughing at myself

There was an arrest in my office and I was injured. Naturally people assumed it was in an altercation with the aplicant. Not only is that not true, the applicant who was later arrested was a perfect gentleman. I was pinch hitting with my new boss who made the arrangements. Had I pulled out of the interview the arrest would have been compromised. I took a Motrin and did the last two interviews.

The top boss asked why I waved off removal to the nurses office and continued. In seven years I have never failed to complete an assignment. No matter how sick or in pain I would hold out till a review day to rest. Even in the CSU I made my assignments until the boss there told me to take a five day rest. Formally, I was on call in case of an emergency. There have been days where I was off except for a strategic meeting to wrap up a case and got a full day's work thrown at me. In one instance I told the boss, my guy first then everyone else.

My place is especially brutal but I earn my keep and make things entertaining. Oddly I am losing my reputation as a boss killer.When one of the bosses went haywire my response was caustic but muted.My response was if I took out a leger pad you would see this slight is unwarranted. Alas I have too much class to cross words with you over this matter.It was the mildest rebuke of about eight fights that supervisor had. The Director laughed at my measured sarcasm. I told her I am too old for much more than a quip or two.

Obama lectures Jews

The antisemitic clown in the White House created the Nadler mess. Obama needed to pressure a real Jew Nadler into going along with his insane plans to have Israel annihilated in a nuclear war. Nadler was immediately and deservedly
attacked by his constituents as Kapo. Unlike Election Day frauds Feinstein and Boxcar Bertha in CA, Nadler was the genuine article. He is no longer the genuine article and chose loyalty to a power mad Nero president over the will of
His constituents.

The Obamaphiles need to pay for their perfidity and a Hitler salute followed by a shunning is appropriate. Lefties feel perfectly fine calling Schumer a real Jew all sorts of names. The failed messiah if he were a man would apologize to Nadler for ruining his reputation in his community forever. His failure and turning his back on his community will have consequences for the remainder of his days.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Gay Black Killer Huge Obama Fan

Every time there is a mass shooting the left tries to tie the crime to Fox or talk radio. Well now we have a gay rainbow flag waiving Obama fan as killer lets extend the inane Obamunist logic further.

This particular nut was so race obsessed he thought serving watermelon was a hate crime. We serve the stuff daily in my house with fried chicken and okra. Okra is a major vegetable that is everywhere in Guyana and enjoyed by all regardless of race.

Following this logic my boss who isn't Jewish is racist for serving Chinese Food and Pizza at our meetings. He made references to Kool Aide which are obvious code word for dumb Guyanese even though only stupid Americans drank the stuff and died in Guyana.

I want to point out Gays are far and away the most discriminated against in my workplace. Yet amazingly Black people who go to far lengths to bash people for imagined racism are among the worst offenders dropping slurs and gay jokes that are mean spirited. Nor have I ever seen an instance of gay people being hyper sensitive to inclusive humor. Inclusive humor are those jokes intended to laugh at human nature. Coworkers were joking that the man always gets stuck with the check so gay men pay twice as much to avoid fights. There was a picture of a smiling Bill Clinton in between two gay men at work. I pointed out he never smiles like that when Hillary is around. Coworkers of all descriptions were on the floor laughing. Gays were looking forward to the skit where I was mistaken for gay in a training video.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Advice for the serious candidates

The Trump numbers reflect an electorate tired of Obama. They are tired of excuses and making deals with Obama. They reject the policies of Obama. They are tired of the mindless Obama policies and hatred of all things American. They are tired of pretending Obama is an effective leader when it is obvious he is incompetent.

You get the Trump voters by attacking Obama.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Inside The Curtain

I am not a fan of Donald Trump. That being said the NYT piece gives a peek at the workload of Immigration Judges. They are overworked and there are a range of factors. This is the reason I avoid sending marginal cases there. There
is always time for serious criminality and statutory cases. However, I try to send people there only after all the evidence has been considered. Judges never complain about that drug dealer, gang member or sexual predator on their docket.

In fact our investigators have no complaints about going after sexual predators. They typically are more than happy to get them off the street. Assuming Trump wins, ( big if) he probably should provide an incentive for ICE Officers to work 25 years instead of 20. Trump would need to boost staff at the airports and USCIS as well.

On the plus side, Trump is known for results. He will hire only the best and hold everyone accountable. Anything would be welcome from the Obama malaise.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pothead Mayor gives up on Carriage Horses

The increasingly unpopular ignorant oaf Mayor has decided to quit pestering hard working tax paying Central Park Horse carriage operators. It was a stupid position that was widely ridiculed especially in a city where nothing works.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hacked from Israel

My email accounts were hacked from Israel. There is nothing of value in those accounts as I do not bank or trade stock on line. In this case it was wasted efforts. I still would like to torture credit card thrives and computer hackers. A nice round with a tazer gun followed by jail time would feel good by violates cruel and unusual punishment. After sex criminals they are amongst the lowest of the low.