Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Islamo Nazis Kill Gays

ISIS proves its hateful tolerance by killing people who are allegedly gay. This sick and twisted loser lifestyle is not to be tolerated. Oddly France has been more assertive in booting hate preachers and attempting to deal with terror than the USA. Then again they are not burdened with the most incompetent elected leader in modern times.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

That Cheekie Kid

Just when you thought the world was safe. The Cheekie Kid likes Janice from Friends. She imitates her nasal catchphrase " Oh my gawd". I asked her can we say grampa is going to Yemen. I guess the unexpected is bound to happen
When toddlers watch TV.

I am certain someone will come up with something worse, but Janice from friends is high up there

Now the gay marriage bit is over

I want to point out that as someone trained in law and in favor of gay marriage I do not like the Supreme Court ruling. According to the framework of our Constitution family law was a matter for the States. Anyone wishing to get married could travel a short distance and do so.

I understand the notion of legal equity. That being said the decision makes a total mockery of our legal traditions. Family law is crafted at the State level. This ruling bypasses the electorate of entire states. I still support gay marriage but loathe the precedent.

Now that gays have the right to marry. They also have the ability to meet with the second most dysfunctional part of
Government the divorce court. Only the IRS is more toxic and barbaric than the divorce court. Not all of these unions
emd up happily ever after. How will a process that is thoroughly anti male treat a union of two men.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Dream Ends

All of us who watch prison escape films were secretly rooting for the escapees. Yes we knew that these were hard core criminal vermin. The place they stumbled into is very familiar. People who look at maps underestimate how rugged the northern part of NY State is. Armies that had a clue stuck to Lake Champlain. In some respects the area is worse than the jungles of Guyana. Blackfies, mosquitoes, leeches, ticks, poison ivy are fairly common. Even with advanced insect repellent the place is a hell hole. As far as large carnivores Black Bears are only dangerous if they are protecting a food source.

Three weeks avoiding roads and people is an accomplishment. The hunters cameras were also more than they bargained for. The cabins are Spartan and likely contained drinking water food and alcohol. In the end their end was more attributable to exhaustion.

Hopefully the story is made into a movie with Charlie Sheen and Johnny Depp.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Return of the Great Gasmasked Philosopher Patriot

We welcome the return of the great philosopher Mr Beamish. We enjoy the mixture of Conservatism and fun the Gas Masked one brings to the Blog. Recently even the Duck seems to be slowly evolving in a Beamish acolyte when he was concerned my immigrant family may be receiving government benefits. The Duck only extends his new found Beamish philosophy to my family, not the general public.

When the great patriot left I was not a hard core family man. I spent my morning with the ever curious Cheekie who enjoys the odd items in my daily life. Her latest discovery was she loves cashews. I had a bag around and Cheekie decided she likes unsalted cashews. Cheekie is not the easiest kid but I adore her curious fiesty nature. She also likes to feed the dog. My first task when I return home is to feed Rex. Rex tends to follow me around in the yard or
Back alley. If I am sleeping on the patio or snacking he is nearby. The dog and I are the only ones not eating Indian food.

I am still at the same job when the patriot left. Now I do citizenship and mentor other officers.

Imbeciles at the hekm

The idiot racist shooter has no relationship to the Confederacy or right of center media. The same person demanding absolute proof of the insanity of the shooter had zero problems blaming Fox News. Then again lefties who talk 24/7 of Pseudostine are themselves mental health defectives.

We hear this idiocy that somehow the Confederate Flag in the mind of a moron is somehow mystically linked to a hate crime. We hear this frequently from idiots who wear images of Che and Mumia on their shirts and endlessly chant revolution. Somehow these racial riots and flash points are far more frequent due to the incompetence of the Obama administration and the Malfeasence of the media allies and left wing organizer buddies.

Of course the larger story is this. Obama needs racial strife to survive. Even if every alleged event was correctly portrayed by the left, it does not justify the violence and the property damage that followed. Avoiding problems with
The police is fairly simple. Don't break laws and follow instructions. A police officer asked me some silly questions. I answered them and went to work. In general you should aim to be respectful of everyone except Commies. The very people who disrupt public assemblies and performances are offended by my excusing myself from an offensive sermon. In my case I got up and kept walking. I was unaware of any plans for introductions. They are also outraged by
my refusal to acknowledge a circus clown calling himself a Rabbi. Perhaps Rick Jacobs is a Rabbi who really just wanted to be a clown.

Obama needs the racial animus to stir up his core constituency. He needs Blacks to feel victimized by a hostile system. The truth be told Obama policies on Immigration, Obamacare and minimum wage have more to do with the misery of many low income Americans than mean cops and psycho racist kids with Three stooges hairdos.

There was a discussion about free expression and obnoxious symbols. The right to wear whatever symbols is not in dispute. The rights of those living in a dorm or walking between classes is another story. Note I did not accost anyone. I merely left and walked away from annoying violations of personal space by left wing kefiyah wearing BDS baboons. A protest in a designated area is different from accosting students on the basis of faith wearing incendiary symbols. It is a severe failure in the sdministration that these recidivist Marxist morons were not expelled for their behavior. I might be persuaded to allow a criminal to rain after a public tar and feathering.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Who cares about the Confederate Flag

This is not an issue that I or any other Patriot cares about. It is unrelated to the shooting in question. The history of the flag flying there has more to do with Dixiecrats than any Republican. Last I checked Lincoln was and remains a Republican. Of course reminding people of the relationship between the Democrats and the KKK is not exactly
Unknown. The Democrats has a Senator who was in the KKK.

I find this outrage of people who hail a mendicant failed philosopher whose followers are directly responsible for the deaths of millions amusing. You can go to any Nuremberg style gathering of lefties and see the Hammer and Sickle,
Images of Che, Mumia the cop killer associated with MOVE, the familiar frequently filthy kefiyah and less frequently the Hezbollah flag.

Funny, but the Kefiyeh is a symbol of actual terrorism against Jews. Kill an American Jew in a wheel chair and a bug eyed lefty makes an opera rationalizing it. What does an American Jew in a wheelchair on an ocean liner have to do with Palestine? Likely about as much as the Muslim guy at the gas station does for 9-11, nothing.

I have been to several TEA party events and have never seen a Confederate flag. I don't even recall State flags. The only other flag I recall is the don't tread on me flag.

Pure bs from the left

Monday, June 22, 2015

The real story

Leave it to Obama to play up his two favorite rants race and gun control. Obama has never had original thought in his life. He plays his familiar tune with hand wringing cliche anti Americanism.

Lost in the Obama pothead rant is the role of mental illness. The Charleston killer was howling mad, but aware of his actions. As this case evolves we are likely to learn warning signs were missed. We learned the VT killer and the joker clown were well known to mental health professionals.

The truth is we need a national discussion on the subject of mental illness. Our jails and homeless programs are filled with untreated mental illness. The reasons for lack of treatment is the high cost of treatment and social stigma of being treated.

In general society does not treat a variety of people poorly. In the words of a gay black male. I get far more headaches about being gay than being Black. Those that are in treatment face greater stigma than those who are Black or gay. Most of those in treatment are not dangerous. Rather than encourage those who need help to step forward, most
Suffer in silence.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fun with Cheekie

Cheekie now likes silly putty better than Playdough. She likes the blister pack best and will struggle to get it out.
I usually offer to help but Cheekie is determined. She makes necklaces and stretches it. She found the bubble kit and played for hours using wands and pipes. I mixed up a batch using Dawn. It was her first introduction to the wonderful world of P&G products. Maybe someday they will market it.

Watching Cheekie grow is fun. She isn't sweet like her cousin Ema. She is mischievous and curious in a fun sort of way. She knows the little dog is always with me mooching a snack. She likes to feed the dog. She sometimes eats the cheese and turkey herself. Most goes to the dog.

An actual arrest

One of the things the public does not know is that the tools available to officers has changed. In general there is a difference between fishing and prudence. Fishing is when there is no basis for a search. Searches are done in rare instances and arrests even rarer.

On the job I was performing I can only see the original charges and ask a peer to take a second look. In my case someone fell through the cracks. The original charge involved a sex crime and children. This is only the original charge. I have no idea what the actual conviction is. In these cases I write a query and ask for a look. The person doing the search gets the record and decides the next step.

In general my correspondence is rare and written at low levels. Rather than broadcast at a higher level. My style is
Let's look at this and see what is there. The queries are logged and sorted out by my upline who decides what gets referred for law enforcement. Law enforcement then decides if they are going to pursue an arrest and place a person in proceedings. They have limited resources and only the worst of the worst get picked up.

We were told all of this stuff was logged. Apparently it wasn't and my friends who arrest decided there is always room for a pedophile. This is also subject to their attorneys discretion.

They did bring the guy in. They wanted to know why I did not call them ASAP. The sheer volume on that project did not
Allow for it. Officers refused to work those cases and it got dumped on me. Sometimes it is only intelligence and a person may be on trial for something. It allows our guys extra moments of heads up.

There are plenty of stories about people who fell through the cracks. My point is our tools have been scaled back. There is some legitimate concerns about fishing. This should have been dealt with by allowing only those with a record of proper usage access. In my case I never used those systems and consulted with our experts. Our experts do this every day. I do cooperate with our uplines but I work through the channels.

There are other cases where I am making the call. These involve older cases and in my case I follow the due process procedures. On one case I held it up for a week for a legal review. I only use those charges that are clear and can be readily defended by our attorneys. Sometimes I might miss one and that is why I consult with our experts.