Saturday, July 11, 2020

Malcolm Jenkins Phony

Jenkins harangued Drew Brees for an opinion. It was not a racist opinion but one shared by the majority of Americans.
The claim that the kneeling is not a disrespect for the flag ignores the words and history of Kaepernick. Kaepernick was fined for using the N word. This is not an opinion but easily researched fact that is found in two seconds.

The cops as pigs socks and statements by Kaepernick praising a Castro who runs a police state and executed people without due process are facts. Moving past this idiocy is his relationship with Nike whose factories are synonymous with poor labor conditions. He then pairs with Disney to do propaganda aimed at Children.

Kaep is no victim. He is a charlatan who lived the life of Webster and is ignorantly playing radical.

Desean Jackson unlike Brees did not offer an opinion. He made incendiary remarks aimed at a minority. One would have to be blind to miss multiple videos of Blacks beating Jews. Desean has the same first amendment right to stupidity as Jenkins or myself.

There are those of us who dont care for BLM. It is a Communist led mockery with extensive ties to hard core antisemitic lunatics Farakhan and Sarsour. Sarsour wanted to remove the vagina of an actual Black woman. Farakhan blames Israel for the death of Floyd.

We need lectures from a person in a Castro shirt about wearing a OAN shirt.

If black lives matter support the police who save them

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hip Hop vs Aunt Jemmima

The Minstrel show was a blight on American history. It was a rather crude form of entertainment. That being said it was whites making fun of blacks. That being said much of hip hop is worse and the very people screaming a about Aunt Jemimma see nothing wrong with misogyny, criminal behavior and sometimes incoherence in hip hop.

Aunt Jemmimah actually coincided with the beginning of the great migration. Many of the former slaves worked as domestics. The domestics were hard working christian women of faith and the families they worked for were fond of them. Its easy to look down the nose at hard working women but for left wing they talk about working class people but look down upon them.
There is the talk about the bandanna but women of that time didnt have weave. Most of the time I see a woman with a bandanna it is religious Jews.

Some of us see those images as tributes to working class folk. I see a noble Christians. Uncle Ben looks like a rice. Farmer and I was unaware Of anything wrong with the cream of wheat I see a chef.

Friday, June 19, 2020

The insane left

I am not a fan of Gone with the wind. It is cringeworthy on many levels. Every failed cause has its followers. Ironically, these lefties are Marxists and they should spend the time to read Marx discuss Blacks. They make every excuse. Just as the same bigots will pretend that Louis Farrakhan is immune from a lengthy record of bigotry. How Palestine is added to a domestic agenda is more proof of communist entryism and theft of caused.

In the age of Wilson through the 1940s. There was a romance of the confederacy. Gone With the Wind is merely the apex of this zaniness. Yes watching Shirley Temple star as the tiniest rebel is even more cringy than Yentyl. Although Aunt Jemmimah was based in a minstrel skit. That isnt what the brand meant to the post civil rights generation. The tail end of the great migration was my childhood. The granddaughters of Slavery were neighbors and their lives intersected with my families.

The dignified pleasant hard working women of faith were superior in every way to the obnoxious SJW types. They were pillars of communities and families. They were filled with love and hope in spite of everything. They didnt have weaves or hair extensions. They didnt have much and the kids were first. Yet that was a generational trait not unique to blacks but found in my own family.

Aunt Jemmimah was more or less a loved neighbor. Women of that generation had life skills. Dont throw out those catfishes let me have those two huge ones.

I never heard the N word until it was on All in the Family. Archie was a walking example of what not to do. The only time I ever heard if a minstrel show was also on All in the Family. I would almost love to see Blacks get comedic revenge by donning whiteface and making fun of Karens and SJW boy.

Uncle Ben is more complicated. As far as I knew he was a farmer. In Caribbean culture men and women regardless of a certain age are called Aunty of Uncle. Most of the time the next sentence was a request for money. At home my other title supercedes uncle. Uncle Ben was a dignified farmer. I didnt think or notice the guy on the cream of wheat box was different from Chef Boyardi. If you really want cringeworthy mascots the spanish aisle with Jose Ole would win.

I am not a fan of the society of friends. They have gone and are indistinguishable from SJW. I am imagining Adventist or Episcopalian Oats. Is beloved Col Sanders next, wait Col wasn’t military. Chef Boyardi was an actual person, so is Sylvia.

I think we make them SJW snowflake pancakes. Many of us were fond of the product. I dont know a soul who loves SJW
Aunt Jemmimah is more of a reflection of us than okin Aunt Jemimah. Yes there was a time where we romantocized the. Confederacy as a failed noble cause. Slavery was a large part but so was local rule. While it was a dreadful idea the same people screaming about it pretend Cuba is bening and Marx didnt write bigoted screeds

Cast not the first rock at Aunt Jemmimah, cast it as SJW who don the kefiya and wave the Palestinian flag while lecturing others
Sorry SJW types if people were mistreated it was a failure to live up to our ideals.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Incredible spoiled child rant

Here we go again with Soiled college athletes upset because their coach wore a One America News T shirt on a fishing trip. Really so spoiled children have not described mistreatment by the coach. In a sport where athletes frequently show up on police blotters and as dead beat dad a news network you dont like is less than nothing.

Sorry but it’s behavior like this that has led me to turn my back on football. Free speech is disrespecting the flag and you dont have a right to watch news networks the BLM doesnt like.

Dont hold your breath for the soorts media to tell this baby to grow up

Amazingly ESPN covers this and Max Kellerman proves once again he is stupid and ignorant. A spoiled brat athlete doesnt like a shirt that his coach wears. So if you dont like OAN dont watch it. I find it amazing that ESPN can employ unamerican fascists with no talent whose ratings are in the toilet. Would Kellerman say this to a player objecting to Al Jazerra or the Young Turks. How about sending out Max Kellerman shirts and see how people react to his stupidity. I think his real job is to be a cliche and make Steven A Smith look good.

Where did Mickey Max Kellerman learn about the first amendment at wasamatta U. What makes you think you are smarter and better than people who disagrees. Has anyone claims Coach Gundy said or did anything inappropriate. Max Kellerman omAssar demands you agree with him. You must watch nothing he doesnt approve of or you will go to the Lubyanka and eat fish heads.

Disney needs to fire everyone not named smith

The athlete has apologized to the coach for not talking to him directly but this misses an important teaching point.
Sometimes people disagree with you and it’s important that you learn to respect others. The cringiest part is when Max Kellerman and Stephen Smith use Nazi like rhetoric talking about people who think differently as a cockroach. Does he say untamenchen in his next rant. Kellerman has shown the problem is his elitist arrogance that shows how far out of touch he is with his fellow Americans.

I walk to contrast the more mature conversation at Speak for yourself. The freedom of expression point was discussed and all of us have liked ideas that others objected to. This is a more adult presentation and shows how inferior ESPN is and how it disrespects it’s audience.

I would like Disney to print some Steven A Smith and Max Kellerman shirts and see how many people are offended. At least Steven A Smith is entertaining and original. He is a cross between Howard Cossel and a train wreck. He does entertain and hold your attention. Why is Kellerman employed, seriously.

ESPN ratings tank

It isnt just me the ratings over the Black Lives Matters love fest has annoyed plenty of viewers. Other than Steven A Smith there is zero reason to watch ESPN. Max Kellerman embodies the mental rot of not allowing any critical thoughts
about the appropriateness of kneeling and disrespecting fans and the flag.

Sorry, but legitimate criticism of Kaepernick has been met with temper tantrums. Many of the most militant kneelers are biracial and lived in non black enclaves. The sainted one was biracial and adopted and his militant girlfriend is Egyptian. Olivier Vernon militant airhead has a swiss mother. BLM rep Shawn King is likely not black. His mother was not and he threw her under the bus. Linda Sarsour call herself a woman of color. She is Palestinian and that issue is unrelated to police issues. Nor is any of BLMs gay rights issues related to policing

I will not allow BLM or anyone else to tell me how to feel about my flag and my nation. Any police issues are local matters and disrespecting national symbols is just inflaming the rest of the country. I respect and honor the police and they deserve the full benefits of the doubt and due process. The same people screaming black lives matter are all in favor of the IRS targeting of conservatives and supporters of Israel. These same people see nothing wrong with FBI agents abusing authority and making up false crimes like Russia gate.

Violent protests with no social distancing is allowed but religious people cant attend a service. Looters burn down
business and steal. Lefties are caught handing bricks to black people. Of course if you utter the slightest criticism of the madness you are a racist.

Let me put it simply. I oppose communism and all of its front groups. I respect my flag and police officers. Police are entitled to due process not hyper scrutiny. I reviewed the Atlanta tape ten times and foumd zero wrong doing by the police. The officer should not have been fired but the matter investigated as routinely as any other death.

I want all these loudmouth athletes to order me to watch. Sorry, the NFL and NBA are history and many people will not watch. Kindy thank Kaepernick and Malcolm Jenkins for your pay cuts because the salary cap will be reduced. Let all of these BLM militants go first in line and explain why their team mates pay is reduced for their political theater insulting the customers.

Back to ESPN what does Max Kellerman do? Is his job less annoying Skip Bayless 2.0. Is it to be a bobble head doll for Steven A Snith. Has he ever said anything that is unpredictable. If we replaced him with an SJW algorithm would anyone notice. How did someone with the charisma of an egg noodle get a job in media. As the ratings at ESPN continue to shrink I want to replace Kellerman with a SJW subroutine.

Can anyone tell me other than Steven A Smith is there a reason to watch ESPN.

Onto Fox Sports. Is anyone not named Kellerman as annoying as Skip Bayless. The ever angry Shannon is a bore as his posturing and tunnel vision is a bore. So if other people dont agree with kneeling down they are racists. His inability to even discuss this or anything critical is grating. Michael Vick said Kaep should get a haircut if he wants a job. What team wants a distraction as face of the franchise.

You want to have a position fine. But if you are in media walking around like a poor mans Steven Smith on road rage doesnt work.

An example is the discussion of why Kaep and Cam cant find work. Teams dont want Divas. The notion that it is anything other than race eludes Shannon who turns everything into politics.

A simple statement that the premium on mobile QBs might not be so good for the game because it cuts your QB shelf life from 10 year to six would be seen as racist. Except the NFL has ample white mobile QBs

Last but not least after every Cow herd is a pile of shit. How many Dak and Baker Mayfield shows does this clown do.
Is his claim to fame I am not Skip Bayless. He is a bore

Monday, June 15, 2020

Death of the NFL, ESPN and Fox Sports

The NFL has decided to do a 180 on kneeling. Apparently, the league doesn’t respect its fans. I would ask these spoiled brat athletes are they prepared to get a 35/ cut in pay to go along with the lower revenue.The NFL should rethink this as it has seen first hand the damage in the first round. There will not be round three.

I am adding the sports networks. ESPN other than Steven A Smith is unwatchable. What is Max Kellermans job make Steven A Smith look better by being a cliche. Kellerman is so dreadful he makes no talent Skip look good. Fox soorts is almost as bad the comatose skip and obnoxious shannon. Then they have collin cowherd with his ego and empty platitudes.

The other side of the kneeling issue is never presented. The closest to doing any actual journalism is Steven A Smith. Sorry but endless posturing about Black authenticity is amusing. BLM is a Communist run antisemitic outfit.
Why is Israel being mentioned by Linda Sarsour who is not Black. If she wants to talk about Palestine and Jews let her do so at her own event.

The notion that a movement led by communists with mostly biracial types posturing is not quite discussed. Shawn King who is likely not even black belongs in a special category. He works for the far left Young Turks named for a genocidal group that slaughtered Armenians.

The arrogance that a Communist led movement speaks for all Blacks is moronic. Blacks like anyone else are entitled to intellectual freedom. I dont agree with the notion that police brutality is a major issue. It does happen but is infrequent.

An absurd display is the rush to judgement in Atlanta. Drunk driving is no laughing matter. The arrest was legit and
the fight was real as well as the stolen taser being pointed at cops. I support the police whose actions are justified. This is not a subdued suspect but the media and the political clowns catered to the lynch mob.

I support the police until the investigation indicates otherwise.

There is no justice or wisdom in lynch mobs. The mindless anti police rhetoric and disrespect for national symbols
is a product of our elite University, Big Media and Big Tech cabal. I oppose the arrogance and condescension from hypocrites who scream about the TEA Party and hail looters.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Go 6<,>,!,€ yourself. No kneeling

I am not kneeling to anyone period. Anyone who kneels is a complette asshat. I am not playing along with this far left cult of losers. Sorry Floyd was killed. He was high on drugs and had a lengthy rap sheet. His killer is being tried in a court of law. You can argue which charge but I am not inclined.

I support the police with tare exceptions. I have heard plenty of Blacks say they are tired of the Holocaust. Screwy Louie Farakhan calls Hitler wickedly great. There is no wholesale epidemic of police brutality. There is a failure of our judges to hold left wing jerks accountable. ANTIFA is a terrorist organization and its members should be tried and do hard time with violent criminals

Yes Blacks had a tough history. However, this does not entitle anyone to tell me how I feel about my flag or nation.
In order to get respect one needs to earn it. You dont earn it by disrespecting my flag and my nation. I use the word mine because those who have kneeled show no respect.

Of course as this is a free country you can organize.However, nobody tells me what to think and I bow to nobody. You can call whatever names you wish. As I am a supporter of Israel I am used to this.

The First Amendment protects my rights and nobody will bully, coerce or guilt me.

You clowns can call yourself Progressive. Yes Woodrow Wilson was a progressive and he had zero tolerance for communists or anarchists. He also was a segregationist and reflective of a point in time where progressives considered the Blacks of the great migration cheap labor and strike breakers. An amazing part of the discussion was the viewing of the cringiest film ever made Birth of a Nation

In an earlier time there was a romantic apologist group that romanticized a dreadful idea the confederacy. This is why you see dreadful films like Shirley Temple being a rebel kid. As bad as the confederacy was it did not kill anywhere close to 100, 000,000 and you can argue slave labor in gulags was a type of slavery. Anarchism is typically a fig leaf worn by communists to repeat the same garbage as communists. If you don’t believe me look at the record of support of the most over rated academic hack Noam Chomsky. He sides with every communist criminal including Pol Pot.
Then there is the countries greatest joke of a journalist Amy Goodman. She does classic propaganda for communist clowns like Lori Berenson. Sorry but the no serious questions of an American who aided and abetted terrorism in Peru is some of the worst interviewing ever. Goodman should have been more charitable to the Peruvian government for allowing the interview in the first place. Did the Soviets or Chinese ever allow interviews of actual political prisoners. The best part is listening to Berenson whine about the scorn of the Peruvian people for her crimes.

I bow to nobody. SJW warriors can take their guilt trip elsewhere. I appreciate my flag, I respect the police and I am tired of the fairy tales being told about cops.

Tired of SJW

The first thing commies do when they set up an enclave is to erect barriers and control who comes in. This is the same crew that whines about Trumps wall. They collect money at gunpoint and have defacto police

Like most commies they know zero about gardening

Dignity, respect and intellectual freedom

I pledge allegiance to the USA and the Constitution.

Monday, June 08, 2020

This one comes with a laugh track

From Israel if you are against ANTIFA and Soros you are antisemitic. Did Soros one of the world most foremost Antisemite pay the author to write this. This isnt so strange as he funds Media Matters which makes similar claims.

Sorry, dressing up like spasticated ninjas assaulting people who disagree with you, damaging business makes one FA per Ted Cruz

Tadicals will prove more authoritarian than your local police department. Pick a workers paridise Cubs, the Soviet Union

Count me out

I stand with law enforcement against the baseless slanders of BLM. Yes we finally have a case of clear misconduct. The officers are being tried for their crimes. It has always been like that contrary to the ignorant comments of the activists.

The BLM has a mania where every aspect of life. I grow weary of the cliche response to everything. You don’t understand what. I go through as a black man. Funny thing is these cliches are said by some of the most antisemitic people on the planet. They obsess about Palestine and harangue Jews.They frequently say idiocy like if you dont vote for Obama you are a racist. White silence equals violence is the new cliche. Really what do these dolts say about the spate of hate crimes committed by blacks against Jews.

I am not kneeling and buying into sweeping generalizations against genuine heroes. A handful of suspect cases does not establish systemic racism. Blacks commit more crimes and this number is related to education, family structure and poverty. Yet when these programs are created to give a hand up. The beneficiaries are seldom inner city kids. More frequently it is Caribbean, African immigrants and the middle class.

I would point out this extreme movement has no basis in reality and if they wanted an embodiment of fake liberal platitudes one need not look further than Liz Warren. Warren is against school choice and is in the pocket of educational unions. She sent her own kid to a private school but wont allow poor parents to pick and choose schools for their kids. She lied about her ancestry and parleyed it into teaching jobs at prestigious law schools. She gamed the system of a job that should have gone to a minority applicant. She compounded this fraud by making a racist entry into a cookbook pow wow chow.

Then there is good old Col Bernie. Bernie doesnt really get into race as he lives in the whitest state in the union.
His wife ran a sham college that is bankrupt because of her failed expansion plans and legally dubious loans. He has spent his life running from one failed workers state to the next. He talks about class and has achieved nothing of note in the Senate.

Now Barak Obama knows about misconduct and abuse of power better than anyone. If you disagree with him or support Israel he will have the IRS harass you. When caught emails disappear and his buddies in the DOJ take a page from the old south and have a sham DOJ investigation. Obama knows plenty about dirty cops. His friends tampered witb evidence and abused the civil rights of a military veteran. Did we mention his FBI buddies threatened the mans child.

Dont be fooled by white radicals. They come to your neighborhood and will hand you a brick and pat you on the back as you loot merchants who serve and employ locals. Sorry but your anger over police brutality does not entitle you to burn business.

The best thing government can do for you is provide a good economy and keep you safe. In the areas of the economy Trump has done an excellent job. If you are upset about services or have issues with schools this is your big city mayor.

Police do a difficult job and they are in large genuine heroes. Anyone who thinks defunding the police will make lives better for hard working people is beyond argument.

1) listen to police and engage them respectfully
2) if you dress and act like a crook you might get treated like one.
3) Never fight or flee an arrest. Say nothing and demand an attorney

That being said police arrest the drunk drivers, find missing kids, help keep neighborhoods safe.

If you are concerned about improving lives revolutionary radicals have a history of authoritarian brutality