Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Learned a few things

The ability to speak well publicly is apparently rare. I hate to do this role but apparently I excel in it. If possible it is better for an officer who is closer to the deceased to do the talking. When I addressed the family this was not a canned speech it was something from the heart from someone who knew the deceased. The decision of my boss. to make an appearance but let me talk was correct.

As children we know about our parents, but we know little about work. My daughter knows I am an officer but she knows little about what I do. Filling in the daily routine was important for the children. In the case of the deceased he was modest about his accomplishments at home and at work. He was top notch before illness robbed him of some skills. I did not talk about the decline of skills.

Contrary to the assessment of poultry my ability to prepare a speech on a variety of subjects is considered first rate. I did perform this for a previous boss a few times. The notion of me performing my own material was not considered. On this occasion, I was asked multiple times who wrote that. When one writes legal decisions it makes other types of writing easier. Legal writing is devoid of emotion and comedy, although on rare occasions sometimes subtle  sarcasm will slip through.

As my boss is paranoid, I don't have to worry about assisting in the directors other projects. The current boss clamps down on my contributions because she is insecure and likes to steal credit. She is limited in her intellect to legal thinking and I draw on many and it is difficult for me. She asked for a specific problem to be solved and I used a flowchart to explain why the problem could not be solved in her rigid parameters. It could be solved by changing the parameters of the question. Her boss understood the presentation as thinking outside the box. However, I clearly demonstrated solving the problem with the limitations imposed by the question was mathematically impossible.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Shadow of the End

A relative is near the end in the maternal line. I may opt out of that funeral as matters I left behind are there.
There comes a time a man walks and keeps going. The person is not my mother but a relative on her side. I will have to shelve a longstanding issue and remain silent.

I walked out on that group twenty years ago and kept going. Years later whatever was owed to me was offered. I told the relatives to keep it and never foul my presence with contact.

I likely will no show. I have kept my daughter away from this family and they are unaware of my life as Officer and father of the Sprite.

It is better to be your own man than to be a vassal.

The New Office is dreadful

I spent six years in the suite known as the sky palace. For the most part it was a great run except when a dingbat who likes to party non stop moved in. She brought a bad element into the area and I asked her to tone it down. When she refused out came the music to erase her noise. My music bothered her and unilaterally I gave the CD player to the girlfriend and the dingbat kept talking and talking.

The pit is a dreadful place with a lousy view. I am in an area of low class imbeciles. The view stinks and you need a cab ride to get to the bathroom or fridge.

A six year run in the sky palace is a long time.

I do not expect to stay very long as the team will be reforming in six months and where I sit will be altered again. Window not in this lifetime but the sky palace was more important than a window anyway.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not a fan of the Pomeranian

I do love the Maltese and he follows me everywhere. He even follows me about the house and into the yard as I change into my shoes.

The Pomeranian views the space under the bed as his turf. Away from that area I typically ignore him and play with the Maltese. I had one confrontation and there will be no round three. As soon as I reach for a hockey stick the Pomeranian clears out fast. I am not letting him near my feet again..

Can't Explain this One

Theoretically, I am mortified by public speaking and can't do it. Oddly, apparently I do it very well and am considered a natural. I would only do this at a funeral for a peer or other emergency. This particular phobia can be tricked by lack of sleep. In this case a phobia requires excess energy to panic. Mild fatigue mutes this problem and I perform naturally.

I went to the funeral for my coworker. I did not expect to address the crowd. However, the bosses told me it would be better for a person who knew the departed well to make the agency statement. Oddly, the adult children loved hearing about how funny their father was. He laughed with you, but never at you.

Apparently, the top managers have noted that I am very at ease with crowds and can perform quite well. I can expect this to be added to my duties.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The last yard

Those of you who know me in private correspondence know I am terrified of public speaking. I will do it at a fallen officers ceremony. I left a copy of the speech with the flag for the family. I was caught off guard when a family member asked years ago. I was not aware that the family might ask and the previous time the speech was written in pen by hand. Had I been aware the family would want the speech I would have provided a clean type written version.

RIP my brother officer.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stupid Protest Stupid Pot Head Mayor

If you don't want to get killed by the police there is a very simple method of prevention. Do what the police order you to do and do not resist arrest. Even if you are fleeing on a murder rap you will likely be back at home in after a short stint in jail. Even if you are guilty you will be treated better than Republicans in Lois Lerner's IRS.

Mayor Pothead disrupted all transportation to North Staten Island my commute home took almost four hours. This is what happens when NYC elects a pothead.

Has anyone asked the Mayor when is the last time he smoked a joint. How about the same drug tests administered to the Police as a prerequisite for elected office.

RIP To a Great Officer

I want to wish my sincerest wishes to the family of my fallen peer and frequent teacher. There were those who shouted from the rooftops they were geniuses and stars while my fallen colleague and other fixed their gross errors. Those who should about their own abilities are usually the most incompetent. My fallen peer was a top notch officer who could do anything.

In his last years his skills had eroded and sometimes he wasn't stable enough to do in person work, One would hope that the agency would work with a fallen star as it fades but that is not my agency.

The atmosphere of fear and retaliation for breaking the chain of command sometimes has dire effects. I know this first hand and there have been serious life threatening implications. There was one episode where issues with heat at the office reduced my behavior into a loop. I purchased the same item eight times without realizing it. My blood pressure was at dangerous levels and the nurse ordered me to remove my tie and rest.
I refused the order out of fear of being suspended or written up. The nurse had to call my boss and tell him
to loosen the tie and stop working. I also had the direction of my fan changed from the public to my direction.

I was fortunate to work with him while he was at his peak. He was always a friend and an inspiration even as his ailments diminished his skills.  He was always more concerned about others. We had a peer who had to retire early due to a severe condition. He would always ask if I saw her and was concerned about her health even as his own went South.

One can not say enough about the man behind the badge.............

Monday, August 18, 2014

Evidence what is that NON PC Rant

Riots really have zero to do with the alleged events that cause them. They are desperate acts by people with nothing left to lose. Riots are the criminal acts of unemployed desperate people. This wasn't about evidence as much as frustration with the Obama economy.

Repeating Nazi Crap

There is a clown who should stick to producing music and leave politics to those with a brain. A certain Pink Floyd clown has made a claim since his father died in WW2 he can't be anti semitic. Last we checked only Nazis advanced the cllaim that WW2 was a "Jewish War". Last we checked  the war between Nazi Germany and the UK  was a declared war.

Sorry , your fathers death does not provide cover for decades of baboonery.

Of course sticking with music never occurs to ego maniacs like Waters.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Here we go again with boorish far left arrogance

The far left likes to promote publicity nuts that confirm their stupidity. Classic examples of this are the Jersey Girls who claim ownership of 9-11. While we respect the sacrifice of their loved ones they weren't even there on 9-11. They don't speak for me and I had a front row seat. I don't claim to speak for anyone other than myself.

Our latest example is an outraged righteous gentile who has returned his medal for saving Jews from the Holocaust. While this man was once heroic, he fails to grasp that not all Nazis run around with Swastikas and idiotic salutes. It is quite obvious what Hamas has in store for Jews and one need not look any further than the videos of what this type do to non Muslims in Syria and Iraq. The medal recipient is all worked up about Israel as "Jewish State". Obviously he hasn't bothered to read demographics of every Arab State all with some type of theological law.

His niece married into a Gazan family. The family has suffered casualties. Has this person asked why these tragedies occurred. Hamas hides weapons and militants among civilians. Has this person asked about the child slave labor used to build the tunnels. Why weren't civilians using the tunnels as bomb shelters.

While we salute your act of courage seventy years ago it is obvious that you can not recognize genocidal lunatics when you see them. How many Judenfrei ethnically cleansed states are enough.

This is more moral rot from Europeans who think they are moral beacons, but are seriously deluded.