Monday, May 04, 2015

Dumb publicity stunt

I do like Pam Geller. However, the point of drawing Mohammed just to inflame crazies is absurd. We know that some Muslims are over the top nasty folk. The point of risking a real massacre for a pedantic point is absurd. I don't bash religious icons other than Communist Icons or Obama. I don't do the Dear Leader bit. Communists deserve all types of ridicule.

I am visiting my parents. The last episode of MASH was on Tv. I haven't seen it in 20 years. Funny but the only thing I remembered was Col Potter leaving on a horse and it was well written. My folks swear that was the first time they saw it. The after MASH shows did not do well except for Trapper John.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

I miss Cheekie

I miss the rambunctious little girl who fills my home with energy. She is a difficult kid but I love her as she is. No matter how bad she is crying, she cheers up as soon as I go to a freezer for a Popsicle. She doesn't even eat most
Of it. Her laughter and gies fill the home and my heart. She hides behind me when her mother tries to spank her for whatever mischief she is up to. I miss her waking me up at all hours of the night to get things for her or just to play. Oddly she is the only small child loved by the Maltese.

Never Brag

I am quite fond of teaching new officers. Many have gone on to bigger things. One even helped me greatly when she became my boss and highlighted my numbers and leadership. One of my students has gotten too big for his ego and I decided to demonstrate my point.

The first lesson I teach is people who brag are usually useless. Great officers never sing their own praises others do. When the top boss asked me to rank myself against my peers I declined. When pressed I said around number thirty. There are many elements to the job and all have strengths and weaknesses.

This former student has become the office gossip. Moreover, he claims he is a skilled interviewer. I am more modest and rely on facts and logic. I concede plenty of people beat me. Sometimes, there just isn't enough there to rationalize additional action. I might have a gut instinct but until logic and facts back my hunch it is meaningless.

I sat in the presence of a young woman who was one of the officers I trained. She saw me lie through my teeth and concoct a tale that conforms to all of this persons gossip. She asked me why I did it. I pointed out that I am tired of his bragging about what a skilled interviewer he is and tired of his gossiping. No doubt the lesson will be lost on the clueless. Another boss saw me do the same trick on another office gossip monger who at least has the presence to cross examine me. Afterwards he told the boss I was too calm for the tale to be true.

The truth was not lost on my current and recent students. You are good officers, someday you will be better than me.
However, someday is not today and never ever oversell your skills.

My new office is being set up close to the space I was in almost six years ago. All of the officers are gone with perhaps five still serving. I go from the junior officer on my old team to the top of the seniority. I still miss the
Huge Cathedral spot that was home for years. Oddly I never sat in my office and I was there five months. I know all the members of my new team but served with none of them. The floor I left is upset because my arrival was big news.

In the end I am comfortable working with my favorite Cheif and old buddies from when I started. Some of them are near
Retirement. I want to spend that time with my friends and mentoring new officers. I probably won't escape having to do new tasks but..... Life goes on.

Baltimore Mess

It is somewhat unfair to link the riots to larger trends. Smaller communities don't have enough people to riot. Riots are largely an urban problem and big cities rarely ever get Republican Mayors. New York City is an exception to that rule. In general it was lucky to have the professionally run NYPD.

The real cause of riots is long protracted unemployment. The Obama years have been tough on the poor as Obama opened the floodgates to illegal aliens and made Employment Authorization cards a joke. The tax policies in Baltimore made matters worse.

However, one would be hard pressed to think similar riots could not happen in any large city. Sadly, I wish the notion of let the rioters tire themselves out needs to stop.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Worse than Stupid

Col Bernie Sanders the mendicant imbecile is running for President. Unlike Obama Sanders is open about being a socialist. However, I want to see those idiots who claim he is articulate listen to this knucklehead ramble on and on
and say nothing but platitudes. I may not like Charles Schumer but in any fair analysis he is articulate. Sanders is
Unable to stay on topic or respond to a question. It is utterly amazing listening to the praise of foreign imbeciles
at Harry's Place who have never seen a single Bernie Sanders speech praise his intellect. Then again the alleged AmerIvan correspondent swears Obamacare is working and Obama is an Israel supporter.

Bernie Sanders brings nothing to any discussion other than circuitous rhetoric that was outdated in 1970 and gross ignorance to any discussion of substance. He is a clueless humorless drone whose next intelligent thought will be his

How about Mayor Pothead as his VP. That pairing could be a cross between Cheech and Chong and Beavis and Butthead go to the Whitehouse. Ask a supporter about Sanders and you will get the Bernie cares rant. Exactly what he cares about is never stated. Trying to deduce anything substantive from a Sanders speech is akin to reading the future from chicken intestines.

I am firmly convinced that Sanders is a zombie who has forgotten to eat brains. The again zombies don't exactly wander around getting nothing done like Bernie.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Rabbi Rick Jacobs Circus Clown

There are those who ponder why I don't join a reform temple given my exasperation over my brothers over the too Orthodox nuttiness. My brother may be exasperating but he takes his job seriously. He is a Rabbi and does not disgrace or bore to death from the pulpit. He has political views but they are secondary to teaching Torah.

Enter Circus Clown Rabbi Rick Jacobs who rants Jews reject Pam Gellers venom. Who the heck is this side show nobody to talk for the entire class community? Geller herself does not put on such haughty arrogance. As Jews are being killed outside of Israel for being themselves, does the Rabbi seem slightly concerned. As the Rabbis fellow lefty brethren abuse and target Jewish students for abuse did this circus clown raise his voice. Did he say anything about the bombastic rhetoric at OWS that included rants about Zionist Bankers. If a Jew in his congregation is subjected to
Personal abuse it is almost entirely from his fellow moonbat leftists.

When you see the catch phrase Social Justice from the pulpit you are getting a Marxist moron infiltrating a house of worship. If the Rabbi was so concerned about this, he should have told his congregation to stop exploiting their domestic help. Now this might seem excessive, but given the propensity of his congregants of Scarsdale to hire and exploit illegal aliens this is on point.

Excuse me circus clown, but isn't your job as Rabbi first and foremost to cater to the spiritual needs of your congregation. How about some actual Torah and less of your political bs. If you want to bandy politics how about quiting your job as Rabbi and become Hilllary Clintons replacement for Side Show Michael Lerner.

Geller does not speak for me either. However, at this time when Jews are being persecuted and killed for who they are
we need discussion of where the abuse is comming from. Like you I don't applaud the recent deaths of Arabs killed in a revenge attack. Given the daily provocations commited by Arabs it is a testament to Israel that these are rare events. Look no further than Grozny for how a nation reacts for far less than Israelis endure.

Don't waste time with genocidal lunatics who are fairly open about their intention to massacre Jews. When Hamas and their Diet Hamas clones ramble on about genocide do you counter with Instead of killing us all today how about five years from now. When and where does a discussion begin about Arab intransigence and lefties creating a mythical ethnicity to stoke populist Jew hatred. The Arabs in Israel and Gaza live a better than people in plenty of places.
The notion that Arabs calling themselves Palestinians are more deserving than Kurds or various tribal people around the globe is fiction. How about Arabs cede some land to Berbers, Kurds and Copts in a regional peace deal.

Moreover, as individual Jews are harangued by lefties in Universities and their place of employment have you said a word. It would be rude if people were to bring up the snuff films and antics of ISIS to their classmates and coworkers daily. If you are in a University hit the books and respect the personal space of your peers who have the same first amendment rights. If you are in the workplace this political bs borders on EEO issues. I am not talking about isolated slips of the younger. I also endure this myself and politely remind people that constantly harping on Israel because a coworker is Jewish is boorish. I certainly don't subject Haitians or Chinese people for harangues based on their governments policies, it would be rude. Oddly Chinese and Haitians are apt to innocuously joke about their countries themselves. A Chinese coworker was kidding that one could get arrested for breathing. Many people joke about government corruption in passing in their home countries. This is quite different to the insidious constant discussion about Israel brought up every two seconds by boorish lefties. A conversation about the local sports team is hijacked by lefties obsessed with the issue. The unnatural mania of the left aids and abets intransigence from Arabs who have made zero concessions and are often frank with genocidal intentions. Lefties dismiss this as flowery rhetoric, but we have seen this movie before.

I speak for myself and so does every other member of my community

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rather Not

I am stuck in my version of hell. Lakewood NJ is a large Frummie community. I would sooner be anywhere. The reality is that this is part of the issue with Frummie relatives. They force their lifestyle on you. If we were in a gay restaurant the food and music would be better. The people would be cool. Alas at least when I die I can rest my bones
In Guyana far from this absurd lifestyle.

The reality is I don't care how people live. Just keep me far from the Orthodox and let me rest as I lived in exile. This is a lifestyle that was imposed on me against my will. I honor the wishes of family but being ensconced in an Orthodox community grates on my nerves.

No doubt my Hindu family has some odd customs. Take your shoes off at the door even if you got foot odor. Don't eat pork or beef in the house and that is pretty much it. The weddings are to long and there is way too much drunkedness.
Given the choice of being surrounded by sanctimonious cultural zeros or drunken idocy I choose the later. I don't say much in either place.

Obama has finally done the impossible

I was driving back with my family and floored by the comments of my siblings. Obamas lack of candor about Islam has turned the normally liberal relatives into mini Pam Gelkers. Now they do not work in a large office, but this change
Perplexes me. Then again, the failure of the administration is profound as the Egytians and Saudis are more honest about discussing this issue.

The problem with Obama is his infantilism. He is a Marxist who divides the world in a similar manner to jihadists. As
a Marxist he has a reflexive fantasy with 99 percent of all groups who rebel against the status quo. The notable exception to this is the TEA Party. Thus the notion of religious zealots chanting against Strongmen or Royal families
is music to the Obamunist clods. Obamunist morons bend over backwards to avoid anything that can remotely be considered anti Islamic. The problem is that the Saudis and Egyptians are clearer on the situation than Obama. The folks at ISIS have created a Mad Max Islamic inspired mess. The problem has been the left has excused this type of lunacy so long as these loser types use jargon about liberation and oppression. There are some of you that are floored by the ranting of the welfare mother of the Boston Bomber. Anyone familiar with current events has seen this many times.

The challenge for Muslims is that s certain part of ISIS is aboriginal. The notion of a small band of violent clods committing mayhem is familiar. However, this is not the year 700. Moreover massacres at shopping malls and snuff films do nothing but make Islam look bad. This also is a misreading of the world of the original and the context of the teaching. The violence was calculated and not gratuitous. The original prophet was also a businessman. The violence was not constant nor aimless.

Let's say someone smoking bad stuff were to write a Bible of the Life of Beakerkin. The times I acted aggressive would miss my substance. I am much pride of helping scores of people than tossing hardened criminals. It would miss the actual essence of my career is my focus on ordinary people lost in the system and mentoring new officers.

Muslims need to discuss What the teachings of the prophet mean in the world of today. When the prophet lived slavery
was a global norm. Today it is not acceptable. Islam was a new religion establishing itself in a hostile environment.
Now it is the establishment in many places. The question of how draconian the law needs to be is internal. There is no such thing as never in history. The societies themselves need to understand the value of intellectual freedom while maintaining respect for tradition. Democratic reforms modeled on India as opposed to Europe are more realistic.
Turkey had a history of the army maintaining secularism. Unfortunately Obamas best friend has similar delusional fantasies of grandiosity.

The problem with Obama is he has a warped understanding of America. He is a pothead preppy who abused Affirmative Action straight to the Presidency. Now that we have added so many foreign minorities what is the rationale for affirmative action. I was discussing this yesterday with a friend. The Black male managers are all foreign born. There is one Jewish person in a population that is overwhelmingly Jewish. The problem is Obama has poisoned the atmosphere for discussions anout the future. Obama has no problem using the word terrorist to describe his opponents.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

True Love

I love the little Dog and the Cheekie kid. When I sleep early I only allow the dog to climb into the bed or enter the room. Even as a puppy that was his preferred place to rest. Even when I sleep in crazy places like in the basement next to the boiler or in front of the toolshed in the yard he sleeps where I sleep. In fact when I was missing in the basement and did not go work the dog found me. He scratches my back with his paw if he wants me to move. As a small dog the kids would not leave him alone. They were afraid of waking me up.

The Cheekie kid woke me up. Rather than be angry I gave her a hug. Just that smile and that laugh were pleasant enough. She wanted a juice box and I got her one. Oddly her intelligence surprises me at times. I was trying out a new product by Smuckers as I own stock in the company. The product was whipped Chocolate and Peanutbutter. The kid said me want that. I pointed out it wasn't exactly peanut butter. I placed some on a cracker which she licked for about half an hour but did not like the cracker. She only likes my Ritz or Keebler ones and Does not touch grandmas.

I will miss the Cheekie kid when she visits her fathers family abroad for a month. Her adventures and mischief brighten my day.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

All elected officials should be subjected to the same rules as employees

There is something decidedly hypocritical with the media scrutiny of Republican candidates and no meaningful discussion of the bio of Obama and leftist lunatics. Obama was a stoner. His drug usage was habitual and far from the
Juvenile smoking of a joint a few times. Federal employees are subject to drug testing and plenty of workers are eliminated from consideration or disciplined for much less than our Pothead president.

You will hear plenty about every stament and disturbing facts about the family of the Paul and Cruz families. There has been no meaningful discussion about the Obama Adams family sideshow. There has still been no scrutiny of his college years or grades. There has been no discussion about what he taught as a political hack appointment in a law school or how he was hired.

From now on all candidates for elected office should be drug tested and have their transcripts posted. This will spare us Gomer Kerry posing as an intellectual with pedestrian grades.

Obama would not likely pass a basic security clearance in a non politicized format.