Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Absurd Criticism

There is no reason to criticize local government for over reacting to the storm. After Sandy and previous storms diligence was warranted. The clean up effort was very smooth. We have plenty of issues with local government, but this wasn't one.

There is something about snow days that create lasting memories. Perhaps if they were more common we would forget them. In a way, they are unscheduled holidays without the pomp.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lasting Memories

I arrived home in the storm with a bag of groceries and a bucket of chicken. No sooner than I walked in the door the girlfriend yelled about tracking snow in. The daughters best friend was there. I asked the girlfriend what she made. There is enough there. How she knew without looking I didn't know. The dog has been sick  I try to discourage him from sleeping with me in the cold room. I never need a blanket but must use one as the dog needs to be warm.

The adult daughter returns with one of my grandkids. She is already mumbling about gummy bears and watermelon. I left enough comfort food for everyone. My stash of Combos and Cheez Doodles is located. We made hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

I woke up at one in the morning. I fed the dog some deli meat and went out to shovel. The dog followed me and jumped into my arms. I placed him on my coat near the space heater. His hair is way too short. He loves following me because I treat him like a little buddy. I share my food and take him on my rounds. It's better than being smothered by the females in the house.

I went out early in the morning. I found only Dunkin Donuts was open and got a box of munchkins. How the girlfriend knows I have a Boston Cream donut is unknown. I played with the grandkid in the snow. It was her first storm. I had some Campbell's Chunky soup with Goldfish as croutons and slept.

I awoke to my girlfriend yelling about some odd items. She put them into a wet Indian soup with the remainder of the bucket of chicken. The girlfriend was screaming at me not to touch the bag. I had General Tso's Chicken in the bag. She portioned it out and we all shared a meal. The dog seams more like himself sneaking the chicken out of my soup.

It was a pleasant day with many warm memories. These are family times that many will remember. My daughter still talks fondly of our first storm together. We walked home from school with the dog.
We had to warm him in the sink because his fur had ice.

Monday, January 26, 2015


So much for the mild winter. A blizzard in little Guyana looms on the horizon.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lawyer Culture in NYC

It is easy to dislike Sheldon Silver. He is quiet and manipulated the system for his own benefit. Silver is a part of a problem when we let lawyers rule machine politics. I don't know that Silver is a genuine progressive. More than likely he runs in a far left district and says just enough to feed him moon at constituents.

Silver did wrong and should be accordingly punished. Of course the larger problems will remain long  after Silver is gone. Machine politics in a one party state  seem to encourage this type of arrogance.

I am for letting him resign admit his guilt and a very short stint in jail. The problem is larger than one man.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Final Battle

There comes a point where fighting is pointless. You win a battle but there is nothing left worth salvaging. I object to power without morality and talent. I object to nepotism and idioticracy.

A minor personnel matter was blown way out of proportion by a new manager. The matter should have been covered in seconds. Instead I was subjected to a string of over the top verbal abuse that had
Nothing to do with the original matter. At a certain point there is no more fighting.

I stopped the exchange and replayed the highlights. You have labeled me a problem employee learn from an experienced executive what you do with problem employee dump them. I pointed out that I would rather she do it than go up the chain of command. She asked if this was a threat. I pointed out I play fair and want out. Where I go matters not, just out. The previous boss thought this would blow over and tried to communicate. Over the months I kept the communication non existent. I declined multiple attempts to communicate.

I spoke to the big boss and repeated my desire to be moved. I got no desire to fight, but i am willing to go wherever to get away. A new boss has her own people and at best I made my point about my desire to leave. The final battle had little to do with the minor matter at hand. It was the ham handed attempt to vent and put me in my place. I served the previous boss and gave my best out of respect and admiration. These are things that are earned not by the chair itself but by the respect of the person
Who sits in the chair. The chair alone can attract flunkies, but I am no flunky.

I have won my freedom. I will be rejoining a friend who has wanted me on his team for a while. He has earned my respect and best efforts by being a sound leader who respects the public. I am in a new area and have much to learn. My part is to do the best each and every time.

The top boss asked about a former peer promoted. I pointed out while she was part of a crew that did a lot of bad things she never wronged anyone. She did not say this is wron, but it isn't really to be expected. I pointed out a basic truth I learned. One out of three people will be amoral. The second out of the third will have selective morality. Lastly there are those who are bound to hold tight to their beliefs. I learned where I am for better or worse. I pointed out I wasn't smart enough to be flexible. The top boss asked if I would do it again. Look at the price I paid for those beliefs and how the story ended. Your story isn't over quite yet and there are many chapters ahead the rest is up to you. Never regret those fights. Oddly even those you fought have a grudging respect because you always fought fairly and reluctantly.

A new start and a chance to write new chapters is more than most of us get.  I will be serving in a place where I want to be.

Friday, January 23, 2015

No go zones USA

Those on the idiot fringe, mindless lefties, are worked up about the term no go zones. Back in the 80s visitors from the UK described them in the USA. There were high crime areas but the risks were hyped in the foreign press.

The obnoxious Euros talked about high crime areas as "American conditions ". Now they have their own slums and high crime areas. Are there high crime areas in America with mostly Non white resident? These enclaves exist and are only eliminated when a worse crowd invades, hipsters.

What happens when Euro hipsters move into the slums on Europe is unknown. Of course you could end up with hipsters making a type of beatnick jihadi type.  As hipsters never get the substance of anything right we could end up with something comedic and creepy.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Silence of the media

A prosecutor dies under mysterious circumstances in Argentina shortly before a report critical of the deranged leftist government handling of a terrorism case. The situation is bizarre, but note if this had happened to a person investigating Isreal or NYPD the media coverage would be 24/7.

This matter needs an international investigation and an autopsy performed abroad.