Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Proof read

At work we had fun with a clerk who forgot to proof read. She typed a paragraph about a gorilla gang into human trafficking. I am picturing one of our genius investigators going to the Bronx zoo and questioning the suspects. It's
Okay they aren't with ISIS they are into Bernie Sanders and are living in a State Subsidized commune. Pass the canibas and free tuition.

Just another disgruntled ex spouse. Seriously those of you who think women can't be viscious should read some of these letters. The man is long gone and the venom continues for years. I am perplexed by women who end a relationship
On bad terms but need to reconnect years later. Excuse me, whatever was between us was concluded long ago by your choice. Who cares about you. The romance was yesterday's news and you shouldn't flatter yourself thinking I still carry a torch.

Let me be a male pig. Men say things to women we don't mean. We do it to keep the feminine ego at bay. Yes it is easier than telling a person she was just okay. Yes I enjoy making a romantic evening. The intense passion is worth the effort. However, don't kid yourself that you were the only one I went through with such a magical evening. For me
I had my magic evening and its forgotten. I guess in an age where romance is dead it stands out. To all the exes enjoy the memories but I have no desire to catch up or create new ones. I always tell people if this is what you want
Go. Just don't ever return or contact me again. I am very clear about this I wonder why so many forget. This is also why I do not have a Facebook account as it would be worse.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Breaking with the GOP

I refuse to support Trump. His Presidency would be no worse than the imbecile in Office now. The party has to stand for something. I am not supporting a more focused Obama. Great you want to reduce Muslim immigration as it is family based how? The answer to everything is a better deal. He has not said he is going to tear up the Iran deal. Much mileage has been made over Trumps Jewish daughter. Hilliary also has a Jewish son in law and it didn't stop her from selling Israel out as an Obama stooge.

Onto the economy, the Trump policies of attacking China will make the world less safe and prolong the Obama recession. He will be more competent than Obama but so would anyone else. His immigration policy is a mystery but rounding up millions isn't happening. Oops I sent Ducky to Caracas to live in the mess he rationalizes. I have my own plan. No more six month visas. Trade schools and colleges are liable for deportation costs. Students who do not attend classes are banned from adjusting. The sole exception is an expensive waiver based upon 120 credits for those who have USC children.There would be a 12000 dollar surcharge on the university. Every credit would lower the amount.

TPS is capped at three years. After that the person must return home for three years. The exceptions would involve expensive waivers.

All new Citizenships and green cards may be revoked if the holder is involved with terrorists. Any appeal must be filed from abroad.

The Diversity lottery needs to end.
Brother and Sister class needs to end
Adoptions should start at 6k unless there is a medical note about fertility or a well documented reason in cases with
Extended family. The parent giving up the child is banned from visa benefits for life.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I am disappointed in the ending of NCIS season. The ending was too predictable and almost a cliche. It was obvious to
The writers that the actress who played Ziva was not amenable to a more substantive death. The leaving to raise a daughter in secret is a cliche. The death of The Kort shot by the whole team was also predictable. A better ending would put her and Dizozo in a losing battle against some deranged middle eastern madman. The ending was almost pure sugar.

Onto more substantive issues than popular entertainment. Our deranged President wants to keep the relationship between the media and his administration secret. He is keeping his brain impaired henchman who spun a fairy tale about Iranian moderates while he stokes blatant Jew hatred. The comments directed at a real man Charles Schumer by the cowardly Obama minions were predictable. Obama in full protect Islam mode has threatened to veto legislation to protect the Saudis.

Predictably the Duck backs the Commie line about Coups in Brazil. The next Congress needs a full investigation of Obamas malfeasance with the Iran deal. Obamas abuse of power in various agencies needs exposure and the appropriate charges filed. There should be a pay, bonus and hiring freeze imposed on the IRS until the coworkers of Lois Lerner testify and she is sent to do hard time in jail next to terrorists and sociopaths in Federal prison.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Turning 50

I am wondering about the mess we are leaving behind to my daughter and grandchildren. I am too old to fight now. It is a necessary evil brought about by the imperfections of man. Were the ethos of the founding fathers universal there
Would be no need for the gun. Unfortunately we have people who worship at the altar of the State or theocratic statism.

We are leaving a messed up economy and planet. No doubt lefties can look at the mess in Scandanavia where Bernie imagines Eden and see where this mess leads. A decent people have been turned into Sheep and rape is endemic. We are more worried about offending people at times than punishing criminality.

The lesson of Obama was the man was entirely a myth propped up on a false narrative by a self righteous media and academic elite. He didn't redeem the country from the sins of the past and created a mess for the next idiot. Neither
Trump nor Hilliary is fit to lead. However, Coulters criticisms of Hillary are correct.

When you see a messed up planet thank a lefty.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Iran deal revisited

Once again Obama used deception and media allies. Lost in the mix were the traitorous Kapos of J Street, Nadler and imbecile Rick Jacobs. Deception for Obama is par for the course. How many lies did Obama serve up when he passed Obamacare. Of course if Obama were a Republican the streets would be filled with angry protesters. This most recent relegation is sufficient cause to tear up the treaty. Of course the left is fond of mythical liars but now it defends
A serial liar.

Barak Obama needs to be impeached after his term ends.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Rise of the dangerous right

For those of you in Europe looking down your nose at Donald Trump look closer to home. Trump may be bellicose but he is also a practical businessman. Nothing as crazy as the current administration looms on the horizon in a Trump Presidency. Let loudmouth anti American radicals howl about whatever. There will be no mincing of words when Muslims

What radical move has he proposed. Revisiting who comes here is a good thing after Obamas disdain for law. Perhaps the Student visas and H1b go under review.

In Europe you will see the scary right. It is a direct response to the lefts inaction due to largely Muslim street crime and terrorism. You might even see more far right types acting out violently. Part of the reason for this is because legitimate center right has refused to discuss moderating the insane refugee problem. At a certain point Muslims figure out a diet of anti Semitic rants and a welfare check is not what Abdul wants and they go it alone.

Into this will be the breakup of the EU. The kiss of death for the EU is the endorsement of the second dumbest politician on the planet Obama. Why he needs to weigh in on the internal affairs of a well run nation eludes most of us. On Planet Obama he can rail at Israelis weighing in on his idiotic nuclear deal that will ensure a nuclear exchange in the near future. He also sends operatives to help parties he likes in Israel. After the UK goes expect other nations to leave and the rise of the violent right.

None of this had to happen, except that pretending unwashed violent refugees are to be patted on the head handed a welfare check while they join a death to Israel chorus is not going to work.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Let the Left heed the example of Brazil.

Those on the left need to grasp the example of Brazil. Obama should be tried for his actions after he leaves office. There are limits to criminality and malfeasance. His conduct in the immigration area deserve a special prosecutor. The absolute willful neglect of law deserves a thorough investigation. The Justice Department has been unwilling to hold even the most heinous violator of public service ethics in history accountable. Lois Lerner should be tried civilly for her crimes.

Obama is growing increasingly bizzare when it comes to Islam terrorism and policy. If he weren't stridently anti Israel the left should be scratching their head. Most Muslims themselves have no issue grasping that the terrorist acts were committed in the name of Islam. Now I understand he does not want to provoke what he sees as a war of civilizations. However, to pretend that the context of these crimes is an intolerant interpretation is backwards.The Saudis clearly call Hezbollah a terrorist group. Egypt refers to the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist. Obama remains clueless. iSIS must be too busy laughing at Obama to take any major action.

We need to treat our enemies like Reagan. Iran is 51/ Persian and each of its minority groups have a superior claim to nation status than the Pseudostinians. Simply put you want to play this game you might not like where it ends up.
Countries that support terror will invite reprisal via contra groups. Palestine is a communist vehicle to stoke populist Jew hatred. Gingrich was factually correct and lefties can't deal with it. Basically Judenfrei real estate has an obvious historical lineage. Lefties use a phantom nationality so they can express their Nazi like desires with
Code words.