Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beloved Brands

I collect stocks of consumer product companies. Over time many have been bought out. Sometimes one company I own buys another. Over the years many beloved companies I owned were purchased or sold Brands. Sara Lee, CPC, Wrigley were just some of the companies I owned and lost.

Over time sometimes you find a brand you loved back in your portfolio as Oreos and Planters went from privately held to public companies. It's fun going to the grocery store and just looking for your companies products.

Of all of the companies I owned over the years the one that I really missed was Heinz. I  loved the entire product line and retained a soft spot for its products. I bought fewer as other companies I owned made similar products. I was pleasantly surprised to learn it is back in my portfolio again as I own Kraft which merged with Heinz.

I went back to the market and purchased all my old favorites. It was fun to throw old favorites back in
the cart. I think the only thing I refuse to buy is the mustard because Guldens and the smaller producers make better products. There will be a cash dividend and I will plow it back into a small position in a food company I don't own.

Oddly, enough my daughter eats some of this stuff. As she is getting older she learns to take a snack or two.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Media Fails to Do its Job

One can peruse the Alien file of Barak Obama Sr. on line. The answers to many of the questions are likely inferred in that file.

There is no evidence that Obamas mother and father actually married. No certificate has ever been located. No photos of the event or witnesses has ever stated they were present. The only tangible evidence that such a marriage existed is the divorce decree for the union.

There are a handful of photos that show them together. There does not appear to be evidence that Obamas parents even lived together.  The A file alludes to a woman claiming to be the wife of Obama
Sr. The government was well aware of Obamas wife in Kenya.

This information is all meaningless except for the medias refusal to do even basic research into the Obama myth.The Obama mythology of his birth adds up to a sham marriage. Even if a certificate is located one must deal with the polygamy issue. Again, none of this matters except that Obama has knowingly peddled mythology and his media minions looked away.

Oddly, Obama could have used this history for a meaningful discussion about immigration laws and reality. This would have been more poignant than the blather Trayvon could have been me. Other than a proclivity towards substance abuce there is no common ground. Obama was a Preppy Pothead much like a butt kissing Screech and Trayvon was a violent version of Juan Epstein. Obama falsely places his mythical parents in the civil rights Selma bit

The truth is that Obama is not and never was anything more than a joke. He never lived in a Black household until marriage. Obama spent HS as a prep school version of Shaggy. He attended classes in
between Bong Hits in the mystery van. In college he becomes an angry student radical on cue. His angry radical act was more dancing to the tune his Bolshevik professors wanted than authentic. Obama is tofu in a steak and potatoes world.

After Obama is out we are going to learn plenty. I am not looking forward to this. I expect it to be worse than we imagined.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lois Lerner Cries Victim

Lois Lerner is crying she is a victim. People won't hire her and she has been forced to spend large sums of money for legal bills. For someone who is allegedly an attorney to state this these remarks should come with a laugh track. Perhaps in addition to all the other epithets deservedly tossed at Lerner we should now add imbecile.

The record indicates Lois Lerner abused her power and violated multiple ethical standards. She is an attorney who took the required ethics training provided to every song Federal Employee multiple times. The training is pretty basic and speaks directly to the crimes she committed. Let's all place in a call to the Argentine government and recommend Lerner for a job there. She can blubber to Timmerman who also is whining about being unpopular in the Jewish community.

Has anyone checked Monster for jobs with the key phrases amoral or ethically challenged. Add in obtuse .......  Proven record of abusing authority ......

Lerner cries that she is better than Jeffery Dahmer. Is this a joke. She commits massive crimes and violates a public trust but at least I am not a serial killer. Actually, serial killers have fan clubs and groupies and are more popular than IRS managers.

On a serious level her crimes cut to the basic confidence that the citizens of this country have in fair governance. Lerner took it upon herself to target political opponents with whom she disagreed with. She sought to influence multiple elections by obstruction of the process which conservative and pro Israel groups applications thereby depriving them of the right to politically organize. When caught she could have offered a defense but ineptly attempted to invoke her fifth amendment rights and the games with the emails are obstruction of justice.

There was a time when lefties understood abuse of power. They railed about literacy tests and poll taxes as efforts to suppress the Black vote. Lerner behaved in the same manner as those good old boys trying to keep Blacks from voting. This type of behavior by Federal officials seeking to inhibit the ability of protected political organization goes to the heart of our nation. The action s of Lerner exceed anything imagined by Nixon in Watergate.

While Dahmer killed plenty of people, he did not erode the foundation of our government. When I appear before the government many of us have our faith in the ability of the government to treat people fairly and follow rules tested. Given the size and magnitude of this scandal many of us should have serious concerns about the integrity of governmental agencies. The scandals at the IRS are so severe as to warrant a house cleaning. Anyone above Lerner in the chain of command should be forced to retire. Retirement packages should be planned at the IRS.

Lerner should be prosecuted after her savior leaves office. This way the savior can not reward his assassin with a presidential pardon Lerner should be charged with her crimes as soon as Obama leaves office.

Hundreds of civil lawsuits should keep her occupied for the remainder of her days. Of course she can spare us the trouble and emigrate. North Korea looks great.....

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Our bird brained poultry wants to go into the crimes of Lerner. BB Idaho sees Lerner as a victim.

Let's do this slowly as both parties are not capable of rational thought. Lerner is an attorney and is well aware of the heinous crimes she commited. Any verbal abuse she receives other than death threats or threats of violence are warranted. Her persecution of pro Israel groups on behalf of Obama who is the most anti Israel president puts her on a par with Kapos. If she were in my congregation I would demand her membership be revoked and all family events cancelled. She should not even be permitted a burial in a Jewish cemetery.

Lerner is a public servant and abused her position to persecute people with whose political option she differed with. She did this around an election in an attempt to suppress grass roots political activities.
The requests for evidence went well beyond what was required by law. The antics of the IRS under Lerner were Hugo Chavez like. Perhaps Kirchner will offer her a job so Timmerman might find someone as unpopular in their own community.

Civil Servants are bound by a code of ethics. There is mandatory training that covers this area that every single Federal Employee is required to take yearly. Lerner is also an attorney and her actions warrant a higher penalty.

Federal employees are protected from liability only if their mistakes were in the normal course of doing their duties. Lerner knowingly abused her position to harm those whose politics she disagreed with. She should be sued into bankruptcy and her pension stripped. Her husband should be forced to divorce her or lose every single dime.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How Dare You Joooos Act In Your Own Interest

I have great issue with a President blatantly interfering in an election in a country that has a history of
fair elections. This is a disgusting habit that is almost always violated by the left with regularity. The antics of the Soros NGOs are direct violations of private individuals interfering in US foreign policy.

The Obamunist NYT talking about race baiting campaigns is quite funny. Will the newspaper that remained silent while Obama inserted himself front and center in every racial tiff look in the mirror. How many times has Al Sharpton been to the Whitehouse? How often do the nuts at the NAACP invoke slavery and lynching against Republicans frivolously. Then there are the Henny Penny folks at
The SPLC who see Nazis and the KKK in the same manner Elmer Fudd sees rabbits. They do not see or comment about the plethora of incedents of Jew hatred in universities or left wing protests. Someone at a TEA party event might have used the N word  at a protest becomes a national story.
Lefties screaming about Jewish cabals in media or banks gets ignored. Drunken frat boys use the N word in a party is national news. Lefties chant kill the pigs multiple times and cops get shot and the media says nothing. The media never reports bigotry or incitement from the left. Where are the NYT articles about harassment of Jews on Universities? They are likely in the same place that the accounts of the Holocaust and Ukranisn Famine are when they occurred.

Obama is now talking about sanctions on Israel. This is cause for a direct response against Obama supporters. Especially quiet is Charles Schumer who has been distancing himself from Obama. There are limits to Presidential authority. There are also serious potential criminal charges ranging from Obamas actions in Office. Every single email from the IRS should be pulled and Lois Lerner should be dragged from courtroom for the rest of her life. A RICO charge is quite appropriate and can go up the food chain.

Point of order for Marxist Poultry. Federal law does not protect one from abusing authority or malfeasence. Lerner as a lawyer is well aware of this and deserves to do hard time.with common criminals. If she turns on Obama the sentence can be reduced. Criminal charges can commence as soon as Obama leaves office. A lifetime spent in court on RICO charges will be the legacy of the incompetent one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Moses beats Pharoh again

Pharoh Obama and his left wing buddies set about interfering with an election in an independent nation. The problem is the citizenry of that nation is not nor should it be favorably inclined towards Pharoh Obama. Thus the dream of creating Pseudostine to please his antisemitic University buddies will elude him.

Of course if Obama were not antisemitic he would demand the PA behave responsibly and halt terror. Those who yearn for Peace never quite get around to the part where Arabs put down the gun and make some concessions.

Of course the Duck will arrive and call me a Likudnk. I don't tell the people of Israel how to govern their own affairs and would have respected a different outcome. They live their lives and it would be best if criminals like Soros would cease meddling in foreign affairs.

Pretty Bad Shape

The cold has remained with me off and on for a month. Normally I could ride it out. Unfortunately I developed a nasty sinus infection as well as infected ears. The medication and diet are having an impact on my condition. I slept soundly for the first time in a month. Steam baths are helping but they
I fall asleep in seconds after.  The ears feel better and I am moving around better.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Wow ??????. NFL player safety

The NFL is a violent game and nothing should really ever shock a fan. The impending retirement of 23 year old Chris Borland for head trauma is a shock. He really did play well in his lone season. All of us should wish him well. As much as I love the sport I am starting to wonder if the cost just isn't too high. I don't envision a new type of helmet saving lives.

I haven't even touched on illegal drugs or painkiller abuse yet. I love the game but the costs to the athletes is just staggering. You look at the images of Earl Campbell today and shudder. Earl was almost supernatural and today he can barely walk. Earl is too classy to question the price he paid for the game we love. Lyle Alzado abused steroids and died horribly from cancer, emaciated to the bone.

I love the sport, but it must be made safer.

I applaud Borland the man looking after his family and acting on his beliefs. The sad part is those of us who love the game are familiar  with the trauma and tragedy. Perhaps when Borland is 60 and playing with his grandkids and living a normal life his choice will be clearer.

How does one love the game understanding the risk. Sometimes I ask myself this as I watch. Yet I do love the game. Perhaps shorter seasons and games is the answer.

Things need to change for the better.

Update Apparently there were shoulder issues as well. However, the main reason cited by Borland was head trauma. Part of me wonders if the players had to wear leather helmerts if some of this leasing with the head stuff might stop. The helmet itself invites use as a weapon. This is not safe for neck injuries. The forward pass also invites high speed collisions. But other than Dave Duerson most of the impacted are linemen and linebackers.

I stopped watching boxing long ago. Part of it was the looking at fighters as hulks punch drunk. The other part was the industry lacked charismatic fighters like Rey Leonard.

The NFL has no shortage of entertainment and players who play with a passion. Yet I recoil at the Borland story and the David Wilson story. Wilson was an exciting player whose career ended almost before it began. He had severe neck injuries and the Giants had to tell him his career was over.

I do love the NFL but these injuries aren't worth it. In the end it is just a game and ratings. The cost is just way too high and player safety needs to come first. I do not know what the answer is, but things just can't continue the way they are.