Wednesday, November 25, 2020

This means war

The hypocritical left has alogned itself with slave labor. The inhumam working conditions at Amazon are well documented. why has Jeff Bezos been allowed to abuse workers. Workers denied the dignity of a bathroom break because they might fail impossible standards of productivity.These standards are not thinly veiled method of age discrimination. where is the left when Bezos uses slavery 2.0 and exploits workers

Friday, November 06, 2020

I made the decision to finalize the end of my relationship with the frummies. Over time the distance grew larrger. My brother became a lousy person who pretends to be decent. The talmud talks of law. It doesnt explain that things may be legal but come with consequences. The original friction was over his month long summer visits which grated on my parents. As he is religious and holier than thou they couldnt tell him a week was enough. I spoke to him and he was nasty lied twisted facts around. I slept near the boiler for weeks and never spoke at all. My sister asked about it. He is there because he wants to be there. On top of this his unemployed wife does laundry at 3AM multiple times invading my refuge. Eventually I left and my visits to my parents were rare because he would show up and annoy me. On times in hospitals he would be late and his imbecile frum wife would follow me through the hospital. I want to be clear late with the frummies is six hours or more. All that matters is their lifestyle. My family has been wiped out by the virus. He calls in tears wanting to apologize for whatever. I agreed to a meeting. He then drops a legal bombshell that everyother surving sibling objects to. However fighting his latest indanity would be ruinous. I explained clearly and simply do this and its over. He does it and then claims miscommunication. When that doesnt work tears invoking the dead. He probably has a Oiugee Board because he rationalizes everything based upon the will of the deceased.My parents found it easier to lean on me because he never budges and invokes god or gives an inch. They could tell me stand down but never the frummies because God blesses their excesses. My brother accepted my request for privacy and distance. Amusingly he reminds me its a two way deal. I think I might have called a member of his family five years ago. My brothers failures are many. His stuborness, greed and lack of concern have destroyed what remains of our family. He never learned to compromise or respect others. He spent too much time with dusty religious texts and not enough time talking social science classes. I am angered enough by his selfish behavior that even in death he shall bother me no more. My funeral instructions are no words, no music. Just shovels and nature. Those of us witg frum relatives unerstand the slings and arrows of frumkeit. I actually prefer hardcore alcoholics to frummies. They manipulate less and are easier than frummies. Good luck. Please dont visit. No apologies wanted. Just be on your way and dont return.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

The Difference

The desperate media tries to play connect the dots with every mass shooting except those done by Muslims or communists. When a Muslim perpetrated the greatest homophobic crime in US history the OBAMA line was it was guns.
The Killer didn’t yell long live Charlton Heston.

Unlike the left and ANTIFA, Trump wasted zero time condemning this crime. Do not hold your breath waiting for lefties
to condemn ANTIFA. Ilhan Omar literally thinks Al Queda is funny. Perhaps she should listen to our military vets say Al Queda. Guaranteed they aren’t saying it with respect. Furthermore, I would bank on them killing a terrorist here by any means necessary. Once an attack is underway whatever needs to be done.

The sad part is that the left and the country club republicans are somewhat guilty of creating an atmosphere where
legitimate concerns about immigration are marginalized. The result is The truly unhinged gather on extremist websites Where lunatics compete to be the shriller. This is also seen by the far left monopoly in our educational system. It is no accident that Antifa lunatics all seem to be involved in education. The monoculture leads to a race to the bottom. There has been zero action taken against the university garbage that published the personal information of government officials.

I will take it for granted that Ilhan Omar has threats. Of course so does anyone that supports the President, Is openly Jewish and supports Israel, supports Israel or is a traditional Christian. Yes supporting the 700 club would get more abuse than supporting Hezbollah on a US University.

Trump speaks to those of us tired of open borders and disrespect for our traditions. I work in Nadlers district where
Outside of a Federal Office you never see an American Flag. There are plenty of rainbow flags but nobody flies the American flag. Oddly the most homophobic clowns on the planet are the radical Muslims. Let Pat Robertson say something stupid it is everywhere. Let Farakhan say dumber things about gays and it doesn’t stop Obama, Sarsour and whomever from rationalization of that bigotry.
Trump calls it as he sees it. We do see videos of lefties harassing Ted Cruz, incredibly Chelsea Clinton but none of
these with Elijah Cummings or Ilhan Omar. Both Cruz and Clinton were composed and zero headlines. Yet a TEA Party person allegedly called Cummings the N word it is everywhere.

By marginalization of all discussion about immigration the left is perhaps more guilty of creating an atmosphere of paranoia. People are too polite to tell lefties open borders and social services for illegal aliens is insane.

Saturday, August 03, 2019

No Rules For Obama

The Hollywood elite want Michelle Obama to run. At least Hillary was a Senator and a Secretary of State.Trump would demolish her. Nepotism and Cronyism are serious issues in our political system. I have heard the name. Chelsea Clinton bandied for office. Her performance with screaming lefties in NYU was pretty good.
The media is in kill mode. Slay a sacred cow and you are an Assad apologist. Nancy Pelosi met with Assad. No issue. Can we get around to asking about Obama and Farakhan.

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Harris Toasted

That was an epic takedown at yesterday’s debate.Harris is really ignorant in that forced bussing was a bad policy. It had way to magnet schools. The Civil Rights era was modern history and yes segregationists were Democrats. Guilt by Association is typical except when Obama is given passes for everything.

Harris was demolished and should bow out.

Three countries vs USA immigration wars

There is a naive view that immigrants are little angels. This quickly disappears the longer one works in immigration. Pretty much the story is the three Central American countries vs the law.

Talk to any immigration professional and you are apt to hear frustration with TPS and Asylum. There were a legitimate series of natural disasters causing the USA to grant. TPS.No issue but the program devolved into a defacto Work permit. All types of Presidents allowed this farce to continue for decades. If there was so much trouble why the repeated trips on advance parole. We have this identical issue with Asylum. If you are so afraid why do you travel back multiple times. Trump decided to end the gravy train TPS abuse and the response was migrant caravans.

These same three countries also responded to the Obama illegal DACA scam by sending unaccompanied minors to the USA. Migrants started arriving as families due to legal quirks.

The left continues a false narrative. These are economic migrants with stories that vary according to whatever lawyer or NGO they encounter. Ultimately asylum must be overhauled.

Citizenship times should triple and travel back to the country or building property or business should result in revokation of Status.

All petitions from asylees get the longest wait times in this case Sibling waiting times. You cut the line and there should be consequences.

Now I want to address the leftist lies. Government workers are dedicated professionals. The critics have more in common with prostitutes than the dedicated pros have with Nazis. The trip is dangerous and costly. Then they have the nerve to complain about accommodations and demand asylum and welfare. Yes there are sections of the USA that have higher crime rates than the three countries.

In the real world immigrants react to our policies. Their exploitation by the shameless far left is disgusting.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Conservatives not understanding this one

Ilhnan Omar May be guilty of plenty of things but not bigamy. The United States only recognizes civilly registered marriages in the USA. If one of the marriages were religious it wouldn’t count.

If the person in question is a brother, lights out.

Just walk away

This post is addressed to my fellow Jews. It is time to leave the Democratic Party. There was a time where one could point to Charles Schumer and count on him. He oddly supported a Farakhanite for head of the DNC. He never met a microphone he could bypass. Suddenly after repeated anti Semitic remarks by the Freshmen, he is silent. Nadler, betrays the community with the Iran vote and remains silent.

Pelosi has done less than nothing while the Freshman trivialize the Holocaust.

The party is over it’s time to leave

Thursday, July 25, 2019

AOC Moron

I want to thank the Democrats for promoting open borders and economic insanity. I have always been a liberal Republican. Time after time the Democrats step off the deep end. It is a sad state of affairs when Col Bernie Sanders
Sounds reasonable in comparison to AOC.

Crying victim over anything Trump says when her squad calls CBP Nazis and Jewish government officials white supremacists is at least on a par with anything Trump said. Furthermore Rashida the dimwit from one of the lowest ranked law schools used deportation rhetoric herself. The funniest Trump line is the one where an unhinged Tlaib crashes a Trump event and is told by Trump to get a job.