Monday, November 28, 2016

Harry's Place Unhinged

The planets laziest blogger has come back to reality. Gene Zitver, fake American, and charter member of the elite Obamunist airhead cocktail party has chimed in on Trump. Trump is a hypocrite for speaking truthfully about the tyrant Castro while speaking favorably about Putin and the nut in Turkey. Gene must have gottten this memo late because great leader Obumer considered the nut in Turkey amongst his best friends for much of his term. Putin has done more to contain ISIS than Obama.

Gene is so divorced from reality he doesn't grAsp that Israelis have more trust in Putin than Obama. This might be because the only Israeli he seems to talk with is an American halting Obamas lover, who is actually an expatriate lefty dimwit from the UK. The ever predictable failed writer Goldberg seems to be a more incoherent Zitver ventriloquist dummy than human. Gene will probably write a press release from the Obama cocktail collective of bon vivants if he ever has an original thought

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Curse of the Frummies

The atrocious behavior of the frummies never ends. They have no respect for anyone and feel that their bizarre lifestyle gives them the right to annoy and inconvenience others. Of course when decades of punctuality issues and an inability to work well with others causes the other party to get upset they fall into holier then thou bs. Nobody yells at Frummies who are gods favored people. When this tactic doesn't work they can be expected to twist its words around into Talmudic knots. They also lie about basic facts and convey information in manner that is akin to a Mad Magazine parody. They have no consideration for other people. When you walk away they follow you hatassing you bringing up ancient history and relatives who are appalled by their throwing their names into fights that have nothing to do with them.

After their latest atrocity, I blocked every phone number associated with that family. They have been given an official contact. Any attempts to circumvent the chain of command will result in non communication with the offending party.

I will not be attending family functions going forward. It is easier and more practical to ban myself. They can not be trusted to behave and not create additional problems. As they do not respect schedules and others I can not even visit my parents due to their propensity for causing conflict with their boorish behavior.

Any comparison between gays and Frummies is an insult to gays. Gay people pretty much do not bother people with their
Lifestyle. The Frummy lifestyle intentionally divides families and creates strife. Their lifestyle trumps the rest of the family and it comes from God.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

America lost

Some of you think I support Trump. This is not true, as I would have rather seen a more responsible man win the election. No doubt the elephant in the room is Obama. His arrogance and incompetence will be felt long after I am in my grave. The part that angered me the most is weaponized government where serving the people and accountability are quaint. Obama has turned my country into Venezuela.

Where does Trump start to even fix this. Obamacare is a train wreck. The Iran deal needs to be revoked and corruption needs to be dealt with. Which of the media elite that promised to emigrate will do so.

Hilliard lost for one simple and baffling mystery. Why did she fail to step away from ObMa.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is a magical place with stellar staff. The seventh floor atrium was so well maintained I thought it was artificial. It would be heavenly if you could see the stars. The cafeteria is excellent and well worth a visit. Our staff tried to route me there when I had the really nasty case of cellulitis. That condition is too pedestrian for a visit to such a palace. It's akin to going to a car show with Dodge Dart.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Monday, October 03, 2016

Violating Privacy

The NYT has violated the privacy of Donald Trump around election time. I find this amusing from a paper that has made zero effort to ascertain if any element of the divine birth and super human intelligence of Obama is true. The paper did publish the fact that Obama hired media manipulators who knowingly lied to a compliant media after Obamacare and the Iran deal were passed.

There are huge gaps in the Obama narrative. The outrageous secrecy has fueled birtherism. This is amusing because the
Obama bio should simply be titled Ooops. There is zero evidence Obama Sr ever married or lived with Obamas insane hippie chick circus clown mother. Even the divorce certificate is no proof as no Joint assets or support payment was mentioned. Divorce courts do not check that couples were in fact married especially when the divorce is not contested. The fact that Obama is illegitimate only is relevant in that he has peddled a myth from day one. His grades are relevant in that he peddles himself as an intellectual above all others. Classes that what I did between bong hits.

I am so glad the media is outraged about Trump calling a beauty pageant winner Miss Piggy. That is nicer than the names Hillary called women abused by her sexual predator husband.

While we are at it. Let's ask the Times if they invested any effort doccumenting the heinous crimes of Lois Lerner vs the public. These crimes are far more serious than lane closures. Obstruction of justice in this case tampering with the evidence. The behavior at the IRS is so heinous as to warrant collective punishment for the agency. Bonuses should be withheld for five years and a hiring and wage freeze ahould be imposed until the guilty parties step forward. Lerner should be offered jail or denaturalization and deportation. Now some of you think this is overkill. However, the crimes of Lerner strike at the heart of trust in government. Lerner abused her position for partisan purposes. Learners crimes are worse than Benedict Armold and anything imagined by Nixon. As her crimes included abusing those who support Israel, she should be asked to leave

Still doing stupid stuff in colleges

I sat through the abomination of all men are potential rapists bit in college decades ago. I reminded the feminist drone that said this garbage potential is nothing till it is actualized. Potentially we are all jerks as well, but in your case you have fulfilled your potential and then some.

Now I am all in favor of telling students to act like adults, not named Clinton or Weiner. When drinking always watch your drink and try not to go to parties alone. Go with a couple of friends especially if there is alcohol. Try to limit yourself to two and don't drive.

When you are at that moment no means no. That doesn't mean you can't try a bit of charm. Still ultimately no means no. Now ladies if you say yes and the man is a creep, this does not mean false allegations of rape are acceptable. Feel free to label whomever a creep or fool. That being said rejection does bite the big one. The downside of equality is women have to deal with rejection too. Nobody likes it but tommorow brings new opportunites.

Of course univeesities don't use common sense when they can brow beat.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Funny but true

I went to visit my mother in the nursing home. I refuse to eat that slop and headed to an Albanian place down the hill. They made me an eggplant dish and I gave most of it to my folks. I guess the food really is bad because when I went down a few days later they asked again. I got them eggplant and had spinach pie. I cut off some spinach pie. I brought too much but had no difficulty getting thankful neighbors who desperately wanted spinach.

My mother enjoyed the break from the food at the facility. Strange my siblings didn't remember how much they like eggplant.