Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lost a family vote

There was a vote on where to spend the rest of the weekend. It was either the Golden Temple or the Golden Corral. I lost that vote, but sent the girlfriends mother in my place. She takes her religion seriously and they don't have such a facility in Guyana. Let her enjoy a special moment in her life.

Slept 16 hours

I went to work on a Saturday. I barely made it home but I slept 16 hours. Now that is what I call sleep.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Our office sent Batman on a new assignment. It is the culmination of excessive systematic failures.
The office failed to listen to attorneys, interpreters and officers who warned that this person was off his rocker. He was praised as hero by many who never looked at him with any serious scrutiny.

The endless boasting and walking around the area like he owns the joint are over.

Knowledge is only good if it is backed by integrity and sound judgement. There are times when throwing the book at an applicant is 100% warranted. In cases of serious crime and national security a more aggressive approach is warranted. However, when this aggressive approach is used on the general public it is unwarranted.

One also needs to make a genuine attempt to ascertain the facts and deal with them. Not every discrepancy or lie is material to the case. If a person calls himself a technician and he is a mechanic it is more or less verbiage. Name variations are not material to the case if they are translational issues.

The moral of the story is do your job and don't be a jerk.

The NFL and America

The NFL is a reflection of America and visa versa. The media elite screaming about domestic violence is just engaging in piling on.

In reality few employers take action against employees for domestic violence. Does ESPN suspend media personalities for criminal matters? When ESPN subjects its employees to the same standards as the NFL that might be a genuine story.

I do work at a job where I can be suspended for minor arrests  Public servants are in a different type of job and are held to higher standards than poultry.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finally pushed into an I phone

My daughter pushed me into getting an I phone. My coworkers joked about my Fred Flintstone phone
that is reliable. I text and read ABC news that it is it. Having an I phone will allow me to listen to some obscure radio shows from Montreal. Perhaps there are better oldies stations than CBS FM and our local Classic Rock station the AXE. The latter plays too much Billy Joel and there is a Guyana Music station somewhere. Nobody appears to be doing surf music as a format.

I am not a techie or a hipster who lives on the device.


The media is in overdrive in attacking the NFL. Domestic violence is a nation wide problem. The notion that it is unique to the NFL is a media creation. It is important to mandate treatment by . professionals and not just in the NFL.  If players m andiss treatment then suspend.

We have a Pothead President and Mayor of our largest city. The NFL should not be absurd with its punishment for pot usage. The media elites who hound the players should ask Obama, Di Blassio and Bill Clinton  about drug use. In the case of Obama this was a major part of his life and it should have been a campaign issue. If we don't drug test the President why should anyone else be drug tested.

Steroids and Human growth hormone are serious issues and penalties should remain severe. The penalties for stimulants need to be treated with common sense. Player A has ADD and a medical professional prescribes a substance it is a different matter than recreational usage.

We do need to make the game safer. Better use technology in constructing helmets is needed.
Better medical care for retired players is also needed.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Better to be gay than Frum

There is nothing wrong with having gay relatives. Their lifestyle has zero impact on the lives of other people. Gays earn more than heterosexuals and usually are socially inept.

When you have a family event one has to cater to the religious quirks of the frummies. It has to be a 100% Kosher event. This raises the cost and limits where you can go. Even my Hindu family does not impose their dietary quirks on other people. A gay relative makes no such demands and can usually chip in their share.

Ruining events with religious quirkiness and meticulousness. Go to a funeral with a frummy and they take out a rule book. The dirt has to cover exactly this portion of the wooden box. If you have a Passover Seder every single obscure rule and tradition must be followed. It makes family holidays
painful. Gay relatives actually make social gatherings better with lively banter.

Frummies bizarre lifestyle choices include useless expensive Yeshivas whose students are frequently less prepared for higher education and gainful employment than public schools. The more religious the school the lower the quality of the secular education. The products of the more religious schools are socially inept and understand little outside of their religious circle. Gays are usually more educated than non gays and are not socially backward.

Frummies have a sense of entitlement. They think their quirks are divine providence and that entitles them to mooch, come at idiotic hours and make demands of others. Gays are usually too busy enjoying their lives to bother others.

Next up

Its better to have relatives in jail than frummies. Do people who are incarcerated  mooch off relatives
and find ways to piss people off. Yes, I am jealous of the man across the street. It is far better to have relatives in jail than relatives who are frum. The longer the sentence the less likely they are to do stupid things.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Worse than the Ten Plauges

The Giants are doing fine when life's walking disaster reel walks in the frummies. I have a car for eight years no mishaps. The frimmies guilt my parents into giving the planets worst relatives my car.
All of the sudden it catches fire and becomes an accident magnet. Five accidents in one year.

I was offered a great deal on an Impala and I said no. The frummies will just take this next car and wreck it too.

I am tired of this bullshit that my idiotic sister in law can't work. Actually she can work and uses the sick and depraved frummie lifestyle to mooch off of others.

I sm so sickened by my brother and his obnoxious lazy family, I want to be buried in Guyana away from any frummies.

Remember in films the bad guys wear the black hats. In life when you see a frummie keep running. They make out with the fake sense of piousness but it is all a scam to get out of hard work. I can just envision a film Frum Zombies from Kiryas Joel wait that is too close to reality.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another 9-11

Yes we hit another anniversary. The facts still remain the same. Idiotic terrorists acting in the name of Islam committed a crime against humanity. Rather than deal honestly with the situation we were fed the mantra Islam is the religion of peace.

While I don't hold all Muslims responsible ignoring the disdain for human life advocated by some is
denying reality. This does not mean you should hate the man up the block. In the case of Stephen Schwartz, he would be the first to point out the problem with many elements of the community.

Muslims are not victims and their history of colonial abuse of non Muslims is part of the historical record.

Muslims like any other large group of people contain a mix of good, evil and banal. There is a major difference between Stephen Schwartz who is an American patriot who cares about his faith and the folks at CAIR.

In the end Muslims like Schwartz and plenty of others have to asses the damage created by pointless terrorism and rampant abuses against non Muslim females by ISIS Boko Haram and others. Making Snuff films and depraved acts does not promote the cause of Islam and creates powerful counter reactions.

The folks at ISIS are Superfly Muslims. They rant about how Islam should be supreme while doing everything in their power to make the religion look uncivilized. ISIS is more akin to criminality using Islam for its own ends than people who are serious about their faith.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ISIS needs Poultry

It seems the arts crowd is upset with the poor production qualities in the snuff films made by ISIS.
We happen to know someone who is an expert on camera angles and who hates Jews more than the folks at ISIS. ISIS needs to hire Ducky, because there is no excuse for poorly shot and edited snuff films.

Sounds like the ISIS crew has been reading too much Pam Geller. Their inspiration for mayhem and extreme violence must be her writings. If she would stop writing and publicizing their greatest hits ISIS would take up origami.