Monday, July 21, 2014

The Failure of the Jewish Community

One of the greatest failures of the Jewish Community is the refusal to discuss where Jew hatred comes from.
Other groups such as gays and Blacks have very little difficulty pointing out where bigots come from, Jews
have great difficulty discussing any type of bigots other than the White Power/Nazi type

The most obvious place that these bigots come from is the Muslim community. Not all Muslims have this obsession, but enough do. In general some of this is our fault. Some of us spend way too much time trying
to build bridges. In general, I don't discuss politics at work and the insistence of some to ask questions is annoying. The usual quip that Jews are supposed to be liberal is a common theme. The concept of intellectual independence is unfamiliar to recent immigrants.

There  are a handful of right wing kooks. Usually, one will see them hanging around Stormfront or more commonly in any gathering of Ron Paul fans. The latter pretend they are conservative, but you can find them at OWS  repeating lefty themes. Less common are the obsessive Pat Buchanan types that can be found at OWS or at left wing rallies.

The most pernicious and vile  Jew obsessed lunatics are Marxists. Jews who dig Marx are the moral equivalent of Capos. We have seen plenty of hateful signs and rhetoric, but the Jewish community fails to point out the tie multiple times. The truth is Marxism has a religious dimension and those who pretend they
Jews only do so to advance the criminal faith. No doubt the litigious loser will threaten another lawsuit.
When addressing these lunatics one should put the term Rabbi in quotation marks. Perhaps this will be grounds for the next lawsuit.

On this blog we seldom write about Israel. It comes up in passing when obsessed and intemperate Marxists
have behavioral issues. I did not blog on Gaza , because others cover the subject. While I support Israel, I am far more apt to sped time in Guyana. I have yet to hear Poultry direct any verbiage towards this aspect
of my persona. Lefties have made a mess out of Guyana, but as in Vermont I remain quiet. I am on vacation or passing through and locals can attend their own matters quite well.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

RIP James Garner

Thank you James Garner for your many hours of entertainment including the Rockford Files and the Great Escape. I even enjoyed the commercials. I prefer the grity style of Kojak to the smart Alec Rockford. However, it is clearly better than 90% of the shows produced today.

Leftist Boorishness

When a Tea Party supporter allegedly uses the N word to Rep Cummings the media makes a big deal. When terrorists acting in the name of Islam kill gratuitously we get the familiar messages that not all Muslims are terrorists. When a single Pseudostinian is killed in a revenge attack it makes headlines. When Jews are killed or persecuted by Muslims or leftists the media reports it in passing.

Part of the blame for this mess belongs to Jews themselves. We are too busy to go on the offensive and apologetic when provoked. No doubt Pam Geller and such could create an Islamic snuff film. We could show crazed Muslims beheading Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg and others great hits. We could even show the famed Paliwood greatest fakes staring Mr Green Helmet. 

In the USA there is a concept of civility. We leave our political BS at the door and do our jobs. Those on the left seem to forget this.  I am not here to debate foreign policy or Obamacare. I say very little about the crisis on the border on the job. The sole exception to this was when the policy changed to adjudicate gay marriage cases my support was vocal. The notion that I as a civil servant, should treat any applicant with anything less than my best is offensive.

I get annoyed with lefties nosing around my library at work. What I read is my own affair. I have never heard of a Conservative doing anything similar to a leftist. I am more than perplexed at lefties whose entire history is rife with treason pointing the finger at my patriotism. Funny, I don't see any other group subjected to this idiocy. 

The End Of A Faith

Israel will fall in my lifetime. The culprits will be directly related to a class of lazy religious imbeciles whose behavior ranges from boorish to treasonous. The state can not and should not permit a lazy depraved lifestyle on the dole for generations.

Some of these culprits claim Israel is an abomination and they don't take money from it. They merely take food, medical and every other type of subsidy under the sun. Then they turn around and bad mouth the State
and the wider community. Sorry but mendicants should know better than to lecture those that support this lifestyle of sloth.

These groups do not functionally educate their children to a level where they can be gainfully employed. They
trash the wider community while sticking their hand out for charity. The level of child abuse and domestic violence are high. One community continues to rally behind a convicted pedophile and threaten the victim.

In a rational world some of the benefit fraud would trigger RICO type actions. Unfortunately our political leaders ignore our laws due to block voting.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Usual leftist BS

Predictably, our friend Poultry has been at it about Gaza. Arabs die by the score in Iraq and Syria. The left really is not interested until its sainted contrived ethnicity is involved. The lunatics at ISIS may be genocidal but they speak a truth. There is no such animal as Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis and Pseudosinians. Given that Arabs have an abundance of colonized land this Pseudostine obsession boils down to leftist repackaging of Judenfrei real estate.

Israel has made generous offers and has shown restraint. Russia leveled Grozny for far less than the Arab provocations. Hammas overplayed the rocket bit and Israel adapted.

Araba, Anatolians and Turks need to get off of Kurdish land. Unlike Pseudostinians Kurds are a genuine indigenous people and far more deserving of a state. Arabs also need to carve out enclaves for Berbers
and Copts who also have a better case than contrived Arab ethnicities.

If lefties really cared about the folks in Gaza they would cease the bait and switch game and let Egypt annex the area. The residents of Gaza are Egyptian, but were morphed for political expediency.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Black Book of the American Left

As I am very familiar with the writings of David Horowitz and have read almost all of his books I did not expect to enjoy a greatest hits collection. If you have not read David Horowitz you should start with Radical Son and try to find a copy of the brilliant Second Thoughts Conference. Actually, I would love to see that book released again with updated materials.

If you are not familiar with the material it is very worth reading. If you have read the book passage of time has given new meaning to certain essay, such as the authors experience with information leaked about the NSA decades before the current mess.

I want to thank the author for informing and entertaining me for more than three decades. Reading Horowitz is part of my youth. I picked up my first book after listening to him being interviewed on the Bob Grant Show. This is also where I learned about many fine authors that are familiar to us today. Grant read the books cover to cover and was a much better interviewer than he was ever given credit for. From the works of David Horowitz I learned about the works of Ronald Radosh, Richard Poe and many others. Horowitz was never shy about promoting books of others.

Facing Mortality

Bloggers seldom have any real wisdom to pass on. Over the course of this blog many have left this world
and how much they evolved or their legacy is best left unsaid. I am not thinking of death in this post but growth.

Politics is a dead end and much of the Democratic party is filled with Marxist morons. They peddle empty words and toss about a few crumbs. The other day multiple Obama supporters conceded to me that he is
mostly an empty suit droning on and looking at his image in the mirror. Of course droning on and on incoherently about hope and change and a resume more befitting a group home than the White House should have been obvious. We were told the President is a Constitutional scholar, but his works are nowhere to be seen.

Government is a collection of mediocrity leading mediocrity. Seldom if ever does a person with genuine vision and competence rise to a power of significance. Most of the rest are cronies who go to the same parties and build crews. I am fond of the current team though I am my own man beholden to  naught but the wind and public service. I don't volunteer answers, but I will respond to questions in frank terms. The agency I work with is great with numbers, but has no idea what they mean. We have leaders who change procedures and policies with zero idea of how to implement them.

In general always remember the ends don't justify the means Those that operate like this can triumph in the short term. However, their moral and technical shortfalls become apparent as they move up the chain and sometimes fall from great heights. Be proud of your peer and supportive if they earn a promotion through merit. Mentor and give a hand up to those around you as it may prove beneficial at a later date.

On a personal level, no relationship is more close to the heart than being a father. No times are more special than a childhood even if there were rough times.  I remember walking in the woods with Rusty the mostly
German Shepard who loved kids. He always knew the way back home but I was never lost. He was gentle and loving to kids, but fierce if a pack of stray dogs were near. He would protect and return to family pet in seconds. The Maltese Rex loves me very much and never leaves my side. When I had food poisoning he sat
by my bed for days following me on every trip to the bathroom. He kept everyone at a distance from the bed. He is a great dog and a good friend, but he is not Rusty.He is the daughters pet who wants to hang out
with the big kids.

I love my daughter for who she is. She is not in my shadow, nor will she walk in my shoes. Her world is a simpler place that will be more ethereal than my life. In my world it was common to debate great ideas, discuss art and theater or the stock market. Hers is a simpler more typical path as her mothers family does not have a scholarly tradition. She does pick up bits and pieces from me but that is all. Oddly, my whole life i wanted to be what she is now. Unfortunately, my abilities and charisma never allowed me to live in the shadows. I am amazed that people I haven't seen for thirty years remember me. Usually, I have forgotten them.

I am not certain when and where I became more of a loving the moment type. People will point to my frequent support of the gay community at work. In essence,  the argument changed from self righteous
screaming to live and let live. I don't care what the person next door does so long as consenting adults are
the sole participants. One of the notorious fights at work started when an imbecile at work believed she had "gaydar" and she sees  gay men like Elmer Fudd sees rabbits. Race was never a big deal to me. My relationships look like the UN and I don't have a type.

I am hostile to theocracy in every application. I have a love of true Christians who are not beholden to that abomination Liberation theology. Those who practice the Jewish equivalent are on a moral par with Capos.
No doubt the faker from the West Coast will threaten to sue me. I reject the hasidic movement as cult like
clods and despise the Satmar almost as much as communists. Sorry, but you clowns need to find gainful employment. Oddly, as some of the Jews live in close proximity to the Pseudostinians their anger is reflected
into a mirror image.

There needs to be a realistic dialogue with Muslims that is prevented by the left. Islam needs a stern look at its own colonial history and abuses of indigenous people before we move forward. No problem with the peaceful practice of any religion including Islam. However, the cult of perpetual victim hood and  rationalizing criminal behavior needs to cease.

Lastly, take time to enjoy the small things in life. Enjoy a sunset, or a cool breeze, the embrace of a loved one, share a laugh with a friend, listen to music you enjoy, read a book for pleasure, read the news... skip that.

In the end I am fortunate to have worked a job where I hear heart felt thank yous often. Say thank you to the bus driver and clerks. Try and be there for a peer who is down.

Life ends before you know it so make as many productive moments as you can.

I want to thank everyone in my life past, present and future.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Strange comment by simpleton

A Muslim coworker is outraged by Israel's occupation of Arab land. I pointed out Arabs have been and continue to occupy Kurdish, Berber and Coptic lands. All of those people have superior claims to nation status than the sainted Pseudostinians.

In fact the wonderful folks at ISIS may be blood thirsty criminals, but they are factual when they are trying to
make a caliphate. There is no such animal as an Iraqi, Syrian, Jordanian, Saudi or Pseudostinian. These are
Arabs who have colonized lands of others. Essentially, this is more Judenfrei real estate sanctioned by the left.

I have asked Palestinian advocates what makes the claim of Palestine superior to that of Kurds, Berbers and various tribal groups. Thus far I have not received a factual logic based answer. The best my coworker could claim was a Jewish propensity to divide and conquer.

The coworker was outraged by Abu Gharib. I pointed out this is not torture and even those who lived under Saddam would point out the difference. Amputating limbs, raping women in front of their relatives is actual torture, panties on the head is not. The inmates at Abu Gharib are not and never were POW, they were unlawful combatants. The real crime is that the activities were gratuitous and not part of an organized interrogation. If panties on the head gives us something useful than go ahead.

Commies remain quite silent on torture of Americans who do fight in uniforms. There was never any cry for our POW's who faced real torture. Nor has the usual leftards said a peep about actual snuff films starring Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg. Sorry, but the outrage of panties on the head and so forth is trivial and the culprits were punished.

The same coworker was outraged about an Arab Kid being killed by Israelis. I pointed out the Israeli government will find and punish those guilty of this act. I am frankly amazed given the repeated crimes that
this type of vigilante behavior doesn't happen more frequently.

The latest bit is from the airstrikes in Gaza. How many Israelis have died? The Israelis built a shield and the reason the numbers are low is that it is effective. If the folks in Gaza quit shooting rockets and engaging in terror the response would stop.

Funny, but dead Arabs in Syria and Iraq by the score don't seem to bother lefties.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Careful with emails

In general this is sound practice. Why Lerner needed to state this and her emails disappear doesn't pass the smell test.

In general it is okay to joke provided the subject is far away from anything near an EEO grounds.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Cell Meeting

Ducky: You have no idea how horrible it is to.....
Jewdolus: Please I just ate my fish heads.
Ducky: You think you got trouble. Your only a slave I got to..... The things a good Marxist must do in the name of the cause.
Jewdolus: (snicker)
Ducky: I would give anything not to have to perform my husbandly duties with that foul beast.
Jewdolus: Even watch the Dukes of Hazzard....
Ducky: I'll give you your freedom....but no redneck TV. Put down that Axe. I will not have you kill the woman I once loved no matter how beastly she is now.
Jewdolus: I wasn't thinking of killing the Mrs.
Ducky: Violence is only the answer when done by the party. Stop smirking.
Jewdolus: Well we could remove the....
Ducky: I will not be castrated. Qiet here comes the beasts slave Confusicus.
Beakerambo: Meeeep, Meeep
Jewdolus: She ate the parrot again with red wine.
Ducky: How do you understand that blathering idiot
Jewdolus: You speak the same language.....
Ducky: Stop %%^7 me you know I mean Confusicus.
Jewdolus: Watch Rambo 3 85 times....
Ducky: Do I hear a cow.
Confusicus: Meeeeeep
Ducky: Yeah I know I married her for better or worse. I feel cheap and tawdry.
Jewdolus: You are cheap just not in the way you think.
Ducky:If I were to turn the lights down. I could have that blathering take my place.
Confusicus: MEEEEEEP
Ducky: He said quit whinning and do your job. He said that if he did that cow you'd never get any be cause he's hung like a horse.
Jewdolous: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tune in next week for more