Sunday, January 31, 2016

Time for Jerry Reese and the Giants to bring back the Shrink

The Giants under Parcells made extensive use of a psychologist. It obviously is not foolproof as Lawrence Taylor has some issues. Sadly those of affable Dave Megget were far worse. At least for the most part the players kept the stupidity in line. We knew Will Hikland Damontre Moore were problems but we did not create the atmosphere to help them. Sadly on Parcells teams Bobby Johnson was also a hard core problem and has battled addiction problems.

The Jay Bromley story is my last straw with Jerry Reese. We were told how he is a special man who came from a bad area. Now with the rape charge we see this is pure bull crap. We need to get our players help. There are more important things than winning. I would give back the 1990 Super Bowl to have Meggets problems worked out.

The Giants need to cut Bromley. He is a marginal player. That being said they need to help him put his life together.
He needs vocational and psychological help. No more Dave Meggets or Mark Ingram Sr behind bars. They also need to get
Bobby Johnson on his feet.

Football is just a game. Life is more important than the game. I hope Coughlin does not forget Bromley who probably needs his wisdom more than ever.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Board With Mike

If Mayor Bloomburg should run for President I am on board. I am somewhat perplexed why Al Sharpton is on board. It is
A direct rebuke to the Clintons and oddly to Bernie Sanders. Sanders has an unfair label as a lefty from a State with almost no Blacks. While true this is entirely missing the point and record of Sanders who did March in the Civil Rights era. Oddly Black support is the hope of Hillary. One can make a case that Bill Clinton embraced the community more than the aloof Obama.

I respect Bloomburg and defer to his competence and personal integrity.

RIP to Abe Vigoda who joked about being mistaken for dead for since the seventies. His face and his tired look lent itself to these gags. All of us die yet Vigoda took this to new levels. Hey guys I am still here was funny because we know there is an ending yet it isn't just yet until the final act. He brought a smile to life's grimmest topic

Monday, January 25, 2016

If you are going to lose. Then make it epic

Brady almost pulled out the impossible at the end of the Denver game. When they are not playing the Giants I root for the Patriots because their coach was here twelve years under Parcells. I am rooting for Carolina on the basis that there GM was from the Giants personnel dept.

If this story is true than Von Miller should cash in on it. Apparently there is a story that he is fined for farting frequently at meetings. I like our boss but I would pay to bring in Miller every time our section chief talks. I am shocked some corporate advertising has not been done. If he wins the MVP for the Super Bowl Von Miller you have won the Super Bowl MVP.... Fart. Don't let this happen to you use product x. Hey guy Disney added the smell of rotting bodies to the haunted house. Wait Von Miller just left.

Von Miller really is a good player. He might be the best defensive player in the game.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rare discussion of race

The elites use race as a tool for their agenda. If you are a typical person you are more apt to be impacted by an economy that is in the toilet or high crim than who gets an Oscar. Of course one could point to the lack of progress in these areas and shrill rhetoric from Obama. At what point do people grap that the policies failed.

When Hillary is defeated it will be her inability to step away from Obama.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016


It is kind of funny when my three year old likes Lawrence Welk because he plays music with bubbles in the backdrop.
I tried to show her the counting part. Making it worse she asked me about Gerritol twice.

The Arizona Greenbay game was probably the best football game I ever saw.

The U.K. Is now officially a joke of a country. I don't agree with Trump but banning people because Muslims and lefties don't like their political speech is a joke. I don't agree with Trump but he has not advocated violence. I will contrast this with lefties who regularly do this. Considering the rhetoric from Mosques and Universities this is
Hypocritical. Unlike the remarks of Trump these are not solely part of internal policy discussions.

There is a pattern Michael Savage, Pam Geller and Spencer. Then the same clods turn around and cry when Norman Finkola or Gnome Chimpanzee are banned from
Israel. In fact in the case of some lefties activities border on criminality. Rachel the pancake Corrie was aiding a terrorist group building tunnels and had an accident not occurred she warranted a lengthy prison term. Bill Clintons greatest error was preventing Peru from executing Lori Berenson for knowingly aiding a terrorist group. Moreover, Berenson remains unrepentant and should be sent to Gitmo to learn up close where terrorists belong. Neither had any business in conducting their own foreign policy.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lucky to be Alive

The amount of work that was assigned last week was inhuman. In reality workers come before their shift and leave way after. There are some who point to this as a form of stealing. I am still around albeit very tired. I want to be generous and call the practice mismanagement. Hopefully this practice stops soon.