Tuesday, March 21, 2017

RIP Mr Breslin

I briefly met Jimmy Breslin. I considered myself lucky enough to have met The late Kelly his daughter. I never met a woman who loved her father more. Kelly was right about many things, just not quite in the way she intended. I did waste too much time at work. Yet for me it was with the love of family not mindless parties and events that had no meaning for me.

In the short encounters I think his greatest wish was to be remembered as a newspaper man. Perhaps he was the apex of what is a dying breed as newspapers die. In the short attention span world perhaps there is no room for his unique talents. While every single one of the tributes got the complex larger than life man correct. Breslin would likely admit that a great writer first captures your attention first. Much of the persona was marketing, but how much is subject to debate of those who knew him better than I.

I hope he is with his daughters in the afterlife

Are we better in a world where the great newspapers and the people that made them a part of our lives slowly become extinct? I don't think so

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lefties are stupid

The demonstration outside my office shows how dumb lefties are. A women's march with Palestinian flags with gays, black lives matter at your immigration office. Making a society that routinely lynches its citizens, legally abuses gays and treat females like livestock a cause is absurd. Palestine has zero to do with immigration issues and activists are practicing an odious form of taking advantage of semi illiterate immigrants.

I contrast this with focused and peaceful TEA Party protests.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bravo Trump

The pot smoking circus clown previous President has led an unprecedented policy of benign neglect for ICE. ICE has a job to do and despite the idiotic press. Immigration is subject to a series of laws passed by congress with judicial review. Public safety is the job of the President and the executive order is consistent with Presidential authority, unlike DACA that violates the Constitution.

One hears the familiar sob stories. One does not ever hear from the people or who followed the law. I am tired of lefties thinking immigration is a right. It is an honor conveyed by the American people and governed by following procedures res and obeying laws. Public safety is non negotiable historically in immigration matters.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not a fani

I am a harsh critic of the use of executive orders to conduct immigration policy. I am a critic of Obama and I am critical of Trump. I do concede that unlike Obama, Trump is motivated by public safety. As far as the left is concerned, do not blame Trump for intelligently abusing authority exactly like Obama did.

The Muslim community needs to blame itself and the far left need to stop rationalizing terror. That being said I don't like authoritarianism

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Batak Obama worst human ever elected President

On his way out the door, the clown President behaved like a child. He pardons an unrepentant terrorist. If you don't believe lefties are mentally disturbed look at the reaction of Bill Dibozo to a man who bombed NYC and was involved with a group that bombed NYPD HQ. The President commuted the sentence of a transsexual traitor who gave away secrets.
He sticks it to Cuban Americans and Jews with last minute moves.

I can tell you that those Jews who supported Obama are in for a lifetime of ridicule. The clock wound down and people like Nadler and so called Rabbi Rick Jacobs are deserving of scorn. Their support of Obama makes them lower than Kapos who had no choice. I will use the term to describe J Street members and will not hold back. This term is not used for rank and file Obama lovers, only ones that stuck with him after the Iran deal

Note to Booker who had a decent relationship with the Jewish community. Your vote on the Iran deal killed any good work. You will not get any credit for past actions. No amount of verbiage explains that vote. He will run against Trump and would be an improvement over Obama.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bread and Circuses

Lefties killed the circus. Now we are stuck with the joke without animal acts. I refuse to waste my time on a polo ally correct circus. We now have the Trump circus and unhinged lefties drones ranting for at least four years.

Of course lefties should be treated as comedy acts. Obama and his even more psychotic pal Soros interfere in elections all over the globe and they want to cry about Putin. Kudos for Hungary for moves against the international
Criminal Soros.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Must be the New Yorker in Me

NYC residents have a different perspective on life. I was disappointed that the content was so mild by our standards. Golden Showers and prostitution are not big deals here. In hypocritical Hollywood those practices are likely as common as owning a sports car.

The media has plenty of more credible anti Obama stories but sits on them.