Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Bernie is DOA

The health issues and the rise of Liz Warren spell doom for the socialist Labotmy from Vermont.Real Jews were protesting for the freedom of their Soviet brothers while Bernie was honeymooning and making cringeworthy comments. Oh yes they have clean subways. Jews arent allowed to worship and cant leave. Cuba has increased literacy but you are only free to read what the government says you can. Dont call him a Communist. He just pprsises them until their human rights debacles become too blatant.

Antifa sinks even lower

If you thought a mass attack on a ninety pound asian homosexual reporter was low. Antifa is harassing ninety year old ladies with walkers. They are just lucky bikers did not witness that. Any law enforcement officer should have immediately intervened

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Eliminate six months visas

The USA should reduce the visa length from six months to three. Any use of medical facilities with unpaid bills
should eliminate further visits. Example Mama Guyana arrives in the USA and visits our emergency room. If she doesnt
pay her bill no further visas.

This is an anti freeloader bill. It will help families plauged by houseguests that return every year. It is a profamily bill designed to curb freeloaders who return annually and abuse our social services. Mom has a heart attack in New Jersey. Unless the bill is paid no additional visits.

The rare exception is with a 5000 bond. It is forfeited for overstaying and or use of social services or unpaid medical bills.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Children in politics

The far left has abused a generation of children. Wanting cleaner air and to protect endangered species is noble.
This is different than scaring them to death with global Armageddon. Thunberg should be viewed as performance art. It
is creepy and exploitative.

Friday, September 20, 2019


Its not something I ever did. Even back in the 70s there was an understanding about how inappropriate that was. Somehow I wore my LT jersey with pride or black face. Some of the guys wore lamp black. A single black line under the eyes was a common practice. It isn’t racial just a stupid baseball thing.
Somehow I sung all manner of song without makeup.
It is just dumb.

The Canadian Prime minister should retire.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beto vs Rambo

This is what our political scene is. Its either a spineless, whiny jerk versus people of action. Sorry, but even as a
Classic liberal the Democrats offer nothing

Most of us arent for open borders and respect private property. Lets also be blunt about the left. They scream about imaginary racism but see zero wrong with dark skinned anti Semitic lunatics and violent homophobic clowns. A Christian says something stupid about gays every newspaper runs it. Muslims preach violence towards gays they spin it into intellectual twister.

Its time for adults on the left to just say no. Let AOC run against Schumer. Let Liz Warren run against Trump. The far left is not popular ecept on Twitter. Most of us are tired of having to announce pronouns and are not bothered by gendered language. We support law enforcement in general and dont do mental gymnastics after terrorist attacks.

Trump is political Rambo. He laughs at political correctness. Pocahontas is polite considering the naked fraud dome by Warren. Fake being an athlete to get into college and your parents can go to jail. Fake being a Native American and you get a faculty job and a Senate seat. Did we go into the racist pow wow chow. I havent even started withAOC claiming crypto Jewish ancestry to deflect her support for vapid Jew haters.

Trump leads and gets stuff done.

I will gladly take Rambo over Beto. Sadly both are cartoons but nobody told Beto yet

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tired of the ICE bashing

America should listen to Tom Homan. I am sick and tired of idiot Democrats lying about what ICE does. Are those morons too stupid to realize they arrest pedophiles and gang members each and every day. AOC is really stupid if she doesnt grasp what ICE does. Maybe we should run an add with crime scene photos of MS13 victims and thank

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Damn 18 years

I want to point out the attacks are a part of my life story. They are an important part but not the sum of my life. I made changes to my life and dedicated it to public service.
There is a myth that I will debunk yet again. The first people nakedly politicizing the attack were the far left. The buildings were burning in the distance. I passed the funeral for the first known victim. A gay Catholic priest died while delivering last rights. He is every bit as heroic as anyone else who died that day. He could have ran but a higher calling was his mission in life.
Most of us were wondering who was dead. Yet the far left gathered in Union Square and held a Nuremberg style rally blaming the Jews. Our country had been attacked and the left did not wait until the smoke cleared to blame the Jews.
Over time a myth has formed that the right used the attack to stoke Islamaphobia. Years of romanticized human rights abuses came home to roost. Terrorism was portrayed as the desperate act against the powerful.To this day the left still does this toss an American senior in a wheelchair off an ocean liner and lefties will write an opera and cry when you cancel donations or burn tickets given as gifts. Then they drape themselves in the flag but fail to grasp
the consequences of their stupidity. No doubt a similar opera about Emmet Till doesnt get staged and for good reasons.
Now as the years pass progressives spin rationalize and trivialize the attacks on our country. Al Queda isn’t funny.
A certain congressional moron should know many of us speak of it in the same tones reserved for Nazis and Communist