Saturday, December 31, 2005

Who needs the facts when we can package a myth. Clinging to Rigoberta

Flynn's next chapter seems absurd but it is 100% true. The far left loves victims who speak their mantra. Thus they present a Commie bufoon like Cindy Sheehan as representative of families with a member killed in Iraq. Other far numerous voices who disagree are ignored. Similarly 9-11 witnesses and WTC 93 survivors who are Communist are hailed but those who disagree like the Beak are held in contempt.

Rigoberta Menchu invented a biography that was devoid of real facts. She created a paint by the numbers book of official PC victimology and toted the biases of University Marxists and they bought the story. The fact was it conformed to myths and was presented as fact. More absurd the book is still being used today even after it has been debunked.

Menchu used the predictable excuses when her lies were uncovered. Her critics were called racists, but how an excamination of litterary fraud becomes racial is a mystery. How someone's illiteracy becomes a badge of honor is also a mystery ?

Flynn provides yet another example of leftist creating facts out of fiction.

Up next Flynn takes on Zinn, Chomsky and Bore Vidal

Friday, December 30, 2005

Flynn on Animal Rights with some help from the Beak and local Vermonters

Fylnn's next chapter is on the champion of Animal Rights Pete Singer. His version of animal rights is thinly guised totalitarianm. Well if someone wants to live on Tofu go ahead but stay down wind. However eating Tofu does cause the emission of Ozone depleting gas upseting environmentalists. The safe bet to be politicaly correct is too starve to death. This may sound like a joke but it has elements of the truth to the PC left.

Most people are well aware of the food chain. There are plants who are eaten by hebivores who are in turn eaten by carnivores. Singer and company forget that man is a part of this chain. Thus when I eat some Popeyes chicken I am participating in the food chain at the top.

Singer has advocated infanticide and the mercy killing of the disabled. He talks about a Holocaust in your refrigerator and then advocates the killing of the disabled. Nazis first started killing disabled and then they progressed to sterilizing Jews, then rounding up Jews and finaly wholesale slaughter of Jews.
Singer has advocated sterilizing people so he is well on his way to step two. The rest of us notice a difference between the disabled and chickens. Who died and let Singer and the rest of these Marxist goons decide to play god. Who decides what life is worthy ?

Farm animals are creations of man as they have been selectively bred over thousands of years. However Singer has problems with milking cows but zero problem with those who seek intamacy with farm animals. This is great news to our favorite posting poultry who might not have to fly into a building to get sex.

Local Vermonters think wildlife should be respected. Always serve cute and cuddly forrest creatures with appropriate wine and vegtable. I saw a friend tip toing in the woods but he was consuming nature, not comuning with nature. I am told Muskrat and Woodchuck is served with red wine. Deer are so overpopulated they become serious trafic hazards and often starve. There is a solution to this mess go out there and get your own. Use guns or a junky car and serve them in at your table tonight.

To the madmen like Singer only human death is appropriate. They do not venerate human life and view human life as less worthy then that of poultry. Thus if one eats a bucket of KFC you are a murderer. However if one blows up a KFC executive they are doing justice. When antiabortion foes follow the same logic the whole world including the Beak condems the practice.

Comming up next the left invents a new martyr Rigoberta Menchu or lying is good so long as it aids the cause.

Speaking of the cause I am donating 100 dollars to David Horowitz's fund raising effort. I have all of his books and asked for the autograph of my favorite Front Page Writer Richard Poe. This is a small price to pay for the great articles and education I get each and everyday. To my surprise my request was granted and will be in the mail tonight. I wonder what a Yeagley autograph would cost. I didn't cite Yeagley as my favorite FPM writer as he is a friend. So if you have ever enjoyed a Horowitz or Radosh book, the wisdom of Rihard Poe, Stephen Plaut or David Yeagley kindly make a tiny donation for the smiles and education they provide.Even if it is only ten dollars let them know our appreciation.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to the Chinese Buffet and 167 to the Jason Papas school of market basics. He can not be sent for re education as he was never educated in the first place.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Flynn on Ehrlich and environmento wackos

Flynn has a field day with the high pest of the environmental movement Paul Ehrlich.
What Flynn fails to mention is that former Reds like Norman Finklestein and Joel Koevell have added a decidedly totalitarian mix to an allready deranged movement. The phenomena is known ad the watermelon green, green on the outside and red in the center. When you meet these nuts grap the visine and be merciless.

Flynn recount failed predictions that are based on pure illogic. Starvation of humans in the modern era is tied directly to socialism. If you want people to stop starving toss your Marxism out in the trash. Example after example shows that Capitalism does not cause starvation rather the lack of Capitalism causes starvation.
Avoiding Civil Wars and Anarchy as in Somalia also reduces starvation but good luck explaining that to your friendly neighborhood anarchist.

Environmentalist yearn for a utopia that never was. Preindustrial Revolution lifespans were shorter and there was more starvation . Life was harder and if a man was tiptoing through the woods looking for cuddly woodlands creatures it was to get a meal. Yes tribal people loved animals over a nice fire and those who think otherwise are watching too many Mazolla comercials.

The best way to reduce population growth is you guessed it Capitalism. Yes, when Mom has to earn a check to make ends meet and aford luxuries there are fewer kids. The environmental nuts will screech about population control and a host of doomsday scenerios that miss the point. Capitalists will always find new ways to make a buck and that means feeding the masses. Inovation is a constant in a Capitalist economy and there are always better strains of crops being developed in Universities as we speak each and every day.

Polution is a problem and the reasonable reduction of polution is generaly good. However Flynn points out the areas that were left alone in Alaska after the Exon Valdez spill came back to life sooner then the areas treated by the environmentalists. Flynn also recounts a few examples of domestic terrorism by environmentalists. There are plenty of good reasons why the FBI should watch environmentalists , animal rights nuts and far left groups. Hint Al Queda is not the only group to commit terrorism on US soil.

Flynn corectly describes fow the lunatic fringe has built a religon based upon Earth Worship. The comedic part is that their utopia never existed except in their own imagination. However if Barbara Striesand and company want to leave their homes and become hunter gatherers it is fine by me. Just leave your property to the B Brothers realty before you go. B brothers is Beakerkin , Beamish and Big Bubba a strictly for profit entity.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo, 167 to the Woodshed

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Flynn on Marcuse Dead on Target

I have written about the hierarchy of victims of the far left. Amazingly adherents of a colonal totalitarian intolerant pathology at conflict with every other religon on the planet are on top of the list of victims. The Beakerkin view of the dimbulb left official victims list are Muslims, Gays, Blacks, Native Americans. Thus it is okay for the left when Muslims kill gays. On Rob Bayn's blog we had the comedic rationalizations of Gay Commie 167 approving of Iranian and Saudi justice while screeching racist at Capital punishment for Tookie Williams. The well established facts that Iran and Saudi Arabia routinely use torture to coerce confessions is lost on 167. 167 thinks naked twister and panties on the head are torture but real torture in Saudi Iranian Justice systems is okay. If you critique the torture you are racist although Arabs and Persians do not constitute races in any definition.

This madness starts when Marcuse realized that Marxist had to divorce Marx from the workers. I fondly remember the hard hats taking matters into their own hands. The self righteous commies vandalized property,assaulted police officers and in no description were peaceful or popular. The workers that the Commie vermin claimed to speak for rejected them . I do not advocate vigilante style justice but a paralyzed police failed to act and the real people had enough. You can see a glimpse of how much the average American hated the lawless self righteous commie radicals in an unlikely place the Discovery Times documentary on Kent State. A wounded womans father was upset that more protesters were not shot to death. The documentary never gets around to what trashing private property or arson has to do with peace.

Marcuse decides to replace the workers in Marx with victims. Thus if you are Black and you disagree with victimology like Thomas Sowell , Walter ( He rules) Williams or Larry Elder you are no longer Black but an Uncle Tom. If one is a Native American who disagrees like David Yeagley then you are and Uncle Tomohawk. Jews who disagree are called Kahanists , Zionists or Facists and the catch all racists. Catholics are generaly just lumped together as racist homophobes. All the fundamentalist Christians
are just called ignorant brainwashed racist homophobes. Hindus are new to this list as India is called the New Zionist entity by radicals in Union Square on the cutting edge of PC bigotry.

Thus we get the absurd illogic that Western Democracies are totalitarian but Cuba, Vietnam and the former Soviet Union are free. Free speech is only for those we agree with because all other speech is racist an facist. Thus ushered in the era of speech codes and victims studies departments that in actuality are make works programs for Commies. A person with a four year degree in any victims studies department may qualify to flip burgers provided they are not disruptive.

We also get the notion that all education is political from Marcuse and his accolytes. Thus any pretense of balance is tossed out the window. Students are encouraged and graded on the professors political whims rather then the ability to form a coherent presentation of facts and logic.

Sadly the current Democratic party is fused with this Marxist victimology. The Commie brigades have burrowed into the party via front groups and political machines.
I am a social liberal who loves my country and want nothing to do with appeasers like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Charlie Rangel. It seems like the last real Democrat is Joe Lieberman who was criticized by the NYT for dividing the party.

This chapter explains much of the madness we see on the left today. Intolerance by the left is okay because it is politicaly correct. Free speech for me but none for thee is good because if you don't agree with the PC mantra you are just a racist facist homophobe.

Thank you Mr Flynn this chaper rocks but the warning label stands. Do not read this book if you are easily outraged or get nauseous over perverted behavior.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hey Abdul you do not have a right to house radioactive materials in your Mosque

I am amazed that the self righteous left and the usual suspects at CAIR are bent out of shape over mobile radiation sweeps. How many dead slaughtered by those who act in the name of the Religion of Rest in Peace do we need before you give your approval. Do we need 30,000 dead , 300,000 dead , 3,000,000 dead before it is a problem.

Feel free to sweep my appartment and cubicle for radiation. Just leave my Mountian Dew and Fritos where you found them. I have no problem with the government listening in on my phone conversations. Northwind to Beakerkin bing home Beakerkin bring back beer and womens razors. I do get upset when any girlfriend uses my razor on her legs
but I don't know why.

Lets see the left thinks that terrorist must have equal rights. We are at war and this is not about law enforcement. This is the logical degeneration of a movement that aided and abeted Communist sedition. We have already seen the Commie 167 defend the Prseident of Iran's statements as not anti semitic. No doubt he will denounce the governments efforts to keep us from glowing in the dark racist paranioa. The fact that Muslims still do not constitute a race will not deter the brain impaired.

No doubt when we get hit again the illucid ones will blame the Joooos and everyone else except the perpetrators. In the wake of 7-7 in London 167 spent days in a rage against the police for using "zionist" tacticts. The thought that if the bombers did not attack innocent civilians the police may not have been on edge never occured to the brain impaired 167.

Hey Abdul if you want to place radioactive materials in your mosque do it in your home country. If you find that to be unreasonable nobody is forcing you to stay. There are plenty of places where you can abuse non Muslims with impunity and live under Sharia.

Hey Farouk if you and your pals think you have a right to gang rape women who do not dress in the manner you appove you are mistaken. Where are the feminist on this one as this excuse is being used in Europe and Australia. Feel free to try this in areas where the locals are armed. Rape is not your cultural birthright in my country. You wanted the world to move mountains when the Serbs did that to your women and I am glad it was stopped. But when Saddam's thugs or gangs in the West do the same act you hide behind your culture.

Hey Mahmoud you do not have the right to beat your wife. I do not care if it is in the Koran . If you insist on beating your wife take your family and leave.

Hey Ibrahim you do not have a right to honor kill your female relatives. If your daughter acts in a way you disapprove too bad. If she wants to dress or wearr make up that is her right. If you do not like who she dates learn to live with it like the rest of us.

Hey Ahmed you get one wife in this country. You want more fine get out of the country and marry four. Why you need more then one wife is another question ? Maybe its because you are lazy and the women can talk to each other while you sit on the couch watching CNN .

The invention and usurpation of Civil law in the name of cultural sensitivity is no joke. What is next slavery or paying Jizyah ? Well historicaly non Muslims pay protection money and suffer humiliation. Maybe all you dhimmis should wear symbols on your clothing so we can identify you easier for beatings.

Bottom line if you want to live here obey our laws and live in Peace. The second you preach Jihad on US soil it is time to go. Immigrants have the duty to obey laws like the rest of us.

Monday, December 26, 2005

I do not get this at all . Cleansing history

I am unable to put the book Intelectual Morons by Flynn down. I do not recommed this book for anyone not named Mr Beamish. I have read two chapters at random and every hair on my body is raised.

The first chapter I read was the chapter on Margret Sanger. I have read the charges that she sought to reduce the number of blacks before. What I have never heard was that black leadership viewed he efforts favorably. Nor have I ever been told about mandatory sterilization, her speach before the KKK, her blatant anti Catholicism or her desire for Eugenics. Sorry 167, Sanger like you was a Socialist ( you are really a Commie). What type of idiot decides who shall breed ? The same nut jobs who send people to Gulags and take your property in their name.

The chapter on Kinsey was disgusting and he should have been executed for his behavior. Any person that encourages the practice of pedophelia should be put to death. It seems that Kinsey encouraged and took reports from predators who prey on children. There is mixed information but a high probability Kinsey and his staff perpetrated pedophelia himself.

The sections of his flawed research were generaly known. Kinsey wanted a certain result so he skewed his samples. This does not prevent the elite academic snobs from quoting research they know is flawed. The often cited one out of ten males is homosexual is and always was a lie from day one. Flynn cites two other studies that put the number around 2%.

The fact that some still cite this number today in shrill demands for power is startling. Gay rights should have been argued as human rights . Gay rights could also have best achieved by a libertarian type of mind your business approach. Even the most religious people acknowledge the primacy of Civil law in the USA. The image that the Gay community has presented is a needless self righteous and often shrill attack on those Americans who are religious. The whole tragedy is that the conflict between religion and Civil rights was avoidable. Sadly those on the far left are aiming at society rather then achieving results that they screech about.

The message of this book is that to the far left the message is more important then the facts. In the case of Sanger and Kinsey historians have done an almost Soviet style cleansing of the actions and writings of these people. The fact that Margret Sanger advocated Eugenics is far more important then Jeffersons relationship with Sally Hemmings.

Flynn's book should carry a warning label

Hard to believe

I am glancing through the section of the book Intellectual Morons by Flynn which will be my next book.

I was familiar with Margret Sangers desire to reduce the population of blacks in America. I was in no way prepared for the fact that she was an advocate of eugenics , forced sterilization and spoke before a meeting of the KKK in 1926. I was even more shocked the W.E.B. DuBois and Adam Clayton Powell supported this policy of abortion in the black community.

I am still not a pro life but these facts are certainly relevant.

For the record the only person in the USA who should be sterilized is Ducky. It would seem to improve his mood. Hey Ducky how about a trip to the vet to get fixed.
I will pledge the first fifty bucks. You would be less annoying but just as ignorant.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

All of you prepare to boo the Beak

I want to talk about the key to happines. No doubt we get disappointments and curveballs thrown into our lives. There are times that life seems to be all frustration and joy.

Yet I am reminded with some of these cases how lucky I am each and every day. A seventy year old working two jobs to support her developmentaly disabled adult children. No doubt this woman would be angry at you if you showed her pity for children she loves. A man finds out his fourteen year old daughter is not his and is rushing to adopt the girl he loves and raised from day one. Paternity does not change the fact that I am the only father this child has ever known nor my love for this child. A woman raises a child from birth sends him to European schools but can not be reunited with her child because her country permits gaurdianship not adoption.

I look at some of these cases and am floored at the adversity and the nobility that some show in the face of adversity. How easy would life be if that woman decided that the state should care for her kids ? How many men would cling to a child that may have been duped into supporting ? The womans setbacks will not stop her from loving a boy she considers her son. Sometimes we are capable of great nobility of spirit.

Yet the key to finding happiness in life is to be thankful with our own lots in life.
It is true that we sometimes envy the lots of others and wish our burdens were less.However , out there is sombody who would think our burdens are trivial.

Now commence booing.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Munich a diasterous work of propoganda

Spielburg is a deranged Left coast moron and should stick to Indiana Jones. However , even through the propoganda some basic truths emerge. The KGB and the Euroleft aided and abeted terrorists. The film does show Palestinian thugs protected by KGB vermin. It also briefly discusses the Euroleft aiding and abeting terrorist scum. I wanted a replay when the Israelis killed the KGB officer. The film tries to draw a false parallel in the depiction of Commie and American support for terrorists.

The film uses zero context for the violence. Lets see Commie armed and trained Terrorist vermin attack the Olympics and the effort to eliminate the planners is critiqued. The leftist Israelis ask where is the evidence lets try them.

The film is another leftist morons attempt to talk about the circle of violence. The failure is that the film does not adress the aid terrorist get from foriegn intelligence agencies. The film is a thinly veiled attempt to crotique the war on terror. The cycle of violence is endless so we should just let Jihadist and their leftist vermin allies slaughter all of us.

No thank you left coast nimrods my city not yours was attacked. You guys bellyached about one of your own Rushdie having a fatwa on their head. There is zero mention of school kids shot in the back and 3,000 of my brother and sister NYC residents slaughtered in the name of Allah.

This is moral relitivism at its worst.

Being a good relative

Those of you who are long term readers know that Drum Master is my nephew. He can be found on Mr Beamish's blog, Esthers and on Warren in addition to mine. I am down for the holidays resting and taking care of my little Buddy.

My nephew wants to see Munich and I loathe Holywood. This would be the last film I would choose to see. However, my duty as a relative comes before my anti communism and hatred of the idiots on the left coast.

The good news is that you can expect an acid bath type review and be spared the expense of seeing it yourself. Unlike our leftist morons I do not review books or movies I haven't seen. That being said when I do see them expect a brutal review of the morons in the Film industry.

The old cycle of violence game is a familiar leftist staple. It is unwise to give quarter to a group of men that would slice your heads off chanting Allah Ahkbar. I am all too willing to help them meet the 72 virgins albeit not exactly the way they intended. The way to win this war is to do exactly what we are doing now. Let the Muslim Supermen know that when you mess with America the price is steep. My country is not France and I thank god every day that real men and women are my brothers and sisters. The game of asymetrical warfare is over. The time of double talk and excuses is over .

Adios Democrats Sanity Comes Firtst

I am watching the far left collectively self destruct over the uproar over domestic spying. The problem is they can not get over their fantasies of Cold War victims of McCarthy. The other problem for the far left is that they are seditious . Democrats have a history of working with a variety of Commie front groups.

Let Barbara Boxer shriek impeachment over the scandal. I hope the Democrats try to put Bush through impeachment for trying to protect the American people . This tactic is going to blow up in their faces and there may not be a left winger elected outside of Berkley. If the current scandal is true that the government allegedly used mobile radiation detection units and gasp checked mosques from outside. Let CAIR cry and howl but the American people will be more outraged then ever. Sorry Mustafa but the government should do everything in its power to prevent your buddies acting in the name of your god from using a dirty bomb.

The most likely suspects to attack the US are Muslim radical or their lunatic Commie Allies and apologists. Terrorism is asymetrical warfare and those who aid and abet the enemy should face the death penalty for treason. The US government will never ever do it because they are worried about the Muslim street.

The rallying cry of civil rights for terrorists will be the death knell for the far left. Rep Boxer please tell me why Mustafas Mosque should not be swept for radioactivity. Please tell me if the right to wage Jihad or Revelution on US soil is a protected right. Hey Mustafa if you preach domestic Jihad and communicate with terrorist you may need the US government to save your behind from the American people. If you want to live under Sharia you have plenty of options, kindly excersize them and get out. Hey Comrade Carl please come to a Walmart parking lot in the midwest and preach revolution. You are going to find out the people you claim to speak for will kick you tail.

Sorry leftwing vermin your mythology of being a victim was and always will be a fantasy of your own creation. The United States government should have denaturalized and deported all of you to your beloved motherland. You do not have a right to sedition and to act as agents of a hostile foreign power.

Baron gets a Taning Lamp

I was unable to take my pet Turtle with me to VT as getting live food is problematic and a heat outage could be fatal. The coldest it gets is around -3 and that is brief.
I have already endured three nights of -6 and it is going to get worse.

Reptile unlike you and I are cold blooded. Their body temperature is a reflection of the surrounding temerature. Baron loves no A/C in the summer and is comfortable at 90 plus. However , he gets uncomfortable as we get around 50. The area where his tank was kept had a draft and the water temperature was around 50.

I came home changed the location of his tank and he is 100% fine. He has a UV bulb and is enjoying a tanning salon. In fact he will not leave the heated section. The UV rays also restore his orange stripes to their fullest colors.

He is up there at 31 years of age and the lifespan of well maintained turtles of his species is believed to be fifty. However we know less about turtles then dogs and cats. The real number may be in the seventies as the availability of live food is a recent event in the last fourty years.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The logical extension of Zinn's illogic

Leftist dolts like our familiar friend poultry like to repeat the familiar blame America game. The game is typical Commie fluf typified by Zinn in the familiar indict a country by its history game.

One of the comedic ironies is that when I play the same game as Zinn on the history and treason of the far left we hear " McCarthyism". No the Venona Cables the next book in the Beakerkin project for the elimination of "progressive" mental illness is the Venona Cables.

I have quoted from The Black Book which makes 167 squirm and Ducky rabid. 167 wrote an entire post that was comedic to even the simplest reading of the book. The introduction does not minimize the crimes of Nazism. It states quite clearly that Communists have never been held accountable for their crimes unlike Nazis who are familiar screen villians. They cried a storm over Boris Badenov although they were Pottsylvanians. We seldom see Commies on screens as villians . We are more likely to see them as victims of a fictional witch hunt. The illogic of agents of a hostille genocidal regime being victims is lost on the left.

The game that the far left plays is true Communism hasn't been tried yet. How many failures does one need with stacks of dead before we conclude this is a bad idea. The game is each new variant of Communism will solve the systematic flaws.The other game is the bait and switch we are Greens, Anarchists, Progressive etc. If you are still advocating Groucho Marxism in this day and age you need to learn the basics of markets and human nature.

The Zinn formula applied to Islam causes the Left to scream Racism. The fact that Muslim and Arabs do not form racial categories is lost on the left. I guess the left thinks killing people by class is moraly okay. Rational people abhor both types of excess but a rational person would never be on the far left either.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 to the Woodshed.

Strange but True

So many coworkers hate going to the Christmas Party that we recieved a memo stating
that failure to attend would be punishable by loss of a weeks pay. In my particular case three managers gave me a personal message. I have a long drive and placing the holiday so close to drive time is rude.

On a related note my boss is a great guy and a genius. I have an elaborate system on my desk of piles. Somehow he figured out my system and I am at a loss. My inbound cases were taken to train new contractors. He pointed that pile is fresh cases and that requires a legal opinion and that area on the right is ready to go. Clear everything on the right yesterday as the security people are short of work.

I am amazed at how many of my coworkers dread the holiday party . If it were up to the guys there would be no party. I was surprised that my area has become hot real estate and plenty of people seek to move there. Our area is known as a comedy area
because we have about four guys in six cubes joking about local topics. The latest
joke was my running to hear what I thought was the sound of a Moose. Sadly it was not a Moose but poorly maintained equipment next door. Mr Moose visited and left a reminder of his visit in the parking lot.

I was surprised that the two vacant cubes were claimed before they were vacated. There were at least ten claims as people like to be in a fink free zone. In fact this was not always the case but a cute young clerical was upset when a more senior
caseworker bumped her out. In our area there is zero snobery between caseworkers and clericals. The caseworker was a great addition but she left to be closer to home. Amazingly another senior caseworker claimed the spot but she is leaving for Boston.
Nice lady but she was kind of vanilla but enjoyed the comedy. I can not be bumped out due to seniority as caseworkers are never moved. I was surprised at how popular the area was with female staffers. It seems that only a few vocal angry people get upset about guys talking about sport,local life and very mild jokes about our cases.
Miss PC applied but I informed the others that I would move out if she moved in. Her seniority prevented that from being an issue. No doubt my request to leave would be met with another of her endless stream of grievences. Interestingly, of the 100 plus
all 100 were against male coworkers. Now since only about 60% of the coworkers are male there is an obvious pattern. Sadly HR puts the blame on guys talking about sports or sexist terms like use your cocanut. Maybe, the problem is that Miss PC doesn't understand the way men interact and should go through some sensitivity training herself.

The conclusion is that a surprising number of women enjoy and find the light attmosphere refreshing. Guys being themselves, clean humor and a fink free zone are popular. All of us enjoy coming to work and morale is not low in our area.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When I get back

When I get to NJ I am going to see if I can get drummaster to post the code for the Music. I may just post that on the right as theme music for the Blog.

Now what theme Music Should be picked out for Mr Beamish ?

Who is Paranoid about phone conversations or Email

The paranoid attacks on the use of wiretaps and emails are quite amusing. Some of us
have forgotten we face two enemies in America. Everyone is familiar with the bug eyed Jihadist shouting Allah Ahkbar as he prepares to slit throats. If anyone thinks that all Muslim terrorist look like dark skinned versions of Jack Elam with a head scarf and a turban they are mistaken. This does not mean that Mustafa at your local news stand is a terrorist. However, a rational policy places Mustafa under more scrutiny then Mr Park my beloved Korean dry cleaner.

The second enemy is the far left who are aiding the Jihadists. Fighting terror is not like fighting the mafia or even the Crips. Organized crime and to a lesser extent street gangs are criminal enterprise. Smacking planes into office towers is assymetrical warfare. We are not talking about a bookie or a prostitution ring we are talking about life and death.

Terrorists do not wear uniforms and are not entitled to any legal protection. In fact once caught in the field they should be sent to Allah. A perfect example is the actions of Germany who quietly traded a convicted terrorist for a hostage. If we need intelligence terrorists are entitled to zero protection. I do not advocate physical torture but humiliation and all psychological warfare is fair game. My problem with panties on the head at Abu Gharib was this was done gratuitously.
If I can get the information I need by doing the same by all means. If the Jihadis do not like Metalica then blast it all day. Put 100 of them in a room and force them to watch Yently and Lifetime movies. Confinement is not meant to be a country club and make them do useless work as in Cool Hand Luke. Farouk dig that ditch and about three hours later tell Farouk " Hey who told you to put dirt in my yard ". The above treatment is familiar to many people who work 9-5 . If it is good enough for many American workers it is appropriate for terrorists.

Many on the left play a disgusting series of games with 9-11. There is the most familiar series of conspiracies invariably blaming jooos for acts carried out by Muslim thugs. Then the next game they play is you are talking about internment. No we are talking about extra scrutiny so that internment does not become what an enraged American people want.

Then the next game the far left plays is "the added security is paving the way for a new type of McCartyite facism". The second group placed under scruitiny should be the far left. The far lefts record of treason and working withC/a>[(2)bases], solo tienes que mandarnos un mail:
Vista nuestra web: para informate y dar tu opiniĆ³n en el foro.

y que viva la PePA!

Play this song:

Who is Paranoid about phone conversations or Email

The paranoid attacks on the use of wiretaps and emails are quite amusing. Some of us
have forgotten we face two enemies in America. Everyone is familiar with the bug eyed Jihadist shouting Allah Ahkbar as he prepares to slit throats. If anyone thinks that all Muslim terrorist look like dark skinned versions of Jack Elam with a head scarf and a turban they are mistaken. This does not mean that Mustafa at your local news stand is a terrorist. However, a rational policy places Mustafa under more scrutiny then Mr Park my beloved Korean dry cleaner.

The second enemy is the far left who are aiding the Jihadists. Fighting terror is not like fighting the mafia or even the Crips. Organized crime and to a lesser extent street gangs are criminal enterprise. Smacking planes into office towers is assymetrical warfare. We are not talking about a bookie or a prostitution ring we are talking about life and death.

Terrorists do not wear uniforms and are not entitled to any legal protection. In fact once caught in the field they should be sent to Allah. A perfect example is the actions of Germany who quietly traded a convicted terrorist for a hostage. If we need intelligence terrorists are entitled to zero protection. I do not advocate physical torture but humiliation and all psychological warfare is fair game. My problem with panties on the head at Abu Gharib was this was done gratuitously.
If I can get the information I need by doing the same by all means. If the Jihadis do not like Metalica then blast it all day. Put 100 of them in a room and force them to watch Yently and Lifetime movies. Confinement is not meant to be a country club and make them do useless work as in Cool Hand Luke. Farouk dig that ditch and about three hours later tell Farouk " Hey who told you to put dirt in my yard ". The above treatment is familiar to many people who work 9-5 . If it is good enough for many American workers it is appropriate for terrorists.

Many on the left play a disgusting series of games with 9-11. There is the most familiar series of conspiracies invariably blaming jooos for acts carried out by Muslim thugs. Then the next game they play is you are talking about internment. No we are talking about extra scrutiny so that internment does not become what an enraged American people want.

Then the next game the far left plays is "the added security is paving the way for a new type of McCartyite facism". The second group placed under scruitiny should be the far left. The far lefts record of treason and working with hostile enemies intelligence services is a fact . Sedition and treason are not protected under the first amendment. Mark Levin who is a Constitutional scholar also informs us international phone calls are not protected.

The record of the current administration on dissent pales to that of the previous administration. The Clinton administation used the Rico act against Pro Life organizations can one imagine the uproar if the Bush Adminstration followed that precedent against Code Pink. Lets not forget what side of the aisle had stacks of FBI
files of GOP activists. That scandal was far greater then Watergate and linked to Hillary Clinton. I would love to see the press outrage about a similar set of FBI files of Tom Hayden , Noam Chomsky and Michael Moron.

Let the administration but my email and my phone conversations. I have zero to hide and my conversations would bore the agents to death. Beakerkin " Pickup some apple cider on your trip home". They might be amused about a series of laundry jokes that the locals seem amused with. They swear that Vermonters only use powder and hang their clothes out to dry in thirty below.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Arthur Miller's Fantasy World

Arthur Miller never was grounded in reality and always was a Communist Party fellow traveler. His sole achievement was that as a nerd he got within fifty yards of Marilyn Monroe. Monroe should not ever be confused with the sharpest tool in the shed. It seems that half of Hollywood spent ahem quality time with Monroe. I think Buddy Hackett and Don Knotts can safely be assumed not to have spent quality time with Monroe.

Miller's fantasy is elaborated in the link below provided by Farmer John. He likens Senator Mc Carthy to Hitler which rational people know is a stretch. Communist were never placed in concentration camps . Their Ghettoes were of their own creation at a social science department in a faculty near you.

Miller white washes the evil of the American Communists. He does acknowledge the abuses of Communism with his mention of Kulaks and Stalinism. However he tries to lump anti communism with the abuses of the Communists. This is as insane as lumping the victims of 9-11 with advocates of Osama.

Communism from its earliest days was a seditious movement. The American Communist movement was funded and led by Soviet Intelligence. A government that is interested in survival does not need to explain to rational people why agents and apologists for a hostile seditious movement should not be employed in the Armed services or government agencies. The First Amendment does not protect sedition or treason.

Miller perpetuates the myth of innocent victims of facism. One can readily note that Communists who dissented from party doctrine faced more abuse from fellow party members then Joe McCarty or the US government.

I find it odd that Communist are the first people to bring up the dual loyalty question visa vis Jews. The familiar Neocon Cabal ( Commie slang for evil Jewish Republican all four of them) and the familiar refrain that the Iraq war was fought for Israel is a familiar Commie staple. There is no group that has a better tradition of sedition and disloyalty then Communists. Even the great conservatives Howard Dean and Susan Estritch have denounced this tactic as pure anti semitism. The same Commies who perpetrate the party line of Jooish cabals also get bent out of shape with any similar mention about Muslims in America. It is safe to assume the examples of Hassan Ahkbar and the FBI agent who undermined an investigation into terror were treasonous.

Miller never recanted and acknowledged the evils and espionage that Communist perpetrated. If the USA was 1/10 as repressive as his Soviet Union he would have spent his time in a Gulag rather then Sardis.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The End of an Era in NYC

For twenty three years I have been listening to the King of attack Conservative Radio in NYC Bob Grant. Grant was the hostile voice of Conservative Radio in NYC long before Rush or Sean Hannity came on board.

Bob Grant has more talent in his pinkie then any talk show host on the air today. His interviwing skills are superior by far to anyone on Radio. He doesn't kill his guest but there are no softball questions on the Bob Grant Show. Grant has the best grasp of history and local events in the NYC market . The only talk show host that is near his grasp of history is Monica Crowley.

Grant's catch lines will resonate with generations long after he is gone. GET OFF MY PHONE, Cafone ( Italian for slob) and the infamous Mario Cuomo salute that drove Cuomo up a wall ( I did it in person ) Mario azende me tuzeprovenos sfachim ( Mario listen to me you are a low life). The callers on the Bob Grant Show were almost as famous Eugene the anti semite from Albany, Jimmy the anti Communist from Brooklyn (no I am not Jimmy)and Carl from Oyster bay were some of the more memorable callers.
Grant changed stations several times but always remained a NYC favorite. WOR should kiss his rear in Macy's window to keep him happy. They could at least get a worthy sucsessor to a legend like Steve Malzberg or Jay Diamond but a cooking show , phooey.

In the early eighties NYC conservatives were on the cutting edge. The most annoying thing one could do to outrage our Commie professors was to admit you listened to Grant, read the NY Post ( The late Eric Breindel, Pohoretz were part of the best op Ed pages ever assembled) and listen to the new upstart Rush LImbaugh. Rush and the others were fun but Grant really was educational.

Grants detractors were the professional civil rights agitators the Al Sharpton's and for a time the Gay Community. Grant's accusers were guilty of faux pas worse then Grant ever commited on his worst day. America should forgive Jesse Jackson for Hymietown and Al Sharpton for inciting deadly riots twice but these same dolts never gave Grant any slack for less odious offenses.

Enjoy a peaceful and joyful retirement Mr Grant. I sure will miss your educational insights and caustic wit. There were many times that I had a bad day and your show cheered me up. Thank you for the memories and fun that lasted a quarter of a century in my case.

New line Fry Mummia, Beamish in 08, medicate the Duck and 167 to New Algeria

Arthur Miller's Projection

Anyone who has gone to school in the late seventies or later has had to endure the mediocrity of reading the Crucible. Miller looks at current events and like most Commies gets it wrong. He tries to tie the antics of HUAC and Senator McCarthy to the Salem witch trials. The obvious problem was there was no such thing as witchcraft but Communist were and still are an obvious menace. The reason they deny party membership is that they were foriegn subversives and today they are traitors. Long term readers know that I call 167 and the Duck Communists. However I do not call
antiwar liberals like Rob Bayn Communists. Bayn and I disagree on the war but he does not run around touting Marx or comparing the country he loves to Iran. One can be anti Iraq war without being a Commie dupe. However, when one goes to a " Peace" protest one can not miss the treasonous Commies leading and organizing. I will never march with Commies, Racial Power Goons or Jihadist. At your average "Peace" protest you have two out of three elements represented. If the NOI sends a contingent you have all three.

I have read most of Ronald Radosh and David Horowitz's writings. The witch hunt element is most appropriate when people start to question the orthodoxy of the absurd party lines. Radosh was a Communist who wrote a book confirming the obvious Julius Rosenberg was guilty. He sacraficed his wife and made his kids into orphans rather then betray his idiotic belief in Communism. Radosh was harassed and shunned by long time friends who acknowledged he was telling the truth. David Horowitz also recounts a similar story in Radical son. Horowitz and Radosh were raised in Commie families and this meant added pressure. One can read dozens of the same type of stories if one is lucky enough to get a copy of Second Thoughts.

People who leave the Communist orthodoxy are treated as "apostates". A comedic example of this is known Commie apologist Noam Chomsky refered to Horowitz who he will not debate as a former Stalinist. Anyone familiar with Horowitz knows he was a Commie but never a Stalanist. This acusation coming from the same person who backed the Khmer Rouge, made Jane Fonda type broadcasts in Vietnam and consorts with Holocaust deniers is comedic.

The pattern of behavior with Communist surpression of dissent in America and repression of artistic freedom abroad makes Millers analogy wrong on all counts. Communists were and are still traitors and apologists for a movement rife with death,mayhem and repression. The obvious question is if there was such a tight dragnet Miller himself should have been at the top of the list. Yet Boris Pasternak and Solzenityn had to leave the artists paradise to publish their work. Their is also the extreeme hypocrisy of Miller remaining silent as two Jewish artists who were friends of Miller were killed by Stalin . The party killed Jewish artists Michaels and Feffer who were friends of Miller and Robeson but they never lifted a single finger and remained silent.

Communism is not an alternative political philosophy. It is a dangerous seditious
ideology who zealot like followers will say or do anything the party tells them. The next time a Commie ( not Rob Bayn) rails about theocracy talk about the party line.
One can come here and readily see dissent and disagreement between myself and close friends Warren, Beamish, Esther, Always and Jason. There is no litmus test here and friends do disagree but remain friends.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 to the woodshed

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Communism is a mental pathology

I have long known that Communist are a mentaly disturbed cult of stupidity. The left likes to spin tales about blacklist victims. Lost in the mix that Communists were and are proponents of a seditious creed with an established history of mayhem and subversion. Liberals time and again naively believe thet can work with Communists when their interests coincide. However Communists always have ulterior motives and use the liberals for cover.

I am reading the book Red Star over Hollywood and a familiar picture emerges. Communist are a domineering cult where one is not free to have a position that differs from the party line. There is a priceless line where a liberal describes Communists as having stomachs like goats they will digest anything. The liberal was refering to the treason of the left . The Commies formed anti Nazi front groups to attract liberal support. The second Stalin signed a treaty with the Nazis the Commies turned the front groups into Peace front groups. Then when Hitler double crossed his Commie allies the Commies do a 360 and agitate for war. The truth was that Communists took their orders from Moscow.

Amazingly these same Commies like to exagerate the truth with fiction about the Bush family, zionists, IBM etc all aiding the Nazis. However, the truth was the Commies allied with the Germans and occupied eatern Poland , the Baltic states and Finland.
Domestic Communists advocated peace and tolerance only changing their tune when the official party line changed.

The fiction perpetrated in Hollywoods Mission to Moscow and in the NY Times was of a content people. No mention was made of the mass starvation in the Ukraine. No mention was made of the local massacres carried out by the Commies that were eclipsed by those of the Nazis. The Ukrainians initialy viewed the Nazis as liberators and many did colaberate in the Holocaust. I find it amazing that US Communists will pull a Linda Blair and call the Alliance with Hitler a non agression pact. Maybe non agression if you lived in Union Square but Poles , Balts were certainly treated with agression. The truth is Commies can spiin tall PC tales but they were allied with the Nazis until they were double crossed.

Fast forwarding it is hardly surprising that Commie groups set the agenda at the so called Peace Protests. One sees more Palestinian flags then American flags at a typical protest. What Mumia Jamal has to do with Peace protests is unknown. I remember asking liberals at these protests and they were perplexed and some were dismayed by the blatant anti semitism. Others were annoyed at the signs equating Bush to Hitler but not annoyed enough to leave. Most were shocked at the conspiracy talk involving 9-11. However shocked and dismayed the liberals were the cause was more important then the excesses. The problem is those "excesses" are the leaders and organizers of the protests. Liberals fail to understand that the reason cultists dominate these protests is that this is what these vermin do 24/7

The Communists like to portray themselves as victims. Their responsability for the mayhem death and destruction is never adressed. The fact that they practice their sedition in secret via front groups makes them more odious. They refuse to look at the mayhem they caused and even worse deny obvious realities. Cuba, Vietnam are examples of the failures of Communism. China has only made progress by ditching part of the model while maintaining 100% authoritarian hegemony.

Communists were not innocent idealists swept up in the times. They were and still are a followers of a Jim Jones cult of insanity, lies and sedition.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 to the woodshed.

Using the Same exact play book. Clueless Liberals

In reading Radosh's Red Star over Hollywood one thing is apparent. Hollywood was filled with morons. Lets see the Soviet agents set up front groups like the Antinazi
league. The fact that the Communists were 100% as evil meant zero to the clueless dolts. Yes Nazism was 100% evil but Communism was also 100% evil. The Commies were led by agents of a seditious foriegn power. They tapped into legitamate Anti Nazi sentiment and created front groups manipulated by Commies.

Fast forward to 2000 where seething liberals still are in a rage over Florida. It doesn't matter how many times the votes were counted . Nor does it matter that 20,000 NYC residents may have double voted in two states. Emotion rather then facts or logic motivate liberals. Unproven stories of racial intimidation and faulty modes of voting are accepted as fact.

Fast forward to the war in Iraq as the commies stay true to form. They set up front groups and use allies in the press to spread propaganda 24/7 . The white house does not identify who these people are. The media ignores the Commie led front groups and reports them as grass roots activists.

There is a problem with working with Commies as they are more vile then the maladies
they claim to fight against Nazism excepted. There were no boat people or killing fields in SE Asia until the thugs took over. Even in Samozas worst days there were no refugees in adjacent countries the Sandanistas did that. In the modern era only Commies use starvation as a tool of social policy.

The problem is the Democrats ranks are loaded with people who were not only soft on Communism they colaberated with our enemies. John Kerry, Tom Harkin and Charlie Rangel are prime examples of what is wrong with a Democratic party that is imploding nationaly. The influence of Communist and fellow travelers via front groups has created a cartoon party.

No doubt the older readers are well aware that I am a social liberal. However this is not the party of Scoop Jackson. Look at the critique of Senator Lieberman who is said to be dividing his party. A rational look at the Democratic Party reveals grass roots activists ( code word for Commies ) have undue influence. We hear the left rail about big oil and the NRA. However the rest of us should be screaming about who Code Pink, Answer, UPJ and the rest of these loons are. These people are not grass roots activist in any definition. They are Commie organized and led front groups and marching with them is insane as marching with the KKK.

Senator Lieberman you may turn the light out and leave the party of sedition. You are the lone voice of sanity in a party out of control and hijacked by seditious elements.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

A lesson in Law

Long term readers know that I work in a law enforcement . All of my work is with paper and it is hardly glamourous. I was surprised whem I was greeted back home with the title Inspector Beakerkin.

Most of the work can be resolved in less then ten minutes if everything is in order.
If what I need is not there I send out a requst for the evidence . My job is to prepare the case for a final inspection. Rarely, I issue a denial and most of the times it is an obvious interpretation of the law. Even rarer I will have to render a denial with a legal opinion. I do not like to issue denials but it is part of my job.

I also do not like to tangle with attorneys. However my boss told me " Never assume the attorneys opinion is more valid then your own and never be intimidated by titles". Most attorneys do excellent work but there are exceptions and I read their
correspondence with reserved respect but not awe.

We operate under the principle hit the opposition with everything in our arsenal. My original question was are we pilling on. My boss and cowkers assured me use every angle that you can in writing your opinion.

I wrote a lengthy opinion with six reasons for denial. Reasons one, two and three firmly grounded in precedent. Reasons four , five and six were not covered by precedent so I removed them from the final draft. My boss asked me why they were removed. I explained that there is no legal precedent in this area . Thus in the absence of precedent the tactic was unusual but apparently not illegal. My boss asked me a question I did not consider. " Is there anything in the law that says that tactic is legal". Perplexed I said " no the area has not been adressed but my job is to enforce the law not interpret it". My boss said " our job is to interpret the law to the best of our ability. Cases like this establish precedent place the deleted sections back in . I asked if we could ask the most senior member of management if the deleted sections were a solid interpretation of the law. The senior most member of management agreed with the original version.

In reality the court has zero reason to get to reasons four , five and six . The hearing only needs one reason to uphold a denial. Yet allowing the tactic to go unchallenged would set another type of precedent.

Always bear this in mind the fact that a law does not explicitly state something is illegal does not infer legality.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The series of gang rapes in Europe

I was hardly surprised by yesterdays series of articles in FPM dealing with an apparent Muslim crime wave in Europe and Australia. Islam is a colonial pathology that views women as the reward for jihad. This is not my claim but the way Mohammed lived his life as a caravan raider. In truth this may just be the way war was waged at the time but it is not acceptable today.

Idealy all rapist should be tried using DNA evidence and executed unless the victims family is opposed. There is a problem with using DNA evidence on Muslims as it is somewhat less reliable. Muslims commonly practice first cousin marriage a practice that should be outlawed in the USA. Thus the tests on groups that have been inbred may not be as reliable as that of the general public.

The Europeans are too advanced to put an end to this practice. It is much easier to sacrafice your daughters , sisters , wives then deal with the problem. If the local community starts to riot crackdown deport the instigators and punish the perpatrators to the full extent of the law.

One does not have a divine right to flout the laws of the society they live in and abuse the locals. In Western Civ we live under Civil law. If you want to live under Sharia there are plenty of options. I also say this to the rare knucklehead racial supremacist and few nuts who want to kill gays. There are standards of behavior that are acceptable and if you can't deal with it leave.

The whole world was outraged over the series of rapes by Serbs. However they say little or nothing about Saddams rape rooms, abducted Copts in Egypt and these outrages in the West. Hey Abdul if you think you are a tough man try it in a rural community in the US. The locals are armed and you will find out about 72 virgins in a hurry. No doubt when one person in Sweeden or Australia gets fed up and kills the perpetrator it will be described as a hate crime. Hate crimes can also be perpetrated by minorities. No doubt people like the Duck or 167 will dismiss any talk of these crimes as hate crimes.

167 demonstrated typical leftist labotomy thinking the other day. Tookie Williams execution was "barbaric" because the trial was racist. However when Iran and Saudi Arabia execute homosexuals it is because they have been justly found guilty of crimes and tried in a Sharia court. Has the clueless one figured out that Iran and Saudi Arabia both routinely use torture. Wait torture is only wrong when panties are placed over a Muslims head or naked twister is played in Abu Gharib. Even Ducky is not that clueless and that is a first on this blog. Yes there are people more insane then the Duck but in the words of George Bush it takes "Hard Work" to be that stoooopid.

Beamish in 08, Jason as VP , Ducky to Gitmo and 167 goes to the metaphorical woodshed

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Vermont is not Utopia

Liberals think that Vermont is the land of milk and honey and everyone tiptoes through the forrest being at one with nature. There are plenty of drug and alcohol addicted people up here. Living here is much different then reading the labels on Ben and Jerry containers.

Being Homeless , living without heat or sleeping in a car is a potential death situation in an area were subzero temperatures are common. Vermonters are like any other people good and bad. My coworkers are wonderful people but in town I try not to mix and mingle. The merchants and people are friendly but I am a visitor in their home.

The local community is a mix of relations and it is comical when people insist you are a part of it. Are you related to the Powalski's or the Burteau ? No mam my people are from Russia, Poland and the Ukraine.

Vermonters love nature grilled , roasted almost every way known to man except pickled. No doubt some coworker will now find a way to pickle his quarry. Hunting and fishing are part of the Vermont way of life. No doubt the same people who lecture us about tolerance for Muslims have zero problem hectoring Billy Bob about hunting or driving a pick up.

I look foward to the spring but for now everything is white and frozen. The wind sweeps through everything as it howls in the night. Crows, Sparrows and a rare bird of prey fill the sky. The Seagulls come from Lake Champlain that one can see in the distance.

I have yet to see this mystery moose that roams the parking lot. He comes and goes like a phantom but believe me he was there. He left a big pile from his visit way in the back.

This is a strange place and all places have their advantages and disadvantages. People think of Bernie Sanders , Howard Dean and Ben and Jerry when they think of VT but they are all transplants. Real Vermonters are much more conservative and keep on asking me are you sure you are from NYC. The transplants seem to think I have gone native. They assume that if one is from NYC one is as far to the left as they are.

I have lived amongst the alleged rural rednecks and with the NYC Redredneck and can state one truth. The NYC variety is much more annoying because it won't shut up and leave you in peace. No I do not want to hear about Chomsky or your insane 9-11 theories. No I do not need a lecture on the alleged evils of zionism or neocon cabals. I experience zero antisemitism up here but see it by the crate at home.

On a boring day a person will ask me about tales of home and that day. Many have never been to NYC or Boston . There is always the ever present curiousity about my accent. Storytelling is part of the culture up here and I guess tales of NYC are just part of something much older.

I still do not like the VT Mapple Syrup and preffer the cute Mrs Butterworth much to the consternation of my coworkers. They have grown to love the silly stories from the post like midget harassment and commies who put up a horror Christmas display.

Have I gone native ? I do not think so but I have cravings for venison . Now when I see a cuddly forrest animal I wonder how it would taste with potatoes and carrots.
I have to wear a hat and gloves like the locals. I may pick up an odd custom or two but NYC is in my heart and soul.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 to the woodshed

Sane Talk on immigration

The time has come to end immigration as we understand it. Immigration as it exists now is insane. The vast majority of people entering the United States come on family based forms. Who is to say Uncle Bill of country Y is a good addition to our community ?

The other part is that we refuse to see citizenship as conditional. If person X sends money to terrorists or person Y is a drug kingpin they have lost the honor of dwelling in the USA.

We ask directly on our immigration forms have you ever been a member of a Communist or Nazi party. We should now include have you ever advocated Jihad ? Have you participated in the funding of jihad ? Have you served in the religious police ? No doubt most jihadist will lie but it is time to get serious about the reality of Islam.

The US should focus on work visas and humanitarian visas. Christians, Hindus and other religious minorities persecuted in Muslim countries should be treated exactly like people fleeing Communism. All other immigration should be based on job skills.

The era of unskilled labor is largely over. A modern country can not keep adding people with no job skills. I have petitions where the person has to sign with a thumb print. Where are these people who can not even write their own name going to work ?

We must also get serious about penalties for those who flout our labor laws. The problem can never be reduced by placing blinders on to the abuse of certain companies. If they can not follow our labor laws then that company should not exist.
This applies to the ubber wealthy who insist on hiring illegal aliens as nannies .

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

167 calls Americans Cowards

167 I want you to repeat the BS on your own blog and on Robs. Show some courage and face the enemy in open forum. Despite your claims nobody has ever had a post deleted from this blog. Nor have I resorted to any use of profanity that is easily found in your illucid blog.

" Justin Cowards are what a very large proportion of the American people are. Shit scared of anything different from their own way... and they resolve that pathetic ( he uses that word in every post) fear through violence and claim that they have the moral authority of god"

You must have America confused with your Islamo-nazi pals.

"...I have never claimed Communism worked ( No you claimed it hasn't been tried yet on the Disgruntled Chemist)and I Never sugested that Communism be given a chance to work... but I will always argue against deranged old idiots like you who see only evil in Communism"

100,000,000 dead seems to offensive to the sane folks. Starving people as policy also tends to offend most people. Gulags and Killing Fields are just not crowd pleasers.

" Iran's elections were given a clean bill of health by the UN and EU"
The Mullahs picked all the candidates. What a fool ?

Why 167 calls both Justin and I old is perplexing as I am likely younger then the deranged 167 . Is he guilty of aqgeism ?

He also gives an idiotic lecture on immigration. Most immigrants are economic regardless of where they emigrate. Most emigration into the USA is on family based petitions. Family reunification is also a major factor in numerous cases. Assylum is a tiny fraction of all cases mostly from his beloved Commie utopias that are gufaw not all evil.

I get about a handful of petitions from West and East Inians leaving the UK for the USA. The same people leave Canada to come here. The people leaving France are Vietnamese and African. Economics, Family reunification or something else is all the subject of speculation.

Suicidal Wildlife a taste of the far North

It is single digit temperature and I leave my appartment at 4AM. I am driving and I pass a lump in the road the back half of a deer. I kept my eys peeled for the front half but I never found it.

I have never seen so much roadkill in my life. Mostly racoons , deer and skunks. The other day I was driving a local to Walmart when I swore I saw a weasel about three feet long cross the highway. I joked to the local don't you ever say another word about NYC rats. He took me seriously but told me that what we just saw was a fisher .
The locals call them fisher cats but they are related to weasels.

Now the locals are telling me that I look like a Vermonter. Fortunately, I still have my thick NYC- New Jersey accent that people still mistake for hoodlumese. The other day I was eating with a local and a kid asked me if I was a hitman. One seriously has to consider the weather when dressing. I put sweatpants over my jeans on cold days . I wanted to drive in my winter boots but I found my car going at 85 because the boots are too heavy.

Most of my friends will be gone in two weeks on details. I miss having them around to joke with but I am getting extra work . Each case is a new story and I am trying to get as many done as possible. However some of these people are clueless like the petition I got with one name Monique and Eunice. Sure everyone knows Monique except me. People forget their sex and don't put in information. Yet I do my best each and every day to sort through the mess.

I am amazed at how the left cries about how terrible this country is. Each and everyday people try to come here to build a better life. The stories are similar to the people I know back home. If those on the far left are not happy please leave . Go to Canada, France but promise you won't come back even for a visit. There are scores of Cubans, Chinese and others who are more worthy of being a member of my family then your deranged far left types.

I was informed the actual temperature is -6. I think I better head to Walmart and get socks.

What is " Progressive " about 100,000,000 Dead

Commies like the Duck and 167 like to use new terms to package bad old ideas. There is nothing "Progressive " about Communism same old bad idea with added body counts. Ducky's new notion is that Catholic progressives were somehow different.

Pope John Paul lived under Communism and drove out the apostates that packed themselves as liberation theology. I find it odd that those who scream about Falwell and theocracy were silent about the religious left.

The problem is Americans never held advocates of Communism up to appropriate ridicule. The old myth of persecuted idealists persists until this day. The reality was and remains that Communists are traitors who use cloak and dagger to achieve their goals via Front Groups. Has Sheehan ever been asked about her Communist cohorts or anti semitic remarks.

Fortunately, we live in a new era where the consumer of news has more choice then ever. How manny Marry Mapes type of scandals did the press get away with in the era dominated by the NYT and the three major Networks.

Amazingly the left still cries about corporate media in this day and age of unlimited choice. Our favorite antisemitic Commie clown likes to talk of zionist media the same term used by David Duke. I was pleasantly surprised that Justin Morris
(Mercurial Morris is his own man) dispatched that with a quick brush off.

The left says zero about Totalitarian countries with state controlled press. I have yet to hear the self righteous talk about freedom of the press in Cuba. There is nothing more deranged in the far left playbook then corporate media bs. Lets see Chomsky is sold largely via cumpolsory accademic requirements in every book store . Coulter does not need to boost her sales via accademic coercion.

The truth is simple as the far left grows more irrelevant it will try to repackage the same old bad ideas under new names. They will come up with 1001 excuses but the sad truth is the liberals own worst enemy arev themselves. They can not win elections
in the halls of accademia and the salons of Europe. My message to patriotic liberals
kindly step away from the Commies and the new left wing urban red rednecks.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why do artists romance Totalitarianism ?

I am reading Red Star over Hollywood and I am baffled by the doltish slavery to a repressive system by artists. Artist stock in trade is free expression and I do not understand the seduction of a system that is founded on censorship. Then again being fed a pipe dream of Art for the people could inflate ones ego. However the America Capitalist Barnes brought art to the people without pain or gulags.

The truth is that some people who claim to be secular still yearn for the utopias promised by religion. Thus they create a secular hell where man is god and life is cheap Killing Fields, Gulags are all due to mans attempt to play God.

The lives destroyed are sacrafices much like those of the ancient Aztecs. Yet for all the rivers of blood not one person ever achieves or glimpses this utopia. Utopia is a falacy and all who think they can establish it in this world are fools.

The book also shows how Commies act in secret and form front organizations. They are manned by fellow travelers who provide cover and submarines secret party members. This is how the party conducts business today. Code Pink, ANSWER, UPJ are classic communist front groups and their presence and leadership of the anti war movement speaks vollumes. They deserve the same disrespect and outrage as Nazis.

Sadly, there were also artists and intellectuals who were seduced by Nazism as well.
Totalitarianism makes zero sense but some need to feed their egos. Others quest for power as they feel entitled to Lord over the rest of you peasants. Lastly, there are those that need to belong to anything.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Twisted Left's View of the First Amendment

I am 100% behind the government lawsuit to strip aid from Colleges that deny military recruiters the right to recruit on campus. I would go a step further and eliminate student loans for these Colleges. Let the Chomski wannabe Commies explain to their students that their obsession against the US Military is more important then the students being able to afford tuition.

Academia has gotten a free pass on the First Amendement. Speech codes are facist and taken straight out of the Soviet Union. In the early pages of Ronald Radosh's latest book a US dupe gets informed that Comedy for the sake of Comedy is outlawed in the Soviet Union. The truth is that far left types are loud and often vulgar but seldom funny. In fact these self absorbed self righteous types are ripe for parody. We have had many trolls here and not one of them has ever come up with anything funny.

The far left also feels that Zionists should also have no right to speak . The humor of communist apologists denying anyone a right to speak is comedic. The first amendment applies to everyone but the far left is Orwelian "All animals are equal but some are more equal then others"

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Confusion over the Beak and the Second Amendment

There has been some speculation by some as to what my position is on Gun control. I live in NYC and it is an absurd sitution. Criminals always will and can get guns. Donald Trump, Joan Rivers and a host of politicos can get gun permits. However businessmen and law abiding homeowners can not get permits at all. This is not gun control as elitism.

That being said I favor local customs and culture. Gun culture and hunting is big in Vermont and it is a part of a way of life. I did not come up here to recreate Manhattan in VT. I mostly mind my own business when local affairs are discussed even when asked to comment. I was invited by a coworker to go hunting but as he was going for deer I declined. Had he been hunting for one of those annoying Canada Geese I would have jumped at the oportunity.

I do not see the need for semi automatic weapons. I also am in favor of criminal backround checks for gun owners. Suing gun manufacturers in a class action law suits is also something I am strongly against.

Honoring your Vows

Older readers know I took an oath upon joining the Federal Government. My coworkers and I take this vow seriously each and every day on the job. Most of the time the job is a pleasure but there are exceptions.

There are times when the law will not allow us to help people in dire straits. Even worse there are times when upholding the law seems absurd. I had one such case and I decided to make a deliberate mistake and make the paperwork go in circles. My boss said to me remember your oath. I looked at him and said who will know. You are a profesional place the note and do the right thing. My boss was correct of course but I was expected to be a professional . The next man would have to stop this predator and with a heavy heart I followed my oath.

Fast forward this to this weekends FPM. A Muslim FBI agent refused to wear a wire to tape his brother Muslims. The man should be terminated immediately but instead he was allowed to jeapordize an investigation into terrorist funding. There are plenty of Arabic speaking Copts and Jews why was this man placed in a position to harm America.

I understand that there is a temptation to see the best in ones coworkers but not without verification. In reality the only person we can trust is the man in the mirror. Would I have done the right thing without the gentle reminder from my bosss ?
One can not measure or quantify the human heart.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, December 10, 2005

This Jew on Christmas

I am not a Christian nor am a bothered by Christianity. I am a proud member of Western Civ built largely upon Christian ethos. I have never been insulted or mistreated by any Christian. I have never felt unwelcome in any Christian's home or Church even as an identified Jew. I have visited numerous Churches in a variety of ceremonies.

I am not bothered by a Christmas Tree in a public Square. I like the holiday spirit and the idea of families coming together for festive occaisons. The far left talks about toooolllerance but is intollerant of anything that does not fit in their Marxist adgenda.

This is the Christmas season and I will not say holiday season. I live in a mostly Christian country and enjoy the benefits of secular law and civil tolerance. Compare my situation with Christians , Hindus and others living under Communism or Shariah.
No country in the history of the planet has ever treated my people with more love and kindness then the USA.

The death of my good friend Saul

I had many friends in college but a favorite of mine was my friend Saul. Saul was the rarest kind of liberal one who stood for the rights of everybody to have free speech. He was a Communists in days before he knew me but he grew out of the phase.

Saul looked much like Shaggy of Scooby Doo. His voice was soft and relaxing and memorable to anyone that heard it. I developed an interesting imitation that I called psuedo Saul. His bereaved cousins insisted that I do the immitation and laughed because I did the substance as well as the voice. His voice so distinctive that my grandmother never remembered his name she called him " the fellow with the soothing voice".

Saul and I were an odd set of friends as I was an still am very much a straight arrow
and he was a charming rouge. He was always into the next get rich quick gimmick but that was the price one paid for his friendships. Saul never tried to hustle me largely because he saw me angry just once and it scared him. The incedent is forgotten but I picked up an idiot with my left hand and hung him on a coat rack.
" I didn't know you were left handed" he said. I told him I am not left handed and left it at that. I do not like fighting and the idiot was intent on provoking me so I left him hanging.

Saul battled drug and dependency problems all of his short life. In the end he was killed by diabetes no doubt exacerbated by his alcoholism . His ending may be more merciful then I thought at first. Saul never had to grow up or take responsability for his misadventures. He will forever be the friendly rouge as I grow older and more cantankerous.

He once fell deeply in love with a lovely girl named Angela. I arranged their first date and the chemistry was there. Angie was like a butterfly sweet and charming but just not too deep. One day the buttterfly left and Saul was just never the same. His remaining years his rougish bit was a tad more sinister. Sadly, he never let on to all but his closest friends how hurt he was.

Yet there is a lesson about my friend that all of us can remember. He lived a short life but ultimately it was too easy in many ways. He was so bright that he could get by with a fraction of the effort that lesser people could. Yet because he was so brilliant and unaccustomed to hard work and perserverence he could not make it in the real world. Love and sucsess do not come in a bottle and the best of us are judged by our families and the friends and company we keep.

I am thankful for knowing my good friend Saul. In the end his own words said to me over a beer and my Mountain Dew were prophetic. "We do not get to write our own final chapter".

Friday, December 09, 2005

Leftwing Obsessions

The far left has some other rather odd obsessions. The far left is obsessed with Mc Donalds and KFC. They seem to forget that people choose to eat there. Both are businesses and employ local people. They were never meant to be careers and most are staffed by the young and sometimes senior citizens.

The far left has a Walmart fixation. I like Walmart and went to the local one yesterday. I like the store so much I bought shares in the company. The fact is that Costco operates on a similar model and gets little or no criticism mostly because they line the pockets of the DNC. I have seen the same model at BJ Wholesale club as well.

The far left by definition does not have a clue how markets work. They feel it is their divine right as overlord to tell you where to eat or shop. Well this Visine American has spent his currency in Walmart and I will eat lunch in KFC later. For the record I also own shares of KFC called Tricon Global.

Notice the far left does not seem to get worked up about Hollywood unless it is The Last Temptation of Christ.

Mr Beamish in 08 and lets send Mr Poultry to Gitmo

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ducky gets a promotion. He is promoted to the official Blog Troll Position

We have reviewed the list of odious nominees for official blog troll and awarded the job to the anti semitic commie poultry Ducky. We like our trolls to be manly , sneering and creative. The Duck falls short on all counts. However considering his limp compettition of Dr Smith imitators he is awarded the job by default.

Step up Ducky and let us hear your lack of wisdom. Does it take " hard work" to be the apex of ignorance on so many blogs ? When will you take the time to make your own blog or are you afraid that you might lay an egg.

Sometimes the good guys win

New readers to the blog know we have an anti semitic Communist pest who brags of his alleged 167 IQ. Thus we mockinglycall the brain dead lunatic 167. One of his favorite writers is the even more anti semitic and verbose Simon Jones.

He has his own blog but his worst writtings can be found on Jewish Tribal Review. I submitted the site Jewish tribal review to Crank Dot Net and Jones and his compatriots are now official cranks. They are listed in the Crank category but Jones deserves a higher ranking for such wordsmithery as Usreal . He also blames alienation
and environmental degradation on the Joooooos.

The Duck is more typical in his Commie insanity. People beheaded by Falwell and Robertson zero. People killed by Communism and Radical Islam this century countless. The worst that can be said about Falwell is that he has made a few homophobic remarks. Religion is not PC and those that disagree with him can find another Church. The Duck can find an apostate that preaches "Revelusion Theocrapcy" . The Pope correctly new that Communism has zero to do with Catholicism. The Pope lived under Duncy's workers paradise unlike the religious left.

The problem with the left is they are insular. Regular people do not tell them how insane they sound to the rest of us. Howard Dean and John ( Communist) er Kerry the Senator from Managua are out of touch with middle America. Kerry is stuck in a time warp and thinks everything is Vietnam. He is clueless that the average American and his fellow vets see him as a treasonous clueless dupe. My generation always believed men like Warren , Big Bubba, Justin Morris and Samwitch were heroes. Kerry and company are trying to recapture their glory years but history and the mayhem of SE Asia speak loud and clear.

My advice when dealing with the far left is grab the visine and step on toes. The far left doesn't care about the truth so hit hard. If you aren't upseting the left you have done something wrong.

Beamish in 08 and Poultry to Gitmo

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ducks Fouls the water break out the Visine

Apparently, the duck has forgotten that Falwell's " gutter religion " is Christianity. The Duck is so worried about the feeeeelings of Muuuuuuslims and Commie finks that he would be screaming if anyone here made a similar claim about Islam. I announce the Marxism it toilet economics and all adherents of Marx would be improved by placing their heads in the toilet and flushing.

The left has an official victimology lists Gays , Muslims, Blacks and that covers most of it. The left is free to slander Jews, Christians ( Catholics , Mormons and all Evangelical Types) and amazingly now Hidooooooos. Yes anyone whose culture has a problem with the religion of rest in peace is fair game for the left.

The left create races where none exist . What race are Muslims ? Last I checked just like Joooooos they come in all races. Arabs are not a race except to the deranged far left. Palestinians are fake indigenous people and then they turn around and mock real indgenous people Copts, Kurds and Assyrians.

There is no logic on the left. Mooooslims can't adopt democracy in Iraq. They seem to have a democracy of sorts next door in Turkey. The treatment of the Kurds in Turkey and ethnic cleansing of Christians in the past are noted.

It is racist to claim that Democracy is not for Moooooslims. In America we call this leftist tripe paternalism. The culture of low expectations is par for the left home of BS and 1001 excuses.

Okay lets get the Visine and cleanse the Duck.

PC bigotry is just as odious as old fashioned redneckism. In fact the left has created a new species of red neck the Left wing urban red redneck.

Get a clue Duck. Ask america would you rather have dinner with Falwell and Robertson or Chomsky and Moore. You would lose big time Duck.

The Duck proves the Visine Republican theory is correct

The Duck denounces Christianity as a gutter religion. This is the same person who failed for three days on FPM to name who blew up the WTC. His fixations on Israel , Joooooo and Falwell are hardly unique. This is typical of what communists do and the Duck proves that Commies are not reality based. Fellow Communist 167 uses the David Duke term Zionist media in a post having nothing to do with Jooooos. 167,s more anti semitic pal Simon (Joooooooish Tribal Review) also refers to Usreal in a blog that has zero to do with Israel.

The point is that antisemitism is now firmly ensconced on the far left. The commies want us to ignore the preponderance of abuses and death being dished out by their utopian Jihadist allies. This is why the far left is aping the rhetoric of jihadists.

They want us to ignore school kids shot in the back and planes flown into office buildings. Yet they are concerned about Falwells homophobia. This becomes even more illucid given that Gays are killed by law in Muslim countries .

There is zero logic on the left. Take out the visine and lets get the reds out. Ducky you have just one a free trip to Cuba. Pick up your inner tube and Coppertone and if you act now we will throw in a bottle of Perrier.

There is a place in America for the far left Commie Crowd it is called Guantanamo University. Send the Duck there and we can have peversity in the university.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cleaning Our House Get the Visine Ready

The time has come for American Jews to leave the Democratic party . The taditional stereotype of anti semitism being on the right is dead wrong. The far left is a hateful anti semitic and anti American plauge.

The truth is the far left has always been seditious and treasonous. Yet their allies in big media and academia give them a free pass. Their entire history has been marked with treason from thr Rosenbergs to the current era.

I visited the local chapter of the NYC young Republicans club and found 1/3 were Jewish. These Republicans are not your country club variety either. They are fun loving fighters whose courage I salute. My generation is the Coulter Visine no apologies no prisoner era. We often had to go to the enemy camp outnumbered by Commies and other vermin fifty to one.

The problem for decent liberals is that they do not take Communism and anti semitism as seriously as their mono obsession with Gay rights, This obsession ends when it is pointed out Muslims kill gays as law. Then the multicultural BS starts . Lets see Falwell is evil because he makes a homophobic statement. The same statement or worse by an Imam is peachy. Make no mistake the Jihadist do not care about orientation it gives them an excuse to play off with their heads. No doubt after Jews , Homosexuals are next on the hit list.

The far left has always been full of crap. Chomsky, Lerner and Finkelstein are not Jews they serve a death cult. They should be made into comedic fodder and be put into a new reality show. Finklestein , Zarqawi and Chomsky share a house. Americans might root for Zarqawi .

Saturday, December 03, 2005

A New Horror For The Leftist Dawn of the Libertarians

The left is just irritated by my form of Visine Republicanism. However, the fear and tremble before Libertarians. Libertarians know that behind each and every leftist is a lazy bum who wants a free lunch. They believe as leftists they have the divine right to lord over you unwashed masses.

However it is time we creat a counterforce a People's Libertarian Army.

1 No more PBS, NPR or NEA. Let the liberals pay for their entertainment like the rest of us. Airhead America at least tries to pay its way. NPR is liberal propoganda paid for by the taxpayers.

2 Let these Social Science Professors work a full fourty hour work week with no tenure. They mess up they are gone with the wind.

3 No more subsidies for mega corporate farms. All adult reciepients of welfare must work for their check.

Leftist beware the Libertarian Army is on its way. Commies of the world unite this way it will be easier to send you to Gitmo. The Libertarian Army may even finance the venture as an urban rodeo. Step right up $100.00 to hog tie a commie and send them to Gitmo.

Being a Visine American Would You Worry about Charles Manson's Feelings

Rule number one is do not worry about the feelings of Communists, Jihadists , Racial Power Dunces or Anarchists. With the possible exception of Jihadism people chose ideas that a certifiably stupid. Take out the visine and use them as comedic props. Muslims are born into the madness and there are some good Muslims. Sadly they have done a collective zero about terrorism . The second one starts the Jihad is struglle rope a dope or rationalizing a history of brutality or terror take out the visine.

Lets take the Duck for example as a pathologicaly deranged Marxist antisemite. The focus of this blog has generaly been proAmerica,anticommunist and prowar. Even for a Jewish blog we spend little time on the subject of Israel. Yet even in a conversation about Renior Ducky still brings up the Jews. 167 is a Danish Communist living in the UK and about half of his comedy blog revolves around an Elmer Fudd fixations about Zionism. On 7-07 his city was blown up by Jihadist Filth 33 are dead but he blames Israeli methods for a police accident. 147 even absurdly post the heading Jooooish Question on his blog and wonders why people call him an antisemite.

Take out the visine and your caustic wit and have fun. Never appologize for being an American. The problems are when we deal with a Duncy fact and history are irrelevant.
We end up being an Abbot to his Costello. Therefore put his stupidity to its best use
as a Comedic Prop.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Electronic Bar

I would like to introduce Storm and Kyle as new members of our small blog community.
The best place to meet the rest of our fellow community is at Always on the Watch, Outside the Blogway and the excellent Liberty and Culture. Sadly I am in VT and do not have the time to promote my blog as I once did. My return to my beloved home is delayed for nine months due to blunders in Human Resources.

The best way to build a blog following is to join the family of Conservatives and moderates. We get some patriotic liberals like B and the mercurial Justin Morris . They are friends we sometimes even agree with.

I also would like our older family members to let our oldest and best friend in the Blog Community Warren that we miss his presence. Warren is like a brother to me and a favorite Uncle to my Nephew Drum Master who is a liberal of sorts but on the right side of many issues.

Ducky is a pest and an antisemitic communist troll. I do agree that a dedicated communist life is not worth living. This is why people sail on boats and risk their lives to get away from you clowns . To the alleged aid workers lets them roll (the heads ) make our day. Visine Republicans should play the videotape at every rally.

I feel sorry for the families of such loosers but they shoot rabid dogs also. A communist life is a life dedicated to pain and suffering for some loosers sick utopian dream. No I do not mourn Jihadists and Communists who would slaughter all to feed their utopian fantasies.

It is time for a Black book of Islam

The time has long since been overdue for a comprehensive book at the crimes of Islam. The fact remains that Islam is a Colonial pathology that has created a host of human rights abuses in its path.

The abused people all tell a similar story and if one wants to hear the truth it is readily available. The names of the abused people are varied and several are Muslim themselves just of unpopular sects or the wrong sect in the wrong place.

The simple fact is that the problem is not racial. Coptic Christians, Assyrians and Hindus do not smack planes into office buildings. For new readers I was there on 9-11 and WTC 93. Nor do they riot in America or Europe or threaten their neighbors. The problem is that Islam has elements that are pathological. People who leave Islam are threatened and some are killed. One can read their accounts by googling secular Islam.

The list of abused starts with Hindus, Jews, Budhists, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Yezidi, Armenians, Maronites, Copts, Assyrian, Animist, Kurd, Druze ,Catholic, homosexual are a partial list. We hear the obsessed Communazi self righteous people talk about Pseudostinians a fake indigenous people. Yet we hear nothing of Christians and other minorities fleeing the Muslim world in droves. Comedicaly the left talks of ethnic cleansing of a group whose population has grown exponentialy.

Twenty two Arab states are not enough they need twenty three. Even when granted a state in Pakistan they still deand more. One can look a variety of international conflicts and it is the same common denominator Islam. The Muslims want autonomy for Chechnya and the Pseudostinians. Where is the autonomy for Assyrians, Copts and human rights for Zoroastrians, Bhai's , Yezidi and others. Human rights for Muslims are sacrosanct but they are free to deny them to others.

The Muslims want to cry about the Crusades but the question of how the Muslims got there in the first place is never adressed. Islam is a colonial pathology that seeks hegemony . We hear zero about the invasions of Europe or the mistreatment of indigenous people. Islam has more in common with a disorgazied protection racket then Christianity. Lets see the Jews and Christians have to be disproportionately taxed and humiliated through a series of odd laws. In America we call these laws Jim Crow but in Islam they are called dhimmi laws.

The left loves to talk about Western slavery, Jim Crow laws, Colonialism but remains silent about Islamo versions of the same behaviors. The left is also silent about its own record of ethnic cleansing of Muslims be it Cattle cars to Siberia , Pol Pot's Chomsky endorsed utopia or the current situation in Western China. Ethnic cleansing is fine so long as Muslims do it to others. A simple look at the demographics of Pakistan, Turkey compared to Israel and India tell the story.

The Secular Islam site is a great place to start on the quest to building a Black Book of Islam.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The First Amendment and this blog

This blog has always stood for two things America and the First Amendment. We do not censor speech even if the attacks are 100% personal and irrelevent. Thus anyone who has issues with this blog can come here and step in the ring. The Duck is a Communist and an antisemite but he says whatever fixation crosses his bird brain. Have a conversation about art it will turn to the Jews in fifty seconds. The Duck also forgets that we talk of 9-11 and shooting school kids in the back. Last I checked their were many more non Jews then Jews at the WTC and near none in Beslan. The Duck is a pest but not a coward.

There is an unmanly, cowardly Dr Smith immitator who claims to have a 167 IQ. He is so out of touch with reality he can not read a simple point. On the Gay obsession post he is incapable of recognizing a basic point we make on this blog fairly often. Obviously basic reading comprehension is beyond Communist Antisemite trolls with delusions of brilliance.

TGhe Gay and liberal community are a bunch of crybabies. As a Jew there are plenty of Christians and Muslims who believe I am going to hell. I do not care what the preachings within a religion are so long as there is no exhortation to violence. God by definition can not be PC as every religion thinks it has cornered the market on truth. You do not hear this Jew crying over other religions condemning me as hellbound.

However, if and when the speech advocates violence and criminal acts against people
the limits of the First Amendment are breached. I would be happy if Imams did not advocate slaughter against a wide range of people but they do. Jews in Argentina, Tunisia and Turkey have zero to do with Israel. This does not prevent the Sons of Allah from blowing them up. Nor is there any other lunatics running around beheading people, smacking planes into office buildings and shooting naked kids in the back. Ignoring the common denominator is to ignore reality. Its the fault of the Jews, Hindus, Christians and everyone else's fault. No sale

Visine Republicans

I am going to start a comedic new wing of the Republican Party the Visine Wing. The Visine wing is dedicated to geting the Reds and the Jihadists into their proper place in America Guantanamo. The time has come for a new type of Republicanism. The Country Club polite approach doesn't work and lets face it is no fun.

The Country Club GOP sees Cindy Sheehan as a grieved mother..... The Visine wing points out her son had more sense then her mother and Sheehans numerous Communist affiliations and anti Semitic statements. The mainstream media gives Sheehan a pass but the visine wing does not.

Reds, Greens and Anarchists are disproportionately represented in Academia. If student diversity is important then so must ideological diversity. The ultimate way to deal with the imbalance is to demand a new 12 credit business requirement be worked into the 64 credit basic liberal arts requirement. Less jobs for Ward Churchill types and graduates with a clue about business is a win win situation.

When dealing with Communists like Ducky or 167 come right out . The Duck and 167 come right out and repeat every cliche so show them no mercy. Patriotic dissent like B, Bum from Jersey and others should be treated with respect. All we ask is that you step away from the Commies. The fact that the Peace Movement is led by Communist Front Groups is an indictment against the movement as a whole. I will not listen to any message from Code Pink, ANSWER and UPJ and will ridicule those that participate in marches with them.

The question of if we have courage is an open one. I see plenty of angry sanctimonious left types getting free passes with facts. The time has come for us to
have fun and ruffle feathers. Apply the Zinn arguments espoused by the left against the West to Islam and Communism and watch the far left squirm.

Some leftist vermin types were kidnapped by Muslim terrorists in Iraq. Do not lift a finger to help. For way too long we have allowed far left Rachel Corrie types to interject themselves into foriegn policy. Let those people get what is coming to them like Lori Berenson. Zarqawi is you want to behead the vermin from the CPT make our day. The members of the CPT have never used their heads anyway. While I would not celebrate the death of such Commie dupe fools they placed themselves in harms way . No doubt if they are beheaded they will scream it is the fault of the zionists as the sons of Allah chant Allah Ahkbar and remove their empty heads.

This may seem strident but I am tired of the self absorbed clueless far left interjecting themselves where they do not belong. Can I go to Iran and protect the peaceful Bhai ? Can I go to Egypt and protect the Copts from Muslim thugs. You can name Rachelm "Pancake " Corrie but can you name the victims of any suicide bombing. The four Commie US nuns in Central America were all over the papers. The same papers stood silent as the Sandanistas massacred Indians with helicopters.

It is time we take off the genteel gloves and pull out the visine.