Monday, December 26, 2005

Hard to believe

I am glancing through the section of the book Intellectual Morons by Flynn which will be my next book.

I was familiar with Margret Sangers desire to reduce the population of blacks in America. I was in no way prepared for the fact that she was an advocate of eugenics , forced sterilization and spoke before a meeting of the KKK in 1926. I was even more shocked the W.E.B. DuBois and Adam Clayton Powell supported this policy of abortion in the black community.

I am still not a pro life but these facts are certainly relevant.

For the record the only person in the USA who should be sterilized is Ducky. It would seem to improve his mood. Hey Ducky how about a trip to the vet to get fixed.
I will pledge the first fifty bucks. You would be less annoying but just as ignorant.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Leftism has always been about racial supremacy and killing children. The Democratic Party's founder and first President (Andrew Jackson) trashed the Constitution and ethnically cleansed the Cherokee and other Native American groups for fun. Leftism in all of its forms have genocide of the human race as its common goal.

Warren said...

I think, Vic Spooner, in an article for FPM said it best:

"It could not, then, have been solely out of compassion for women that Sanger did what she did: her work was aimed at benefiting only a particular class of women, and, what is worse, it assisted a political ideology that, at last worldwide count, was shown to have deliberately murdered nearly 100 million innocent people. Sanger admitted that her activities were part-and-parcel of radical efforts calculated to upset the political, religious, and social orders of the day, and, collectively, all were intended to hasten the expected collapse of bourgeois America. As was typical of such radical agitation, most of what Sanger sought to accomplish was disingenuously cloaked beneath the mantle of humanitarianism and social justice. Clever lies, rationalized by dialectic sophistry, were always ingeniously employed to obscure the whole of the sordid truth."

beakerkin said...

Guy this is monsterous .I was aware that Sanger tried to reduce the number of blacks. However I was not aware that black leaders backed this.

This is a monsterous evil but you will never find this in your history book. Eugenics is pure evil and an RX for destruction.

These left wingers want to usurp God.

Anonymous said...

One thing I enjoy about conservatives, is their ability to put everyone else one step below them. If Whites did killed 10 Blacks during slavery, then I'm one of ya'll will say a Black guy helped kill 2 of them.
Thing is, that doesn't negate the greater attrocity.

If you think this is monsterous, what do you think about:
-Tuskeegee Experiments

Casting stones is an easy task, dodging them is not.