Sunday, December 18, 2005

Using the Same exact play book. Clueless Liberals

In reading Radosh's Red Star over Hollywood one thing is apparent. Hollywood was filled with morons. Lets see the Soviet agents set up front groups like the Antinazi
league. The fact that the Communists were 100% as evil meant zero to the clueless dolts. Yes Nazism was 100% evil but Communism was also 100% evil. The Commies were led by agents of a seditious foriegn power. They tapped into legitamate Anti Nazi sentiment and created front groups manipulated by Commies.

Fast forward to 2000 where seething liberals still are in a rage over Florida. It doesn't matter how many times the votes were counted . Nor does it matter that 20,000 NYC residents may have double voted in two states. Emotion rather then facts or logic motivate liberals. Unproven stories of racial intimidation and faulty modes of voting are accepted as fact.

Fast forward to the war in Iraq as the commies stay true to form. They set up front groups and use allies in the press to spread propaganda 24/7 . The white house does not identify who these people are. The media ignores the Commie led front groups and reports them as grass roots activists.

There is a problem with working with Commies as they are more vile then the maladies
they claim to fight against Nazism excepted. There were no boat people or killing fields in SE Asia until the thugs took over. Even in Samozas worst days there were no refugees in adjacent countries the Sandanistas did that. In the modern era only Commies use starvation as a tool of social policy.

The problem is the Democrats ranks are loaded with people who were not only soft on Communism they colaberated with our enemies. John Kerry, Tom Harkin and Charlie Rangel are prime examples of what is wrong with a Democratic party that is imploding nationaly. The influence of Communist and fellow travelers via front groups has created a cartoon party.

No doubt the older readers are well aware that I am a social liberal. However this is not the party of Scoop Jackson. Look at the critique of Senator Lieberman who is said to be dividing his party. A rational look at the Democratic Party reveals grass roots activists ( code word for Commies ) have undue influence. We hear the left rail about big oil and the NRA. However the rest of us should be screaming about who Code Pink, Answer, UPJ and the rest of these loons are. These people are not grass roots activist in any definition. They are Commie organized and led front groups and marching with them is insane as marching with the KKK.

Senator Lieberman you may turn the light out and leave the party of sedition. You are the lone voice of sanity in a party out of control and hijacked by seditious elements.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

It's a shame not all the votes were counted in Florida 2000. Did you know that Gore sucessfully sued to get over 10,000 military overseas ballots tossed out of the count. Had they been counted, Gore wouldn't have even had the chance to try to usurp the US Constitution.

Always On Watch said...

I respect Lieberman, but he made a mistake when he teamed with Internet inventor Al Gore.

Hollywood has always been loaded with Communists. If I recall correctly, Elia Kazan wasn't one and got criticized for not being one. Do I have that correct?

Also, wasn't Bogie outspoken about Communism in Hollywood? I don't recall exactly what that was now, and at my last yard sale, I sold my Bogie bio. Every time I get rid of something I haven't used in years, I need it. :( Maybe Esther knows something about Bogie.

I remember what Beamish mentioned: Gore sucessfully sued to get over 10,000 military overseas ballots tossed out of the count. Shameful!!!

sissyblue said...

The problem with Hollywood was well-stated by George Clooney, and this is not an exact quote (because I'm too lazy to look for it):

"I see all these people hungry and homeless and I want to do something (normal human reaction), but I don't want to give them my money (greedy pig), so I need the government to take it from me and give it to them."

The problem is, the rich will always find ways around the system (offshore accounts, businesses etc) while the little, middle guy (engineers, doctors, etc) foots the bill.

The only way around this problem would be a national sales tax. The fat cats love to spend $$$, so they'd finally end up paying their fair share.

Esther said...

I'm not sure about Bogey, AOW. Sorry. I do know Dorothy Kilgallon was a staunch anti-communist. She didn't get along with Jack Paar because of that, I believe. But since you have my book, you can double check that, lol. Great post, Beak!

Anonymous said...

Bogey and Becall were high profile members of the Committee for the First Amendment that supported the "Hollywood 10" against the HUAC. But within a year he disavowed his activities, retreating to his role as actor and apologizing for speaking out on politics. (from Wikipedia)

Committee for the 1st Amendment