Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ducks Fouls the water break out the Visine

Apparently, the duck has forgotten that Falwell's " gutter religion " is Christianity. The Duck is so worried about the feeeeelings of Muuuuuuslims and Commie finks that he would be screaming if anyone here made a similar claim about Islam. I announce the Marxism it toilet economics and all adherents of Marx would be improved by placing their heads in the toilet and flushing.

The left has an official victimology lists Gays , Muslims, Blacks and that covers most of it. The left is free to slander Jews, Christians ( Catholics , Mormons and all Evangelical Types) and amazingly now Hidooooooos. Yes anyone whose culture has a problem with the religion of rest in peace is fair game for the left.

The left create races where none exist . What race are Muslims ? Last I checked just like Joooooos they come in all races. Arabs are not a race except to the deranged far left. Palestinians are fake indigenous people and then they turn around and mock real indgenous people Copts, Kurds and Assyrians.

There is no logic on the left. Mooooslims can't adopt democracy in Iraq. They seem to have a democracy of sorts next door in Turkey. The treatment of the Kurds in Turkey and ethnic cleansing of Christians in the past are noted.

It is racist to claim that Democracy is not for Moooooslims. In America we call this leftist tripe paternalism. The culture of low expectations is par for the left home of BS and 1001 excuses.

Okay lets get the Visine and cleanse the Duck.

PC bigotry is just as odious as old fashioned redneckism. In fact the left has created a new species of red neck the Left wing urban red redneck.

Get a clue Duck. Ask america would you rather have dinner with Falwell and Robertson or Chomsky and Moore. You would lose big time Duck.


Tori said...

interesting blog!

Tori said...

I am a Republican but sometimes I disagree....I'm fiscally conservative, tough on crime, pro-gun owner's rights and a strong supporter of the military and protecting our borders....BUT I'm pro-choice, believe in comprehensive sex ed (i'm a high school health teacher) and don't really care about gay marriage.

Does this make me a Rudy Republican?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You sound like a Goldwater Republican.

Storm said...

Tori-- I have no idea but I mostly I agree with you and I believe most Republicans would. However, I would say it matters not whether one is prochoice or not. The point for many of us is that Congress stop messing around with nonsense and take up the debate and make a law. Only then will we have an end to this debate. As for gays, Here again the liberals have transformed the debate in an areana that makes no sense. How can one be for or against the issuance of the license? The point is a given community should have the right to regulate the licenses it issues. The choice to engage in lifestyle should not be criminalized and frankly why should it matter to any one how 2 adults live?

Tori said...

I totally agree. I wish that abortion was not a political issue at all..the same with gay marriage. Roe v. Wade was bad law, no matter how you slice it. I say leave all this crap up to the individual states and move onto more pressing issues like our national security, protecting our borders, eminent domain (always overlooked), and ways to decrease spending!!!

I am a high school teacher and so many of my friends would vote Republican if not for the abortion issue...ONE ISSUE!! One thing does not a political party make!! GRRRRRR.

beakerkin said...


Welcome to the blog.

I am a NYC Republican living in VT.
Anywhere else I would be a Democrat as I am a liberal on most social issues.

I am a survivor of WTC 93 and was across the street on 9-11. I was a Cold Warrior in the 80. Sadly NYC was Sandanista City as appeasers and full blown Communisrs were working in the local Democratic party. The late Ted Wiess was called the representative from Managua.

On the Saturday after 9-11 while the buildings were burning and the smell of eerie burning death was in the air Commies knifed us all in Union Square. 2000 finks and traitors blamed the attack on the Jews, Israel, the Mossad, Larry Silverstein, Haliburton, Zionist Media, CIA and big oil. The media widely reported Falwells stupidity but said zero about the Nuremburg rally in NYC and I was there.

The media has done a lousy job describing the protesters. They are Commie led and organized. They are silent about the anti semitic aspect. At the RNC protests Commie finks surounded a 90 year old Holocaust survivor near Union Square calling her Zionist bitch. Her outraged friends led by me almost lynched the Commies. The police had to rescue them.

The far left is bigoted out of touch with reality and the media says zero. Has the media said anything about Sheehans anti semitic statements or communist backing? Sadly the answer to that is obvious.

Anonymous said...

I think the duck uses the term "gutter religion" in much the same way one might distinguish a Marxist from a "vulgar Marxist".

mr. ducky is a purist of the Catholic Worker Movement... so unless one "practices" what he "preaches" (the example of Christ in his Sermon on the Mount) he might be considered to be practicing a "gutter" denomination of Christianity.

What mr ducky seems to be saying is similar to what Nietzsche once said..."in truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross".

I guess by that standard, we are all practitioners of "gutter religions". Only Jesus, Mohammed, Buddah, etc. practiced their religions "perfectly".


Anonymous said...

Of course, in making a distinction between Christianity and "gutter Christianity", mr. ducky also reveals that he is an adherent to the secular philosophy of "Groucho Marxism".


samwich said...

Falwell is a "gutter" falsechristian.
He's nothing but a televison money grubber. If you can't see through that transparent piece of crap, you are blind.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


What makes Falwell a "false-Christian?"

Does discovering them involve sticking your face in a hat and babbling off fragments of the book of Isaiah from memory?

Mr. Ducky said...

Why would any sane person prefer dinner with jerk like Pat Robertson to dinner with Noam Chomsky?

If nothing else you can talk about mathematical linguistics with Chomsky(lefties know things, it's part of our nature). What the hell is Pat Robertson good for? He can quote a few Bible versus that make the OT sand right up there with the Koran as hate literature but what else?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Chomsky's linguistics theories are pretty much discredited these days. But you knew that, right, Ducky?

Mr. Ducky said...

Doesn't make him less of a thinker.

Silent film is pretty much gone today but you've seen Dreyer's "Passion of Joan of Arc", correct?

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