Saturday, December 03, 2005

A New Horror For The Leftist Dawn of the Libertarians

The left is just irritated by my form of Visine Republicanism. However, the fear and tremble before Libertarians. Libertarians know that behind each and every leftist is a lazy bum who wants a free lunch. They believe as leftists they have the divine right to lord over you unwashed masses.

However it is time we creat a counterforce a People's Libertarian Army.

1 No more PBS, NPR or NEA. Let the liberals pay for their entertainment like the rest of us. Airhead America at least tries to pay its way. NPR is liberal propoganda paid for by the taxpayers.

2 Let these Social Science Professors work a full fourty hour work week with no tenure. They mess up they are gone with the wind.

3 No more subsidies for mega corporate farms. All adult reciepients of welfare must work for their check.

Leftist beware the Libertarian Army is on its way. Commies of the world unite this way it will be easier to send you to Gitmo. The Libertarian Army may even finance the venture as an urban rodeo. Step right up $100.00 to hog tie a commie and send them to Gitmo.


Justin said...

Sorry about putting this here but wanted to get the word out.

If you dont watch anything else tonight watch this program. It will throw a new light on the lies of the left.

Greg Palkot is a foreign correspondent
for FOX News Channel based in Paris, France.

"The program is entitled “Winning Iraq:The Untold Story.”

It is starts at 9:00p.m. eastern

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Make it little-"l" libertarianism to distinguish it from the big-"L" Libertarian Party so no one thinks you want to legalize incest.

Mr. Ducky said...

Libertarians ----

Frre music

No taxes

The U.S. armed forces to tuck in our little pussy boy blankies at night.


Hell of a platform. Anything freely chosen is "good". Man, they are truly the sandbox of political thought.

beakerkin said...


Never apologize you are always welcome here even when we disagree.

Bird brain Libertarion do raise taxes for defense , roads and vital serices. They do not waste money on pork like 90% of the grants spent on social science reasearch grants.

Libertarians ( I am not one) know that you commies are lazy thieves with a free propoganda mill. Time for the free ride to end .

Warren said...

Don't confuse your tribe of dimwitted libertines with libertarians.

Fee music is only free if the author wishes it to be so. (Its called intellectual property rights)

And you are the only "little pussy boy" I know.

Bird brain said:
"Anything freely chosen is "good"."

Not hardly, decisions that do not impinge on the rights of others and those which fall under the category of informed consent are tolerated.

Anyone who doesn't believe in property rights, including intellectual property rights, cannot be a libertarian.

Esther said...

Dudes. This isn't the boys room at the gym. Sheesh.

You have a way with words, beak. Made me smile and laugh. Great post. I'd pay to see you hog tie a commie and send 'em to Gitmo. :)

Kyle said...

I have been a Libertariopublican for some time. I hate BIg government in all its forms and loath and fear it's intrusion in our lives. But I understand that when you do need government it should be capable and efficient.

/Eath First! We'll log the other planets later.

Mr. Ducky said...

Not only that warren, but the libertarian morons get themselves in to a bind whereby nothing is intrinsically good but only good by virtue of being chosen.

It is so simplistic that I expect it suits you well.

Anonymous said...

behind each and every leftist is a lazy bum who wants a free lunch

Such powerful rhetoric, beakerkin me old mucker; just a shame it doesn't wash.

What we do know though is that capitalists are all lazy arseholes who like to grow fat on other people's labours.

You on the other hand are a poor lazy capitalist bum, so you get the worst of both worlds whilst you kiss capitalist bum in the hope that one day a crumb will fall in your lap ;)

C x