Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hey Abdul you do not have a right to house radioactive materials in your Mosque

I am amazed that the self righteous left and the usual suspects at CAIR are bent out of shape over mobile radiation sweeps. How many dead slaughtered by those who act in the name of the Religion of Rest in Peace do we need before you give your approval. Do we need 30,000 dead , 300,000 dead , 3,000,000 dead before it is a problem.

Feel free to sweep my appartment and cubicle for radiation. Just leave my Mountian Dew and Fritos where you found them. I have no problem with the government listening in on my phone conversations. Northwind to Beakerkin bing home Beakerkin bring back beer and womens razors. I do get upset when any girlfriend uses my razor on her legs
but I don't know why.

Lets see the left thinks that terrorist must have equal rights. We are at war and this is not about law enforcement. This is the logical degeneration of a movement that aided and abeted Communist sedition. We have already seen the Commie 167 defend the Prseident of Iran's statements as not anti semitic. No doubt he will denounce the governments efforts to keep us from glowing in the dark racist paranioa. The fact that Muslims still do not constitute a race will not deter the brain impaired.

No doubt when we get hit again the illucid ones will blame the Joooos and everyone else except the perpetrators. In the wake of 7-7 in London 167 spent days in a rage against the police for using "zionist" tacticts. The thought that if the bombers did not attack innocent civilians the police may not have been on edge never occured to the brain impaired 167.

Hey Abdul if you want to place radioactive materials in your mosque do it in your home country. If you find that to be unreasonable nobody is forcing you to stay. There are plenty of places where you can abuse non Muslims with impunity and live under Sharia.

Hey Farouk if you and your pals think you have a right to gang rape women who do not dress in the manner you appove you are mistaken. Where are the feminist on this one as this excuse is being used in Europe and Australia. Feel free to try this in areas where the locals are armed. Rape is not your cultural birthright in my country. You wanted the world to move mountains when the Serbs did that to your women and I am glad it was stopped. But when Saddam's thugs or gangs in the West do the same act you hide behind your culture.

Hey Mahmoud you do not have the right to beat your wife. I do not care if it is in the Koran . If you insist on beating your wife take your family and leave.

Hey Ibrahim you do not have a right to honor kill your female relatives. If your daughter acts in a way you disapprove too bad. If she wants to dress or wearr make up that is her right. If you do not like who she dates learn to live with it like the rest of us.

Hey Ahmed you get one wife in this country. You want more fine get out of the country and marry four. Why you need more then one wife is another question ? Maybe its because you are lazy and the women can talk to each other while you sit on the couch watching CNN .

The invention and usurpation of Civil law in the name of cultural sensitivity is no joke. What is next slavery or paying Jizyah ? Well historicaly non Muslims pay protection money and suffer humiliation. Maybe all you dhimmis should wear symbols on your clothing so we can identify you easier for beatings.

Bottom line if you want to live here obey our laws and live in Peace. The second you preach Jihad on US soil it is time to go. Immigrants have the duty to obey laws like the rest of us.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Just once, I'd like to see CAIR address civil rights in Saudi Arabia.

Always On Watch said...
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Always On Watch said...

After several days keeping track of my mother-in-law, the sundowner with Alzheimer's, I'm brain-fried. I screwed up that comment , so let me try again....

Great post here! Who in their right minds would want to rail against surveillance which prevents a nuke attack?

Beamish: Just once, I'd like to see CAIR address civil rights in Saudi Arabia. Not gonna happen! I've read that CAIR accepts funds from Saudi, particularly with regard to the CAIR library project, which is now completed. I don't have a link, though. One cannot save everything.

Always On Watch said...

Related article by Dr. Walid Phares, who is fluent in Arabic and checks the words of the enemy:


Always On Watch said...

Off topic here...


You might have some knowledge to share.

beakerkin said...

Phares has a book I almost bought called Future Jihad. I am looking for a work by Heri Levy that explains Anti Americanism is anti capitalism. Oriana Falaci has the sequel to the Pride & Rage and my copy is in . The Venona Secrets by Briendel is enroute.

Mr. Ducky said...

Think that serious terrorists (not the B team that did the London subway) would store nuclear material in a mosque.

I do hope this isn't all the crack Homeland Security dopes are doing to "keep us safe". The sad thing is that Beak, Jason and Beamish probably think these Keystone Kops are effective.

Always On Watch said...

I have a library copy of Phares' Future Jihad. He has some good insights.

"D.C. Watson to CAIR: Sit Down and Shut Up" @

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Unlike you, Ducky, I don't recieve my opinions intravenously from the self-contradictory leftist goofballs in the lamestream media.

But, go ahead and entertain us. Go ahead and tell us how you know for a fact that the counter-terrorism methods being used by the government aren't keeping us safe from your friends.

Warren said...

Can't, he's too busy masterbating to the Kinsey report.

beakerkin said...


Why don't you go to the workers paradise ? I will pay for the innertube. Mr Beamish will give you red water that looks like chum but is nutritious just don't worry about the taste. Warren will toss in some Coppertone.

Always On Watch said...