Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What is " Progressive " about 100,000,000 Dead

Commies like the Duck and 167 like to use new terms to package bad old ideas. There is nothing "Progressive " about Communism same old bad idea with added body counts. Ducky's new notion is that Catholic progressives were somehow different.

Pope John Paul lived under Communism and drove out the apostates that packed themselves as liberation theology. I find it odd that those who scream about Falwell and theocracy were silent about the religious left.

The problem is Americans never held advocates of Communism up to appropriate ridicule. The old myth of persecuted idealists persists until this day. The reality was and remains that Communists are traitors who use cloak and dagger to achieve their goals via Front Groups. Has Sheehan ever been asked about her Communist cohorts or anti semitic remarks.

Fortunately, we live in a new era where the consumer of news has more choice then ever. How manny Marry Mapes type of scandals did the press get away with in the era dominated by the NYT and the three major Networks.

Amazingly the left still cries about corporate media in this day and age of unlimited choice. Our favorite antisemitic Commie clown likes to talk of zionist media the same term used by David Duke. I was pleasantly surprised that Justin Morris
(Mercurial Morris is his own man) dispatched that with a quick brush off.

The left says zero about Totalitarian countries with state controlled press. I have yet to hear the self righteous talk about freedom of the press in Cuba. There is nothing more deranged in the far left playbook then corporate media bs. Lets see Chomsky is sold largely via cumpolsory accademic requirements in every book store . Coulter does not need to boost her sales via accademic coercion.

The truth is simple as the far left grows more irrelevant it will try to repackage the same old bad ideas under new names. They will come up with 1001 excuses but the sad truth is the liberals own worst enemy arev themselves. They can not win elections
in the halls of accademia and the salons of Europe. My message to patriotic liberals
kindly step away from the Commies and the new left wing urban red rednecks.


sissyblue said...

Amen! I think anyone who STILL believes in Communism must be psychotic. At any rate they shouldn't be out mixing with the general population, let alone giving us the NEWS. Eeeeee!

Thank God for blogs! Keep up the fight for truth in the blogasphere:)

beakerkin said...


Welcome to the blog. We have a small community here and you would be surprised at who still believes in Communism. Our offical blog Troll will be over any moment. Ducky will no doubt spin this as only skilled trolls can.

samwich said...

I got this from some one else, it is not "mine", but it fits so well.

The left never stands so tall as when it stands on a pile of human skulls.

Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat and the Nobel Peace Prize is a great acknowledgement that turds and tiolet paper go together.


Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Beak, did you read Arthur Miller's article about Cuba in The Nation.

It really ripped Castro in an intelligent rational manner that your basic rightie can't because the rightie can't disengage emotion and use reason.

Any way, you're totally out in space as usual.

Anonymous said...

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