Thursday, December 01, 2005

The First Amendment and this blog

This blog has always stood for two things America and the First Amendment. We do not censor speech even if the attacks are 100% personal and irrelevent. Thus anyone who has issues with this blog can come here and step in the ring. The Duck is a Communist and an antisemite but he says whatever fixation crosses his bird brain. Have a conversation about art it will turn to the Jews in fifty seconds. The Duck also forgets that we talk of 9-11 and shooting school kids in the back. Last I checked their were many more non Jews then Jews at the WTC and near none in Beslan. The Duck is a pest but not a coward.

There is an unmanly, cowardly Dr Smith immitator who claims to have a 167 IQ. He is so out of touch with reality he can not read a simple point. On the Gay obsession post he is incapable of recognizing a basic point we make on this blog fairly often. Obviously basic reading comprehension is beyond Communist Antisemite trolls with delusions of brilliance.

TGhe Gay and liberal community are a bunch of crybabies. As a Jew there are plenty of Christians and Muslims who believe I am going to hell. I do not care what the preachings within a religion are so long as there is no exhortation to violence. God by definition can not be PC as every religion thinks it has cornered the market on truth. You do not hear this Jew crying over other religions condemning me as hellbound.

However, if and when the speech advocates violence and criminal acts against people
the limits of the First Amendment are breached. I would be happy if Imams did not advocate slaughter against a wide range of people but they do. Jews in Argentina, Tunisia and Turkey have zero to do with Israel. This does not prevent the Sons of Allah from blowing them up. Nor is there any other lunatics running around beheading people, smacking planes into office buildings and shooting naked kids in the back. Ignoring the common denominator is to ignore reality. Its the fault of the Jews, Hindus, Christians and everyone else's fault. No sale


Esther said...

Sing it brother. Sing it strong. Well done.

Storm said...

Beak just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work.

You have seen me before I was Always Sourced Never Disputed.

I was never creative enough to keep my own site going.

rock on

Oh almost forgot of course they are cry babies they are after all

"Girly Men"