Saturday, December 10, 2005

This Jew on Christmas

I am not a Christian nor am a bothered by Christianity. I am a proud member of Western Civ built largely upon Christian ethos. I have never been insulted or mistreated by any Christian. I have never felt unwelcome in any Christian's home or Church even as an identified Jew. I have visited numerous Churches in a variety of ceremonies.

I am not bothered by a Christmas Tree in a public Square. I like the holiday spirit and the idea of families coming together for festive occaisons. The far left talks about toooolllerance but is intollerant of anything that does not fit in their Marxist adgenda.

This is the Christmas season and I will not say holiday season. I live in a mostly Christian country and enjoy the benefits of secular law and civil tolerance. Compare my situation with Christians , Hindus and others living under Communism or Shariah.
No country in the history of the planet has ever treated my people with more love and kindness then the USA.


drummaster2001 said...

i agree with you fully. i don't understand the necessity to change the words around, nor do i want to. it doesn't offend me, or the people in my town. in fact, it just plain pisses us off.

i was driving around one town over and a church put up the message 'Christmas isn't a bad word.' i had a good laugh.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy New Year
Happy Beamish Got Suspended From School In 8th Grade Anniversary

Anonymous said...

I remember a friend of mine from grade school, with an arab father and philipino mother telling me a joke about jews..he laughed, and i thought to myself "i dont get it" of course there was nothing to get.
He was obviously spewing some nonsense from his arab father.
Most of my clients have been jews, and they have been a pleasure to work for, unlike some others who shall remain racially anonymous.
Unfortunately any racism I have experienced in my life has come from my fellow "whites" and the occasional "black" [is that politically correct?]

Anonymous said...




drummaster2001 said...


i don't know if it is politically correct anymore. i think its African American, but everyone still says black.

Always On Watch said...

The Christmas season is both religious and cultural. If one doesn't adhere to the religious aspect, one should be able to appreciate the cultural aspect. Besides, many Christmas customs are just plain fun!

"Holiday tree"--or, even worse, "winter tree"--sounds inane to me. Sheesh!

samwich said...

Beaker, Merry Hanukka. Happy New Year.

Being of Israeli descent, (Joseph)
and reform as opposed to orthodox
ie Christian, lets you and I enjoy all of those days with peace and happiness.


Warren said...

I'll admit, I do not understand the obsession that the far left has with Christmas. Its strange and makes no sense.

There are Christian fundamentalist sects that wish Christmas to be only a religious occasion without the marketing and celebration of the non-religious and pseudo-Christians that profess their Christianity which bears more than a passing resemblance to the gospel of Karl Marx. (Hiya ducky!)

Why do I suspect, that in a parallel universe, there is an ACLU railing against these "religious fanatics" for imposing their religious beliefs on the rest of us and turn this secular celebration of family into a religious occasion.

To my Christian family, Merry Christmas.

To my Jewish family, Happy Hanukkah.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as we enter a new year.

To those of you offended by my prayers and wishes of health, GO SOAK YOUR HEAD!

beakerkin said...

Warren and Elijah it is great to see you again.

To all the others have a great holiday.

Always On Watch said...

To those of you offended by my prayers and wishes of health, GO SOAK YOUR HEAD!

LOL! I feel the same way.

Enjoy your holiday. Happy New Year, too!

Mr. Ducky said...

Dear Mr. Beak,

I noticed when visiting your Website, as I do every day, looking for inspirational words; that you have not established a real, live, email address where good Americans can report, in your words, "Christmas outrages".

I work in a moderately sized eastern city. I never thought I'd be writing you, but the other day a true outrage occurred. I was at "Romantix: The Erotic Video Store" looking to buy some festive Christmas Erotica, like "Santa's Sluts" and "I Saw Mommy Eating Santa Claus". As I paid my "browsing fee", I noticed above the till it wished shoppers, "HAPPY HOLIDAYS".

I asked the person behind the till, while still avoiding eye-contact, why they were not wishing their patrons a Merry Christmas?

"What", I asked him, "would Jesus do?"

His mouth opened slightly more, and I saw his non-patched eye open wider. It was clear that he was surprised. Yet he was non-responsive. Such was his shame that it took him several seconds to properly give me five-dollars in quarters.

I continued my perusing of the wares of the store with a noticeable harrumph. There were virtually no creches at all, except for one cardboard cut out of Jenna Jameson on her knees surrounded by three wise men standing around giving her their gifts but it wasn't gold, francesence or myrrh. Well, maybe myrrh. And the donkey seemed like it didn't want to be there.

The dildos were not even arranged with colorful green and red garland.

It was an outrage. Why are our nation's pornographers so cavalier about giving recognition to Christ while selling their material? Jesus is the reason for the season, the thrill of the holiday should arise in all manner of places, especially your pants.

I thought you would like to know so you can help end this outrage.

Merry Christmas,