Monday, December 19, 2005

The End of an Era in NYC

For twenty three years I have been listening to the King of attack Conservative Radio in NYC Bob Grant. Grant was the hostile voice of Conservative Radio in NYC long before Rush or Sean Hannity came on board.

Bob Grant has more talent in his pinkie then any talk show host on the air today. His interviwing skills are superior by far to anyone on Radio. He doesn't kill his guest but there are no softball questions on the Bob Grant Show. Grant has the best grasp of history and local events in the NYC market . The only talk show host that is near his grasp of history is Monica Crowley.

Grant's catch lines will resonate with generations long after he is gone. GET OFF MY PHONE, Cafone ( Italian for slob) and the infamous Mario Cuomo salute that drove Cuomo up a wall ( I did it in person ) Mario azende me tuzeprovenos sfachim ( Mario listen to me you are a low life). The callers on the Bob Grant Show were almost as famous Eugene the anti semite from Albany, Jimmy the anti Communist from Brooklyn (no I am not Jimmy)and Carl from Oyster bay were some of the more memorable callers.
Grant changed stations several times but always remained a NYC favorite. WOR should kiss his rear in Macy's window to keep him happy. They could at least get a worthy sucsessor to a legend like Steve Malzberg or Jay Diamond but a cooking show , phooey.

In the early eighties NYC conservatives were on the cutting edge. The most annoying thing one could do to outrage our Commie professors was to admit you listened to Grant, read the NY Post ( The late Eric Breindel, Pohoretz were part of the best op Ed pages ever assembled) and listen to the new upstart Rush LImbaugh. Rush and the others were fun but Grant really was educational.

Grants detractors were the professional civil rights agitators the Al Sharpton's and for a time the Gay Community. Grant's accusers were guilty of faux pas worse then Grant ever commited on his worst day. America should forgive Jesse Jackson for Hymietown and Al Sharpton for inciting deadly riots twice but these same dolts never gave Grant any slack for less odious offenses.

Enjoy a peaceful and joyful retirement Mr Grant. I sure will miss your educational insights and caustic wit. There were many times that I had a bad day and your show cheered me up. Thank you for the memories and fun that lasted a quarter of a century in my case.

New line Fry Mummia, Beamish in 08, medicate the Duck and 167 to New Algeria


Mr. Ducky said...

Who is this jerk? Sounds like another rabies radio gibone. Good riddance to this mamaluc.

Anonymous said...

Bob was a nonpareil. He died just recently, 31 December 2013 and the New York Times gave him a horrible Obit. They should be ashmaed of themselves. No matter, I gave them the SALUT Bob taught us...and I feel better now...I still miss Bob though

Rick Rovegno said...

2014 is about to end and I still think about Bob Grant. I looked forward to hearing him on the drive home as many others did. No one will ever replace him. You are still missed Bob. Rest in peace and God bless you.

The Poor In Spirit said...

Hey Rick, you are an idiot. Grant was an atheist, hated Catholicism,and was a Zionist shill; he also deeply hated black people and was a poster boy for the right wing back lash of the 1970's and 80's. I hated this scumbag so much I actually yelled at my mom never to play his show when I was at home.

beakerkin said...

It is obvious you are an antisemitic moon bat.
Grant had issues with leftist blacks and criminals. He had plenty of Black listeners who despised crime.