Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Flynn on Marcuse Dead on Target

I have written about the hierarchy of victims of the far left. Amazingly adherents of a colonal totalitarian intolerant pathology at conflict with every other religon on the planet are on top of the list of victims. The Beakerkin view of the dimbulb left official victims list are Muslims, Gays, Blacks, Native Americans. Thus it is okay for the left when Muslims kill gays. On Rob Bayn's blog we had the comedic rationalizations of Gay Commie 167 approving of Iranian and Saudi justice while screeching racist at Capital punishment for Tookie Williams. The well established facts that Iran and Saudi Arabia routinely use torture to coerce confessions is lost on 167. 167 thinks naked twister and panties on the head are torture but real torture in Saudi Iranian Justice systems is okay. If you critique the torture you are racist although Arabs and Persians do not constitute races in any definition.

This madness starts when Marcuse realized that Marxist had to divorce Marx from the workers. I fondly remember the hard hats taking matters into their own hands. The self righteous commies vandalized property,assaulted police officers and in no description were peaceful or popular. The workers that the Commie vermin claimed to speak for rejected them . I do not advocate vigilante style justice but a paralyzed police failed to act and the real people had enough. You can see a glimpse of how much the average American hated the lawless self righteous commie radicals in an unlikely place the Discovery Times documentary on Kent State. A wounded womans father was upset that more protesters were not shot to death. The documentary never gets around to what trashing private property or arson has to do with peace.

Marcuse decides to replace the workers in Marx with victims. Thus if you are Black and you disagree with victimology like Thomas Sowell , Walter ( He rules) Williams or Larry Elder you are no longer Black but an Uncle Tom. If one is a Native American who disagrees like David Yeagley then you are and Uncle Tomohawk. Jews who disagree are called Kahanists , Zionists or Facists and the catch all racists. Catholics are generaly just lumped together as racist homophobes. All the fundamentalist Christians
are just called ignorant brainwashed racist homophobes. Hindus are new to this list as India is called the New Zionist entity by radicals in Union Square on the cutting edge of PC bigotry.

Thus we get the absurd illogic that Western Democracies are totalitarian but Cuba, Vietnam and the former Soviet Union are free. Free speech is only for those we agree with because all other speech is racist an facist. Thus ushered in the era of speech codes and victims studies departments that in actuality are make works programs for Commies. A person with a four year degree in any victims studies department may qualify to flip burgers provided they are not disruptive.

We also get the notion that all education is political from Marcuse and his accolytes. Thus any pretense of balance is tossed out the window. Students are encouraged and graded on the professors political whims rather then the ability to form a coherent presentation of facts and logic.

Sadly the current Democratic party is fused with this Marxist victimology. The Commie brigades have burrowed into the party via front groups and political machines.
I am a social liberal who loves my country and want nothing to do with appeasers like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Charlie Rangel. It seems like the last real Democrat is Joe Lieberman who was criticized by the NYT for dividing the party.

This chapter explains much of the madness we see on the left today. Intolerance by the left is okay because it is politicaly correct. Free speech for me but none for thee is good because if you don't agree with the PC mantra you are just a racist facist homophobe.

Thank you Mr Flynn this chaper rocks but the warning label stands. Do not read this book if you are easily outraged or get nauseous over perverted behavior.


Kyle said...

I agree with everything in your post, but here is the GOOD NEWS. People everywhere, including students, are rejecting this stupid far-left paradigm.
I have returned to college after 24 years and although the older professors are just as left wing as they were before, the students, and even some of the younger faculty are more middle of the road, or at least ready to see other arguments.
Hollywierd remains as Stalinist as ever, but their political movies have less and less punch, people watch them and then go vote for republicans.

Always On Watch said...

If you critique the torture you are racist although Arabs and Persians do not constitute races in any definition.

Or this:

Ya gotta read it to believe somebody actually said it!

Anonymous said...

Herbert Marcuse was the father of the "progressive" movement. He applied the "surplus labor theory" of Marxism to Freudian psychoanalysis and deduced that the unconscious mental functions that repressed sexuality in the SuperEgo were harmful to mankind and the cause of all wars and environmental destruction resulting from capitalism.

Marcuse and his fellow "progressives" made it their mission to eliminate all causes of "repression", the most powerful being the nuclear family.... where children progress through all those cognitive developmental "stages" culminating in the resolution of the Oedipal Complex.

The "father" was the enemy. He had to be eliminated. Women, therefore, had to be "liberated". Homosexuals had to be similarly "liberated" so that they would expend their energy sexually, and not through labor or creativity (even though the cause of their "orientation" is largely the result of "repressive" forces).

And since they were eliminating "unconscious" repressive forces, they felt justified in imposing their views on everybody (for how could people who were unconsciously being repressed be trusted to "choose for themselves"?). And herein lies their justification for totalitarianism and imposing "positive liberty" on everyone.

And so the left replaced the father with "Uncle Sam's" social safety net and the public educational system.

They "liberated" sexuality. And in the process, destroyed the "civilizing" element in mankind. From now on, the best we can hope for is a culture... and a culture is NOT self-policing. It requires a policeman on EVERY corner. Civilization comes to an end and mankind returns to the jungle where "force" trumps "reason".

And we see more and more Americans forced to enter the criminal penal system every year... all this due to the destruction of the nuclear family and its' "repressive" elements. Fatherless boys with no innate ability to supress their primal urges. They have become "uncivilized".

And they called it "progress".


Always On Watch said...

Some progress, huh?

When I was at the university, I heard certain professors sing the praises of the dissolution of the nuclear family. The stupidity of that idea always astounded me.

Anonymous said...

An excerpt from the Epilogue to Herbert Marcuse's "Eros and Civilization"...

Underlying the societal organization of the human existence are basic libidinal wants and needs; highly plastic and pliable, they are shaped and utilized to “cement” the given society. Thus, in what Fromm calls the “patricentric-acquisitive” society (which, in this study, is defined in terms of the rule of the performance principle), the libidinal impulses and their satisfaction (and deflection) are coordinated with the interests of domination and thereby become a stabilizing force which binds the majority to the ruling minority. Anxiety, love, confidence, even the will to freedom and solidarity with the group to which one belongs — all come to serve the economically structured relationships of domination and subordination. By the same token, however, fundamental changes in the social structure will entail corresponding changes in the instinctual structure. With the historical obsolescence of an established society, with the growth of its inner antagonisms, the traditional mental ties are loosening:

Libidinal forces become free for new forms of utilization and thus change their social function. Now they no longer contribute to the preservation of society but lead to the building of new social formations; they cease, as it were, to be cement and instead become dynamite.

Fromm followed up this conception in his article on “The Socio-psychological Significance of the Theory of Matriarchy.” Freud’s own insights into the historical character of the modifications of the impulses vitiate his equation of the reality principle with the norms of patricentric-acquisitive culture. Fromm emphasizes that the idea of a matricentric culture — regardless of its anthropological merit — envisions a reality principle geared not to the interest of domination, but to gratified libidinal relations among men. The instinctual structure demands rather than precludes the rise of a free civilization on the basis of the achievements of patricentric culture, but through the transformation of its institutions:

Sexuality offers one of the most elemental and strongest possibilities of gratification and happiness. If these possibilities were allowed within the limits set by the need for the productive development of the personality rather than by the need for the domination of the masses, the fulfillment of this one fundamental possibility of happiness would of necessity lead to an increase in the claim for gratification and happiness in other spheres of the human existence. The fulfillment of this claim requires the availability of the material means for its satisfaction and must therefore entail the explosion of the prevailing social order.”


They just want to make us "happier". It's too bad that Marcuse didn't study Nietzsche very well. For if he did, he'd learn that "happiness" is achieved by exerting ones will to power. And that will to power "unrepressed" and "undiverted" leads to direct exertion of physical force against the weaker party. Mankind no longer "asks"... it "takes"... and gains direct satisfaction of its instincts from the taking.