Thursday, December 22, 2005

The logical extension of Zinn's illogic

Leftist dolts like our familiar friend poultry like to repeat the familiar blame America game. The game is typical Commie fluf typified by Zinn in the familiar indict a country by its history game.

One of the comedic ironies is that when I play the same game as Zinn on the history and treason of the far left we hear " McCarthyism". No the Venona Cables the next book in the Beakerkin project for the elimination of "progressive" mental illness is the Venona Cables.

I have quoted from The Black Book which makes 167 squirm and Ducky rabid. 167 wrote an entire post that was comedic to even the simplest reading of the book. The introduction does not minimize the crimes of Nazism. It states quite clearly that Communists have never been held accountable for their crimes unlike Nazis who are familiar screen villians. They cried a storm over Boris Badenov although they were Pottsylvanians. We seldom see Commies on screens as villians . We are more likely to see them as victims of a fictional witch hunt. The illogic of agents of a hostille genocidal regime being victims is lost on the left.

The game that the far left plays is true Communism hasn't been tried yet. How many failures does one need with stacks of dead before we conclude this is a bad idea. The game is each new variant of Communism will solve the systematic flaws.The other game is the bait and switch we are Greens, Anarchists, Progressive etc. If you are still advocating Groucho Marxism in this day and age you need to learn the basics of markets and human nature.

The Zinn formula applied to Islam causes the Left to scream Racism. The fact that Muslim and Arabs do not form racial categories is lost on the left. I guess the left thinks killing people by class is moraly okay. Rational people abhor both types of excess but a rational person would never be on the far left either.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 to the Woodshed.


Warren said...

Ah, Beak, you play the game well!

It makes me laugh when they cite some bogus statistic or "fact" and demand you answer for it, then you come back with a real fact. I can just see the veins in their pointy little heads sticking out like ropes.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Does the Zinn version of history tell how Armenian Christians used to steal Muslim Turkish machine gun bullets and hide them inside their bodies?

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

The Beakerkin use of the Zinn model does but Zinn's followers cry racist when we do that. Lets see victims are victims only when they are victimized by White people or Jews. The failure to say a word about 1300 years of Islamocolonialism is par for the course.

Their is a hierarchy of victims Commies, Muslims, Gays, Blacks and the lgic follows this way. There is outrage when a leftie Salaman Rushdie is the target of a fatwa. However it is peachy if Jews or Americans are blown to smithereens as we are crusaders and need to be sensative. Muslims can persecute Gays with official legal policies.
However the USA is a homophobic society because it has a do not ask don't tell policy. How Israel which has state sponsored gay centers is remotely described as "deeply homophobic " by a person who praises the justice of a Sharia court is beyond me. Confessions in those countries are often the direct resul of torture. Muslims torturing Muslims is okay but playing naked twister or placing panties on a mans head is evil incarnate. Muslims also get to enslave blacks free of a guilt trip given to whites and the handful of Jews who participated in the slave trade. Blacks also get a free pass for their participation in the slave trade.

No this is straight out of Animal Farm

Mr. Ducky said...

We will simply remind Beak that none of the people in the Verona memos were brought before the MCCarthy commission.

Seen Good Night and Good Luck yet Beak or is that Kong remake from Peter "No Talent" Jackson more your speed? Fay Wray should come back from the grave and kick Jackson's ass.

Keep trying till you get your facts straight Beak. In the mean time...I'm not surprised that you, like Bubba and mustang and others can't cut it in a private sector job.

Anonymous said...

Have a mirthful holiday season beak. I'll be back next week. Don't let the duck get you down ;-)

"All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind." -- Aristotle


Anonymous said...

...and I'm with you mr. ducky!

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."--Aristotle

Merry Christmas!


beakerkin said...

Ducky your ignorance is profound. I had a long career in the private sector before my present job. Lets see Bubba , Mustang, Warren , Samwhich and Justin all served in the armed forces. Your contemot for the men in the military shows how out of touch you are with reality.

Hmm the premise of the Left was that McCarthy was on a witch hunt. Communist treachery in government was quite real

Jason I am home resting

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Ducky likes the original King Kong because the stop-motion ape model was made out of rabbit shit, kinda like his brain.

Esther said...

Beak, you are dead on with the communist treachery so entrenched in our govt, the ACLU (actually, it was founded by communist lawyers), the press (Reuters, BBC) and the state department. They hired people of like mind and that has generated so basically we are still feeling its effect to this day.

Storm said...

"If you are still advocating Groucho Marxism in this day and age you need to learn the basics of markets and human nature."

Then why are we having such a hard time explaining that this drfit toward Communism in this country is wrong?

I sit here in amazement, it is not opinion it is fact the American system produced and still produces the greatest number of wealthy persons in the society. Our middle class lives better than some kings in other countries and yet we have this unexplainable drift toward communism which resulted in not widespread wealth but widespread poverty as people lined up for toilet paper.

Warren said...


It has always been easy to convince a nitwit that he doesn't own something because of the "greed" of someone else. Another portion are convinced of their "superiority" and know they aren't recognized for their "greatness" because of some mysterious cabal that has plotted to keep them from achieving the recognition they so richly deserve.

Fortunately, communism and socialism have never been able to make a case for their ideology of misery and, equality through poverty, in the majority of Americans.

Americans, can see with their own eyes the misery and poverty of both wealth and spirituality it has brought to the rest of the world. Only in the neurotic and stupid can the case be made.

This is the reason that revisionist history is so popular with a kaker, like the duck.

beakerkin said...


Communism has religious dimensions and no matter how often it fails its religious adherents will excuse those failings. I purchased a book intellectual morons and will do a review.