Friday, December 02, 2005

It is time for a Black book of Islam

The time has long since been overdue for a comprehensive book at the crimes of Islam. The fact remains that Islam is a Colonial pathology that has created a host of human rights abuses in its path.

The abused people all tell a similar story and if one wants to hear the truth it is readily available. The names of the abused people are varied and several are Muslim themselves just of unpopular sects or the wrong sect in the wrong place.

The simple fact is that the problem is not racial. Coptic Christians, Assyrians and Hindus do not smack planes into office buildings. For new readers I was there on 9-11 and WTC 93. Nor do they riot in America or Europe or threaten their neighbors. The problem is that Islam has elements that are pathological. People who leave Islam are threatened and some are killed. One can read their accounts by googling secular Islam.

The list of abused starts with Hindus, Jews, Budhists, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Yezidi, Armenians, Maronites, Copts, Assyrian, Animist, Kurd, Druze ,Catholic, homosexual are a partial list. We hear the obsessed Communazi self righteous people talk about Pseudostinians a fake indigenous people. Yet we hear nothing of Christians and other minorities fleeing the Muslim world in droves. Comedicaly the left talks of ethnic cleansing of a group whose population has grown exponentialy.

Twenty two Arab states are not enough they need twenty three. Even when granted a state in Pakistan they still deand more. One can look a variety of international conflicts and it is the same common denominator Islam. The Muslims want autonomy for Chechnya and the Pseudostinians. Where is the autonomy for Assyrians, Copts and human rights for Zoroastrians, Bhai's , Yezidi and others. Human rights for Muslims are sacrosanct but they are free to deny them to others.

The Muslims want to cry about the Crusades but the question of how the Muslims got there in the first place is never adressed. Islam is a colonial pathology that seeks hegemony . We hear zero about the invasions of Europe or the mistreatment of indigenous people. Islam has more in common with a disorgazied protection racket then Christianity. Lets see the Jews and Christians have to be disproportionately taxed and humiliated through a series of odd laws. In America we call these laws Jim Crow but in Islam they are called dhimmi laws.

The left loves to talk about Western slavery, Jim Crow laws, Colonialism but remains silent about Islamo versions of the same behaviors. The left is also silent about its own record of ethnic cleansing of Muslims be it Cattle cars to Siberia , Pol Pot's Chomsky endorsed utopia or the current situation in Western China. Ethnic cleansing is fine so long as Muslims do it to others. A simple look at the demographics of Pakistan, Turkey compared to Israel and India tell the story.

The Secular Islam site is a great place to start on the quest to building a Black Book of Islam.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Here's a potential chapter of the Black Book of Islam, if you're taking submissions for a collective work.

Always On Watch said...

I'm rushed right now, but plan to read this blog article later today or tomorrow.

I have a personal message for you, Beak. Thanks to YOU (You referred Storm to my blog), I have been provided me with important information about identity theft, of which I am in danger because my accountant's office was burglarized. How lucky I am to have found you in the blogosphere! In so many ways, I value our friendship, Beak.

Always On Watch said...

You have posted a link to one of my favorite articles of yours. LOL!!!

Always On Watch said...

Michael Jackson has converted to Islam.

The article is quite amusing. Someone actually believes that Wacko Jacko will bring good publicity to Islam.

Always On Watch said...

Here's a site with great information on Islam and slavery:

A must-read!