Saturday, December 31, 2005

Who needs the facts when we can package a myth. Clinging to Rigoberta

Flynn's next chapter seems absurd but it is 100% true. The far left loves victims who speak their mantra. Thus they present a Commie bufoon like Cindy Sheehan as representative of families with a member killed in Iraq. Other far numerous voices who disagree are ignored. Similarly 9-11 witnesses and WTC 93 survivors who are Communist are hailed but those who disagree like the Beak are held in contempt.

Rigoberta Menchu invented a biography that was devoid of real facts. She created a paint by the numbers book of official PC victimology and toted the biases of University Marxists and they bought the story. The fact was it conformed to myths and was presented as fact. More absurd the book is still being used today even after it has been debunked.

Menchu used the predictable excuses when her lies were uncovered. Her critics were called racists, but how an excamination of litterary fraud becomes racial is a mystery. How someone's illiteracy becomes a badge of honor is also a mystery ?

Flynn provides yet another example of leftist creating facts out of fiction.

Up next Flynn takes on Zinn, Chomsky and Bore Vidal


Always On Watch said...

You're gonna laugh! I saved your RX for defeating Hillary in a special file. I've also posted it in the comments section of Mustang's blog.

Here it is, for your convenience:

1 Highlight the amount of Saudi money the Clinton library recieved.

2 Compare her non record with that of Chucky (Cheese ) Schumer. According to Brill the survivors of 9-11 received zero help from her but Chuck was every where.

3 Replay the Booos of the Firemen at the WTC memorial.

4 Point out she has never been to a Yankee or Met game. In fact when her picture was
on the scoreboard in Shea Stadium for a commercial she was booed. Schumer goes to the games and delivers .

5 Make her comment on the outrageous behavior and comments of Charlie " Red " Rangel.
Rangel has praised Castro and held parties for him . Does she agree with Rangels obscene comments comparing the Holocaust to Iraq or Bush to Bull Connor.

6 Talk about Marc Rich.

7 Mention her lie on 9-11 that had her worried about Chelsea who was allegedly jogging near the towers.

8 Talk about filegate and who hired Craig Livingstone.

9 Mention her embrace of Suha Arafat and the fact that Yasser Arafat was the most frequent White House Guest.

10 Make her comment on Michael Lerner who is or was an alleged close friend.

11 Make her seperate herself from the Sheehan lunacy. Let her say that any talk of Joooish Cabals or Israel instigating the Iraq war is anti semitic.

12 Pardons for FALN terrorists.

13 Let us replay the tape of Bill Clinton telling an audience that Sudan did offer Bin Ladden well before 9-11. Why was the offer turned down.

14 Ask if Monica Lewinsky was part of the Vast right wing conspiracy. Where does this conspiracy meet and is Mr Beamish its unofficial leader. Why don't they take responsabilities for their own failures. She has been preaching this advice to Bush.

15 How can we elect you to represent us if you aren't even courageous enough to sit for a hostile interview with a Shawn Hannity or Bill OReilly. The only interviewer who has ever treated her with less then kid gloves is Tim Russert.

And, Beak, Happy New Year!

Jason_Pappas said...

Beak, let's show this one to our Leftist friends.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


There is no question that anyone that studies the political ideology and programs espoused by the Nazi fascists would find themselves looking at the whole picture of leftism, from racial categorizations to anti-smoking initiatives to animal rights to industrial socialism to the old saw of anti-Semitism. Leftism = totalitarianism.

(I'm a huge fan of Ray)

beakerkin said...

I am going to do a temporary break
in my review of Flynn's Intellectual morons. I am going to swerve into current events with a double post tonight Hillary's Army and back to Flynn.

No trolls around for smackdown.

Storm said...

Personally I am currently enjoying the left try to wiggle out from the fact that now we want to know who leaked the information on current NSA operations.

In the end this is going to blow up in their faces.

As for Hillary, all of this we come out during the sampaign process

Esther said...

Great post, Beak! Sounds like you're enjoying the book. Happy New Year!

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