Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Duck proves the Visine Republican theory is correct

The Duck denounces Christianity as a gutter religion. This is the same person who failed for three days on FPM to name who blew up the WTC. His fixations on Israel , Joooooo and Falwell are hardly unique. This is typical of what communists do and the Duck proves that Commies are not reality based. Fellow Communist 167 uses the David Duke term Zionist media in a post having nothing to do with Jooooos. 167,s more anti semitic pal Simon (Joooooooish Tribal Review) also refers to Usreal in a blog that has zero to do with Israel.

The point is that antisemitism is now firmly ensconced on the far left. The commies want us to ignore the preponderance of abuses and death being dished out by their utopian Jihadist allies. This is why the far left is aping the rhetoric of jihadists.

They want us to ignore school kids shot in the back and planes flown into office buildings. Yet they are concerned about Falwells homophobia. This becomes even more illucid given that Gays are killed by law in Muslim countries .

There is zero logic on the left. Take out the visine and lets get the reds out. Ducky you have just one a free trip to Cuba. Pick up your inner tube and Coppertone and if you act now we will throw in a bottle of Perrier.

There is a place in America for the far left Commie Crowd it is called Guantanamo University. Send the Duck there and we can have peversity in the university.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Jusitn said...

Beak I think you need to change that inner tube to a piece of drift wood, we might need the tube for the water slide. :)

Mr. Ducky said...

No Beak, I denounced jerry Falwell as a practicioner of a gutter religion.

If there are others here who think that pig is a "man of god" then they are also sick demented fucks.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Jerry Falwell is a Christian with whom you disagree, Ducky.

But go ahead and rant against the Christian religion, like your sick and demented lord and savior Marx told you to.

Storm said...


You have showed your true colors and illustrated our point exactly.

If we used half of the inane descriptions you use to describe communists, DNC members and others the liberals label us as bigots and hate mongers. Yet here you are spewing hate regarding Christians.

Amazing that you can not see your own bigotry.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well storm...that's tough. Falwell preaches hate, he's a bunco artist and he shows none of the humility or generosity of Jesus. He's a cut above Pat Robertson who was financing dictators in Africa but that's all the good you can say about him.

You think that fat fuck is building the kingdom here on earth? No, what he preaches is garbage and the fruits of his preaching is garbage. If you can't accept a definition of "Christian" that doesn't include thumper hate mongers then tough but you are a small minority.

I have some compassion since outside of a few areas of America there isn't any place for you to go. I can understand why closing you down is seen as such a threat.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Jerry Falwell preaches hate?

When? Where?