Friday, December 16, 2005

The series of gang rapes in Europe

I was hardly surprised by yesterdays series of articles in FPM dealing with an apparent Muslim crime wave in Europe and Australia. Islam is a colonial pathology that views women as the reward for jihad. This is not my claim but the way Mohammed lived his life as a caravan raider. In truth this may just be the way war was waged at the time but it is not acceptable today.

Idealy all rapist should be tried using DNA evidence and executed unless the victims family is opposed. There is a problem with using DNA evidence on Muslims as it is somewhat less reliable. Muslims commonly practice first cousin marriage a practice that should be outlawed in the USA. Thus the tests on groups that have been inbred may not be as reliable as that of the general public.

The Europeans are too advanced to put an end to this practice. It is much easier to sacrafice your daughters , sisters , wives then deal with the problem. If the local community starts to riot crackdown deport the instigators and punish the perpatrators to the full extent of the law.

One does not have a divine right to flout the laws of the society they live in and abuse the locals. In Western Civ we live under Civil law. If you want to live under Sharia there are plenty of options. I also say this to the rare knucklehead racial supremacist and few nuts who want to kill gays. There are standards of behavior that are acceptable and if you can't deal with it leave.

The whole world was outraged over the series of rapes by Serbs. However they say little or nothing about Saddams rape rooms, abducted Copts in Egypt and these outrages in the West. Hey Abdul if you think you are a tough man try it in a rural community in the US. The locals are armed and you will find out about 72 virgins in a hurry. No doubt when one person in Sweeden or Australia gets fed up and kills the perpetrator it will be described as a hate crime. Hate crimes can also be perpetrated by minorities. No doubt people like the Duck or 167 will dismiss any talk of these crimes as hate crimes.

167 demonstrated typical leftist labotomy thinking the other day. Tookie Williams execution was "barbaric" because the trial was racist. However when Iran and Saudi Arabia execute homosexuals it is because they have been justly found guilty of crimes and tried in a Sharia court. Has the clueless one figured out that Iran and Saudi Arabia both routinely use torture. Wait torture is only wrong when panties are placed over a Muslims head or naked twister is played in Abu Gharib. Even Ducky is not that clueless and that is a first on this blog. Yes there are people more insane then the Duck but in the words of George Bush it takes "Hard Work" to be that stoooopid.

Beamish in 08, Jason as VP , Ducky to Gitmo and 167 goes to the metaphorical woodshed


Mr. Ducky said...

Muslim DNA evidence is less relieble.

Let's all say hell to Beak, our own little Doctor Mengele.

What a stinking little Nazi prick you are, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Sad but true Ducky face the facts.
DNA tests from groups that have a history of first cousin marriage are less reliable then tests done on subjects with no such traditions
like 99.9% of the US.

You may be one of that .01%

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As if Ducky actually despised his fellow leftist Dr. Mengele.

Still, I guess there is a cheap thrill from calling a Jew a Nazi, if you're sufficiently disarmed of an intellect like our little quacking fiend.

Esther said...

I hadn't heard about this Beak! Thanks for writing about it. I love learning new things.

Always On Watch said...

The media are not reporting certain stories. Why am I not surprised?

samwich said...

Beaker me lad, top o' the mornin' to ya.

drummaster2001 said...

i just want to say that whoever said to drive looking low to see deer, you just saved my car from total annhiliation.

sissyblue said...

Dang, you really riled the Duck that time! Quack, Quack... woddle, woddle... Quack, Quack...

beakerkin said...

Drum Master

That was Samwitch and I am sure glad that his advice worked. We got seven inches of snow and it doesn't work with Moose. By the time you see the Moose it is too late.

Anonymous said...

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Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Oh look, an anonymous link-dropping white supremacist!

Well kiss my mud peopled ass, you faggot leftist Nazis.

beakerkin said...

It is probably from the acolytes of 167. We do not support racial supremacy in any reading of this blog.

Our objections to Islamo- Nazism as a colonial beligerant pathology have zero to do with race. Muslims come in all racial groups so a racial based inferiority would be idiotic.

To whomever sent that crap read this blog a little closer. I am an American and my brothers come in all racial categories. African American, Hispanics and Asians serve in the armed forces alongside their white brothers and sisters.

You are as nutty as the Islamo Nazis and the Commie Vermin I regulary post on. Back into the woodshed and never bother this site again.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo, 167
to Tehran and Racial kooks back to the outhouse

Warren said...

Come on Beamish, it can't help it that its parents were brothers!

You're wasting your time here, foul one. None of us would pass your test for "arian purity". (except maybe the duck).

Anonymous said...

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