Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Suicidal Wildlife a taste of the far North

It is single digit temperature and I leave my appartment at 4AM. I am driving and I pass a lump in the road the back half of a deer. I kept my eys peeled for the front half but I never found it.

I have never seen so much roadkill in my life. Mostly racoons , deer and skunks. The other day I was driving a local to Walmart when I swore I saw a weasel about three feet long cross the highway. I joked to the local don't you ever say another word about NYC rats. He took me seriously but told me that what we just saw was a fisher .
The locals call them fisher cats but they are related to weasels.

Now the locals are telling me that I look like a Vermonter. Fortunately, I still have my thick NYC- New Jersey accent that people still mistake for hoodlumese. The other day I was eating with a local and a kid asked me if I was a hitman. One seriously has to consider the weather when dressing. I put sweatpants over my jeans on cold days . I wanted to drive in my winter boots but I found my car going at 85 because the boots are too heavy.

Most of my friends will be gone in two weeks on details. I miss having them around to joke with but I am getting extra work . Each case is a new story and I am trying to get as many done as possible. However some of these people are clueless like the petition I got with one name Monique and Eunice. Sure everyone knows Monique except me. People forget their sex and don't put in information. Yet I do my best each and every day to sort through the mess.

I am amazed at how the left cries about how terrible this country is. Each and everyday people try to come here to build a better life. The stories are similar to the people I know back home. If those on the far left are not happy please leave . Go to Canada, France but promise you won't come back even for a visit. There are scores of Cubans, Chinese and others who are more worthy of being a member of my family then your deranged far left types.

I was informed the actual temperature is -6. I think I better head to Walmart and get socks.


Warren said...

Go to the local Rual King or Tractor Supply and get a set of insulated coveralls. Make sure they fit loosley over your street clothes. Buy a pair of insulated boots or muckaluks (sp?). Regular boots are fine if you are walking but if you have to stand still, you will freeze your toes off.

I keep a set in my vehicle just in case it breaks down or I have to work outside.

King fishers, minks, weasels, ferrets, skunks , badgers, and I believe otters are all related. Weasels usually weigh under a pound and they don't seem to be afraid of anything. One three feet long would be a nightmare out of a 50s science fiction movie. :^)

Warren said...

Its deer breeding and hunting season. The deer are on the move. I-64 looks like a slaughter house. We sell a lot of new truck bumpers this time of year! ;^)

Always On Watch said...

It's rutting season for deer. The highways and byways in the D.C. area are littered with deer carcasses. On a particular piano-teaching run, I really have to keep my eyes peeled, and that's a difficult task because the deer blend in so well along that wooded, used-to-be-country road. A stream runs nearby, and the water source attracts herds of deer. I make that piano run around dusk. Very dangerous! You're out early, so watch out.

Are the temps in Vermont lower than usual for this time of year? Here we are WAY below normal. More bucks into those Saudi oil-pockets. For the first time in decades, we've got the fireplace going, but it's of marginal help. My last fuel bill (oil) was $875! The November fill-up will last about two months, but not if these temps stay so far down.

Warren is right about those stores he mentioned. We get our cold-weather gear from the Farm Store in Frederick, Maryland. This store is where the local farmers shop, so the deals are good and the quality of merchanidise is excellent.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

A couple of weeks ago I left my steel-toe work shoes out on the back porch and the next day at work it felt like I had ice cubes in my shoes all day.

Always On Watch said...

I heat my shoes and socks on the radiator before I put them on. Works for me!

samwich said...

Deer mon the road at night:
keep your field of vision low and you will see the white inside of their legs moving long before you see the animal. Several times each winter I see deer and clamp on the brakes and my wife asks what the hell I'm doing until she sees them too. Then she asks "how did you see them"? I've never made the mistake of saying "I hang up my cell phone and watch the road". Prudent of me!


drummaster2001 said...

and i thought Jersey at 11 degrees plus a slight wind chill was bad.

Always On Watch said...

Samwich is right: keep your field of vision low and you will see the white inside of their legs moving long before you see the animal