Friday, December 02, 2005

The Electronic Bar

I would like to introduce Storm and Kyle as new members of our small blog community.
The best place to meet the rest of our fellow community is at Always on the Watch, Outside the Blogway and the excellent Liberty and Culture. Sadly I am in VT and do not have the time to promote my blog as I once did. My return to my beloved home is delayed for nine months due to blunders in Human Resources.

The best way to build a blog following is to join the family of Conservatives and moderates. We get some patriotic liberals like B and the mercurial Justin Morris . They are friends we sometimes even agree with.

I also would like our older family members to let our oldest and best friend in the Blog Community Warren that we miss his presence. Warren is like a brother to me and a favorite Uncle to my Nephew Drum Master who is a liberal of sorts but on the right side of many issues.

Ducky is a pest and an antisemitic communist troll. I do agree that a dedicated communist life is not worth living. This is why people sail on boats and risk their lives to get away from you clowns . To the alleged aid workers lets them roll (the heads ) make our day. Visine Republicans should play the videotape at every rally.

I feel sorry for the families of such loosers but they shoot rabid dogs also. A communist life is a life dedicated to pain and suffering for some loosers sick utopian dream. No I do not mourn Jihadists and Communists who would slaughter all to feed their utopian fantasies.


Always On Watch said...

A delay of nine months? I know you must be disappointed!

I stop by Warren's site when I can. Last summer, we had a good discussion about some Native American matters. I miss Warren's comments here too, but I know he's been very busy.

Hey! You didn't mention Beamish. He's so much fun.

Kyle and Storm,
Welcome! Come by my blog any time; leave comments if you feel so moved. My focus is the whitewash of Islam, but I post on other matters too, from time to time. When you stopped by my site a few days, you saw a "whine" of a blog, when I was griping about possible identity theft and computer troubles. I try not to whine very often--unbecoming for a teacher, though many of us women do tend to whine.
Hoping to see more of you two.

Warren said...

Two days off work in a row!!!

What will I do with myself?

Welcome, Storm and Kyle, glad to meetca!

I've been reading your comments with interest.

You might think I'm some kind of nut, the way I kick the bird brain around, but you haven't had a real opportunity to see the full range of his insanity, (yet).

Always, I'm going to post a little Indian lore this weekend. You might find it interesting. Its going to be a mixed bag. (good Lord willing and the creek don't rise).

Always On Watch said...

You might think I'm some kind of nut, the way I kick the bird brain around...
Not so! Ducky sets himself up for Elmer Fudds to take him out. LOL.

I'll stop by and read whatever you've written. I love a mixed bag.

Congratulations on getting two days off--in a row. I've got the same this weekend.