Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sometimes the good guys win

New readers to the blog know we have an anti semitic Communist pest who brags of his alleged 167 IQ. Thus we mockinglycall the brain dead lunatic 167. One of his favorite writers is the even more anti semitic and verbose Simon Jones.

He has his own blog but his worst writtings can be found on Jewish Tribal Review. I submitted the site Jewish tribal review to Crank Dot Net and Jones and his compatriots are now official cranks. They are listed in the Crank category but Jones deserves a higher ranking for such wordsmithery as Usreal . He also blames alienation
and environmental degradation on the Joooooos.

The Duck is more typical in his Commie insanity. People beheaded by Falwell and Robertson zero. People killed by Communism and Radical Islam this century countless. The worst that can be said about Falwell is that he has made a few homophobic remarks. Religion is not PC and those that disagree with him can find another Church. The Duck can find an apostate that preaches "Revelusion Theocrapcy" . The Pope correctly new that Communism has zero to do with Catholicism. The Pope lived under Duncy's workers paradise unlike the religious left.

The problem with the left is they are insular. Regular people do not tell them how insane they sound to the rest of us. Howard Dean and John ( Communist) er Kerry the Senator from Managua are out of touch with middle America. Kerry is stuck in a time warp and thinks everything is Vietnam. He is clueless that the average American and his fellow vets see him as a treasonous clueless dupe. My generation always believed men like Warren , Big Bubba, Justin Morris and Samwitch were heroes. Kerry and company are trying to recapture their glory years but history and the mayhem of SE Asia speak loud and clear.

My advice when dealing with the far left is grab the visine and step on toes. The far left doesn't care about the truth so hit hard. If you aren't upseting the left you have done something wrong.

Beamish in 08 and Poultry to Gitmo


Mr. Ducky said...

Up the dosage Beak. One of your dumber posts. I know it's tough being dyslexic but that's no excuse for being stupid.

Warren said...

Whats your excuse, Duck?

Maybe tour thong is too tight and it cut off the circulation to your brain.

BTW, if you decide to make that Cuban voyage, I'll donate a chum... uh.. ur.. sushie necklace for you to wear as you tred water.

Mr. Ducky said...

Can we remind Beak that the history of Catholicism in America includes a strong bond with socialists in the 30's and catholics were a strong force in progressive movements.

I won't call you ingnorant, Beak. You're just shallow and you desperately need some kind of meta layer to help you understand how much you don't know.