Friday, March 30, 2012

Visiting AOW

I am visiting AOW and the Museum of the American Indian. Hopefully, they will have some Abenaki artifacts. I am traveling light and will visit the motion picture sore prior to going. I probably am going to place a photo of Bernie Schwartz in my office and maybe a James Woods.

Believe it or not the image of Beakerambo is still at Vermont. One of my buddies kept one in the cube.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Lesson in Justice

The very people who are lecturing us a Martin should know all about racial killing. Years ago a Chasidic driver killed a Guyanese kid by the last name of Cato. Al Sharpton gave a speech about "Diamond Merchants"and this led to the Crown Heights riot. Two people were killed including a bearded Italian guy who was mistaken for a Jew and Yankel Rosenbaum.

An angry mob  chanting Kill the Jew surrounded and stabbed Rosenbaum. Unlike the confusion of the Martin case this was a lynching. Only one person was charged Lemerick Nelson. A disproportionately Black jury aquited Nelson in a manner similar to stories of jury nulification in the Old South. Members of the jury celebrated with the defendant after the trial. After much delay a second Civil rights trial took place and Nelson once again skirted murder becase of malpractice that led to the death of Rosenbaum. Nelson did serve jail time and was arrested afterwards for subsequent misbehavior.

Only one person in a mob chanting kill the Jew that lynch a Jew was ever charged. The man whose rhetoric about Diamond merchants led to the death by inciting the crowd was never charged. Al sharpton conceedes he made mistakes in Crown Heights.

A troubled teen made up a story about being raped by a gang of Whites. Evidence appears to point to a troubled teen making up a story to avoid the wrath of her step father. Sharpton and a legal team of flunkies obstructed the investigation and made up a story that an innocent man in the DA's office was the rapist. The mental strain of the charges helped ruin this man's marriage. He sued Brawley  who surprisngly did not appear at the hearing.

Was Sharpton charged? Nope

Al Sharpton got involved with a rent dispute at Freddy's Fashion mart a Jewish owned store in Harlem. He whipped the crowd into a frenzy and called the Jewish owner of the store "white interlopers". A follower of Sharpton torched the store and seven people died including one Guyanese.

Was Sharpton charged ? Nope

When those of you who are upset about the Martin case are upset that Martin was not charged look at the history of the man leading the cries. Investigators are not perfect and neither Martin nor Zimmerman are blameless. There may be some manslaughter charge ahead. Unlike TV not every investigator is Quincy or Agent Gibbs. In the real world many cases like this go unsolved.

Despite the claims to the contrary Martin was dressed up like a gangster. If you dress the part you need to grasp some people will react to the signals you are sending. He was upset about being followed and appears to have attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman was clueless in not simply being proactive and professionally engaging a suspiciously dressed man wandering aimlessly in a gated community. A jury likely needs to decide if lethal force was warranted. In the worst case an untrained Barney Fife watchman followed a suspicious charachter. Rather than be proactive he followed the suspect blatantly. Unlike police officers he is not uniformed or trained or tasked with this. A fight ensued and he used lethal force.

In a rational look at things this is not a lynching nor an execution. This is an altercation and use or abuse of deadly force. Martin was shot in the chest and not executed in the back of the head.

Small town investigators do not handle these types of cases often and may have made errors. In fairness large urban police departments have well trained investigators who make mistakes.

Let those who are upset about this cast the first nerf ball at Sharpton whose history of stoking lethal reactions is well doccumented. Justice is sometmes flawed, but it is still better than show trials.


Now on Fox who wants to give Donald Trump a wedgie. See contestants compette in a series of humiliating events. The winner gets a choice $250,000 or the chance to give Trump a wedgie. Should the winning contestant opt for the wedgie Trump gets the 250,0000.

Crowd lets chant wedgie.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is wrong with the Left

Many long term readers know I am to the left of most of my readers. Often I am asked how did a person like myself end up as a lifelong Republican.

1) Those on the left have consistently failed to step away from the Communists. There is zero excuse for allowing Marxists of any type to run around like they are moral beacons. Their kind has failed in every application often disasterously.

2) I embrace my countries traditions and history. I don't look to the EU or  thug like despots in Latin America for enlightenment. Let Europe be Europe and let America stay faithful to the wisdom of our founders.

3) The left really does a nasty job of creating jobs. They place imaginary concenrs about the environment over jobs for working class families.

4) The left spends too much time bashing cops and not enough time on law enforcement. Sorry, but running around with an image of a guilty cop killer at rallies is not for me.

5) Pathological hatred of Jews and far too much investment in Arab refugees who refuse to live in peace.

6) Respect for property rights

7) Intrusion into what I eat the type of toilet I can buy.....

8) Disrespect for our servicemen

9) Social engineering has been a disaster

10) Arrogance towards people of faith.

clothes make the man in some cases

I am going to return to the Martin case. Perception is often determined by visual clues.

Most jobs have uniforms and dress standards. The reason that this is the case is that the public expects a certain decorum and or professionalism. Woulld you really want to invest your money with a banker dressed like a pirate or a vampire? They could be excellent at their job, but most people really don't want to think of their financial professional as a pirate. Similarly, teachers do not get to dress up like circus clowns as doing so would distract from the lesson. Federal officers do not get to dress up like Ninjas.

Martin dressed up in a particular attire that is well known to big city residents and anyone familiar with popular culture. While it is true tatoos and the gold teeth are unlikely to be seen at night. The hoodies and the baggy pants and silly walks present an image. When we dress like criminals people are going to react to the visual clues. Thus you have a nervous night watchman and a person dressed like a stereotype gang member. This was not the case of a forever lost Steve Urkel  in suspenders and flood pants making a wrong turn. You have a person dressed up like a criminal in a gated community. A better watchman engages the person verbally and feels them out. This gives a professional notice to criminals as well and most ply their trades elsewhere.

From many accounts in the press the girlfriend reported Martin said "Why are you following me". At this point Zimmerman is likely on solid ground. Where he likely fumbles is the next point. Some reports have a nasty verbal exchage when Zimmerman tried to call for help. A professional response likely gets Martin to move on or ascertains where he is going. Failing that it establishes that the odd behaviors are being observed.

We do know about Zimmermans past anger issues and incedents. We also need to take into account Martin was the genuine article. The gangster tweets and suspensions, drug use are on solid ground. The petty thefts at school are less solidly reported but likely accurate. It apears that Martin attacked Zimmerman, who was smaller and frightened. The injuries and stains are consistent with his account of events.

At this point it is likely that investigators need to do their job. Zimmerman might be charged with some form of manslaughter and the worst case scenerio was a bumbling wannabe cop messed up and got his butt kicked and responded with lethal force inappropriately. This is clearly not a cold blooded killing and despite the hysteria may be charged at a low level.

The reactions of the left at Harry's place where a SF socialist talks of the South as if Bull Conner were still the norm. These types of racial incedents are far more likely to occur in the liberal enclaves like NYC or Oakland than Atlanta. Native born Blacks and many Puerto Ricans have been leaving urban areas for the South for decades. The Blacks one encounters in a big city are frequently Africans or West Indians. There is plenty of tension between these groups of Blacks. It is not uncommon to hear Africans from Ghana complain about street culture. 

Times have changed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let Investigators do their job

I want to point out a thank you to AOW for pointing out that Martin's photos in the press were many years old. The tatoos and gold teeth were not apt to be seen under a hoodie at night, but he was 6'3'' and not 4'2''.

I w ant to point out the difference between Herman Cain who has said let the investigators do their job and the dumb comments of Obama. Saying his kid would look like Martin is that without wall to wall tatoos or gold teeth.  A more responsible leader would offer FBI help to a smaller community and like Cain wait until the facts are in.

We don't know what happened on that night. The facts we do know thus far certainly do not point to an intentional cold blooded killing. At worst Zimmerman is Barney Fife whose lack of skill and suitability had tragic consequences for the task at hand. Lets say Martin was casing houses Zimmerman could have persuaded Martin to move on by engaging him verbally or asked what he was doing.

We also know that Zimmerman got beat up badly. This is not his first altercation as he has a history of this as well. Unfortunately, Martin is not around to tell his side and we will likely never know what started the fight. Whether Martin was casing properties, lost or just wandering is all likely to remain unknown as well and really besides the point. The question of what started the fight and if Zimmerman identified himself as the neighborhood watchman or tried to engage verbally is more poignant.

I want to say I am dissappointed in much of what I read on the web. Racial power nuts have claimed Zimmerman is Jewish falsely. Some idiots have claimed the selection of an odd name had a role. Africans themselves are ammused by these names like a friend from Ghana that told someone Shaniquah is not African and has a daughter named Esther. While these names are odd this is a parental choice and plenty of stupid types give dopey names to their kids especially in Hollywood. I love Brooklyn, but would never dream of naming a child Brooklyn. Do we need a Hunts Point Lopez or Queens Jones next. There are plenty of stupid names from parents of all groups.

Giving out misleading pictures in the media is shameful. I also want to point out that unfortunately the clothes
we wear and our hairstlyes  send messages right or wrong. A black guy with a shaved head is cool and heroic. A white guy with a shaved head is a skin head or selling flowers at the air port.  A fat middle aged guy in a hoodie is a slob and someone jogging in one is a jock. A kid wearing a hoodie with gold teeth and tatoos does appear menacing and criminal regardless of race. It is not like Martin was dressed up like Steve Urkel  forever lost, although the real Urkel would have a gps phone ap. If you dress like a gang member then you need to be accountable when people mistake you for the genuine article.

To all

When police stop you co-operate and answer to the best of your ability. Never be beligerant or disrespectful and if need be take a badge number. Assuming the position is not fun and it has been done more times to me than I would like to admit. We need to respect law enforcement officers let them do their jobs. If you see something wrong call a police officer and only use force if lives are in danger.

Now scenes from the new show on Fox Beamish Life Coach

Mr Beamish transforms nerds into super macho midwesterners

Off with the orthopedic shoes and into combat boots. Never carry any weapon smaller than a 38 caliber.
Out with Mel Torme and in with AC DC. Toss the Tofu and take Lees Fried Chicken. With a face like that you need a gas mask. Cat is up a tree use a chainsaw. Winespritzers are out  pass the Bud. What type of man watches Beaches NCIS is a few channels up. Junk the Volvo grab a Dodge.

Be cooler  than your peers be Beamishized

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I want to point out that the left wing politicians have been waging a merciless jihad against law enforcement. The old days of FBI informants keeping tabs on dangerous political extreemists are long gone to our detriment.

We live in an era where political extreemists acting in concert with shadowy groups seek to kill Americans. We live in an era where dangerous political extreemists seek to damage property and hide behind crowds. We live in an era where narco terrorist governments subsize the tourism of useful idiots to spread their message.

I made many trips to the OWS camps. There was a plan by some of the organizers to storm the couthouses in Foley Square. This is the mother of all bad ideas as the guards are armed and the area may contain the largest amount of armed law enforcement and security guards in NYC. The plan would have led to probable deaths and numerous injuries. Before the vermin could act NYPD placed a ring of barriers with officers in riot gear between the barriers. The proactive precautions saved lives before OWS got out of hand. There were zero attempts to storm the courts and had any been made nobody would have gotten close.

Now there are some ranting and raving about police spying on left wing groups. In this case the information likely gleaned from informants saved lives. These left wing groups contain many prone to violence with lengthy criminal records. This does not mean that NYPD is going to catch every instance of Black Clad anarchists but their chances are better than others. The mere presence of NYPD informmants itself is a detterent and leads to more paranoia within the group.

There has been a spat between the FBI and NYPD over the latters intelligence efforts in the Muslim community. The prospect of NYC getting targeted for terror attacks increases daily. The lessons of 9-11 show that local law enforcement can not relly on the FBI or the CIA to get the job done. One of the secondary goals of the post election congress should be to undo the damage from the post Nixon era restrictions on spying on political extreemists, it should be named the Bill Ayers Act. People traveling abroad to terror camps and behaving like Lori Bernson should be subjected to scrutiny for public safety.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bird brained Poultry

Once again the bird brained Duck continues to accuse me of sentiments that are at times comedic. According to the Duck I am the planets first Khanist with Hindu family. The Duck as a Communist has selective morality depending on who the victim is.

We seldom write about race because in the view of the author of the blog it should be a non factor in life. I really do not think in terms that divide my nation according to race or class like the Duck. As a moderate I think of a nation of shared values and respect for the wisdoms of  our founding fathers.  In fact the Duck spends much time ranting about me being an Israel firster in cliche Marxist Antisemitism. Does the Duck express similar complaints about Greeks, Turks or Muslims be whatever firster.

You can look at this blog and we are usually content to let investigative bodies do their jobs. We did not write posts on the Duke Lacross rape mess. We did comment on the rape charge of a morally depraved egomaniacal French Socialist abusing a unionized Hotel maid as this was a local story. The Duck who lectures us about poor working class minorities and a flawed justice system sided with the wealthy Socialist degenerate before any facts were known. Where was the Duck's concern for minorities then?

Over time many things have become known about that case. The media abroad published the name and face of the rape victim. This barbaric practice is an abomination that the sanctimonious far left media elite should be ahamed of. The media and NYPD apparently leaked information from an asylum case to the public. Testimony in asylum cases is a sacred trust and should never be disseminatedin the press. Nobody has ever conveyed a rationale for why NYPD was allowed to look at this information that is supposed to remain private. Release of this information is on an as needs to know basis and why this information was leaked to the far left press in direct violation of the law is abundantly clear.

Unsurprisingly, the woman turned out to have many unsavory details in her bio. The fact that she lied about having AIDS and her income to get subsidized housing is a concern. Relevations about prostitution, money laundering, pyramid scams made the woman a less than credible victim. This does not infer that the Socialist moral degenerate predator did not rape the victim merely that prosecuting a case with such a victim with credibility issues would be a waste of time.

Where was the Duck's concern for the African working class maid assaulted by wealthy socialist French moral degenerate? This story unlike the claims against Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas were reported at the time.

The Duck is bird brained.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Communist Spin

The latest spin by commies is comparing the US Soldier who flipped out to the killer in France. The US military does not condone this behavior and is prosecuting the soldier to the fullest extent possible. There is likely some form of severe mental illness involved.

The combat soldier had real issues that he personally experienced. The crazed Muslim nut was allegedly outraged by Frances actions in Afghanistan and by Israel's action in Gaza. Israel has been remarkably restrained given the series of provocations. For an actual look at what nations do under similar circumstances look at Grozny. If anything the exagerated press descriptions of Gaza, people who have water parts and luxury malls can not be claiming starvation, are directly culpable.

Sorry, but living in a Western society requires some manners. You do not get to butcher your neighbors because policies of the government upset you. The action of the lunatic in France are quite similar to the antics of Americann Traitor and moron Bill Ayers. Ayers did attempt to bomb US troops but luckily it killed his fellow terrorists. Ayers dementia linked his crminal acts to a war he disagreed  with abroad.

The French are supposedly going to crack down on people in terrorist web sites and who make pilgrimages to terror training camps. This is an action long overdue. It would be nice if our government followed suit. Don't expect the government to prosecute future Lori Berensons because Communist terrorists seem to get a free pass.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crazed Muslim shoots Jews in France lets blame Geller

The media speculation about Neonazis shooting up a school in France was amusing. Actual Neonazis are far more apt to run around in their Waffen SS underoos and are too busy playing with their Leggo Concentration Camp kids to be commiting crimes. Mostly they run about in varrying states of intoxification denying the Holocaust on the Web and live in a reality somewhere between the Producers and Dungeons and Dragons. Crimes by actual Nazis in recent memory may be the shooting at the Holocaust museum. Brevik was not a Nazi and more about mental illness than coherent thought.

Large scale terrorist mayhem is almost always done by Muslims or leftists. This does not mean or infer every Muslim is guilty of yet another sick crime against huanity. Muslims toss an American senior citizen off a cruise ship and lefties rationalize the act as having some connection to Israel. No doubt these crimes damage the reputation of Muslims far more than Geller or Spenser and many Muslims grasp this, the far left does not.

Of course now that we know who the deranged killer is lets look at every website the person went to ala Brevik. Did the killer watch Scooby Doo or get their news from CNN? Maybe this killer once listened to MSNBC.....who watches that channel anyway. Maybe this person  read Atlas shrugged or saw Pam on TV
or drank milk.

Lets Worry About Pam Geller

The Duck is obsessed with my friend Pam Geller. I met Pam a few times in NYC at protests and introduced myself and exchanged pleasantries. That is about the exent of my friendship with Geller that the Duck obsesses over.

I do not need to defend Pam Geller as she defends herself quite well. Can she be shrill? Then again when has anyone who is a Communist, Anarchist or Green ever been acused of rational thought. Sorry, but if you have those political views you are little more than a circus freak show act with no moral standing to judge anyone else's morality or foibles.

Jewish civilians get deliberately targeted by Muslims and Commies but the Duck is so worried about Geller. The Duck who describes Condi Rice as Aunt Jemimah, called me an "inbred Lubavitcher" and a Khananist. The Duck has apologized for the Lubavitcher quip. What type of Torah State advocate has Hindu family? Unlike Commies actual Kahanists are quite open about who they are. Khananists are soft on so called Jewish Communists like Renegade Eye  or Prof Tarzan. Contrastingly, I point out that as Communists they are not Jews or Americans and are members of a treasonus Death Cult that seeks the destruction of the Jewish People and the USA.

The antisemitic and criminal OWS was evicted from Union Square. Kudos to NYPD for their restraint with this viscious crowd that deserves whatever NYPD dishes out. I have personally witnessed OWS vermin bait NYPD. OWS is KKK and Obama endorsed but the Duck is unconcerned about the KKK endorsement of OWS. For the record I have also met the idiot Graeber who has also stated he wishes the crap about Jewish Bankers would stop. Graeber might be a lunatic with bad ideas but he does not feign ignorance at a serious problem that anyone remotely familiar with OWS does not notice in a very short visit to OWS.

I still have my own slogans that OWS does not care for

$99.00 a month for cable and no premium channels
Create a TV Land NYC only shows set in NYC like Kojak and the Classic Odd Couple.
Bring Back the McRib and Mountain Dew Pitch Black
Ban Tofu
Fry Mumia

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home Stretch

I am either two or four weeks away from returning to my beloved office. These details away do not agree with me and take a toll on my physical and mental health. Oddly, they have helped my case for redemption for whatever slings and arrows were tossed my way. My dedication to the public and ease with the public were noticed on this trip away.

I broke my previous record of fixing something that was messed up for 41 years with a case that had been messed up for at leat 50 years. Sometimes the applicant and the government talk past each other and both sides forget the path of least resistance. If I ever had my doubts about the value of personal touch this trip cured me of those delusions. In this case the applicant was given the choice of the local office or HQ. The applicant chose to come to HQ and I personally arranged the rest. I calmed the applicant and told him that if he is comfortable with this officer he can stay with us or I can make arrangements closer to home. The officer who was helping me was really top notch and the applicant decided to stay with us. A lifetime in circles will be resolved with a friendly voice and a warm hand shake.

I have spent time working with peers in other agencies with high profile cases. The idea is to stay organized and to get these cases moving in the right direction. In many cases the needs are modest and quickly resolved. In general a warm greeting and a sincere desire to serve are all that is needed.  The professionals on the other end are appreciative of getting things done. Sadly, I had to intervene and do the work myself on some of these cases as the officer was just not as adept as the circumstances required. In these situations getting to the bottom requires multiple answers.

Still my big office and familiar legal foils are on the horizon. It is possible that I got miscast as I entered. However, even my deadliest critics always granted me high productivity because the numbers were there and I had a desire to learn.

I miss the Surf Music and the big pictures of John Wayne, Telly Savalas and Mc Cloud in my office. Maybe I will add a Charlton Heston from Planet of the Apes or a Jack Klugman as Oscar Madison to my office.
My stash of Diet Mountain Dew is ready and I have bags of my favorite chips waiting.

There is a good chance I will be stuck for two extra weeks. In the big scheme it matters not one bit because home is near. I will see friends that I missed for a while. I made a few new friends on this trip but I belong home with the crazy stories and high pressure. A wolf belongs in the woods and I belong in the bare knuckle world of legal mayhem.

Waiting for Ducky to say something about Surf Music. I brought the stuff to Guyana where the locals didn't get it. However cruising down a deserted river listening to classic surf music was great. For reasons I don't grasp the locals never let me drive.

Quantum Beak

This is yet another example how Ducky's anti semitic idiocy cost us yet another job. Way back decades ago NBC hired yours trully to play the lead role in a show Quantum Beak. My costar was my good friend Duncy who was to play the quirky Hologram only seen by animals, small children and the deranged.

The opening was a tad different. Some gas mask clad soldier wasn't watching the controls while watching a Cheech and Chong movie leaving scientist Beakerkin traveling through time.

This is a scene from ther lost pilot.

Beakerkin: Oh my god what am I doing in a KKK outfit.
Duncy: Relax given your political views you probably will feel at home. Look around and see if you can find your friend Dr. Yeagley. Hey I think he's over there.
Beakerkin: You stupid moron that is a cigar store indian.
Duncy: You mean Yeagley isn't a cigar store Indian with rabies. Then again cigar store indians at least serve a purpose unlike Yeagley the unemployable.
Beakerkin: If he hated his country and paid homage to Marx he'd be a household name in your messed up community.
Clinton: Now Munroe no good Klansman ever wore Sooby Doo sheets and went around drinking Mountain Dew. The one time you need a beer you are drinking a Dew. If my friends in the trailer park could see you know they would all break out laughing.
Ducky: You are Johnl Munroe the law school chum of Bill Clinton's who introduces her to his childhood friend Hillary Rodham. If you mess this up Israel no longer exists, but we go into World War Three. Russia tries to save Cuba from a US invasion. Castro is killed and dragged through the street by his BVD's. A nuclear exchange destroys most of the planet.
Munroe: The point of this party is to mock the KKK. You never quite get anything right. You smoke pot but you don't inhale. How did you get into this University anyway the Old Bolsheviks club.
Ducky: Nice try Beakey but you can't give a hologram a wedgie.... Oh my God look who Hillary brought for a date its Dr. Yeagley.
In this timeline Yeagley marries Hillary Clinton and becomes a Newspaper Editor of the NY Times. They have six ugly children with Fred Flinstone ankles and heads full of split ends. Hilary becomes a Conservative
and the NY Times is almost to the right of the NY Post. Yeagley eliminates the book review and the arts and leisure section that fascist barbarian.

NBC recast the show and it became widely known as Quantum Leap.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Knick Jokes

Now that the coach split does he weekend custody of Jeremy Lin

I thought the Knicks were a poorly scripted reality show.

Feel free to make your own

Occupy Wall Street got a crowd of 500,000 at 34th Street by telling locals Isiah Thomas has been rehired as Coach of the Knick.

A group of cows is called a herd. A group of trucks are called a convoy. A group of overpaid high maitenence athletes are called the Knicks.

Tell Camello to get off the Jeremy Lin reality show he kills the ratings. For sweeps week Linsay Lohan to coach the Knicks.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Moron and Traitor Hanoi Jane Casts Stones at Rush

In the most ironic development traitor Hanoi Jane whose hits include calling tortured POWs liars and aiding and abeting a criminal element whose human rights abuses were well known wants Rush Limbaugh taken off the air.

The purpose of the Limbaugh show is entertainment and the Fluke comments were likely a regretable excercize in bad taste in the attempt to elicit a punch line. Fluke is also a law student recieving likely recieving public subsidized student loans. Her college, has the right to decide what type of coverage it wants to offer. The government need not intervene in the afairs of religious or private institutions and create a never ending list of entitlements. Similarly, there are those who advocate aromatherapy, accupunture and shamans with dead animal parts also be covered under insurance plans. Like Obamas claims about Conservatives who nobody has ever met, seeking extreeme positions that nobody can recall, I made up the last part and lifted it from the academic Marxist playbook seems to use every time he wants to increase the size of government and look moderate.

Limbaugh readily apologized for his actions and the sanctimonious law student can go to hell. Unlike Limbaugh Fonda slandered our POW's who were tortured by her Communist friends in a criminal attempt to undermine US foreign policy. If President Nixon were truly tyranical he would have tried Fonda and many others who aided and abeted a foreign enemy, killing and torturing US soldiers. The real Nixon was a patient man who did attempt to have a rational dialouge with Vietnam protesters who in fact were communist led. While the Constitution does allow peaceful protests many of these protests were by design not peaceful. Lost in the lefty claims about Kent State were the vandalism, arson and pelting National Guardsmen with stones. Unfortunately, the people shot were far away and unlikely involved in biating armed troops. Baiting cops who then respond with force is an old lefty tactic. Left unsaid in the last over the top example at OWS were the people Pepper sprayed did not listen to NYPD instructions multiple times. Of course the part of the cops telling people to stop illegally blocking traffic did not make the video. If anything NYPD was way too restrained given the constaant provokation of the OWS folks.

Lost in the discussion about Shamar Thomas and Captain Lewis is abusing your uniform in violation of the law. I do not get to wear my work logo at a parade or protest because to do so violates the Hatch act. In the case of Thomas and Lewis they are both no longer associated with the organizations and have not been so for four years. Just where was Thomas when some of these same Communists were calling his fellow Marines war criminals. Did he say a peep to the folks at Code Pinko for giving money and medical aid to the folks shooting at his fellow Marines in Falujah. Lewis and Thomas have the right to protest, just not in uniforms they haven't worn in years. Supposedly, it is propper to wear one's uniform at a military or police funeral or wedding.  In the case of the deranged Thomas he has parlayed his 15 minutes of fame and needs take some meds. The NYPD were remarkably restrained given his ranting and clearly psychotic behavior. The videos show zero actual or imagined abuse of OWS protesters who bait NYPD officers and then film the reactions of the police. Thomas is a John Kerry wannabe without the fake accent and the ability to take a decent shave.

No doubt the Duck would not be as charitable to people abusing their uniforms in KKK protests. Let us not pretend that OWS is not Communist and Anarchist organized and led. Moreover, unlike the Tea Party real Nazis and KKK types have endorsed OWS.

Calling a publicity hound imbecile pretentious law student a slut in a failed attempt at humor is not as serious as treason or betraying your uniform.

Defining Deviancy Downward in the Age of Obama

The economy is now such a mess thieves are now stealing Tide detergeng from stores.  What is the world comming towhen thieves steal my favorite detergent. What is next thieves stealing my beloved Mountain Dew or KFC. God help the man who tries to pry my Dew from my hands.

I have gotten used to thieves stealing copper. Copper is a valuable comodity that has scores of uses. Stealing a car makes sense as the cost of parts are expensive.  I even grasp why the diner doesn't have real Vermont Maple Syrup as it costs a fortune and to be truthful I like Ms. Butterworth and Log Cabin better.

Stealing soap, albeit high quality detergent, just seems like another sign of a society headed to the wood pile.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Media BS

Most of us grasp the American essence is of individual rights handed down in our founding documents. Our country is open to all who share those values and respect others. Communists, Racial power nuts and theocrats do not share those values and are not American even when they spend lifetimes in our country.

My dispute with a former friend who attempted to pollute partiotism with the foul ideas of racialism. The media and the public readily grasp the foul ideas of Stormfront, Amren and so forth. Those of you who think that those on the right enorse this crap should witness a true American Patriot like Mr. B kicking the crap out of the KKK morons.

We have a President who has supported the mirror image of the KKK type racialism. He has never come out and explained his support for an off the planet racialist group rights far left Prof. Bell. Obama regularly used his writtings as required readings for classes he taught. How a person with vulgar anti american core values was ever hired at a top University remains a mystery. Would the same University have accomodated a Prof. with similar statements with the races reversed, not likely.

Fast forward the same bug eyed radical student sits in a racist church for decades and doesn't notice the racial venom spewed from its pastor  and the vulgar anti-Americanism that is a core value of the cult church. The media allowed Obama to describe Pastor Wright as a nutty beloved Uncle. Sorry, but a White President pulling this routine would have been finnished.

The media never went near the Bill Ayers story. Describing a famed terrorist as Bill from the neighborhood and an educator is a laughable excuse we would not accept from an 8 year old. Even the loathsome Ayers when questioned on this cried about guilt by association. Ayers still does not grasp that outside his academic
gulag he is a pariah.

When and where did Obama renounce the odious racims and seething hatreds of Wright and Bell?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The lost NCIS Episode

Unknown to many TV viewers was that a familiar foil was in the first pilot of NCIS.

Gibbs: So the case boils down to
Ducky; The Marine was killed by an AIPAC cabal of Israel First Likudnicks trying to divert attention from Israel and defame Islam.
Gibbs: The Marine had his head severed outside a Mosque where he prayed five times a day.
Ducky:  It was a false flag opperation by the Mossad.

The part was given to a more rational actor and the show has since become a hit. Our Duck is still ranting away and bitter about his obsession costing him another job.

Friday, March 09, 2012

The Obsession with Jews

Despite claims of moral superiority Communists are about as obsessed with Jews as you average KKK nut and usually less sane. The entire obsession with Palestine is basically a Marxist cover for traditional anti semitism.

There are plenty of genuine indigenous people with clear cases for their own nation. However, Marxists contrived a fake ethnicity out of thin air in 1964 and have been repeating the same story.

What makes the so called Palestinian case more pressing than the Kurds or any other genuine indigenous people with languages and historical identities going back over 1000 years. It is quite revealing to look at the responses of Communists when these genuine indigenous people state their cases and get arrogantly dismissed.

Communists are no different from Nazis or KKK clowns. There is no need for geniality or feigning civility as one should not lend this to political criminals. The presumtion that Communists are morally superior or have any basis for their ideas is erroneous. Communists should be abused and ridiculed just like the other political

Thursday, March 08, 2012

So what country are you from

I an rather amused by those speculating on my nationality. In my case my family has been here for three generations and the answer is American. However, I can say with pride that I am from Brooklynistan.

Now some of you think there is no such nation. However, people have been calling themselves Brooklynites long before Arabs started calling themselves Palestinians. In fact the Brittish used that term to describe Jews living in lands they were indigenous to. How does one occupy lands that they are indenous to in the first place?

Now there are some of you who point out that I have zero connection to the Canarsie Indians, don't speak their language and there has never been a nation of Brooklyn. Similarly, Arabs have zero connection to Palestinians who were in fact Agean invaders from Crete and lived mostly in Gaza not the West Bank. Now some people might point out that unlike Palestinians who appear out of thin air in 1964 we can point to Brooklynite poets, Brooklyn sports teams, famous TV shows and plays set in Brooklyn and Palestine has a anti semitic mouse.

The leader of our nation is Spike Lee. Spike Lee wasn't born in Brooklyn but lived here and made set his best picture in Brooklyn. Similarly Arafat and Prof Said were Egyptians who magically transmogrified themselves into Palestinians to feed the Palestinian Industry. The Palistine Industry is a Arab claim for more ethnically cleansed colonied real estate. Polite society grasps the odious past of judenfrei real estate so to soothe the sensibilities of Jihadis, Marxists, Anarchists and Anti Semites with varying degrees of mental illness the Palestine Industry was created. You can now thinly mask your self righteous Jew hatred with code words like zionist, neocon, racist and the classic Jew/ Nazi comparison cliche. There are even Jews themselves that owe their entire celebrity to the Palestine industry. Some of them even praise Marx, endorse drug use and don't know the first thing about the religion. However, their role is to say as a Jew I am outraged by whatever. When is the last time you saw the folks at CAIR say as a Muslim I am offended by butchering the Fogel family in Ciold Blood or just come out and say without word games 9-11 was a crime against humanity. The folks at the CIP do not mince words about pointless bloodshed.

Actually, I encourage you to look at websites that obsess about Palestine and see what they say to actual indigenous people like Kurds, American Indians and Tibetians. Hold your breath waiting for them to say a bad word about Syria or Saddam before it became fashionable. If you find a nut on the site railing about Jewish Bolsheviks that is the odd open Nazi. Leave it to Commies who actually allied with Nazis and are synomous with treason in the USA to ponder about odd links between Zionists and Nazis or call people Israel firsters.

Okay so you don't like the idea of the Nation of Brooklyn. How about Jewish Guyana well Jewish Guyana is located.............

Beamish in 12

Ease up on the Saints this low class behavior goes back directly to Buddy Ryan.Whatever else Lawrence Taylor did one can vividly remember his reaction when he broke Thiesmans leg. One can read about the feelings of Ken Norton ending the carrer of Napoleon McCalum and the current Giants have a player who had serious mental anguish and lost his job with Denver in a serious injury situation. Bill Walsh's 49ners were widely known for cheap shot artist offensive linemen and Bill Romanowski. The Eagles Andre Waters could easily be the lowest person to ever play in the NFL.

You can't teach class.  The current Saints don't have class. The Jets don't have class. The Cowboys have to go back to Tom Landry for class. The Eagles have to go back to Dick Vermiel and the Redskins have to go back to Joe Gibbs.

Winning isn't everything. I would sooner lose with Joe Gibbs, Dick Vermeil or even Bill Parcells than win by trying to cripple someone. I like hard hitting defense but purposely trying to injure someone and cheap shots
and cheating via steroids or spying is not for me.

The Obama Fraud Factor

The media has done a terrible job reporting the real facts of who Barak Obama is and have allowed him to misrepresent his actual life, family and friends. He gets on the high horse lecturing people about Limbaughs comments and talks sanctimoniously about reasonable people.

What does Obama know about reasonable people seriously.

We will not attack Obama's kids or his wife. This would be in bad taste and unlike Chelsea Clinton the Obama kids are not trotted about like campaign props.

Any comparison between Obama's biological family and the Addams family is an insult to Uncle Fester who despite his lack of education probably had more common sense than Barak Obama family.

Barak Obama campaign describes his solid midwestern family roots. His mother was actually a red diaper baby who could be best described as a hippie chick or at worst a third world style Communist. Most of us lead actual lives and do actual work. This quaint notion eluded the spaced out Stanley Dunham who floated between foreign husbands in a self deluded stupor.

The Obama family does come from the midwest, but for that matter so does Jerry Springer and plenty of his guests. Obama's mother would have been an excellent guest. My daughter married an alcoholic abusive womanizing foreign student only to find he was a practicing polygamist.

Obama's grandparents were communists who chose a card carying mentor for Barak. In addition to being an exponent of genocidal ideas this mentor had criminal issues.

Much is said about Obama's academic past. The truth is his transcripts are sealed tighter than the secret of Coca Cola. . How does someone with grades that are charitably described as average get into Columbia and then Harvard Law? This is quite curious for a person who frequently talks down to the American people
and whose supporters slavishly swear about his brilliance. Given this secrecy talk of Obama being the beneficiary of afirmative action or the Old Bolshevik network is reasonable.

Reasonable people grasp that being a member of a racist anti semitic church for two decades is a lousy idea.
Describing a pastor whose Church you have been in for that time as a nutty beloved relative is a sophomoric
pass the buck bit we wouldn't accept from any other politician. Just how long would the media take to cover a Republican candidate whose pastor made racist comments about Blacks and palled around with David Duke in a manner similar to the Pastor Wright/ Farakhan relationship.

Reasonable people grasp that a person who rants about the US Government creating AIDS has likely done something far more serious than call a person a slut. Did Obama ever deign to say a thing about his media henchmen who have made more inflamitory comments about Condi Rice, Sarah Pallin, Michelle Malkin and so forth.

Reasonable people do not call Keystone Communist Terrorists educators and guys from the neighborhood. No doubt a politician who had been hanging out with noted porn star Ron Jeremy would be skewred for describing him as an educator who is just Ron from up the block. Reasonable persons grasp that incompetant Little Lord Fauntleroy terrorist who have commited actual crimes are pariahs. Any comparison of Ron Jeremy to Bill Ayers is an insult to Ron Jeremy who has performed actual work and has not broken  any law that goes anywhere near attempted murder or treason. Ron Jeremy may also have a higher IQ than Ayers or any member of the Obama family.

Obama does look smart when standing next to Joe Biden. Anyone sober, not named Bernie Sanders, looks intelligent standing next to Joe Biden. If Joe Biden had a concussion would it improve his IQ.

What does Obama know about reasonable people? He has likely never met a normal person in his life? He has never worked a real job and has been given a free pass in life via the Old Bolsheviks Club?

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My Issues With Romney

Most of you know I am not a Conservative. Thus I am more apt to vote for a more centerist candidate like Romney. However, Romney is a disturbing candidate whose sole campaign seems to be I am electable.

1) Romney needs to spell out that there will be no Paulists in his administration. In fact while the other candidates have been vocal on denouncing Pauls insane views Romney has said zero. Mark Levin has even pointed out in debates it appears that Romney and Paul are working to tag team opponents.

2) What is the Romney program? His program seems to be little more than I am not Obama.

3) He seems as wooden as Al Gore.

4) No clue about his foreign policy ideas. I am not Obama is a great start but not enough.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Rare Post on Race

I don't write about race because it is not part of my thought process. I believe in an America where all rights are granted to individuals not groups. We do not live in a perftect society and discrimination does exist. However, I am not in favor for lowering standards strictly to achieve diversity. My America seeks equality of opportunity and grasps that opportunity and outcomes are two different things.

I am quite amused to find the cartoon Recidivist who used to write on Shakespeares Sister has now become kookier than Yeagley. The former imbecile of the left has reinvented himself as a white power/ Brittish Nationalist. A Brittish Nationalist who is not Brittish is loopier than a 1/2 white, white supremacist. Yeagley has some bad ideas, but Holocaust Denial and mindless Jooo Mania are not amongst them. The only constant in the wacky world of 167 is the all consuming Jooo obsession. The truth is those obsessed with Palestine are really just Anti0semites who are mosty Commies with a few Nazis mixed in.

I read about the idiotic rantings of racial power loons and am thankful that my Americanism is based on a common set of shared ideals open to all regardless of race. Communists, Nazis, Theocrats and Anarchists do not share these ideals and are never American in any definition.

God Bless America and the wisdom of our founding fathers.
Read the Crank Files and pass the beer and amo.

Beamish in 12

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Tough Days Ahead

I have managed to survive this idiotic three month assignment so far. The work is unrelated to my actual job and many are annoyed by these diversions. The worst is over and I have one more week at the assignment known as the grinder. The grinder is a nasty assignment where the senior officer is the Captain and it is all about work ethic. Normally I take Wed off to lower my blood pressure as this work is annoying and degrading. As this work is so brutal I would not ask a respected peer to take a bullet for me. My fellow detailees are great people and it makes it easy.

Thus far I have survived on warrior drive and alot of  Diet Mountain Dew. The Hallal Truck also has been good and has an ample supply of well done lamb with Basmati rice late in the day. My lunch orders are apparently so unique that the local merchants know who it is for even when I can't make it. Apparently not too many people order Chicken salad on Pumpernicked Texas Toast with sliced pickles or roast beef on  grilled rye with a touch of BBQ Sauce.

I may be held over for an extra two weeks, for being defiant. I will not state a lousy idea is great for political expediency. The people who thought up this idiocy should be terrminated. No functional entity should have an Army of Yes men.

In April I am going to DC to spend time at the Museum of the Native American. It is sad that the popular magazines devote little space to the Abenakis.

Beamish in 12

Murder at the Pump

Gas prices have exploded under the failed Presidents watch. Reducing gas prices for the consumer is quite easy. Increasing domestic energy consumption creates jobs and keeps prices lower for all Americans.

The truth is that Obama really is so beholden to his far left environmental freakazoid  friends that he really misses the boat on this one. Many of his friends are more interested in keeping gas prices high so that their hero Hugo does not get deposed.

Gasoline taxes are a leftist assault on the lives of rural Americans. When I was in Vermont it was not uncommon to have coworkers who drove 50 miles to work each way. The notion that the government should tax fuel to decrease consumption  is in reallity akin to lefties telling rural folks let them eat tofu.

Rouge nations like Iran have no respect for President Wet Noodle. The military has continued to do a good job despite his inept leadership. Iran is free to saber rattle and support terrorists and the thug regime in Syria. Left unsaid is that the thug regime in Syria is a far left supported and approved tyranny. The usual amount of verbiage said by commies, like Duncy, about Syria is zero while they drone on and on about them Jews and Arabs demanding more ethnically cleansed real estate.

While Americans are being fleeced at the pump what do the Bolshevik media morons feed us "Limbaugh Called a Woman a Slut". Lost in the translation, lefties trying to force birth control pills as an insurance mandate. Of course the more things mandated onto policies the higher premiums become. Sorry, but with the outrageous tuition costs subsidized by the public these costs are trivial.

The imbeciles crying about the cost of birth control pills are quite silent about the robery at the fuel pump or lowering gas taxes. It is more important that entitlements and mandates grow exponentially while leftist special ed economics ( moronics) wonder why the economy is a mess.

Beamish in 12