Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Lesson in Justice

The very people who are lecturing us a Martin should know all about racial killing. Years ago a Chasidic driver killed a Guyanese kid by the last name of Cato. Al Sharpton gave a speech about "Diamond Merchants"and this led to the Crown Heights riot. Two people were killed including a bearded Italian guy who was mistaken for a Jew and Yankel Rosenbaum.

An angry mob  chanting Kill the Jew surrounded and stabbed Rosenbaum. Unlike the confusion of the Martin case this was a lynching. Only one person was charged Lemerick Nelson. A disproportionately Black jury aquited Nelson in a manner similar to stories of jury nulification in the Old South. Members of the jury celebrated with the defendant after the trial. After much delay a second Civil rights trial took place and Nelson once again skirted murder becase of malpractice that led to the death of Rosenbaum. Nelson did serve jail time and was arrested afterwards for subsequent misbehavior.

Only one person in a mob chanting kill the Jew that lynch a Jew was ever charged. The man whose rhetoric about Diamond merchants led to the death by inciting the crowd was never charged. Al sharpton conceedes he made mistakes in Crown Heights.

A troubled teen made up a story about being raped by a gang of Whites. Evidence appears to point to a troubled teen making up a story to avoid the wrath of her step father. Sharpton and a legal team of flunkies obstructed the investigation and made up a story that an innocent man in the DA's office was the rapist. The mental strain of the charges helped ruin this man's marriage. He sued Brawley  who surprisngly did not appear at the hearing.

Was Sharpton charged? Nope

Al Sharpton got involved with a rent dispute at Freddy's Fashion mart a Jewish owned store in Harlem. He whipped the crowd into a frenzy and called the Jewish owner of the store "white interlopers". A follower of Sharpton torched the store and seven people died including one Guyanese.

Was Sharpton charged ? Nope

When those of you who are upset about the Martin case are upset that Martin was not charged look at the history of the man leading the cries. Investigators are not perfect and neither Martin nor Zimmerman are blameless. There may be some manslaughter charge ahead. Unlike TV not every investigator is Quincy or Agent Gibbs. In the real world many cases like this go unsolved.

Despite the claims to the contrary Martin was dressed up like a gangster. If you dress the part you need to grasp some people will react to the signals you are sending. He was upset about being followed and appears to have attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman was clueless in not simply being proactive and professionally engaging a suspiciously dressed man wandering aimlessly in a gated community. A jury likely needs to decide if lethal force was warranted. In the worst case an untrained Barney Fife watchman followed a suspicious charachter. Rather than be proactive he followed the suspect blatantly. Unlike police officers he is not uniformed or trained or tasked with this. A fight ensued and he used lethal force.

In a rational look at things this is not a lynching nor an execution. This is an altercation and use or abuse of deadly force. Martin was shot in the chest and not executed in the back of the head.

Small town investigators do not handle these types of cases often and may have made errors. In fairness large urban police departments have well trained investigators who make mistakes.

Let those who are upset about this cast the first nerf ball at Sharpton whose history of stoking lethal reactions is well doccumented. Justice is sometmes flawed, but it is still better than show trials.


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Always On Watch said...

Martin was shot in the chest and not executed in the back of the head.

Has Jesse Jackson publicly retracted his statement of last weekend?

Rita said...

There's a special place in hell for Sharpton and his ilk.

He doesn't care about the facts and will gladly invent them if it suits his agenda to incite the races.

So many of those that profit from whipping the black community into a frenzy are still saying that Zimmerman wasn't questioned or taken into custody while also saying the video of him cuffed going into the police station shows he wasn't beaten.

Surely they realize those two statements can't be true. But then again Hank Johnson thought Guam could tip over.

Ducky's here said...

Investigators are not perfect and neither Martin nor Zimmerman are blameless.


How the fuck would you know? You privy to the investigation?

Ducky's here said...

Hey, Lovely Rita, Meter Maid, remember that Sharpton was called in by the family when the cracker Florida police force refused to thoroughly investigate this killing.

He has conducted himself well as opposed to certain ass nuggets like Spike Lee (lousy director) and deserves compliments for bringing this to media attention without any violence.

I know kids in hoodies make the right wing fringe like yourself piis its pants but we are going to allow that to be justification for murder. Tough noogies you bigot.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, this case stinks more every day ... did you know that Zimmerman's gloating papa is a freaking retired FEDERAL JUDGE and his mother is a court clerk?

No sir, no freaking juice there.

Zimmerman's as finished as Linsanity.

Patrick Kelley said...

Too bad the little fuckstick didn't have his pants down with his boxer's showing, then even Sharpton would be applauding the little retarded fuck's killing.