Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let Investigators do their job

I want to point out a thank you to AOW for pointing out that Martin's photos in the press were many years old. The tatoos and gold teeth were not apt to be seen under a hoodie at night, but he was 6'3'' and not 4'2''.

I w ant to point out the difference between Herman Cain who has said let the investigators do their job and the dumb comments of Obama. Saying his kid would look like Martin is that without wall to wall tatoos or gold teeth.  A more responsible leader would offer FBI help to a smaller community and like Cain wait until the facts are in.

We don't know what happened on that night. The facts we do know thus far certainly do not point to an intentional cold blooded killing. At worst Zimmerman is Barney Fife whose lack of skill and suitability had tragic consequences for the task at hand. Lets say Martin was casing houses Zimmerman could have persuaded Martin to move on by engaging him verbally or asked what he was doing.

We also know that Zimmerman got beat up badly. This is not his first altercation as he has a history of this as well. Unfortunately, Martin is not around to tell his side and we will likely never know what started the fight. Whether Martin was casing properties, lost or just wandering is all likely to remain unknown as well and really besides the point. The question of what started the fight and if Zimmerman identified himself as the neighborhood watchman or tried to engage verbally is more poignant.

I want to say I am dissappointed in much of what I read on the web. Racial power nuts have claimed Zimmerman is Jewish falsely. Some idiots have claimed the selection of an odd name had a role. Africans themselves are ammused by these names like a friend from Ghana that told someone Shaniquah is not African and has a daughter named Esther. While these names are odd this is a parental choice and plenty of stupid types give dopey names to their kids especially in Hollywood. I love Brooklyn, but would never dream of naming a child Brooklyn. Do we need a Hunts Point Lopez or Queens Jones next. There are plenty of stupid names from parents of all groups.

Giving out misleading pictures in the media is shameful. I also want to point out that unfortunately the clothes
we wear and our hairstlyes  send messages right or wrong. A black guy with a shaved head is cool and heroic. A white guy with a shaved head is a skin head or selling flowers at the air port.  A fat middle aged guy in a hoodie is a slob and someone jogging in one is a jock. A kid wearing a hoodie with gold teeth and tatoos does appear menacing and criminal regardless of race. It is not like Martin was dressed up like Steve Urkel  forever lost, although the real Urkel would have a gps phone ap. If you dress like a gang member then you need to be accountable when people mistake you for the genuine article.

To all

When police stop you co-operate and answer to the best of your ability. Never be beligerant or disrespectful and if need be take a badge number. Assuming the position is not fun and it has been done more times to me than I would like to admit. We need to respect law enforcement officers let them do their jobs. If you see something wrong call a police officer and only use force if lives are in danger.

Now scenes from the new show on Fox Beamish Life Coach

Mr Beamish transforms nerds into super macho midwesterners

Off with the orthopedic shoes and into combat boots. Never carry any weapon smaller than a 38 caliber.
Out with Mel Torme and in with AC DC. Toss the Tofu and take Lees Fried Chicken. With a face like that you need a gas mask. Cat is up a tree use a chainsaw. Winespritzers are out  pass the Bud. What type of man watches Beaches NCIS is a few channels up. Junk the Volvo grab a Dodge.

Be cooler  than your peers be Beamishized


Ducky's here said...

1. Zimmerman was not given a drug and alcohol test at the scene.

2. Zimmerman was not held for questioning.

3. Neighbors were not canvassed.

4. The scene was not secured.


Long freaking past time for the pigs to do their job.

Ducky's here said...

... and in with AC DC.


Beamish will replace Fela Kuti with that crap on my iPod over his dead body.

AC/DC freaking sucks. Some 3 chord clown dresses like an asshole, does a bad duck walk and plays a more boring than average riff and the short bus crowd loves it.

Tragedy101 said...

Thank you. Sometimes things need to be said, and I think this is one of those things. You say it much better than I could.

I would just add that anyone who claims to be an authority should be treated with cautious respect, until that authority is verified.

I would like to link to this post, if it is alright with you?

beakerkin said...

Tragedy go ahead and link.

beakerkin said...


Those may be fair criticisms. Small town police do not see this type of crime very oftern. This is why I did point about lending help if needed,

As far as your angst any error is not as notorious as the show trials you advocate with manufactured evidence and preordained conclusions.


Cool is something you need to learn from Mr. Beamish. He has presence and is the essence of all things American and macho.

In the land between the coasts Beamish is a legend with those in the know.

Beamish Life Coach is a show bound for fame everywhere.

Z said...

Beak, did you hear the New York Times referred to Zimmerman as "a white hispanic"?! Think they'd have included WHITE had he won a Nobel Peace Prize? :-)

The truth's coming out now...if I had my druthers, I'd have hoped GZ would have waited for the cops who were apparently on their way.
But, when you've got a kid who's broken your nose and bashed your head into the sidewalk on top of you and you don't know if he has a knife, I'm thinking you might shoot to save your own life.

beakerkin said...


I am somewhat peturbed by the media
manipulation. The photos were misleading.

From what evidence is available it appears unlikely Zimmerman started a fight with a much larger person.
The stains on the back and the testimony show he got the worst.

Trying the case in the press is exactly the wrong thing to do.

Always On Watch said...

What were the results of the tox screen on Trayvon Martin?

beakerkin said...

Haven't seen the toxicology tests yet.

Ducky's here said...


Put down the crap and get heavy on the Afropop.

beamish said...

AC/DC is hard rock, not metal. Get a clue, Ducky.

I'd put Dimmu Borgir on your Ipod.

beakerkin said...

I like the idea of Beamish life coach. Although Beakerkinning Ducky
might be funny

Stop playing Victory at Entebe and Exodus. A diet filled with Jewish deli products would likely kill Ducky.