Sunday, March 04, 2012

Tough Days Ahead

I have managed to survive this idiotic three month assignment so far. The work is unrelated to my actual job and many are annoyed by these diversions. The worst is over and I have one more week at the assignment known as the grinder. The grinder is a nasty assignment where the senior officer is the Captain and it is all about work ethic. Normally I take Wed off to lower my blood pressure as this work is annoying and degrading. As this work is so brutal I would not ask a respected peer to take a bullet for me. My fellow detailees are great people and it makes it easy.

Thus far I have survived on warrior drive and alot of  Diet Mountain Dew. The Hallal Truck also has been good and has an ample supply of well done lamb with Basmati rice late in the day. My lunch orders are apparently so unique that the local merchants know who it is for even when I can't make it. Apparently not too many people order Chicken salad on Pumpernicked Texas Toast with sliced pickles or roast beef on  grilled rye with a touch of BBQ Sauce.

I may be held over for an extra two weeks, for being defiant. I will not state a lousy idea is great for political expediency. The people who thought up this idiocy should be terrminated. No functional entity should have an Army of Yes men.

In April I am going to DC to spend time at the Museum of the Native American. It is sad that the popular magazines devote little space to the Abenakis.

Beamish in 12


Ducky's here said...

Beak, do all the "offocers" get this duty or just the ones they are trying to push to quit?

beakerkin said...


No this idiotic program is given to all officers. As my productivity has always been near the top there are many targets ahead of me.

I do noble work and you teach aspiring pornographers and third rate bar mitvah photographers. Maybe you can regale us with how many of your trainees find gainful
employment, not.

Ducky's here said...

My students have been doing well. Employment in the arts is fairly strong. Given the times it could be stronger but they are up to it.

Many who take my class just learn the nature of the media age. We can take apart a Breitbart video and they see the lies unlike say AOW's students who will show no resistance whatsoever to the indoctrination.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW and I have visited that museum once. We loved it. Now that Mr. AOW has a scooter, we can tour the museum more easily; the one time we went, I had to push Mr. AOW is that behemoth of a wheelchair, and my left leg was numb for days.

If you are so inclined, Beak, contact us when you come to D.C. We owe you a dinner! I'll keep the eggplant feline away from you. **wink**

beakerkin said...


Can't explain on line but a snafu
has provided a financial windfall. I will be happy to treat everyone to the resturant with the fried Zuchinni.

I really don't grasp why the Indians of the North East get zero publicity.


I have met a couple of AOW's students and to put it bluntly they are likely far smarter than your students.

Do your students send you post cards from Van Nuys?

Ducky's here said...

Man did Rondo take Lin to school in OT. LinSanity ... Finished.

Any of AOW's students work with Scorcese?

beakerkin said...

Lin learns and will adapt. People who do not watch basketball are watching now.

I hate the Knicks because they are owned by the Dolan family. Luckily the leave the Rangers alone more or less so I can still root for them. The owner of the Knicks is a low class moron whose never lifted a finger or had a clever thought.
Telling his attorney fire the %&^&
in a sexual harassment bit and admitting this in court is typical.

Then again I am baffled why management in many places does not take EEO stuff seriously when a member of management is accused multiple times. Too much cronyism
in management and not enough competence and the son of the founder should be smart enough to let competant underlings do the thinking while he counts the cash.

Always On Watch said...

Any of AOW's students work with Scorcese?


One of my former students works in live theatre (paid theatre), and two compose scores for films. One of those films just had theatrical release.

The positions that these students hold also require a lot of writing.

Always On Watch said...

We're up for that restaurant.

The Museum of the American Indian does have good food. Unique and tasty dishes -- most gluten free as the dishes are maize based.

I do now have a guest room here at my house. Say the word, and I'll tidy it up.

beakerkin said...

I will take the first train out on a Saturday. I will go back the same day. I am reading Mark Levin
his chapter about Marx should be required reading for Duncy.

This Saturday I am still on grinder duty. It leaves me punch drunk and sleepy. I got lunch at
3;30 and was exausted.

Does the museum have a book store?
I am looking for books on the Abenakis and Oneida. If this were NYC the restuaunt would serve rattle snake and gator tails.

The sad part is these museums are craft heavy and history light.

Always On Watch said...

I'm almost positive that the gift shop offers books.

Link to the museum's web site

Link to the museum shop

Always On Watch said...

Email or phone me to make arrangements with us.

I need at least 72 hours lead-in time to make arrangements for Mr. AOW to use MetroAccess, which accommodates his scooter.

We can join you downtown, or we can meet up later out here in the suburbs as we did before. Will take some planning, but very doable! Mr. AOW very much wants to see you again. And so do I!

You are most welcome to spend the night. You'd want to do so if we all go to the local VFW. Just sayin'.