Friday, March 23, 2012

Communist Spin

The latest spin by commies is comparing the US Soldier who flipped out to the killer in France. The US military does not condone this behavior and is prosecuting the soldier to the fullest extent possible. There is likely some form of severe mental illness involved.

The combat soldier had real issues that he personally experienced. The crazed Muslim nut was allegedly outraged by Frances actions in Afghanistan and by Israel's action in Gaza. Israel has been remarkably restrained given the series of provocations. For an actual look at what nations do under similar circumstances look at Grozny. If anything the exagerated press descriptions of Gaza, people who have water parts and luxury malls can not be claiming starvation, are directly culpable.

Sorry, but living in a Western society requires some manners. You do not get to butcher your neighbors because policies of the government upset you. The action of the lunatic in France are quite similar to the antics of Americann Traitor and moron Bill Ayers. Ayers did attempt to bomb US troops but luckily it killed his fellow terrorists. Ayers dementia linked his crminal acts to a war he disagreed  with abroad.

The French are supposedly going to crack down on people in terrorist web sites and who make pilgrimages to terror training camps. This is an action long overdue. It would be nice if our government followed suit. Don't expect the government to prosecute future Lori Berensons because Communist terrorists seem to get a free pass.


Ducky's here said...

Unless you go out hunting for kids in hoodies.

That doesn't even warrant an investigation in Beak's America.

beakerkin said...

Really Duncy

How many Blacks get tossed into Cuban jails for no reason. Blacks also are discriminated against in every phase of life by your kind.

Your fellow Marxists have been stoking ethnic hatred between Blacks and Indians for well over 40 years in Guyana.

Always On Watch said...

Are you kidding me that these comparisons are being made?

No wonder I had to buy a mouthguard to wear at night. Much gnashing of teeth every time I read the news!