Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quantum Beak

This is yet another example how Ducky's anti semitic idiocy cost us yet another job. Way back decades ago NBC hired yours trully to play the lead role in a show Quantum Beak. My costar was my good friend Duncy who was to play the quirky Hologram only seen by animals, small children and the deranged.

The opening was a tad different. Some gas mask clad soldier wasn't watching the controls while watching a Cheech and Chong movie leaving scientist Beakerkin traveling through time.

This is a scene from ther lost pilot.

Beakerkin: Oh my god what am I doing in a KKK outfit.
Duncy: Relax given your political views you probably will feel at home. Look around and see if you can find your friend Dr. Yeagley. Hey I think he's over there.
Beakerkin: You stupid moron that is a cigar store indian.
Duncy: You mean Yeagley isn't a cigar store Indian with rabies. Then again cigar store indians at least serve a purpose unlike Yeagley the unemployable.
Beakerkin: If he hated his country and paid homage to Marx he'd be a household name in your messed up community.
Clinton: Now Munroe no good Klansman ever wore Sooby Doo sheets and went around drinking Mountain Dew. The one time you need a beer you are drinking a Dew. If my friends in the trailer park could see you know they would all break out laughing.
Ducky: You are Johnl Munroe the law school chum of Bill Clinton's who introduces her to his childhood friend Hillary Rodham. If you mess this up Israel no longer exists, but we go into World War Three. Russia tries to save Cuba from a US invasion. Castro is killed and dragged through the street by his BVD's. A nuclear exchange destroys most of the planet.
Munroe: The point of this party is to mock the KKK. You never quite get anything right. You smoke pot but you don't inhale. How did you get into this University anyway the Old Bolsheviks club.
Ducky: Nice try Beakey but you can't give a hologram a wedgie.... Oh my God look who Hillary brought for a date its Dr. Yeagley.
In this timeline Yeagley marries Hillary Clinton and becomes a Newspaper Editor of the NY Times. They have six ugly children with Fred Flinstone ankles and heads full of split ends. Hilary becomes a Conservative
and the NY Times is almost to the right of the NY Post. Yeagley eliminates the book review and the arts and leisure section that fascist barbarian.

NBC recast the show and it became widely known as Quantum Leap.


Ducky's here said...

More proof that the fringe right doesn't have a sense of humor.

But I have a more serious issue Beak. It was a glorious day today, up in the 70's and bone dry. I went down to the beach and everyone was out. People playing checkers and dominoes, the ice cream stands were open, people walking their dogs, kids.
Now a number of these folks probably didn't have green cards, Officer Strutter but so what.

Everything was mellow till I went to Kelly's for a clam plate. I was in line in back of Muslims. I imagined they were there to complain that Kelly's must follow sharia and stop serving clams but they only ordered roast beef sandwiches.
But there were a lot of Muslims out and I'm sure they were casing the joint for a future terror attack.

Can you use your pull as an officer to help us contain this menace. How can so man different people enjoy the beach if we allow Muslims?


beakerkin said...


Is your response supposed to be funny? What was that you said about the right not being funny?

You know nothing about my work as an officer. It is safe to say those that would not even take your phone call address me as Sir.

Train some more wedding photographers and dream of relevance.

Ducky's here said...

Beak I've posted a number of the photos I've taken sine I broke my hand.

I haven't been carrying my bag so I shoot with the lens I have on but it worked out. My hand has pretty much healed so it's back to normal soon.

Go to Flickr and do a name search for breathless400 (French New Wave thing) . Cut me a little slack since they were posted as low res and haven't had any post processing ut let me know what you think.

beakerkin said...

How did you break your hand? If this involves bran muffins just leave it to the imagination.

Z said...

Ducky, why do you have so much invested in people hating muslims?
Are you disappointed that most of us don't? WHY?

Beak, you've been busy lately! Good posts and commenting again. Good to have you around! LOVE what you said about Ducky wanting the gov't to tell us how to live every minute of our lives except in the bedroom :-)

Ducky's here said...

z, Bea boasts of his friendship with Pam Geller with pride. Pure hate.

People with self respect don't readily admit to palling around with geller.

Tragedy101 said...


Not that I disagree with you, or find your humor of equal or less taste than Ducky's, but...

I wouldn't go around bragging about that title. Often it is a mere acknowledgement of your rank and affiliation with the government. It rarely strikes me as a title that shows anything, but a raw sort of fear or ignorant respect.

I am sure Ducky's acquaintances lack both raw fear and ignorance of his rank and affiliation with the government.

I wish you a swift and safe return home.

Anonymous said...

Shalom love the galaxy adventure and the cigar injun well true artform on the dr of shock jock lunacy. I note where is the barbarella babe and you know the only one to play that part one whose morals are that of a well nuf said. I await the response of the noble redskin the dr of disaster and its sidekick tanya the thonged wonder, but I aint saying anything about bad due to the dr has being unemployed down to an artform oh kay Peace the shadow

Z said...

I'd love to meet Geller...she's the gutsiest woman, the most honest and righteous woman going...
I can't believe she's still alive with the truth-telling she does.