Thursday, March 08, 2012

So what country are you from

I an rather amused by those speculating on my nationality. In my case my family has been here for three generations and the answer is American. However, I can say with pride that I am from Brooklynistan.

Now some of you think there is no such nation. However, people have been calling themselves Brooklynites long before Arabs started calling themselves Palestinians. In fact the Brittish used that term to describe Jews living in lands they were indigenous to. How does one occupy lands that they are indenous to in the first place?

Now there are some of you who point out that I have zero connection to the Canarsie Indians, don't speak their language and there has never been a nation of Brooklyn. Similarly, Arabs have zero connection to Palestinians who were in fact Agean invaders from Crete and lived mostly in Gaza not the West Bank. Now some people might point out that unlike Palestinians who appear out of thin air in 1964 we can point to Brooklynite poets, Brooklyn sports teams, famous TV shows and plays set in Brooklyn and Palestine has a anti semitic mouse.

The leader of our nation is Spike Lee. Spike Lee wasn't born in Brooklyn but lived here and made set his best picture in Brooklyn. Similarly Arafat and Prof Said were Egyptians who magically transmogrified themselves into Palestinians to feed the Palestinian Industry. The Palistine Industry is a Arab claim for more ethnically cleansed colonied real estate. Polite society grasps the odious past of judenfrei real estate so to soothe the sensibilities of Jihadis, Marxists, Anarchists and Anti Semites with varying degrees of mental illness the Palestine Industry was created. You can now thinly mask your self righteous Jew hatred with code words like zionist, neocon, racist and the classic Jew/ Nazi comparison cliche. There are even Jews themselves that owe their entire celebrity to the Palestine industry. Some of them even praise Marx, endorse drug use and don't know the first thing about the religion. However, their role is to say as a Jew I am outraged by whatever. When is the last time you saw the folks at CAIR say as a Muslim I am offended by butchering the Fogel family in Ciold Blood or just come out and say without word games 9-11 was a crime against humanity. The folks at the CIP do not mince words about pointless bloodshed.

Actually, I encourage you to look at websites that obsess about Palestine and see what they say to actual indigenous people like Kurds, American Indians and Tibetians. Hold your breath waiting for them to say a bad word about Syria or Saddam before it became fashionable. If you find a nut on the site railing about Jewish Bolsheviks that is the odd open Nazi. Leave it to Commies who actually allied with Nazis and are synomous with treason in the USA to ponder about odd links between Zionists and Nazis or call people Israel firsters.

Okay so you don't like the idea of the Nation of Brooklyn. How about Jewish Guyana well Jewish Guyana is located.............

Beamish in 12

Ease up on the Saints this low class behavior goes back directly to Buddy Ryan.Whatever else Lawrence Taylor did one can vividly remember his reaction when he broke Thiesmans leg. One can read about the feelings of Ken Norton ending the carrer of Napoleon McCalum and the current Giants have a player who had serious mental anguish and lost his job with Denver in a serious injury situation. Bill Walsh's 49ners were widely known for cheap shot artist offensive linemen and Bill Romanowski. The Eagles Andre Waters could easily be the lowest person to ever play in the NFL.

You can't teach class.  The current Saints don't have class. The Jets don't have class. The Cowboys have to go back to Tom Landry for class. The Eagles have to go back to Dick Vermiel and the Redskins have to go back to Joe Gibbs.

Winning isn't everything. I would sooner lose with Joe Gibbs, Dick Vermeil or even Bill Parcells than win by trying to cripple someone. I like hard hitting defense but purposely trying to injure someone and cheap shots
and cheating via steroids or spying is not for me.


Ducky's here said...

Damn, I was certain you're Muslim.

Ducky's here said...

Tibetians (sic)?

Ducky's here said...

The Palistine(sic) Industry is a(sic) Arab claim for more ethnically cleansed colonied(sic) real estate.

Beak, you really need an editor.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, have you just realized that part of football is a deliberate attempt to injure?

beakerkin said...


There are dirty players but attempting but there is a decided difference between a hard hit and
cheap shots.

beamish said...

Beamish in 12

I've suspended my campaign for the Presidency until the average IQ in America reaches 140.

This nation doesn't deserve me.

Anonymous said...

Palestine is over 2000yrs old
Palestinians are a mixture of all the pple who came there including Jews and Canaanites
pals have deeds to their houses and land
before it was Israel it was called the land of Canaan so Jews r not not native indigenous pple
when turkey ruled it it was called turkey controlled Palestine and part of Ottoman empire just because u change the name of the country doesn't mean u have the right to bull dose pples houses who have deeds to their property
90% of all Jews r not Semites they r khazars from the kingdom of khazaria - NON SEMITIC JEWS

beakerkin said...

Wrong as usual. Psuedostinians are descended from Arab invaders who have no connection to the land of Israel. Funny now Arabs are repeating cliche claims of white supremacists.

Jews never have defined themselves in racial terms. For the record Jews unlike Arab invaders did less breeding with slaves and are apt to be more semitic than Arabs.

FYI Arab names like those Jewish names racial power nuts talk about
also reval so called Pseudostinians seldom lived in the area from the dawn of history.

One more thing homes are bull dozed when terrorists live there. It is a much nicer form of justice than the way Muslims treat Jews historically. Save your fiction for
someone who doesn't read history.

FYI The Jews dominion over Israel is in the Koran. How many ethnically cleansed states do you need?

Am Yisroel Chai.